Trainer Daphne Gets Bred

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After a hard battle, Daphne had managed to defeat the master of the Cyllage City Gym, Grant. Or at least, that’s what she would have liked to say. Grant’s Amaura stood no chance against Frogadier’s ultra fast Water Pulse and his Tyrunt was caught flat footed when Daphne had the frog use Ice Beam. The hardest part of the fight was just getting to Grant, as while her water Pokémon could use his cling pads to easily scale the walls, Daphne had to do actual rock climbing. Why was her physical fitness part of the challenge? It’s not like she’s the one who is going to be doing the fighting, she just needs to call out clever commands, right?


Somehow the black-haired girl managed to accept the Cliff Badge without revealing any of her disdain for the Gym Leader in her clear blue eyes. She had to hold herself back from throttling the fool when he pointed out the way down was another giant rock climbing wall she had to carefully make her way down because of course they didn’t use harnesses. Who cares about health and safety, right? Still, it was with some vindictiveness that she turned past Grant so forcefully that one of her pigtails flew straight into his face. Daphne hoped he choked on one of her hairs.


When she had finally made it outside, after not only a twenty foot climb but also two ramps of loose earth she had to slide down, Daphne stepped out under an orange sky. She had entered the Gym in the morning, having come straight from her room at the Cyllage Hotel. And now it was sunset. Not only did that idiot Grant make her do all this unnecessary shit, but he also cost her a whole day. Daphne swore, when she was face to face with the Champion, she would file a complaint with the League. This guy was a menace and he needed to be taken down, fast and hard.


A part of her wanted to return to the hotel and reserve her room for another night and then head over to the boutique to use the money she just got to buy a replacement for her ruined set of clothes. Her shorts were filthy from all the dust kicked up by her jaunt down the dirt slopes and her parka was pitstained so bad the victorious trainer was worried no amount of washing would restore it. She certainly didn’t feel like a winner, and most of all Daphne just wanted to get out of this stupid town already.


She hadn’t expected to be in the Gym for so long, so she already had all her stuff packed and on her in preparation to move on when she started the challenge. Of course, she hadn’t anticipated her journey to Geosenge Town would take place in the dark, but at this point she didn’t really care. Maybe it was even a positive, since there would be less people out and in the darkness no one would see her in her grimy state.


So Daphne crossed the bridge out of town and headed down Route 10. Another thing to throw at Grant’s feet, she wasn’t even in the mood to wonder at the curious stones that dotted the Menhir Trail. Yeah, she could come back tomorrow after she slept at the hotel in Geosenge, but these stones were one of the marvels of Kalos that no one knew the true purpose of. Being unable to find joy in that mystery made Daphne feel like an old grouch. And it was all Grant’s fault.


A howl jolted Daphne out of her murderous thoughts. Then she remembered, some pretty rare Pokémon made their homes are these stones, drawn in for some inexplicable reason. The howl must have belonged to a Houndour; Daphne had heard stories of trainers being ambushed by whole groups of them at a time. She wasn’t worried, though. Frogadier would make short work of them like he did Grant’s Pokémon. In fact, her loyal frog had swept away the entire Gym in a flood at her command, taking on opponents one after another and putting them down with no hesitation. She’d have to remember to get him something nice as a treat. As soon as they got out of the ass end of nowhere, that is.


With such a beast as a partner, Daphne had never seen the need to catch more Pokémon. Anyone else would just hold Frogadier back and she didn’t need any weaklings to babysit. However, her earlier research had shown that Eevee’s were spotted on Route 10, though rarely. She had a few Pokéballs spare, and her little sister would certainly appreciate receiving such a cute and fluffy Pokémon.


Not being particularly tired yet and seeing no harm in at least trying to catch an Eevee to give to her sister, the blue eyed trainer stopped her angry march towards Geosenge and made her way off the beaten path and into the growth. It was actually quite a pleasant night, she decided. The full moon was shining brightly so she barely needed her flashlight at all, and a cool breeze was blowing through the trees bringing some relief to her flushed and sweaty skin. She had only seen one other person so far, heading towards the accursed town she had just left. Apart from that one encounter, it was just her and some nonthreatening Goletts lumbering around.


