Liara T'Soni: Anal Whore

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A/N: This is an excerpt from one of my other stories, called 'The Patriarchy Plan', but I'm posting it here because it focuses on Liara T'Soni, is fairly lengthy, and probably good enough to stand as a one-shot for any Mass Effect fans.






Meanwhile, high above the planet’s surface aboard the SS Abbingdon, Oliver Archer was leading Doctor Liara T’Soni through the dimly lit corridors of the ship, en route to his private quarters.


“There’s no need to rush me, Mr. Archer”, Liara protested, as Oliver practically dragged her in his wake with a firm grip on her wrist.  “I’m only here as a professional courtesy to your captain, remember”.


“Correct me if I’m wrong, Doctor”, Oliver shot back irritably, “but didn’t your commanding officer put me and my colleague, Davie, in charge of all matter pertaining to your conduct aboard this ship before he left?”.


“Well, yes, he did.  But, still…”, Liara started.


*WHAP!*, Oliver dragged her in front of himself and landed a sharp spank on her ass, causing Liara’s bubbly glutes to bounce and jiggle beneath the formfitting blue fabric of her dress.


“Then I think we can have a little less lip from you”, he snapped authoritatively, “and a little more cooperation, hmm?”


Liara winced as Oliver squeezed her plump left ass-cheek, sinking his fingers deep into her soft, feminine ass-flesh.  “V-very well.  But I’ll only cooperate insofar as it is my duty as the ship’s chief medical officer to do so”.


“Duly noted”, Oliver sneered.  He stepped in close to Liara and pushed her up against the ship’s bulkhead.  With one hand still firmly squeezing her ass, he loomed over her, resting his forearm on the wall beside her head.  “So tell me, Doctor, how much experience do you have in the area of… human male genitalia?”


“S-some”, Liara frowned.  “Wait, what do you mean by ‘experience’?”


Oliver hit a button on the wall, and what Liara had mistakenly believed to be the bulkhead behind her proved, in fact, to be a door, as it slid open and sent her stumbling back into a small, dimly lit room.  Oliver followed her in.  Flipping on the lights, he illuminated an academic’s untidy man cave.  Piles of books and datapads were stacked haphazardly on almost every surface.  An old wooden desk overflowing with paperwork stood on one side of the room, while a single bed with its sheets unmade and dishevelled stood on the other.  Oliver pulled out a chair and sat down beside his desk.  Manspreading his legs wide apart, he indicated to Liara with an expectant look that she should get down on her knees before him.


“Well?”, he asked, when she didn’t immediately comply.  “I presume, being a doctor, you are familiar with the concept of performing a physical examination on your patients?”.


“Of course”, Liara deadpanned.  Oliver’s rudeness and condescending attitude were really starting to grate on her nerves, but he wasn’t wrong.  So she forced herself to adopt an air of professional detachment, and folded down to her knees at the foot of his chair.


“I’d like you to start by describing your symptoms for me, please”, she said, resting her palms on his thighs - and doing her best to ignore the prominent bulge that was tenting out the front of Oliver’s pants.


“Do you have the memory of a goldfish, woman?”, Oliver sighed.  “We already went over all this on the bridge earlier.  Ever since that strange shockwave hit our ship, I’ve been feeling… I don’t know, numb down there.  It’s like I can’t feel anything at all between my legs”.


Hmmm…”, Liara frowned.  “Loss of sensation due to a cosmic phenomenon?  That’s not entirely unheard of.  But the, ahem, very specific location of your symptoms is… quite irregular”.


“Yes, yes, fascinating, I’m sure.  Now will you hurry up and try to do something about it, or am I going to have to spend the rest of my life with a numb boner poking up through my trousers?”


“I suggest we proceed with caution”, Liara said sternly.  “I’ll start by performing a thorough examination”.


Taking Oliver’s zipper between her forefinger and thumb, she pulled it down to its lowest point, then eased her hand inside the slit of his boxer shorts.  As soon as her fingers came into contact with the searing hot skin of his cock, it twitched inside his shorts and strained hard against her palm.  Liara looked up at Oliver in puzzlement.


“Are you sure you can’t feel this?”, she asked, wrapping her fingers around his thick girth and giving it a few cursory pumps inside his underwear.  “Nothing at all?”


“Afraid not”, Oliver replied.  “As much as I’d like to, there’s just… numbness, maybe a faint tingling sensation?”.


