The Fluffy Houseguest

BY : Chris9724
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It was such a nice spring day at Central City. A nice weather for a game of catch. However, some still preferred staying at home, whether they were busy of had commissions to complete. And that was the case of the young fox boy, Miles Prower - better known by his friends as "Tails".

The young fox had been called by his nice friend, and potencial fiancé, Cream, a young cheerful bunny girl, who asked him a favor - or, more specifically, her mother asked Cream to ask Tails a favor.

Cream met Tails at his place, while he was working on the project of his new upgraded plane engine. The fox was always happy to see the bunny girl visiting him every now and then. He always wished to tell herhow he felt about their blooming relationship, but by the way Cream rushed into his personal workshop, he guessed that it wasn't the right time.

After welcoming the girl, Cream panted to regain her breath. Then, she told Tails the reason for his visit:

"You see, my mother has too many tasks this morning, and I can't help her enough because I need to attend school, even after lunch. So, may I ask you a hand to help her?"

Tails thought about it, but he happily nodded. He knew about Cream's mother, Vanilla the Rabbit, and he remembered how nice and welcoming she was both a mother and as a woman. Still, she was also quite energetic and capable as a housewife, but if she asked someone like Tails for help, it could be concerning something only he knew how to deal with.

"It's not a problem, Cream! I'll gladly help your mother, whatever it is. I don't have anything to do anyway, and Sonic could handle the last battle by himself. So, yeah, I will help you two!"

Cream chuckled squinting her eyes, her childish tone filling the silence of the workshop.

"Yeeey! Thank you, Tails! I knew you wouldn't have said 'no'". She then jumped onto Tails's neck and kissed him on the cheek. Tails gave her a hug in return.

"Ow, it's nothing, Cream. You know you can count on me!"

"I know that! Come on, follow me! Let’s see who arrives first!" Cream winked at Tails and readied herself for a jump. "See you lateeeeeer!~". The girl sprang into the air like a projectile, spreading her ears and generating a sonic boom as she almost disappeared from sight.

Tails caughed some dust from his nuzzle and tried to catch a glimpse about his friend. He was actually surprised how much fast she's become since the last time:

"Wohoow! She did really grow up this last year… But, hey! I can't be left behind this easely! I'll show her!"

Tails too readied himself and dashed at super speed using his twin tails as propellers. His sonic boom was even bigger than Cream's own, as he immediately caught up with her in a few seconds.

Cream gasped as she looked at the fox boy being close to her:

"Wooow, Tails! You became this fast?! Ah, you never stop to impress me!~" Cream winked once again at him.

Tails giggled and said:

"Oh well, you know that. Having to catch up with that loose spring [Sonic] requires constant exercise! But, you too became really fast! I compliment you, Cream!" He smiled at the rabbit girl, who actually blushed a little because of those words.

"Ow, Tails! Don't say that! Hihih, you silly!~ But-". She tapped her cheeks and her eyes turned serious. "Remember, you flatterer! We have a challenge going on! The one who arrives first gets the loser's treat! Got it?"

Tails nodded, but then that word clicked his mind.

"Yeah! I'm on it-wait, what? Why the treat?" Tails lifted his eyebrow.

Cream then gasped and bumped her front with her hand:

"Augh!~ I forgot to tell you! My mom wanted you to stay for lunch… well, only if you want, of course"

Tails stared at the bunny girl and thought about it. It didn't happen many times that Vanilla invited him for a meal. But, anyways, the thought about spending some time with that wonderful bunny lady made Tails chuckle at Cream:

"Oh, surely I do! I missed madame Vanilla's food for a long time~... Ok, I accept! Now, let's get started with our race, shall we?"

Cream nodded enthusiastically:

"You bet it! Mmh, ready…"


"GOOOOOOOO!" The two younglings shouted in unison, as they both dashed at super speed, blasting the air around him with their movement. They would have reached Vanilla's home in less than 5 minutes…

Tails was the first to arrive - unsurprisingly for Cream. She did her best as much as she could, but at some point she needed to slow her pace a little, because her ears were starting to stiffen for the excessive effort. So, Tails had to slow down and carry Cream to her home, to make sure she didn't precipitate. Tails landed on his feet at Vanilla's home fence. The two youngsters walked side by side toward the entrance.

"Hey, Cream. Are you ok, now?" Tails asked to his sweaty partner. Her front was wet and she was panting heavily while massaging her ears.

"*anf!* I-I'm doing fine now, Tails! *anf!* Thank you! *anf* Ufff, I really overdid it today… ouch, my ears hurt!~"

Tails put a hand on her shoulder and gently said:

"Yeah, you did so, but the positive is that, you've improved so much since the last time! You still did a great job at the race!"

Cream wiped some sweat from her front and touched Tails's hand. She smiled to him:

"*anf* Thank you, Tails~ B-But, *anf* I think I'll never reach your level. You still have so much more stamina to fatigue, and your flight technique is flawless… "

Cream looked down, feeling a little pessimistic.

Tails, however, had the right words to comfort her:

"Don't let yourself down this much, Cream! The only reason I look so expert is because of all the adventures I took part in. Obviously I have more experience, but it doesn't mean you have no chances to reach my level. Your life is just more… normal than mine. You have a mother, you have a nice house. You've got a family! It's really heartening thinking about it… ". Cream heard at her buddy as he talked. He looked serene and positive, those things she learned to appreciate about him."You aren't bad just because you didn't have experience as I did. In fact, I'd never wish you any of the misadventures I've been in~ You just need to find your rhythm, and then put your efforts to make that rhythm yours truly. And, don't rush things. It's counterproductive for your own good…"

Tails and Cream reached the entrance, and he looked at her:

"You have the skill to do great things, Cream. What you just need, is time and patience. But, also keep in mind: never forget what is truly important to you. Ok?"