Another howl tore through the silence but Daphne did not care. She was looking for an Eevee, not a Houndour, and Eevees most certainly did not howl like that. Although, it was a bit suspicious that no other Pokémon were out except for the Goletts who barely counted as they did not seem to be very conscious of their surroundings, as evidenced by the countless times Daphne had witnessed one walk straight into a tree, bounce off, and continue shuffling pointlessly. Apart from Eevees and Houndours, this place was supposed to be home to Snubbulls, Ekectrikes, Emolgas, and even Yanmas. It was the fact that she couldn’t even hear the buzzing wings of the voracious and active bug that tipped Daphne off that something was wrong.


She swung her torch around, trying to spot anything. There, in one of the bushes, a bright gleam of light being reflected off of something shined for less than a second. Another bush, completely opposite, shook, making her turn one hundred and eighty degrees to look. Nothing popped out, but Daphne already had a sense for what was going on. She had seen this type of thing on television programs before. She was being hunted.


The trainer wasted no time pulling out Frogadier’s Pokéball and releasing him, the bubble frog immediately on guard. “There’s something around, Froggy,” Daphne whispered, trying to shine her flashlight in every direction at once, “and I don’t think it’s friendly. Stay close to me and let’s try to make our way towards Geosenge. It might just be angry that we intruded in their territory and if we leave it’ll back down.”


The serious Pokémon saluted, staying alert. Since his eyes could look in different directions and his night vision was much better than his human’s, Frogadier was the first to see the threat and point it out to Daphne, calling out, “Frog!”


Noticing her friend’s distress, Daphne swung around to look at what was following them. Illuminated by the light of her flashlight was no Houndour but a Houndoom, head lowered beneath its shoulders and growling madly. Its horns curved back over its neck, matching the rib cage like armor on its back. Its pointed tail whipped back and forth in agitation, the menacing tip seemingly as sharp as its terrifying claws and teeth. Now this was a fierce Pokémon. Daphne wanted it.


“Frogadier,” feeling more confident, her whisper loudened, “I know he looks scary, but I think we can take him. Since Houndoom is a fire type, if you hit him with a Water Pulse before he can react that should deal a lot of damage. Then I’ll try to catch him.”


Frogadier nodded and rushed forwards. This was their usual strategy, overwhelm the opponent with fast, hard hitting attacks while dancing around any rebuttals. There weren’t many who could match Frogadier’s speed, and Daphne’s strategies always took advantage of that. While Water Pulse was a ranged attack, by getting in close and taking the fight to Houndoom, Frogadier was minimizing the risk that Daphne would be hit by a ranged attack.


The dark Pokémon held his ground, continuing to growl at the approaching frog, but just as Frogadier was about to release his attack, a black blur tackled him from the side. It was another Houndoom, and the water type had no chance to react before the new arrival chomped down on him with a Thunder Fang. The yellow flash blinded Daphne, but she was already in motion running towards her downed friend, futilely reaching out a hand in the hopes of saving him. Before her vision came back, Daphne felt herself get tackled from behind and knocked to the ground, making her drop her torch.


Looking up, she could just about make out another Houndoom that had found its place on top of her, growling down threateningly as some of its slobber dripped from its maw and into her hair. Daphne shuddered, partially from fear and partially from disgust, but she could make no moves to free herself as the dog on her back pressed his front paws firmly into her shoulder blades, pressing her modest breasts into the dirt. More growls sounded around her and Daphne watched in apprehension as three more Houndooms revealed themselves from the surrounding shrubbery. This was a scene straight out of a nightmare. Caught by a pack of hungry Houndooms, in the dark with nobody around to help, and out of Pokémon to boot. 


The pack approached her, each taking a turn to sniff at her face, making her cringe at the foul odor of their breaths. Once they had properly encircled her, the one on her back stepped off to take his place in the barrier. Daphne was about to push herself onto her hands and knees, wondering if they weren’t going to eat her after all, when one of them leaped at her from the side. She raised her arms to cover her face, knowing it wouldn’t add much protection, but thankfully that wasn’t the Houndoom’s target.


