Dimensional Eve

BY : GinOle
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Disclaimer: I don't own Closers nor own any of the characters. The title and the characters belong to their respective owner. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, and incidents are either the products of imagination.

After showing a good promise, the newly estabilished team named Black Lamb is now given the responsibility to clear the area around Gangnam sector. It wasn't easy as the team is still trying to cooperate in a short amount of time. As the mission goes on, the announcement of promotion finally reach their ear. And they couldn't be more happier knowing they could be more helpful in the future. Especially certain black haired girl who jump in joy the moment she heard the words promotion.

"Of course i am! Promotion mean more payment. Which mean more food on the table!" said the girl with a name tag Seo Yuri

The supervisor warn them however, that this test wasn't easy even though its the first test. But then again, the risk would involve mostly a fight with dimensional monster. Nothing they can't handle since its mostly a C class type. Nothing can possibly go wrong...

But what they didn't expect is, they had to do it as solo mission. This is the first time they fight by themselves. As they given a task to clear the area, Yuri receive her order to clear the mall. The said mall is in shambles for years and sure enough it give some advantage to any dimensional monster by hiding behind the rubble. As Seo Yuri waltz in with confidence, she saw small group of dimensional monster. "Its always you isn't it?" she smiled as she draw her sword and gun, eager to show her skill. And true to her confidence, her skill as kendo champion and closers are no match for those little dimensional monster.

Moving to the next sector, she fight another group of dimensional monster but this time, some of them has big muscle which give her more challenge to beat. It take a good amount of beating until they died. Wiping sweat off from her forehead, she realize this won't be easy since she always rely on her team in case she need to catch a breath. Wave after wave, they keep coming until she reach the end of the mall. The task also include fighting major dimensional monster. If she had to guess, it must be that spectre monster she fight before with her team. And she was right. Since she fight this creature before, she assume she would be able to beat it even by herself.

When the battle rage on, the monster release a wave that would paralyze her. When she got hit, she manage to use her phase power to break free. But she realize the wave doesn't hurting her much. She remember how paralyzing it is when hit. But this one is just a tickle. Smiling, she thought she was getting strong. Preparing for another attack, she ready to put it to rest. Only to find herself drop her weapon.

"W-What's...this?" she whimper as her body grow a bit hot. She try to stand up but whenever she move, her body grow more hotter, especially her lower region. But of course this dimensional monster didn't give her any rest as it start to return the favor by attacking her, forcing her to dodge, causing more heat builiding inside her. The alien sensation finally overwhelm her as she let out scream. "No way..." She touch herself and find her finger soaked with her own love juic. At this point, standing up would prove too challenging. As luck would have it, the monster she beat on previous sector is approaching her. Its those small fry she beat. Guess Yuri fail to do the clean up properly...

"N-No! L-let go of me!" she wail when those monster take her somewhere secluded in the mall. They strip her shirt and play with her body, especially her breast. One of them even suck on it, stimulating pleasure inside Yuri. As she was distracted, she felt her womanhood exposed. Those small dimensional monster are showing their eagerness to humiliate her; by taking her first time.

She let out scream when it penetrate her without bother being gentle. But thanks to her already soaked hole, it make it easy for those monster to penetrate deep inside her. And they waste no time as they ram themselves as if they wanting this for long time. Her sensitive body shiver, her breast bouncing on every thrust, her moan fill the room as the girl cry for help, only to invite more monster to ravage her body. They silence her by putting their erection inside her mouth, completely muffling her beg for help. As the thurst getting faster, the girl know better what gonna happen next. She resist and cry, but the monster isn't stopping their lustful thrust.

And they finally release their lust inside her. In such amount at that. Include the one who put it inside her mouth.

She cough heavily as they finally pulling away. She also notice their semen is dark colored and it somehow tick her phase power inside her. Realizing what just happen, she lost her confidence. Her smile turn into fear, her body no longer listen to her. As another monster take their turn, her scream and moan fill the room once again...

Yuri was taken to the lab for the treatment later on, but the HQ decide to decomission her for unknown reason. 

"What a rare subject...a girl impregnated by a dimensional monster..." said one researcher.

Yuri, who still can't believe her fate, lie on the bed with the swelling belly who growth in such a short amount of time after her rescue.

Her bright smile were never seen again...

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