Cream wiped out sweat once again, this time mixed with a few tears. She sighed and said in return:

"Eheh, wow. Thank you so much, Tails. That was very good. Say, do you write your own speeches? You'd make a fortune as a writer!~"

Tails was caught  a little off guard because of that comment:

"W-What? No, I'm sincere with you~"

"Hihih, I'm joking!". She kissed him once again on the cheek. "You're still the same adorable dork!".

Tails shoved his foot and smiled at her. He always falls for her pranks, but he never complained for real.

"Ahah, yeah, maybe~ Anyways, shall we enter? Your mother is probably waiting for you~"

Cream brought out her keys:

"Sure, dork!"

"Mommy! We're baaack!~" Cream announced once inside the house. "I've brought Tails!~"

"Hoy, welcome back, darling!" said a cheerful high-pitched voice from afar.

"Tails, mommy has to be in the living room. Go talk to her, she'll tell you what she needs - Mommy, I'll go to the bathroom! I need to wash myself! Later!~" Cream left Tails alone while she ran upstairs.

"Ok, Cream!~ Tails?! Come here, darling!~"

The fox boy walked to the living room, where the rabbit mother awaited him.


Once Tails saw Vanilla once again, he could notice that she was still the same he always knew. A tall and lean middle-aged woman, with long soft ears and plump cheeks. She was wearing her usual purple and reddish brick dress, while her hands were covered in yellow rubber gloves. She was moping the floor, when she turned back to greet the boy.

"H-Hi, Tails! Good to see you, darling!~ Eheh, sorry for not having welcomed you better, but as you can see, I have so much cleaning to do!~". Her voice was sweet and calm, even when she was marching left and right throughout the room with her long legs.

Tails, who always enjoyed hearing Vanilla's motherly voice, cleared his throat and asked:

"Eheh, it's nice to see you too, madame Vanilla! And, don't worry about it. I can at least make myself useful by helping you. So, say, what did you need from me?"

Vanilla then stopped her marching. She left the mop and turned her head to Tails:

"Oh, really, Tails? D-Did Cream tell you I invited you for lunch?"

Tails lifted his eyebrows:

"Y-Yeah, she told me that, a-and I accepted the invitation, so…"

Vanilla looked down perplexed and then asked:

"Ehm, tell me, darling. Did Cream tell you about lunch at the end of her speech?"

Tails, looking perplexed as well, nodded.

Vanilla, then, put a hand on her mouth and her eyes widened worryingly:

"Ah! Uuh, I'm sorry, Tails! She forgot to tell you about the lunch first! Aah, she can be so forgetful sometimes~". Vanilla did tell Cream to invite Tails first, and only then mentioning about a favor Vanilla wanted to ask him.

Tails made an "Oh!" face, and then quickly wanted to clear the mistake:

"Eheh, don't worry about it, Vanilla. She still told me that - and, besides, I had nothing to do today, so I would have come here anyway. If you needed help, you could have just asked me!" Tails smiled at the still bewildered mother.

Her eyes blinked a few times and she chuckled, her voice sounding like a deeper version of her daughter:

"Ow Tails! You are such a deary!~ Here, follow me. I'll explain the issue I had!"


Tails followed the mother throughout a door which lead to her garage. Once they both walked in, Vanilla then stopped the boy by putting a hand on his shoulder. Because of the fact Tails was almost half Vanilla's own size, her hand felt so heavy and big in comparison:

"Oh, where are my manners?! Are you sure you want to work right now? Aren't you tired because of the travel? Maybe you want to take a rest first?" She wanted to make up for her lack of welcoming from before with her little guest.

Tails then simply said:

"No, don't worry, madame Vanilla. I'm not tired. Also, I need to valuate the entity of the damage". Tails turned his head toward what was Vanilla's car: an old model red velvet 500. The boy took a prolonged look on the vehicle, and Vanilla noticed his reactions with curiosity. "Mmmh, I suspect your car has a few issues every now and then on the steering wheel and the pedals, isn't it?"

Vanilla was shocked Tails exposed the point she was going to say to him. Yes, she had called him because of her damaged vehicle, but she didn't expect him to guess it so quickly and so correctly. But, considering the fact she knew from her daughter he was an ingeniously excellent mechanic, Vanilla didn't have many reasons to be surprised.

Vanilla giggled quietly and confirmed Tails's point:

"Yes, darling! That's exactly what I was gonna tell you… Ehm, all the tools are right there, the towels are here and - here! Take this one!"

"Wha-oh!" Tails turned his head and saw Vanilla putting a yellow rubber jumper. It had dried oil smears covering it and a musky oil odor.

"Wear it, darling. So that, you don't dirty yourself!~". She squinted her eyes and her mouth shifted to an "air kiss" shape.

Tails gulped for that gesture and scratched his head.

"Ah, eheh, thank you so much! Well then, I'll start it over. So, I'll see you later!" Tails greeted the lady, as she did so too.

"Sure, Tails! I wish you a good work!~ If you are thirsty, I'll give you something to drink later, ok? Byeee!~". Vanilla waved her hand as she closed the door.

"Ah, d-don't, madame! It's not-", but she already left him.

Tails scratched his chin and thought about the lady a few times:

"Ah, she's always so nice - maybe too nice for her own good. She treats me like a family member… mph, that's actually very nice for her… Oh well, time to get our hands dirty!"

Tails cracked his fingers and took all the tools he deemed useful, as he started to unveil the vehicle's hood…

A few hours passed since Tails started his work. In his own eyes, it wasn’t really difficult - she was used at reprogramming robotic mechanisms and similar, but he didn't mind focusing on more simple machines every now and then.

Tails, now having his face smeared with dirt and oil traces, as well as his hands, called for mother Vanilla to show her how he completed the fixings.

The mother was jubilant once she got a try with the fixed features, as the steering wheel was now stable, and the pedals didn't squeak anymore. Tails also explained he did finish later than what he expected because he noticed a few other issues Vanilla didn't seem to have noticed before: so, he decided to repair them as well, like the conditioner, and other stuff.

Vanilla put the features to the test, and she was more surprised for what Tails was able to accomplish in such short amount of time.