It slashed at her clothes with its razor sharp claws, her short parka and tube top offering no resistance at all and falling to shreds around her, leaving her completely naked from the waist up since she had chosen not to wear a bra. Another Houndoom came from behind and gave the same treatment to her shorts. The denim put up a harder fight than her cotton tops, but there was no way it could stand up to the unbridled ferocity of one of the most fearsome Pokémon out there. Her silk panties underneath, a lovely piece in Kalos Fuschia with a Hoenn cut, followed shortly after, cut to ribbons and no longer covering an inch of her pert bottom.


The Houndooms all backed off, leaving Daphne lying in the middle, small cuts from where the claws went too far and dug into her skin slowly oozing blood. The terrified trainer rolled onto her side, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around her bare breasts, trying to cover up as much as possible. What had started off as such a nice night and a great way to destress after the terrible day she had had quickly turned into a horrible idea beyond any of her wildest imaginations.


One of the Houndooms approached her, his growl a low rumble that Daphne felt inside her chest. This one was noticeably bigger than the rest, its horns more curved and coming to wicked points at the end. Daphne knew that if it wanted to, Houndoom could kill her before she even knew what was happening, and that was if she was lucky. If she was unlucky, well that didn’t bear thinking about. Her only hope was to appease it somehow and hope that they’ll let her go after. She had a change of clothes in her bag, which they had thankfully left alone, so if she could get out of her and make it to Geosenge she’d be safe.


As she wracked her brain for anything she could give that the Pokémon would want, the large Houndoom solved that problem for her. He walked up next to her face so she could see his underside, and in the darkness she could just make out a growing protrusion starting at his hind legs and pressing up against his belly. Instantly, Daphne knew what it was. A giant dog dick, with a big flared head to get stuck past her cervix, crisscrossed by angry veins that fed it the blood necessary for its hardness, supported by a thick knot to trap all the hot semen those fat balls produced deep inside of her.


Her mind shut down. This was not what she wanted. She wasn’t a whore. She’d never even had sex before. To fuck a Pokémon was going to far. Not to mention that thing would rip her apart. It was too big, at least fourteen inches though she couldn’t tell too well in the dark, and it was still growing. No, no, no, this couldn’t be happening to her.


The Houndoom must have grown impatient, for he growled and pushed the tip of his penis into Daphne’s face. She quickly shut her eyes as it rubbed all over her, spreading its disgusting musk of piss, unwashed flesh, smoke, and precum. Doing her best not to vomit, Daphne grabbed the offending appendage with one hand, which looked even smaller than it actually was wrapped around the behemoth Houndoom was packing. Her slender fingers didn’t even reach half way around its girth, and Daphne began to cry as she raised her head towards it, spreading her lips open.


She had intended to give the tip a little lick, but the heat coming off of it and the smell of sulfur invading her nose made her retch. The canine did not care, thrusting forward and lodging his cock in Daphne’s throat with one motion. The penetration made the trainer gag, her neck bulging around Houndoom’s dick as it split her open. The dominant Pokémon raised his head and howled his pleasure, the rest of his pack echoing him in the still evening air. With a jolt, he took half a step forward, standing completely over Daphne now as his cock dug even deeper into her tight throat, causing her to choke and sputter desperately around it.


It kept going in deeper, and Daphne was starting to feel light headed. When would this torment end? She was running out of oxygen, and also out of esophagus. If Houndoom stuck much more of his cock in her, it would reach her stomach. Already the impression of it was visible at her chest, spreading her breasts around it as it bulged out her sternum. Then Daphne’s lips pressed up against a wall of flesh as firm as steel. It was the knot. Please, she thought to herself, have mercy. Don’t make me take that thing, it’ll break my jaw.


Houndoom must have realized something similar, for when he felt his knot touch Daphne’s soft lips he paused in his forward thrusting. Instead he started grinding his knot on her lips, pulling them this way and that as bits of slobber dripped out from behind the tight seal, glazing his knot in a liberal coating of saliva. Just as Daphne was about to pass out from asphyxiation, her throat constricted around Houndoom’s cock in a desperate bid to expel it, the aggressive dog got off her, pulling his dick out smoothly. Daphne’s head fell to the ground, her body unable to support its weight as she gasped in heaving breaths, strands of spit mixed with precum and mucus trailing out of her mouth and onto the ground.


