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Motivation is key to achieving. The previous head teacher imparted that crucial piece of knowledge to me shortly before resigning from her position. She'd successfully educated the students of the Pokemon Trainers' School in Hoenn for ten years. Her tenure had been one of high performance - both on her part and that of her students. This leaves a rather large pair of shoes for me to walk in now that I've been appointed to succeed her. 

For a while I'm able to live up to her standards. The students warm up to me and seem to take instructions well. But over time I notice a growing lack of interest within the class. My efforts to make lessons interesting and interactive seem to falter as I far too often notice the heads of my students nodding occasionally, like church folks struggling to stay awake during a sermon. I usually see the result of that in dropping grades and an alarming lack of attendance. I know deep down that I'm capable of unlocking their true potential. But something's missing.

Motivation is key to achieving. 

Perhaps that is the key, I think to myself. Motivation. I then go through my ledger of student records and pinpoint those who seem to be struggling. From those I choose those who seem to be performing worst of all. There are four of them. Four young men. 

So I make them remain behind after class on one fine afternoon in spring. From the anxious looks on their faces, I know they'd rather be outside frolicking about in the sun. But I need to test a certain method of motivation on them before they can go.

"Do you know why you are here?" I ask as I stand before them.

They stare at their feet and shake their heads morosely.

"Well, you five are severely underperforming," I say matter-of-factly. "So severely that at this rate your grades will reach the point where you'll either drop out or not make the graduating class."

Their eyes flicker to my concerned face and then elsewhere. They're nonchalant and they reek of it. But I'm about to fix that.

"Now, I don't mind students dropping out. Only the dedicated students will usually remain and they will typically ensure a high average grade for the overall class. That looks good on me - but it would be selfish to simply do away with a student who might have excelled too had he been given a bit of motivation. And that's why I'm here today. To see if you might take your education seriously if I were to give you a bit of a push. With that said - please unzip your pants or pull down your shorts."

They all give each other surprised looks. That's probably the last thing they expected me to say. But I can't wait for them to make up their minds.

I sigh impatiently. "If you're not interested in being motivated in the way I'm about to, you're free to leave."

That's admittedly a very risky move on my part. But it's not too damaging if they actually decide to leave. With my spotless record of conduct, who's going to believe them if they tattle on me? 

But they comply. My smile grows as the sound of zippers being pulled down and the rustling of falling shorts filled the air. Now I'm standing before four pairs of boxers. I start from the leftmost student. A short and rotund lad with a pinched face. His blue eyes widen as I kneel before him.

"Before I begin, please be quiet during and after I motivate you. That goes for the rest of you as well."

I hook my fingers behind the waistband of his boxers and pull them down. A small, white sprout of a penis flops out into my waiting hand. I waste little time in peeling back the foreskin. The presence of smegma confirms that he's a tad unclean. But I push my lips against his bulbous tip anyway. He stiffens against the roof of my mouth as he knows the firm suction of a woman's lips for the first time. His shallow endurance is therefore understandable as a few slow pumps from tip to base reward me with a sour-tasting string of semen that races across my tongue and clings to the back of my throat. His classmates chuckle derisively at his visible embarrassment as I detach my lips from his deflating length and lift his boxers back to their former position.

"No laughter." I say sternly as I move onto the next young man. He's got a considerably cleaner - and longer - shaft. Therefore it's worth a bit of licking. My tongue spares no part of his length as saliva drips onto the floor. His incessant twitching forewarns me of his imminent ejaculation. It doesn't matter that he's clenching his fists like a fighter. I push him through my lips until my face rests in a bed of curly pubes. Their sweet musk invades my nose as he sinks his fingers into my hair and promptly unloads himself in the back of my throat. The warmth of his gooey load clings there long after I unearth my face from his crotch. His whisper of thanks is met with a gracious nod as I move to the next lad.

This one glances at me nervously. He is rather - cute is the word I'd use if I were five years younger. Back then I'd was so inexperienced at giving proper head that I'd probably have just wrapped my hand around three inches of him while my thumb rubbed his pink knob. A technique so nostalgically appealing that he moans my name when he receives it.

"Miss - Roxanne - "

I silence him with a hard look to remind him of my earlier warning as my hand pumps him until a pearl of precum appears on his tip. The passing moisture of my tongue as I lick it from him is the only contact he establishes with my mouth as my other hand slips behind him. There's nothing like integrating old ways with the new. And so he finds himself on tiptoe as my index finger slides up his poop chute. Combined with the tightness of my hand around his pulsing length he is as good as milked. The rumbling pressure in his length is the only warning of the volume of his load as rope after rope of it lands in my open mouth until my tongue's swimming in a pale grey sea of jizz. He gives me an alarmed look as I stand without swallowing it. The growing surprise in his eyes tells me he knows what's coming. So he shakes his head defiantly. But his lips yield anyway to the pressure of mine as I return his creamy gift to him. Watching his eyelids droop as he discovers the sweetness of his own flavor adds to the increasingly noticeable heat below my bellybutton. I leave him there to lick his lips as I move to the last student.

He's already got his boxers down. I understand why when I see his uncontainable girth. It could easily belong on a man of a bigger build and stature. Yet he's lean and wiry - and handsome. There's also a devilish smile on his face. The type of smile that could easily entice a girl into flipping up her skirt without a second thought. I could guess the number of girls he's deflowered and I'd probably be wrong. But that doesn't matter. He's going to cum just like his classmates.

All it takes is for me to tell him to turn around. Once he's done that I spread his tight ass cheeks like warm butter. He utters a gasp of alarm. But then he understands as my tongue circles his puckered ring. His musk floods my mouth with each lick and slurp. There's nothing like getting loudly slopped up. And there it is. The telltale quivering of his hips. I hasten his inevitable demise by slipping my tongue inside his sodden entrance. There's that gasp of acquiescence I've been waiting for. My tongue slips in and out of his boy-pussy as I wrap my hands around his dick with the intentions to squeeze his soul from it. I then milk him as if there's a high demand for semen and he's the sole supplier. He bears my fervent pumping until he can't stop himself from hunching over and nutting in my cupped hands. When a guy's spraying this wildly it's hard to catch the occasional stray spurt. But the liquid warmth in my hands confirms I've done a pretty good job. He turns around just in time to see me funnel it into his mouth. I find the disbelief on his face to be rather confusing. After all, which self-respecting woman who's just put in so much hard work wouldn't swallow her reward? 

My satisfied burp brings all of them to attention as I stand once more before them.

"As you can see," I say as I lick my fingers, "you four have had your testicles drained. Should you perform satisfactorily and maintain a proper level of attendance you will be - motivated at a time of my choosing. Am I clear?"

They nod. They're all wide-eyed and focused now. It must be that post-nut clarity.

"And if I should receive word of anything that has happened here today, you will promptly be expelled from the Pokemon Trainers' School - permanently staining your reputation with any other educational institutions you may decide to visit. Am I clear?"

They nod in unison. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good," I say with a slight smile. "You are dismissed."

They hitch up their shorts and jeans as they go. Now that they've got a reason to come to school again, it's time to see if there's any sort of a noticeable change in their grades. And there is. After a week or two of motivation, now they're performing like star students. And they never miss a single class. I'm considering rounding up all the under-performing students for a big motivation session. All fifteen of them. 

I smile in anticipation as I close my ledger of grades. 

Should be fun.

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