She exited from the velichle and clapped her hands, complimenting the gifted fox:

"Wow! Excellent job, Tails darling! Uuh, I would give you a kiss if only you weren't so dirty!~". Tails giggled a little looking at the smears on Tails's face, which looked like mustaches.

Tails blushed a little for that proposal. He never, ever recieved a kiss from Vanilla, nor she's ever told him about giving him one at all. He still appreciated her cordiality - but he wished she didn't overdid it, or otherwise his own body may react in ways she might find offensive, or worse…

Tails tried to wipe some oil from his fur, but it was thicker than what he expected. He said to her:

"I'm happy I was able to help you, madame Vanilla! Ehm, w-would you mind if I cleaned myself from the oil, please?"

"Are you serious, Tails?" Vanilla's own over-dramatic worry was showing off, and Tails was caught off guard. He still wasn't used to it. "You don't need to be so formal! Of course you can clean yourself, dear boy! You can use the second bathroom nearby. Here, let me take you there!~"

Vanilla gestured Tails to follow her lead, and as they walked out of the garage, she pointed her finger to a door nearby.

"Come on, get yourself a proper clean and then, come to eat. Lunch is almost ready!~" Vanilla winked at the flustered foxy boy, but before he could walk in, Vanilla said to him. "Oh, and, another thing, Tails…"

The boy turned back:

"What is it, madame Vanilla?"

"You are not obligated telling the 'madame' moniker~ Just call me 'Vanilla', ok? You are practically a member of the family right now!" Vanilla smiled at the bewildered boy, who thought he just witnessed the most marvelous smile he'd ever seen in life.

Such straight up declaration was something he never believed she would have told him. Before it happened, it was just a product of his imagination, but now it was a reality.

Tails shoved his foot, while trying not to touch Vanilla's dress with his dirty shoes. He was blushing a little while looking down.

"Oh… Eheh, I-I thank you again, V-Vanilla-?!~"

"Mh mh! Much better now, isn't it? Come on now, have a nice shower, darling! There are clean coats hanging there. I have to go now. Cream needs to eat earlier so that she gets to extra lesson in time. See you later!~ And, don't worry about the dirt - I still have to clean that bathroom. I'll lend you a pair of slippers you can use here in the house". Vanilla winked at him and walked away.

Tails, still not saying a single word, walked into the bathroom and got into the shower after pulling out his shoes.

As the water was flowing down his head, he couldn't stop smiling. It was too good for it to be true. It had to be a dream. However, he soon had to reconsider his beliefs when cold water pierced his warm shoulders suddenly.

Tails squeaked in shock, as he quickly turned the water to warm.

"Eh. I have no idea how things are doing so well today! Ah, Vanilla is always so nice and-uh?". Tails was about to wash his legs when his eyes layed on something that was coming out of his lower belly.

His own pink member was fully erect and its tip was shaking because of the water.

Tails was surprised it was so stiff. He proceeded to give it a soap stroke, as he wondered how it happened.

[Mh, that's funny… Maybe it was for the cold water from before… Or maybe…!]

A thought came up to his mind. His hands were shaking, and tried to deny it. But, being the rational and smart person that he was, he couldn't lie to himself the truth.

[Uuh, I can't help it… I just like her so much. She's too much good looking and kind and cute… I hope I don't end up ruining our time together…]

As everybody was all clean and ready for lunch, Vanilla, Cream and Tails sat at the table and enjoyed the excellent food Vanilla made for the occasion. There wasn't a single thing Tails didn't like, especially when the dessert came in. During lunch, they talked about their recent adventures - well, Tails talked about it for the most part - and he even mentioned Vanilla about Cream's latest progresses within her flight. Vanilla couldn't be any more proud of her daughter, as she was growing up more and more. She saw Tails and Cream discussing passionately about their respective accomplishments and how one could better himself and stuff like that. Her eyes were filled with joy and then, out of nowhere, she decided to drop the bomb:

"Hum, listen up, you cuties!~ How is your relationship going?~"

Cream caughed the food she had in her mouth and Tails gace her a glass of water just in time. She wasn't expecting her mother such a blunt question without any warning. She was blushing a little, and so was Tails:

"M-M-Mom?!? Why these inappropriate questions right in front of Tails?!? Uh, this isn't like you!"

Vanilla was taken aback by this reaction, but she sort of understood it. She admitted her bluntness and apologized for embarrassing her daughter.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you, sweetie~ It's just, you look so cute and close together! I was just… curious. That's it~"

Vanilla wasn't naive as her usual nice and cheerful attitude may say. She did have a good sense of insight and understood that Cream and Tails had something between them much deeper than simple friendship. Of course, for a time, she resented the idea for the simple reason she didn't want her daughter to be distracted too much with love and stuff. However, once she started knowing Tails more and more and saw how much of a good and caring young man he was, she began reconsider the idea, and actually started to like it. After all, it's been many years since her own man passed away, and for the most part, both her and her daughter did it well as a two-people family. But, now that the times were changing, Vanilla thought that she might need to change something and provide for a new male member to the family. And, perhaps…

"W-W-Well, you still shouldn't be so blunt and direct towards Tails, mom! A-And, also, we still haven't decided anything yet! Right, Tails?" Cream was spluttering her words, almost spitting the food on the table.

Tails, in his own right, did agree with Cream. Their relationship was still really uncertain in terms of romance. They still didn't talk about it that much, and the thought of speaking about it to Vanilla was still quite uncomfortable. However, he never expected Vanilla to drop the "couple bomb" first. He thought the mother resented the idea in general, but it seemed she may have had a change of heart.

But, still, because of the fact his friend didn't seem ready to talk abound it just yet, he chose not to talk about it even further:

"Eheh, I'm glad to hear it, Vanilla. But, still, it's really just a rumor. We didn't decide anything just yet. So, for the time being, we are still friends". He hoped Cream got his bluff and, fortunately, she did.

"Exactly, Tails~ Oh, right! I need to go now! See you later, Tails! Mom, I love you, and try not to scare Tails with your questions!~"

Cream jumped off the chair, picked up her bagpack, and walked out of the house.