Since she was busy recovering, Daphne did not notice the large Houndoom walking around her, but she definitely felt when he started nudging her side with his nose, trying to get her to raise her hips. No. Not that. Please. Houndoom didn’t care. He growled, one of his claws trailing the curve of her back just barely too light to draw blood. His message was clear, he would hurt her a lot more if she didn’t comply. Daphne rolled onto her front, crossing her arms in front of her and burying her head in them, not wanting to see what was coming. She raised her ass, resting on her knees. Houndoom growled his approval.


Apart from the small slashes caused by the pack’s unorthodox method of undressing her, Daphne’s skin was flawless. Not a single blemish decorated her heart shaped rear, the pale skin glowing softly in the moonlight. Houndoom had never before seen more attractive hindquarters presented to him, the crack of her cheeks spreading just a little bit to reveal the edge of her puckered anus and the entirety of her pink slit.


He pressed forward, thrusting his nose between those heavenly mounds of flesh, making Daphne jump. She smelled fertile, and Houndoom’s cock throbbed in anticipation. She would make a good bitch for the pack. But first he had to get her ready. The fiery Pokémon opened his maw, his long canine tongue slipping out to lick her womanhood from bottom to top. His tongue dug into her folds, spreading them up and slathering his frothing hot saliva. Daphne moaned at the feeling then caught herself. What was she doing? She was being raped by a Pokémon and enjoying it? She had to resist, had to stay strong. Houndoom’s long tongue was rough, flat and wide. He seemed to enjoy stirring up her insides and ripping moans out of her against her will. Sometimes he would drag his tongue along the outside of her lips, the width of his tongue enough to completely cover her groin, and he would start at her mound and slowly haul his tongue up to the other side of her ass crack, paying a little extra attention to her tight asshole. Other times he just shoved his tongue inside of her, spreading open her walls as he prepared her for the penetrations to come.


When Houndoom felt that she was wet enough he withdrew his tongue and mounted her, fore legs wrapped tight around her narrow waist with claws lightly digging into her sides. Daphne could feel his cock on her ass like a branding iron, and he waved it around trying to find her entrance. This was it, the point of no return. If Daphne let this happen she would be changed forever, having lost her virginity to her Pokémon rapist. But what could she possibly do? She was surrounded and overpowered. And now she was going to be treated like a bitch.


Houndoom’s tapered tip found the heat his tongue left behind, and followed the trail straight to her hole. He braced himself atop her for a moment, then thrusted forward with a viciousness unmatched by humans. Daphne opened her mouth and screamed as tracks of blood squeezed past the cock penetrating her to drip down her thighs. Houndoom had mercilessly tore straight past her hymen and embedded himself deep within her. Her lips were stretched so wide around his dick it seemed like they couldn’t possibly take anymore between them. But only six inches of Houndoom’s bitchbreaker were inside her, leaving nearly a foot in the cold night air as well as the knot.


Houndoom pulled on Daphne’s hips with his claws, making her raise them slightly and twist them to change the angle at which he was coming in. Then he forcefully thrusted inside her again. Another scream tore through Daphne as she wailed and struggled. It was so painful and uncomfortable inside of her. So hot and large. Looking between the valley of her breasts, Daphne could see a slight bump at her pelvic area below her flat stomach. This thing was going to kill her. She thrashed around, trying to get loose and escape, but Houndoom wasn’t having any of it. He lowered his head and growled threateningly in her ear before biting down on her bare shoulder. Daphne stilled. He didn’t bite hard, not enough to draw blood, but if she moved too much those brutal teeth would dig into her flesh. Her fight having left her, Daphne just sobbed quietly into her arms, letting the Pokémon abuse her.