“Hmmm…”, Liara frowned.  She drew Oliver’s shaft up between his thighs and tugged it loose through the front of his boxers.  Freed from its imprisonment, it bounced up right in front of her face, lightly slapping Liara’s cheek and smearing some precum onto her soft blue skin.


“Oh, my…”, Liara raised her eyebrows.  “Well, you certainly appear to be having quite a strong arousal reaction”.


She grasped Oliver’s shaft lightly between her forefingers and thumbs and squeezed it tentatively, performing a surface examination from all different angles.  Tilting it from side to side, she leaned in close to inspect his veins, pressed her fingertips into the spongy flesh of his shaft to probe it for density, even touched the back of her palm to its searing underside to take his temperature.  Pulling it down between his thighs, she let it spring back up several times in order to test its rigidity.  Oliver’s thick shaft slapped against his lower belly like a rubber truncheon every time she did so, about as hard as it had ever been in his life.


“Still nothing?”, she asked.  Wrapping her hand around his veiny girth, she studied Oliver’s face as she pumped it slowly up and down.


Oliver shook his head.  “Like I said, barely a tingle.  Although…”, he tilted his head to one side for a moment, “it may be getting stronger.  It’s hard to say”.


“How about… when I do this?”, Liara asked.  Maintaining eye contact, she pulled his foreskin down, fully exposing his shiny pink glans and fleshy cock neck.  Then scrutinizing his reactions, she flicked her fingertips gently back and forth across the underside of his cock head.  His shaft flexed hard as a steel pipe in her hand, but Oliver’s face maintained its nonplussed expression.  A bead of pearly precum swelled on the eye of his cock, so Liara gathered it up and used it as lubricant to polish his entire helmet.  Spreading the slippery liquid evenly all over his hypersensitive head flesh with two fingers, she paid special attention to Oliver’s stretched-taut frenulum, which she polished quickly up and down with her slender fingertips for several seconds, before rubbing it firmly with slow, circular movements of her thumbs - at the same time squeezing his shaft with both hands wrapped tight around its veiny girth.


“Maybe… there was something”, Oliver nodded thoughtfully.  “It could be the liquid.  Keep going.  Try using your mouth.  See if that helps”.


“Try using my mouth?!”, Liara blurted.  “Mister Archer, I am a well respected, Fem Fleet medical doctor, not some cheap whore you can order around anMmmmBlllummm?!”.  Oliver cut her off mid-sentence when he grabbed the back of her head and pulled Liara’s mouth down onto his cock.


Ohhh, yessss…”, he hissed with pleasure as Liara’s hot, wet oral cavity enveloped his glans.  Maintaining a firm grip on the glossy tubes of flesh atop the Asari’s head, he pushed her face down into his lap, forcing about two thirds of his cock deep into the back of her mouth.


His entire spiel about losing sensation in his cock was, of course, nonsense - merely a trick he had used to test the limits of Liara’s subservience.  It hadn’t been easy to keep a straight face as she had stroked and fondled his shaft to rigid erection, but he was now fairly certain the Asari doctor was willing to put up with almost anything he threw at her.  He had first picked up on her unusual willingness to follow commands earlier on the bridge, when she was treating him for his injuries.  There was clearly something afoot between this Alex chap and the various beautiful women he had brought aboard their ship.  Oliver’s best guess was some form of mind control; this certainly wouldn’t be the first time he had encountered such a phenomenon during his adventures with Luna.  But whatever the case, now that he had Liara alone and at his mercy in his private quarters, he was determined to turn the situation to his advantage and get his rocks off at the expense of this beautiful Asari bombshell.


“Look at me, Doctor”, he demanded.  Liara had to roll her eyeballs up almost to their vertical limits to make eye contact with Oliver as he held her down firmly in his lap.


“You are now going to give me the best damn blowjob your limited Asari intelligence can muster”, he grinned, relishing the look of indignation in Liara’s eyes.  “Not because you are a medical professional attempting to diagnose my malady, but because I demand it”.  He flexed his cock inside Liara’s mouth and pushed her down another couple of inches, drawing husky glottal spluttering sounds from the Asari beauty as she choked on his thick shaft.


“If you do not obey me”, he continued, “then I will inform your commander on his return that you were extremely rude and uncooperative in his absence, and that you refused to carry out your duties as he assigned them”.


Easing himself back a few inches, he extracted his cock from her tight, convulsing throat and into the slippery warmth of her mouth.