Vanilla greeted her daughter and sighed, hoping she didn't push her too much. Tails, having eaten tha last bite, picked up the plates and said to the rabbit mother:

"Thank you for the lunch, Vanilla! Everything was excellent, especially the pie!~". He moved towards the kitchen, wanting to put the plates in the dishwasher. But, Vanilla sat up and said to him:

"Why, I appreciate your compliments, Tails dear. But, don't worry about the plates. Leave them to me. As for you… Why don't you take a nap here? I bet you must be feeling tired after all that work"

Tails put the plates down, and turned his eyes to the mother. He didn't expect her say something like that. In his head, he thought he may need it, but at the same time, he thought he may have took advantage of her hospitality too much:

"What? Oh, it's-it's really nice from you, Vanilla, but I don't want to bother you any longer~ *yawn!*" Tails put a hand on his mouth. Vanila walked in with other plates in hand and said:

"Don't be silly, dear! Of course you can stay here! You deserve a nice rest! Wouldn't you want to go back home right now after eating? Please, use my room as you like. Make yourself at home, dearie!~" Vanilla squinted her eyes and smiled once again.

Tails muttered with himself once looking at that blessed figure, and thought:

[Dang it, how can I say "no" to her? She's like an angelic mermaid!! Her face is too adorable! Ugh, and she even let me use her own bedroom! That's really nice, but… ah, whatever. Besides, I didn't sleep that well tonight, so maybe it won't hurt]

"Mmmh...ok. I think I will take a nap, after all. Thanks for the opportunity~"

Vanilla had already settled down the table and she said:

"Of course, dearie! Also, don't be so formal! Remember, as long as you stay here, you are a member of the family! So, you'll be treated accordingly. Now, go upstairs and I wish you sweet dreams!~ *smack!*" Vanilla sent a flying kiss to the foxy boy, who blushed a little for that wholesome gesture.

"All right, ma'am! See you later then!" Tails mimicked a sailor salute and left the living room. He ran upstairs and looked for Vanilla's room. It was easy as the name was attached to the door.

Vanilla then rested on the sofa in the living. She sighed deeply and massaged her lap:

"Uff, now the day is over! I managed to set all things up, and that sweet foxy boy helped me so much… mmmh~". Her hands layed right between her legs, as they touched something beneath the skirt. Something swollen and soft. She massaged it a couple of times, and then retracted the hand right after:

"Ow, come on, Vanilla! Hold yourself this time around! He may come down one moment or another!~... ah, but I wonder if he…"

Tails made his way inside Vanilla's bedroom, and was surprised by what he was seeing. It looked like a queen's room, with the bed having red and gold colored covers and purple pillows. Tails tried the bed quality, and it felt so soft yet stable - not like his own clunky and consumed bed.

"Wow, Vanilla truly knows how to be stylish, eheh~"

The foxy boy took off his slippers and slowly layed on the bed. Its softness felt like he was being embraced.

"I won't undo it. It's not cold here, so I'll just sleep like - this~". He cracked his back and stretched both his legs and feet.

"Mmmh, it feels so nice and comfy~... *yawn!* Vanilla is such a nice friendly lady! I wonder if she'd like me to… nah, I think it would be too much for me to ask. I'm still fine with our current relationship… sure, she may not dislike me and Cream being together so closely, but what…if… I ask… *zzzzz!*" As Tails kept talking with himself, he slowly cooled down his rumbling thoughts and fell asleep, enjoying the soft embrace of the bed… which led him to….




A few minutes passed since Tails fell asleep and, right when he was snoring, Vanilla came inside the room. He was bringing a tray with some tea and treats, putting them on the cabinet to the left of the bed. She turned her head and watched the sleeping foxy boy.

"Aww, he looks even cuter when he's asleep~ He may have grown up during these years, but he still looks so innocent and… ah-hiiiiiihg!"

Vanilla choked a scream once she noticed what was happening to Tails. Right between his legs, a long stiff member was twitching out of its slit. It was pink colored and, compared to the body's proportions, it looked thicker than it supposed to.

Vanilla had her mouth covered and shut her eyes as well. She was blushing profusely for that unexpected sight:

[Ooooh my goodness!~ I wasn't expecting such a thing from someone like him!~... Well, he's sleeping so, perhaps, he might be having a wet dream… Still - uff! - eheh, it was really unexpected-ah!]

As Vanilla was busy processing what her eyes just saw, she felt a stinging sensation right between her legs:

[AH! N-no… Not now!~]. She looked down and saw a swollen buldge stretching her light purple long skirt. She put a hand on it and touched it. It was… hard, as well begging to break free.

[Oh no no no no!~ This is so wrong! The sight of that plump thing did light something in me, and-]

"I…. love you… mmmh"

Vanilla was about to leave when she heard a voice saying some words. She turned her head and heard Tails sleep-talking.

"Mmmh… ~You're… so good and cute… mmh". His hands were inadvertently trailing down on his stiff member, and fondled it a few times.

Vanilla squeaked quietly at that sight. She thought she shouldn't be there, at all. He was touching himself thinking about someone, so she shouldn't mind his business.

But then, Tails spoke once again, and said:

"... madame Vanilla… mmm, please, love me…"

Vanilla trembled on her feet and fell down to the floor on her knees. She was bewildered. The mother thought the foxy boy was referring to somebody else, like her daughter - it made sense, considering the fact they were so close, so it could happen that Tails had more intimate thoughts about her - but, instead, he was refereeing to her. The mother.

Vanilla didn't know what to think. She sobbed quietly, trying to process the whole revelation. Was that the way Tails thought about her all this time?... No, it couldn't be. She knew Tails - or, at least, she thought she knew him right - and she knew for sure he wasn't the naughty type of person. She also remembered that Tails was still young, so it made sense he would feel attracted to older women as well, who are certainly more developed than a peer.