Not letting go of her shoulder, Houndoom shoved more and more of his canine fuckpole inside of her tight pussy until she had taken it down to the knot. Seventeen inches of hot dog meat filled her up to her maximum capacity, and when his knot tickled at her labia Daphne had an intense flash of fear at the idea that he would try to put that inside of her as well. She gave a sigh of relief when Houndoom was seemingly satisfied and instead began pounding her formerly virgin cunt with just those seventeen inches. Each time he bottomed out, her stomach would jut out, taut around the shape of his cock. He had reached her cervix many inches ago, bullying it around as he crammed her full then gouged her out on repeat. 


A soft moan escaped from Daphne’s throat, sore from all the screaming. At some point, the pain had diminished. Not disappeared, but dimmed enough that the trainer could at last find some pleasure in the act. It was happening, there was nothing she could do to stop it, so Daphne figured she should at least try to make it bearable. The human body was not made to withstand that much pain for so long. And honestly, it wasn’t nearly so bad anymore now that Houndoom saw her complying. He wasn’t gentle, but he didn’t go out of his way to hurt her, and the shape of his dick, so different to a man’s, did feel sort of nice in a way. Even the brutalization of her cervix was growing on Daphne as quite an erotic act, getting her excited.


But she had been a fool to believe that Houndoom was satisfied with not knotting her. She was going to be the bitch of the pack, so she had to learn how to take their knots and milk them properly so she could grow gravid with their pups. He had given her some time to get used to his size and get slicker to make the intrusion easier, and he felt she was now ready. So he shoved his entire battering ram inside of her, pressing his tip right up against her battered cervix, their holes lining up. Houndoom the ground his knot against her lips, mixing her escaping fluids with what little of her spit remained on them from her deepthroating earlier. Daphne groaned as his knot rubbed her clit, but her open mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape as she soundlessly screamed when Houndoom used all the strength in his powerful muscles to sink his knot into her, head of his penis smashing straight past her cervix into her womb, the force of the thrust shoving her entire body forwards, the ground tearing at the skin of her arms and knees.


Now properly linked with his bitch, Houndoom let go of her shoulder to howl, once more echoed by his pack. They were braying at each other now, fighting to establish the order of who got to have her next. Houndoom snapped at them to quiet, unable to properly appreciate the winded sounds of his lover over their yapping. He pulled out as much as he could, less than an inch as her vagina would not let go of his knot now that he had entered, and pushed in hard. Daphne’s breath escaped her and her eyes rolled back into her head. This was far too much.


Then Houndoom released his seed inside of her, directly in her baby box. The volume of cum swelled her up, rounding her belly slightly around the bulge of his cock. Little could escape the tight seal of her cervix around his fat head, and none could get past his knot, so his entire load was trapped inside her. His semen was so hot it felt like liquid fire. Daphne was pushed past her limit, her whole body shaking as she joined her Alpha in orgasm. And that’s what he was now, Alpha. She knew it instinctually. He was marking her as his, spraying his burning baby batter all over her deepest depths. She was no longer human. Daphne was now a Houndoom pack’s bitch.


What felt like an eternity later, Alpha’s knot finally deflated enough to slip out of her cunt, the whole cock following after it and Alpha got off her back. Daphne fell over onto the ground, left shaking with phantom sensations, her spasming lips leaking a white fluid as they desperately tried to close back to their previous tightness. Daphne was already ruined, but the pack was only getting started.


But this wasn’t a safe spot, so Alpha grabbed Daphne’s hair in his mouth and dragged her by her black locks as the pack retreated further into the forest, leaving Menhir Trail and Daphne’s salvation behind. The trainer did not even register the pain in her scalp or the various scratches she received from being callously dragged along the ground. All she could focus on was the heat in her womb. It was driving her crazy! Daphne shuddered as another orgasm wracked her body. It was lighting her nerves on fire, each one screaming in unison from the overstimulation. For a female Houndoom, semen of such temperature would not be felt as anything special, but for poor Daphne with a human’s physiology there was no way she could stand up to that.


The pack arrived at their destination and Alpha let go of Daphne’s hair, causing her head to bounce on the ground, knocking her out of her thoughts. She looked around and realized they were in a mid sized cave, the ceiling probably about eight feet up and more than enough room for the six Houndooms and herself in the chamber. In one corner, a pile of bones sent a jolt of panic through her. Now that the alpha had gotten his pleasure, were they going to finally eat her?