“If you agree to my terms, flick your tongue over the head of my cock, now, please”


“Yesss, there’s a good girl”, Oliver groaned, as Liara’s soft fleshy tongue came into direct contact with his glans, and she slathered it over his hypersensitive head meat.  “I knew you were a submissive slut the moment I laid eyes on you”, Oliver grinned.  “Why else would you have a body that’s clearly good for one thing only - getting fucked!”.


The endorphin releasers in Liara’s brain went into overdrive at Oliver’s crude insults.  This was all part of Alex’s psychic reprogramming, however, rather than a facet of her true personality.  On her first assignment aboard the SSV Normandy, the Asari doctor had been a notorious, ball-busting feminist, shooting down the advances of her male colleagues indiscriminately with acerbic wit and an air of studied nonchalance, but thanks to Alex’s intervention aboard the USS Equality she was now increasingly becoming a weak-willed and compliant cock sleeve, not only willing to cave to the demands of the men around her, but secretly thrilled at the prospect of being pushed around and forced to perform degrading sexual favors for them.  The more dominant and overbearing any male now became in her presence, the more submissive and turned on she would become.  So as soon as Oliver started hurling insults at her, hot blood pulsed into Liara’s nipples, making them taut and erect beneath the fine blue fabric of her dress, while her pussy became moist with arousal and desperately in need of attention.


“Let me see those huge Asari jugs, you blue skinned whore!”, grunted Oliver.


With her lips still pouting around the girth of his thick shaft, Liara gazed up at him timidly and hooked her fingers into the neckline of her dress.  She tugged the stretchy blue fabric down over the front of her chest, allowing her shiny cobalt nipples to pop up over the top of it, before hooking it under her bulging underboobs, and fully revealing her luxurious F-cup melons.


“Good lord!”, Oliver exclaimed.  A rope of gooey nut juice squirted from the tip of his cock and splattered against the roof of Liara’s mouth, causing her to splutter on his rigid pole.  “It really is true what they say about you Asari sluts, isn’t it?  Best tits in the fucking galaxy”.


Oliver’s sexually charged xenophobia only served to increase Liara’s arousal.  She closed her eyes and moaned on his cock as he reached down and helped himself to two handfuls of her buoyant blue mammaries.  Squeezing them firmly, he sank his fingers deep into their marshmallowy surfaces until his digits almost disappeared amid a luscious overabundance of soft, feminine tit-flesh.


Without even needing to be told, Liara encircled Oliver’s cock with both hands and started pumping it rhythmically up and down.  At the same time she sucked hard on his shaft, hollowing out her cheeks, and started swirling her tongue around the circumference of his glans.  She slathered the soft topside of her tongue back and forth across his sensitive frenulum, before sliding it upwards and around, pleasuring every available millimeter of Oliver’s taut cock head with her slippery oral appendage.  Gazing up at him submissively, she flicked the very tip of her tongue quickly up and down over the underside of his glans, feeling his shaft flex hard as an iron bar in her hands as she did so.


“Yes, that’s good”, Oliver grunted down at her.  “Keep that up, you fucking big-titted xeno whore!”


Taking her nipples between his forefingers and thumb he pinched them cruelly, eliciting a little squeal of discomfort from Liara when he twisted them around.


*WHAP!*, he landed a stinging slap on the side of her left breast, causing both of her generous melons to jiggle from the impact, then *SMACK!*, he slapped her right tit, harder this time, causing Liara to moan softly onto his shaft.  Despite herself, the Asari doctor was becoming increasingly turned on by Oliver’s rough treatment.  Redoubling her efforts on his cock, she started bobbing her head up and down in his lap.  She slurped and hummed on his veiny pole, slathering it with her tongue and jacking its thick base firmly with one hand, until Oliver shot another salty lance of pre-ejaculate into the back of her mouth.  Swallowing it down eagerly, she pulled his glistening shaft out between her lips and started craning her neck from side to side, puckering up her lips and suckling on every inch of it.  Moving her lips back and forth from base to tip along the underside, she hoovered up her own bubbly saliva from his urethral tube, before attaching her mouth to the lower half of his cock head, sucking on it hard, and slathering her tongue all over its hypersensitive underside.  Oliver continued to treat her like a cheap hooker as she did so, slapping her tits around, pinching her nipples, and bouncing her full breasts up and down in the palms of his hands as though to test them for ideal weight and firmness.


When he tired of this, he moved his hands up on top of Liara’s head, grasped her fleshy scalp crests, and pushed her firmly down into his lap.


Gluuuuurrrglh!”, the Asari doctor gurgled on his cock as he forced all eight inches of it deep into her throat.