Also, in a really twisted manner, Vanilla kinda appreciated the fact Tails was excited because of her. It's been a long time since a man appreciated her physique - which, she admitted herself, was still kept in shape pretty well…

[Ggghah! What are you thinking, Vanilla?! He's younger than you! And he loves Cream too! You can't possibly put yourself between them!~ ... But, still…] as Vanilla lifted her head, she layed her eyes on the bottom of the bed, where Tails's feet were wiggling for excitement as well.

Vanilla crawled on her knees, still feeling her buldge tormenting her. She reached the bed and took a closer look at Tails's endeared body, and she kept looking at his feet.

They were big and plump, and had a few calluses - sign of extensive exercise and running. Their toes were small and round, and the whole picture of them looked so cute and adorable in her eyes. A small drop of saliva was leaking out from her mouth, which she licked right away.

[Uuuh, Vanilla!? What are you doing?... gghh, but, I can't hold it anymore! I'm sorry, Tails!]


Vanilla wiggled her wide hips, as she was trying to pleasure herself without being noticed:

"Mmh… please, Vanilla… Mmh, ah… UH!" Tails's eyes, which were slowly opening up, widened in shock, as he saw the figure of Vanilla's head being so close to his feet, as… her tongue was pointed out?! And… he had his hand fondling his stiff penis!

Tails called the mother in shock, while trying to cover himself:

"V-Vanilla! What are you doing here?!"

The bunny mother gasped in horror as she was caught off guard. She stumbled back and stood up, completely in panic, as she was covering her mouth and blushing deep red.

She felt like dying inside, but still trying to reason with the equally bewildered foxy boy:

"Aaaaah! I-I'm terribly sorry, Tails! I don't know w-what it got me!! I-I was just bringing you some tea for later, b-but… I… Uuh!~". She covered her eyes, almost breaking down in tears.

Tails, still trying to cover himself as best as he could, tried to keep his cool and comfort the desperate lady but, before he could utter a single word, his eyes locked onto something, right beneath her long dress. A long buldge was stretching the fabric, and Tails gasped himself, shutting his eyes as well.

"W-What is it, Tails?" Vanilla wiped out some tears and looked at the foxy boy, only to realize her hands weren't covering what she was supposed to be covering!

"Aaaaaah!!!". She screamed in terror, as she tried to cover her swollen buldge, but considering the fact her dress was so stretched, she couldn't hide much of it anymore.

She was on the verge of breaking down and crying, when Tails said:

"P-Please, don't panic, Vanilla! E-Everything is going to be ok! I promise!"

Tails jumped down from the bed and met the desperate mother, who wasn't covering her face anymore. Her eyes were shut while her hands were tightly gripping to the fabric of the dress, wishing to erase the damn thing in one instance.

Tails then grabbed one of Vanilla's hands and said:

"Don't stand here, Vanilla! Here, take a seat on the bed. Let's talk about it, ok?"

Tails was smiling at the broken woman. His radiant face was something she never expected in such situation. He thought he might have panicked or shouted in fear or disgust, or anything like that! Instead, he was pragmatic and focused, not wanting her to feel so miserable.


Vanilla then sat on the bed, and Tails followed her in toe. He used his twin tails to cover his lap, so that the lady wasn't scandalized.

"Now, Vanilla. Take some deep breaths, wipe your tears, and start from the principle…"

Vanilla sniffed her nose and cleared her soft voice:

"A-Are you sure, Tails? A-Aren't you shocked by what just happened - I-I mean, I tried to-"

"Don't worry about me, right now. In fact, I should be the one to deeply apologize…"

Vanilla sniffed a few other times:

"Is it b-because of that e-e-e… uuff!"

"Yes, Vanilla. I was erect, and I'm sorry about that. But, I couldn't help myself. I was having a wet dream, so I inadvertently touched myself… I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable."

His voice was quite and sad. He did feel bad for what happened to him, and tried to keep his cool. He knew Vanilla was trying to take advantage of his body in his sleep, but he chose to focus on her current state. One thing at a time, that's the way Tails dealt with issues.

"W-Well, you shouldn't apologize for a-a natural reaction of your own body.. I-I mean, it happens to younglings like you, you know? When they think about… attractive women, or girls, eheh~ eh…". She gripped her dress tightly and sighed, still feeling uneasy.

Tails then shoved his own feet and decided to confess her a thing. He thought that, being honest to one another was the key to success. True, applying this principle wasn't easy all the time - especially when dealing with such delicate matters - but he thought that, if he lied to her, their relationship as a whole would have been ruined, and that was already been put on a thin ice layer already.

"...uhm, actually, Vanilla… I have to confess something… t-the woman I was dreaming about… it was you!" He thought he was ready to confess, but hearing his own thoughts outloud was worse than what he expected. "I'm sorry for telling you this… I just thought that, being honest with you, might have being positive for our relationship… but, I'm not sure it's positive for you. I-I understand it sounds disrespectful towards you. You welcomed me so fondly, a-and then this happened!... But, I can't help it. You are such a cute and gorgeous lady that I cannot force myself not to think about you. But, I assure you that this was an accident, I swear!... I hope you can forgive me… " Tails looked at the woman hearing him, and saw her face.

It was beyond bewildered. Hearing Tails talking and confessing his "sins" so steadily and bravely made her feel more than a coward in comparison. But, one thing was for sure: honesty was the key word here, so she too had to behave accordingly. After all, she thought that what she did was way worse than what Tails did - his being a genuine involuntary reaction. She, however, was feeling ready to take advantage of his body without his consent.

Now, there was no turning back. She inhaled some air, and started saying:

"So, you were… dreaming about me, before?" Vanilla looked down, still not wanting to make eye contact with Tails.