Alpha approached her face, but he wasn’t growling so Daphne allowed herself to relax. If they had wanted to eat her they could have killed her a long time ago. He stepped over her head so he was standing right above it and his now soft member was pointing straight at her face. Daphne was confused, did he want her to get him hard again? Did he not have a refractory period? Were the other members of the pack not going to have their way with her either. Daphne had just opened her mouth to take the dick that deflowered her back into her throat when a different kind of liquid flowed out of the tip. Her eyes widened in shock before she quickly spat out the little that flew into her mouth. He was pissing on her face!


Suddenly she felt warm liquids hitting her in various places and as she turned her head to look at her prone body she saw the rest of the pack were also relieving themselves on her. Through her disgust, one idea clicked in her head and Daphne realized what was happening. They were marking her as their property with their scent. Despair like never before hit her when she had this thought as the truth became clear. She wasn’t going to be let go any time soon. The yellow liquid kept flowing, Alpha continuing to target just her face while the rest of the pack walked around her, covering her entire body in their waste. It was so degrading. Daphne’s eyes started to go vacant as she retreated into her mind to escape the horrors of her situation.


She was pulled back to the dreadful reality when one of the Houndooms, not Alpha who was still standing over her head even though his urine had run out, forced her hips up and penetrated her to the knot in one motion. Compared to Alpha’s cock, this one was much more manageable, but it was still too big to fit comfortably in a five foot three human girl. The Houndoom rutted into her, uncaring for her pleasure and only chasing his own release. The staccato beat of his muscular frame slamming into her rippling ass was joined by her moans as she let one out each time he mashed his head into her cervix. It still hadn’t recovered from its treatment at the hands of Alpha, so it didn’t take long for the Houndoom to force his way past it and get his thankfully smaller knot into her.


Daphne’s vision flashed white when more of that searing hot seed was poured into her unprotected womb, causing her to orgasm even as her sensitive flesh started to hurt. The Houndoom pounding her howled as he released all the pent up semen he had built up since the pack had come to this area. Alpha had really proven his worth as a leader with his plan to capture this exquisite breeding bitch. And letting everyone in the pack have a go with her, what a generous leader. The alpha of their last pack would have just kept her for himself. Houndoom would never doubt Alpha again.


Without even waiting for his knot to deflate, Houndoom ripped his dick out of Daphne’s snatch, in turn ripping a scream out of her mouth. With no hesitation, another Houndoom immediately took his place, mounting her and shoving his cock into her down to the knot. Alpha finally walked away, allowing Daphne to look over her shoulder at the third Houndoom to fuck her. The third being to ever fuck her. Her face was tracked by lines of tears, mascara, and piss, and it made such a hot sight for Houndoom that he promptly pushed his knot into her. While she was writhing, Houndoom reached down and grabbed her hair in his jaws and pulled, forcing her head up. Daphne braced herself onto her hands, now on all fours instead of face down, ass up.


Another Houndoom stepped up to her front and mounted her face, forelegs hooking around her armpits. Too worn out to resist, Daphne passively opened her mouth and let Houndoom thrust into her throat. Being spitroasted was something Daphne had fantasized about before, but never had she imagined it would be a Houndoom at either end.


Her once beautiful body had been soiled so bad. Cuts and scrapes littered her previously blemish free skin, her tenderly conditioned hair was in disarray and stuck together in clumps due to dirt and urine, her light makeup ran down her face in trails, and her petite figure was broken by her cum paunch and the obscene bulges of her throat and navel caused by the thick cocks sawing in and out of her at both ends. A woman who had before intended to complete the Gym Challenge and face off against the greatest Pokémon trainer of the region had been reduced to such a state. Her mental stability took a sharp dive as she realized even if she managed to escape the Houndooms, there was no way she could ever work with Pokémon again. Not with such trauma.