“Ohhhhh, yeessss…”, Oliver sighed with pleasure, “swallow that cock, you filthy Asari cunt!”.


Liara could only gaze up at him imploringly as he held her down on his long, rubbery pole.  Gag tears brimming in her eyes, she put up no resistance whatsoever, not even when Oliver started pumping her head up and down in his lap, forcing her to deep throat his cock over and over again.


Guuulk… buuulgh… hllllg… gluurk…”.  The sound of Liara croaking all over Oliver’s meaty organ was all that could be heard for the next three or four minutes as he plundered her throat to his heart’s content.  He treated the Asari doctor like a bought and paid-for prostitute, showing not the slightest concern for her comfort or well-being.  Smoky trails of eyeliner trickled down either side of her face.  Bubbly throat slime and syrupy saliva backed up in her sinuses and erupted through her nostrils.  The phallic protuberance of his swollen cock shaft bulged out the walls of her throat obscenely, sliding back and forth inside her tight, slippery gullet as she gagged and retched on it time and again.


Oliver was having the time of his life.  He’d been cooped up aboard the SS Abbingdon for the past four months without shore leave, and his boss, Luna Croft, was not exactly the kind of girl who inspired asceticism, the rejection of worldly pleasure, among her male crew members.  She was forever parading herself around in her skintight, ass-hugging, cleavage-revealing outfits, dropping subtle innuendos at the most inappropriate times, or casually brushing up against him when they were doing some research together.  Oliver had the sneaking suspicion this was how she was able to keep him, Davie, and Zoot loyal to her cause and working aboard her ship, since the pay she offered was well below what they were worth.  He’d often fantasized about having Luna in this exact position, down on her knees in his private quarters, choking on his cock while he fucked her throat deep and hard.  But this wasn’t where his fantasy ended, not by a long shot.


“On your feet, slut”, he spat at Liara.  Pulling her face up from his lap, he extracted his spit-glistening shaft from the depths of her throat.  His mushroom-shaped glans popped out between her lips with a wet suctioning sound, prompting Liara to immediately started coughing and gasping for air.  But Oliver didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath.  Hooking his palms under her armpits, he dragged her to her feet, then spun her around and pushed her forward onto his armless swivel chair.


“H-hey!”, she gasped, her full breasts bulging against the chair-back  “I-I think this has gone… far enough”.  She had to straddle the piece of furniture with her thighs spread around its spine, and could already feel the back of her dress starting to ride up around her flaring hips, laying bare the undersides of her thong-bisected ass-cheeks.  “There’s clearly nothing wrong with you, physically speaking”, she stammered, “so, as chief medical officer I am no longer under any obligation to…”


*SMACK!*, Oliver landed a spank on Liara’s thick left glute, sending shockwaves rippling across its surface.


“You shut your filthy xeno mouth, whore!”, he yelled, and Liara immediately fell silent.  She almost orgasmed from the sheer humiliation of allowing herself to be treated like this.  Despite looking barely a day over twenty-five, the buxom Asari was in fact nearly a-hundred-and-fifty years old, more than three times Oliver’s age.  And yet here she was, putting up no resistance at all as he treated her like a naive teenage slut.  She wrapped her arms around the back of the chair and hugged it to her chest, causing her large, supple melons to bulge over the top of it like overfilled water balloons.


Oliver grabbed the back of her dress and yanked it up over her hips.  The form-fitting blue fabric bunched up around Liara’s slim waist, fully revealing her deliciously thick, heart-shaped bubble-ass and her dimpled lower back.


“Fuck, you’ve got a fat ass, bitch!”, Oliver groaned, helping himself to two handfuls of the Asari’s well-rounded glutes.  He squeezed them firmly, sinking his fingers deep into their tender, cushiony surfaces, marveling at how utterly smooth and flawless her skin was.  No mater how hard he crushed it in his hands, or how much it bulged between his sinking digits, he could detect not a hint of cellulite nor a single imperfection on the surface of Liara’s glossy cerulean ass-flesh.  Sliding two fingers under her supple, globular buttocks, he bounced them up and down a few times, admiring the healthy jiggle of her flesh and the slow-moving ripples that flowed across their surfaces.


“Spread them, slut”, he breathed in Liara’s ear, making sure she felt his cock throbbing against her ass as he leaned into her body.


Biting her lip anxiously, Liara reached back behind herself and did as she was told.  Grasping her ass-cheeks, one in each hand, she pulled them apart for Oliver’s salacious inspection.