Tails reaffirmed his actions and said:

"Y-Yes, I did so. I don't want to lie to you, neither to myself…"

Vanilla shivered a little, and then decided to grab Tails's hand. The boy looked at the bunny lady, as she slowly lifted her sad eyes and said:

"I-uhm… uh, listen, Tails. I, this old lady, is fluttered by your appreciation. I never believed someone would have found me attractive after all these years… but, from my part, you shouldn't focus your fantasies on me, because… I don't deserve this appreciation!" Her eyes shut once again and she bit her lips. Tails gasped, but still didn't say anything. The lady had to let off steam, and it had to do with him. "I tried to take advantage of your body in your sleep, and I cannot forgive myself… I don't expect your apologize to me, and I will understand it… B-But I… felt a need. A need to be loved, a-and a need to feel alive once again despite my current maturity and my secret!... And I tried to use you! I cannot forgive myself for such underhanded action… You are free to hate me however you want, but first… I will reveal my secret. You, deserve to know…"

Vanilla sat up for a moment, and slowly unlocked her lower dress, and lowered it down a few inches, shutting her eyes. Tails waited patiently, and then he saw it.

A plump buldge was swelling her lace underwear. As the fabric was stretched to the limit, Tails could glimpse a inch of white fur, a thick vein pulsing on it.

Tails gasped initially, and then he looked back at Vanilla's face:

"Ooh… n-now I understand…" His eyes peeked back and forth at the buldge a few times. Vanilla sighed in abandonment:

"Yes, Tails… I have a penis… And you are the only one who knows about it, aside from my own daughter and my previous husband…". Vanilla, still having her dress lowered then sat back on the bed, sighing once again. She felt like having unlocked an anvil from her shoulders, even though she still felt awful.

Tails was still a little bewildered by that discovery, but he then took a deep breath. He never saw such a big confined penis in his whole life. However, he wasn't disgusted or scared. Sure, he was obviously shocked fort that revelation - who wouldn't be without any previous knowledge? - but, he chose to stay pragmatic and focused, for the sake of the woman he liked.

"Wooah… I.. I never expected such surprise from you, Vanilla… it doesn't look so bad, actually!" Tails tried to cheer up the saddened lady, but she was still perturbed and worried. Not just because she just revealed her biggest secret to the most precious person (aside from Cream) she'd ever known, but also because of how calm and composed the little man looked. She asked him:

"B-But Tails. Aren't you shocked that I have a penis?! A-and what about the fact I tried to violate you?!" Vanilla covered her mouth for having pronounced that word. She sobbed quietly, and Tails widened his eyes in shock.

Yeah, she was right. She did try to take advantage of him while in the his sleep but then he thought: if the roles were reversed, would he have behaved differently at all? He wasn't totally fine for what Vanilla tried to do to him, but he wasn't that much better for having had a wet dream about it.

So, what to do right now? They were both excited but apprehensive to interact with each other. They confessed their own sins, but now they were unsure how to end this unfortunate episode.

Tails, however, looked back at Vanilla and decided to take a look at her features. Quite evidentely, her body was still in good shape overall. Her own breasts still looked round and plump, not flabby. Her body was overal pudgy and fleshy, and her hips were really thick and meaty. Her legs were also wide, and her calfs were plump as well. Tails took a look at her feet covered by her slippers and, without the low dress, realized how much bigger they were than what he thought.

Vanilla noticed how Tails was analyzing her body features, and instinctively covered her shoulders, like to hide something:

"H-Hey, Tails? What are you looking at? I told you I shouldn't deserve to be looked or praised for how much terrible I am as a person!"

Tails retracted himself a little and scratched his head nervously:

"Ehm, I'm sorry, Vanilla. But, no matter how hard I try… I cannot see you as a bad person. You just aren't like that! You are nice and gentle, but these things just… happen. I'm not sure to forgive you at all, but maybe, just maybe, if I give my own consent… we can do it together, if you want to, of course?"

Vanilla blushed deep red and put a hand on her mouth. She couldn't believe what he just said:

"T-Tails?! Are you saying… you really want to have s-s-sex with me?!?"

Tails looked deeper into Vanilla's eyes, and then decided to uncover his still erect member. He wanted to make sure she heard those words for good only once:

"Yes, I do, Vanilla! Even though you don't think so, you deserve to be loved!"

"What are you-mmmphfh!!?!?" Tails grabbed Vanilla's cheeks and quickly kissed softly on her mouth. He could feel her fleshy soft lips making contact with his own, and he pressed on them for several seconds. Tails then let Vanilla's face go, allowing her to regain some air. She panted heavily, as a soft burn was spreading through her chest:

"Tails!! W-What was that?! You kissed me so suddenly and, so passionately!~..." Vanilla had to hold her chest, just to make sure she didn't have a panic attack. That was the first mouth kiss she received in more than ten years, and it made her head spinning like crazy.

Tails giggled to himself and said:

"Eheh, I'm sorry if that kiss was too strong, but I wanted to assure you my intentions! So, tell me… how was it?". He shoved his feet nervously, wanting to know what Vanilla thought about it.

Her answer didn't wait itself, as she was saying, still breathing heavily:

"Oooh, t-that kiss was good, darling!~... r-really good… b-but, are you still sure I'm still a good person?!"

Tails smirked and came closer to Vanilla's body, making sure their hips touched with one another. A warm touch caused Vanilla's shoulders to shake. The foxy boy took both her big hands and kissed them gently. He looked into her eyes and said:

"That was just an accident that doesn't defy what or who you are. You're still a wonderful mother and a more beautiful woman. It's not a sin to give in to our instincts every now and then - so, don't be so hard with yourself, and let's enjoy this moment, together". He then kissed her on the cheek, taking also a sniff of her body scent. It smelled like baked cookies.

Vanilla's heart was starting to beat up faster, as her legs were trembling in fear.

"Whohohw,Tails~ It's been so long since a real man talked to me like that!~ B-But, I mean, doesn't my penis scare you? I-I mean, you don't like men, do you?"

Tails taught about it, and he realized he was never sure with his own tastes. He had no doubts he liked women and girls, but at the same time, he never even disliked the idea of dealing with male mates. He never thought about it, but he didn't also mind about it at all. He and Cream still weren't an official couple, so who knows what could change in the future? Maybe their own tastes would have changed in the next years.