The canine at her front took half a step forward, stuffing his knot into his mouth causing her jaw to open as wide as it could. Daphne swore she could hear her bones creak. The dog at her backside entered her womb easily, her cervix now offering no resistance at all. The two howled in unison and came, filling Daphne up from both ends. As the cum poured into her, Daphne blacked out, unable to handle the stimulation. Her gut slowly swelled, both stomach and uterus filling to capacity but being unable to expel any semen they could do nothing but make more room. Already, Daphne looked to be pregnant and in her second trimester, but it was simply due to the absurd quantity of sperm within her. With so much virile cum trapped inside of her, however, there was no way her fertile young body was not getting pregnant.


The two Houndooms slipped out of her, their cocks connected to the fucked open holes through strands of saliva or slick. Having relied on the dicks to hold up her weight, Daphne collapsed to the floor, her weakened limbs unable to support her anymore. But there would be no rest for her as the last two members of the pack hadn’t yet had their turn. One of them turned Daphne onto her back with his nose and lined up his penis with her cumdumpster. It was much harder to penetrate her like this, but Houndoom managed to hook his head into her pussy by bending his knees somewhat and then standing ramrod straight. Once his tip was inside her, he wasted no time in pounding away with all his strength. 


The other Houndoom stood over her head and rubbed his tip around her mouth. When it slipped inside, he too took up a punishing pace, causing her head to tilt back as his cock went straight down her gullet. The two synced up their rhythm, one thrusting in while the other pulled back before switching. Like this they bounced her between them, her back getting rubbed raw against the cave floor. Daphne came to when both thrusted in at once, forcing their knots into her cunt and mouth at the same time. Initially she panicked, but then the memory of where she was and why returned to her and just let them do what they wanted with her body.


They were relentless, the harsh thrusts that had once given Daphne pleasure now just stretched her out without making her feeling anything. Her body had gone numb to protect her fragile mind. Overloaded nerves were still firing but the messages never reached her brain. Otherwise she would have gone mad, perhaps even died. This way she just felt full. Her vision was taken up completely by the ball sack of a Houndoom, the scrotum flesh usually resting on her eyes and she imagined she could see all the little swimmers packed in there waiting to be released inside of her.


And released they were as the last two Houndooms came with the usual howls. Daphne could see the balls contracting and expanding as they pumped spunk down her throat. After so many sessions in a row with no break, the knots were no longer enough to keep her properly secure, and trails of semen escaped out of her pussy and mouth to drip down her thighs and face, adding to the mess caking her.


The Houndooms let their cocks rest inside her for a while, not having to rush themselves as there were no impatient packmates left wanting. When their knots deflated and dicks softened, they left Daphne’s embrace, walking off towards the walls of the cave before curling up and lying down. The trainer lay back in exhaustion, watching as five of the Houndooms lay scattered around her, licking at their flaccid cocks to clean them. But the sixth, Alpha, was still standing and looking at her. She knew what he wanted, though she had hoped to finally rest. Daphne rolled onto her front and raised her ass once more, watching over her shoulder as Alpha approached.


He mounted her for the second time, but unlike before he did not wrap his forelegs around her hips. Instead he place each paw firmly on the ground on either side of her head, his claws gleaming in the faint light. His enormous bitchbreaker, the cock that had tamed her, slowly entered into her accommodating cunt, the fleshy walls spreading around him. Such was his size that even after the marathon sex from the rest of the pack left her gaping, he was still too big for her not to feel him split her open. When his head nestled into her womb and his knot rested inside of her, Daphne waited for him to start thrusting, but instead he growled.


Then she realized, there was no way he could fuck her properly in this position. He just didn’t have purchase. So what was the point? Alpha growled again and Daphne understood. She rocked her hips back, fucking herself on his meatstick as he commanded, too resigned to her faith to not meekly do as demanded of her. She couldn’t go fast, not having the strength to do so, and she couldn’t move much around his knot, but Alpha seemed satisfied. It didn’t take long for him to ejaculate inside of her, his load mixing with those of two of his pack mates and the remains of his first one. Daphne groaned, her tummy ballooning even more, and she would have orgasmed powerfully if she had not already cummed her brains out.