“Good bitch”, he grinned.  Then squatting down behind her, he treated himself to a close-up of Liara’s spread bubble-ass.  The lacy satin seat of her thong was being pulled taut across the Asari’s ass-crack, so he could clearly make out her shiny purple asshole and deliciously plump, light violet pussy mound beneath it.  And the way she was sitting, with her lower spine curved and her legs spread on either side of the chair, compelled Liara to thrust her ass back in an extremely provocative manner, as though she were offering it up to an alpha male for breeding purposes.  Oliver’s cock was already solid as a steel pipe, flexing and twitching between his thighs as he lecherously pawed over her backside; if anything, it became even harder when he eased his middle finger under the seat of Liara’s thong panties, pulled it over to one side, and hooked the slim strip of satin over the top of her right buttock.


“I’m going to fuck you up your ass now, you filthy whore”, he grunted, lining himself up with Liara’s asshole.  “How do you feel about that, huh?”


“P-please don’t…”, Liara begged, glancing back over her shoulder.  Oliver just grinned at her, and slowly swiped his drooling cock head along the crevice of her ass-crack.  He pressed his glans into her sphincter and started applying pressure.  The Asari’s shiny purple butthole tightened up and clenched down hard on the tip of his cock, but Oliver was insistent.  Grabbing her hips, he held her in place and pushed forward.


Nnnnngghhhh…”, Liara squared her lips in acute discomfort, but didn’t let go of her ass-cheeks even for a moment.


Looking down, Oliver could actually see her puckered asshole slowly spreading around the girth of his glans.  It felt incredibly satisfying to bully his way up into this high-ranking Fem Fleet doctor’s rear entrance, millimeter by slow millimeter, while she literally held her ass-cheeks spread apart for him.  A few seconds later, his excitement got the better of him, his balls lurched, and a gooey spurt of jizz splattered onto Liara’s anal ring, providing Oliver with all the lubrication he needed to penetrate her fully.  His glans slid in, followed by about four inches of shaft, and Liara let out a long moan of submission, collapsing forward over the back of the chair and finally letting go of her ass-cheeks.


“Yess, take it, you disgusting blue slut!”, Oliver growled.  Shifting his grip to Liara’s ass, he braced his weight down on top of her buttocks and started rolling his hips, pumping his shaft steadily deeper into her tight rear entrance, while she shuddered and gasped beneath him, utterly defeated.  The Asari’s ass felt absolutely amazing, surrounding his cock on all sides and squeezing him like a hot velvet vice.  Her smooth, thick glutes were trembling beneath Oliver’s palms, providing wonderfully soft and yielding handholds for him to grab onto and use as leverage as he shunted his hips forward and bullied his way up into her ass, until finally, with one last hard thrust, he slammed himself home into the depths of Liara’s colon and buried his cock balls-deep in her guts.


Uuuuuunnnnnnggghhhhh!!”, she let out a long and humiliating moan of arousal as Oliver’s hips slapped against her buttocks.  The feeling of skin-on-skin contact told her he must have pulled his trousers and shorts down at some point when she wasn’t looking, and was now pounding away at her rear end naked from the waist down.  The feeling of having her ass penetrated by a man’s cock was something Liara had never really gotten used to.  She had experimented with members of her own species many times, but that was a different experience entirely.  They were usually much more gentle with her, probably because they could empathize with her position.  When two members of the all-female Asari became involved in a relationship, one of them would grow a futa-cock and adopt the typically male role during sex, so Liara had experienced it both ways during her century-and-a-half of life.  But her first real anal experience with a human male had occurred only two months ago, just after she had transferred aboard the USS Equality and had her personality indelibly altered by Alex’s intrusive mind control techniques.  Since then, she had been fucked up her ass too many time to count by the ship’s horny male crew members, most commonly during her obligatory physical examinations of their cocks and balls in her sickbay office everyday - which now took up the vast majority of her daily, fifteen-hour shifts.  But it still felt incredibly uncomfortable to take a hard male member deep into her most sacred of holes, especially when it was as thick as Oliver’s was.  Liara could already feel her eyes starting to roll back in their sockets as he pumped her ass relentlessly with his eight-inch shaft.  When he wrapped his arm around her neck and started squeezing her throat in the narrowing crux of his elbow, she couldn’t help herself, and felt her tongue loll out on one side of her mouth, signaling her total surrender.