"Mmmh, actually Vanilla, I don't really mind about it. It's not like I do like men for real, but looking at this long penis on you is a good sight!"

Vanilla gasped hearing that choice of words, but if Tails told her he was cool with it, then she wouldn't insist any further.

Vanilla then sighed and caressed her cheeks:

"Ehm, wait a second, Tails! I-I have to lock the door and close the curtains! You know, whether somebody is looking for us, or if Cream comes back sooner!~"

"Oh, sure, Vanilla! That's for the best!" Tails said so while laying on his back. He couldn't believe he will have soon made it with such a wonderful and adorable woman. It felt too good to be true. Also, thinking about Vanilla's situation, he felt like she would have enjoyed it as well.

Vanilla, after having locked the door and covered the windows, stood up right in front of her bed, while Tails looked at her, smiling and eager to get things started.

The rabbit woman looked and felt unsure how to get thing started so she asked Tails, while slowly unbottoning the top dress.

"Hum, l-listen, Tails darling~ I-It's been a very long since I've done such things with a man, a-and I may have gone a little rusty… D-Do you have anything in particular in mind to b-begin?". Her voice sounded worried and quite, and she dropped the upper dress to the floor.

Now she was only wearing her underwear: a large single black piece which covered the whole torso and stretched dangerously because of her restricted erection. Vanilla had her eyes shut and she was blushing while wiggling her thick hips left and right.

Tails was drooling a little looking at that wondrously body. It had plenty of plump flesh everywhere and her breasts looked extremely inviting even under the fabric.

Tails chuckled a little and put his finger under the chin:

"We don't need to rush things, Vanilla! I believe whatever happens, we'll be doing it right!... Mmmh, now that I think about it … would you mind doing the thing you wanted to do with my feet before?" Tails wiggled and stretched his bare soles and toes, like it was an invitation for Vanilla.

The woman gasped and made a slight hop on her side:

"W-What? D-Do you wish to start with a foot treatment?" Vanilla looked at the smiling foxy boy in apprehention. Tails said to her:

"Yes, please. Come on, use my feet however you want… uhm, are you feeling good? You seem in pain" Tails bent his head on one side, as he noticed the woman was gritting her teeth under her soft lips. "... Is it because of your erection?"

Vanilla gasped once again as she was making her way to the lower edge of the bed, kneeling down to the floor to make her face meeting up with Tails's feet.

"Y-Yes, Tails… this single piece is very restricting…". That wasn't exactly the sole reason for why Vanilla was keeping his erection hidden. For obvious personal reasons, she felt ashamed showing her graces to her young new partner. Even though he said he was cool with her physical condition, who knows how he would react for real?

Tails however, seemed to have guessed what her matter was, so he said:

"Well, if it hurts, why don't you let it loose? You're just injuring yourself keeping it restricted like that. It may damage its internal vessels in the future, so don't feel ashamed and show it to me. Come on, you know more than me you need to let it free… ". His smile wasn't abandoning him. Tails was genuinely curious to see her penis uncovered.

Vanilla hesitated for a few more seconds, but then nodded her head and put the lower part aside, letting the whole organ out of its cage.

Vanilla sat up for a moment to show Tails her own private graces. A long and thick piece of pulsating meat, measuring approximately 8" in total, had grown right up her own vagina. It had peach colored skin and a deep red glance, where small drops of semen were leaking out. Vanilla was lifting her upper arms near her breasts, while still blushing profusely. Tails was the only person who could watch her uncovered abnormal appendage in her whole life, aside from her daughter of course.

Tails was staring at the stiff meat road right in front of him. He'd never seen a male member like that in his own life. Not even the likes of either Sonic or Knuckles ever showed something like this; the foxy boy was blushing himself a little and cleared his throat to regain some composure:

"Wow, Vanilla! It looks really good on you… even though you might not think so~"

Vanilla was flustered by that comment. She was born like that, and she never cared too much about the controversy about the thing. But, she was having enough with all these presentations. They lost enough time already, and who knows when her daughter might be coming back. At least they'd have to do most of the games they had in mind, respectively.

"I-eheh, I thank you, Tails~ Now… shall we begin our 'private game', young man?"

Tails nodded convincingly. Whatever thing necessary to make Vanilla feel happy once again, he felt ready to do so.

"Sure, beauty. Please, why don't start off with my feet?~"

Vanilla then caught both Tails's plump feet and brought them close to her mouth. She firstly took a deep sniff on them: the aroma of shower gel was present, even though they still had a trace of stinkyness between the toes.

"Mmnh, they look so cute, Tails!~" Vanilla said, her cheerful tone slightly returning back. "Say, mind if I give them a further clean, dear?"

The foxy boy's heart was beating up fast listening to Vanilla's dirty talk. It was the first time he ever heard that, and that was more than a good time for him to be there with her.

"Why not, beauty? Go on, I'm curious!"

Vanilla blushed a little for that "beauty", and slowly pointed her tongue out and gave a slow lick on the upper side of Tails's left foot. A pleasuring shiver ran up his leg, and Tails tightened his lips.


Vanilla stopped her job and asked:

"W-What is it, Tails? Are you ticklish? Is my work too smooth?". She never practiced such dirty games for real. Sure, she had a fascination for feet in general, but she never had the chance to "play" with one's own, ever.

"Mh? Oh, no no, Vanilla! That lick was very good! Don't worry about your technique too much! Just, keep it up and I'm sure you will find your own way~" Tails smiled while he layed a hand on his own lap, massaging it and bringing the fingers very close to his member.

Vanilla was still surprised by the trust Tails gave to her. She felt inexperienced, but he seemed willing to encourage her not to be too much afraid. That kind attitude consoled her, so she said:

"Uhm, o-ok! Thanks for the trust, sweetie~". Vanilla then practiced a few more licks on the plump feet, which shivered for each one of them. The rabbit mom licked and smelled the feet for several minutes, touching both the toes and the soles repeatedly. Then, she lifted her head and slowly enveloped one big toe with her lips, and gave a noisy suck. That last gesture caused Tails to gasp a quiet moan of excitement. His own penis was still fully erect, and he gripped it tightly, playing with its tip with his thumb.