Daphne expected Alpha to pull out, but instead he lay down on top of her, pushing her prone onto the ground and putting a lot of pressure on her fattened belly. This proved to be too much, and all the liquid inside of her searched for an exit in order to alleviate the pressure. But her cunt was still clogged up by Alpha’s knot which had not deflated in the least, and there was no getting past it. Alpha pressed onto her harder, pushing her more firmly into the ground as he got into a sleeping position.


Daphne’s eyes widened as she felt something climb up her throat. Her stomach had pillowed out to the sides when Alpha squished her between his firm abs and the unrelenting ground, but that wasn’t enough. The jizz in her pussy was trapped, but the two loads that had been forced down her throat had a suitable exit nearby. Daphne held her mouth shut, trying to keep it down, but as her cheeks puffed and cum started to dribble from her nose, she had no choice but to barf up litres of potent dog semen.


Alpha watched in amusement as the bitch below him struggled not to drown in her upchuck. Satisfied with a day well spent, Alpha put his head down beside his new pet and went to sleep, his steel hard cock still teaching her fuckhole to take its shape.


Daphne tried to sleep now that she was finally not getting fucked, but the large knot inside of her and the hot semen bloating her uterus was so uncomfortable there was no way she could fall asleep. She tried to crawl out from under Alpha, but the knot tied them together no matter how much she struggled. All her efforts did was stimulate Alpha’s dick more, causing him to cum again even in his sleep. Daphne groaned as she felt even more virile, canine sperm settle in her womb. This was going to be a long night.


In the end she got no sleep that night. Each time exhaustion had taken over her and her eyes shut, Alpha would cum again, expanding her jutting belly and jolting her awake. The Houndoom slept through this all, even when Daphne wailed and pushed at him with all her strength. Somehow his cock just stayed erect, his knot never deflating, even as load after load was squeezed out of his balls by Daphne’s rioting cunt. Truly he was a specimen worthy of being known as Alpha.


They don’t let her go the next day, but she didn’t really expect them too. One member of the pack was always with her, watching that she doesn’t attempt to flee and usually fucking her while he’s at it. The ones who went hunting always brought their catch back to their den, and Daphne quickly learned to eat Houndoom-flame cooked Pokémon or starve. Sometimes one of them would bring a few berries for her, but never enough to live off of. Some days they would deny her food altogether, and if she wanted to eat anything she would have to drain their balls with her throat. In a way, this was almost preferable to the meat which always made her feel sick without fail.


There was a stream nearby to the den where the pack would go to drink. They wouldn’t let her wash herself in it though, so as the days passed and more and more cum and piss dried and caked onto her, Daphne started to forget what her skin even looked like. She reeked of them, but they liked it that way. When they were feeling really sadistic, they would keep her away from the stream and only let her drink their piss. Those were the worst days, and slowly Daphne learned that the more submissive she behaved the kinder they treated her.


One day, Alpha sniffed at her now gaping pussy before howling. This was not a howl she had heard before, and she had learned how to differentiate them during her time with the pack. The others echoed the howl, and it didn’t take long for Daphne to discover what it meant. Their seed had taken, she was with child.


It turned out to be several children, three Houndour pups to be exact. Precocious little things that loved to run around and get into trouble. Daphne had a hard time controlling them as she only had two tits, so one was always left out when it came to nursing them. Still, she couldn’t help but love them, no matter their origins. The pack also eased up on her while she was taking care of the pups, which only served to further endear the little Houndours to her. On the other hand, the fact that she had given birth to only three meant that at most three of the Houndooms had impregnated her, creating a sense of competition within the pack about who had managed to do it and who’s pups would she bear next. This made them rougher and more aggressive in their rutting, though that might have also been because her now loose cunt could take it.


Time passed, and she was impregnated over and over, giving birth to scores of Houndours who later evolved into Houndooms themselves. Some split off, looking for their own territory as there was not enough game in the area to support so many predators. Those who stayed continued to grow the pack, her female children seemingly exceedingly fertile, and none of her male children had any compunctions about breeding with their beautiful mother. She quickly forgot her own misgivings, finding it easier to simply accept than to fight. She never found out the faith of her faithful Frogadier, left hoping he made it out of that night alive. With any luck, his situation turned out better than hers.

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