“Dumb… fucking… Asari… cunt!”, Oliver grunted in her ear, pacing his thrusts in time with each word.  “This is what you get for coming aboard my ship, *ungh, ungh, ungh!*, showing off your slutty whore body in this cock-teasing outfit!”


“I-I’m… surry!”, Liara croaked pathetically, unable even to pronounce her words as Oliver restricted the blood flow to her brain with his unrelenting choke hold.  “You can, *ngh!*, teash mea lesson, Mister Archer!  Please, p-put me… innn my place, *gnn!*, with your big, hard, *ngh!*, human cock!”.  Humiliating herself like this only added to Liara’s enjoyment of the experience.  Her daily hard fuckings at the hands of her male colleagues aboard the USS Equality had given her a taste for playing the submissive role in her sexual encounters, and Oliver, of course, was only too happy to oblige.


Cinching up his choke hold around her neck, he sank his forearm deep into the Asari’s carotid artery, reducing the blood flow to her brain to a mere trickle.  Then holding her firmly in place, he leaned into her back, hunched over her, and started rolling his hips for all he was worth, pounding his rigid cock deep into Liara’s bowels with each hard, full-length thrust.  He could feel the Asari’s soft, bubbly glutes bouncing against his hips like warm globes of jello as he pistoned in and out of her ass at a furious pace.  The repetitive slapping sound of skin impacting against skin filled the room, broken intermittently by Liara’s desperate gasps for breath, mewling cries of pleasure, and Oliver’s gruff, sexist comments and xenophobic insults.  The Asari doctor’s breasts, hanging over the front of her uniform dress, bounced and jiggled wildly with every jarring thrust Oliver slammed into her backside.  Her eyes had almost completely rolled back now, revealing their whites, with barely a sliver of her pale blue irises visible below her flickering upper eyelids.  Her whole face was an embarrassing mask of ahegao retardation, her features slack, her mouth hanging open, her tongue lolling out on one side idiotically.  Yet still Liara was able to reach back behind herself, grasp her plump, well-rounded ass-cheeks in the palms of her hands, and spread them apart so Oliver could penetrate her deeper.


He kept on fucking her like this for at least another two or three minutes, before the pleasurable sensation of her ass clenching down on his cock and working it in rolling waves simply became too intense, and he rammed himself in one last time, balls-deep, and started unloading into Liara’s ass.


Gnnnnnn… fuuuuuck… yeeeeaahhhh!!”, Oliver groaned deep in his chest as he shot lance after lance of scalding hot cum deep into the Asari’s guts.  Despite being barely conscious at this point, Liara could feel every gooey spurt of it painting her insides centimeters deep.  It was one of the most viscerally intense things she had ever experienced.  Her mouth gaped open, she gurgled on her own saliva, causing rivulets of drool to dribble out on either side of her lips, and she came hard from having her ass filled literally to overflowing with dense, off-white spunk.  After shooting most of his load inside her, Oliver pulled out and shoved Liara forward over the back of his chair.  He sandwiched his cock between her upraised ass-cheeks, pressed them tight together around his veiny girth, and pumped himself back and forth along the valley of her ass-crack, shooting several more creamy loads of nut butter all over the Asari’s dimpled lower back, and even up between her shoulder blades to decorate the back of her dress.  By the time he was finished, Liara was a cum-drenched mess, with gooey webs of ejaculate sliding down all over her body.  Her gaping ass was slowly irising itself shut, and a thick line of anal creampie was flowing down between her thighs and dripping from the underside of her pussy down to the floor.


Oliver grabbed a handful of her dress and yanked Liara to her feet.


“Look at that”, he grunted, pointing at the pool of cum on his floor.  “Look at the fucking mess you made, in my quarters, you filthy slut.  Don’t you think you’d better do something about it?”


“Y-yes, Mister Archer”, Liara murmured, her head hung low.  “I’m really sorry for being such a… u-useless… Asari bimbo… sir”.  Without even needing to be told, she staggered down onto her hands and knees.  Sticking her ass high up in the air behind herself, she leaned down close to the floor and gazed up at Oliver submissively.  Then extending her vibrant violet tongue, she started lapping up his cum from the floor, like a pet cat dutifully consuming some spilled cream.


Oliver grinned, his cock already starting to get hard again at the sight of Liara’s beautifully rounded ass-cheeks and Rubenesque hips shivering with humiliation as she lapped up her own anal creampie.  He had a feeling he was going to enjoy the next couple of days while Luna was away on her mission quite a lot indeed.

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