"Mmmh, please, go on, Vanilla! You are really good at it!~" Tails said so while softly fondling his member.

Vanilla was flustered by that compliment, and giggled in return:

"Mhmhmh, I'm glad to hear it, Tails! Ow~ It seems both of us are really happy right now!~" Vanilla said so while she too grabbed her own long penis with a hand. Upon gripping it, she moaned while still having Tails's big toes in her mouth. Tails liked those muffled moan and proceeded to increase his own stroking:

[Eheh, she sounds so funny when she moans! It seems that, despite her 'rusty inexperience', she seems to have quite a good skill~]

"Mhmh, you like sucking my toes like that, Vanilla? Or are you hiding something for me?~" Tails playfully lifted an eyebrow, seeing as Vanilla sucked his toes a few other times over, while her face was contorted with pleasured pain.

"Mh mh!~" Vanilla nodded squinting her eyes. "I have to admit, playing and licking feet is really funny and exciting! Yours in particular look so cute and lovely!~ *sniff!* Mmmh, nice smell overall…!" Vanilla immediately blushed for what she just said. Her own lustful words sounded worse in her head once she actually spoke them out.

"Ah! Ehm, eheh~ I'm sorry, Tails! This silly naughty old lady is getting carried away~" She bumped her head with the knuckles.

Tails giggled himself: despite what they were doing, she still didn't abandon her genuine attitude - at least for the moment.

"Ahah, it's all natural, Vanilla! Besides… I like naughty ladies~" Tails teased the rabbit mom with an allusive tone. Vanilla gasped in shock and stood up, almost scandalized.

"Tails! How can you say this to me?! Oooh, if only I could, I-eeeeh?". As Vanilla was about to say something, she noticed her long stiff penis was touching Tails's slimy feet. Her glance was making contact with his tiny toes, and this caused the woman to gulp in fear:

"Uuuh!~ That looks really dirty! S-Sorry, Tails!"

The foxy boy felt a little bad for the apprehensive mother. She seemed behave too strictly with herself. This way, she'd never enjoy her last mating session. Tails looked as his toes were touching the deep red glance. It felt so stiff and plump, like it were a huge cherry. And then, an idea came to him. A rather kinky one, by the way.

As Vanilla was still mumbling with herself, Tails began trailing his toes along the penis's skin up and down. Vanilla felt a shiver running up her shoulders and asked shocked to Tails:

"T-Tails, darling?! What are you doing with my penis? W-Who said you could-oooh!~" Vanilla felt another pleasuring shiver shaking her back. Tails giggled once again while using his full soles to embrace the penis, as his stroking increased its intensity.

"You know, Vanilla? I think you are trying too much not to lose your own goodness. But, the question is, mating like this doesn't smear what you really are. I too have some fun every now and then, but that doesn't defy me as a pervert or an awful company, isn't it?"

Vanilla moaned in pleasure more loudly as her little companion kept his own footjob on going:

"O-Of course you're not awful, Tails!~ Aoooouuhm!~ Y-You're so sweet, so smart and so friendly with me and my daughter I wouldn't mind if you stayed together, really!~ Mmh, ooowh, a-actually, it's - aaahahah! It's really good! Your cute feet are fondling my penis so nicely! - aehm, as I said-aaaauh!~"

"Eheh, come on, Vanilla! Don't worry about feeling good! That's what I'm here for you today!" Tails gripped the sheets under him so that he could increase his rough footjob. His maneuvers changed every now and then, as one sole took care of the tip while the other rubbed the penis between his two toes, and so on. "Hey, playing with a penis using feet is actually really funny! And yours is a great test subject!" Tails said so, while Vanilla was fondling her still covered breasts, moaning more loudly.

"Mmmh, Tails! Y-Your dirty words actually sound really endearing! Aaaah! Mmmnh, y-yes, yes - your feet are so good and rough! Please, let me push them harder!"

As Vanilla said so, she grabbed Tails's feets and moved them herself back and forth, applying her own strength to it. To Tails's surprise, Vanilla was anything but weak - he felt his leg strength being overpowered by Vanilla's own.

[Wohohoah! She surely didn't skip gym despite her age! Ehehe, overall, I'm more than happy today! I wonder if Rouge would like such treatment herself?~]

Vanilla pushed Tails's feet harder and harder across her penis, which she felt was near the point of cumming. Her eyes were turned upwards and her tongue was hanging out.

"Ahahah! Yes! Yes, my baby boy!~ Let me use your cute dirty feet to rub my needy penis!!~ Ah yes, I'm-I'm going to come! Right, now! Yyyyyyeeeesssh!!!!!~~" Vanilla's squeaky voice echoed throughout the empty room, as her stiff penis unloaded shots after shots of warm semen. She stroked with her own hands a few other times. Unbeknownst to her, a good amount of shots ended up falling on Tails's body. His own penis too was leaking drops of semen, but he felt like he had still more energy.

Vanilla sighed in pure orgasmic satisfaction, as her sore legs kneeled down on the floor, her penis feeling particularly sensitive, both because of the ejaculation and because of all the built-up tension from before.

Tails panted heavily, as he looked at his feet, covered with yellowish cum:

"Uufh, woow! That was really good, Vanilla! You've been great!" Tails looked at where Vanilla was sitting, and took a look at her face. Her eyes were semi-closed and her mouth panting, feeling really exhausted.

Vanilla wiggled her head to regain her sight and looked down at her penis: it was still stiff and hard, as its tip was leaking out drops after drops, smearing the carpet.

Even though she would normally dramatically complain about such issue, she was now feeling too funny to act like this. She's hardly felt like this in, like, years, and even though she didn't fully embraced it fully at the beginning, she thought that, she might need more of it.

[I'm still so hard after all of that?! Oh my goodness, Vanilla!~ Since when did you have so much endurance?! - ah, now even my talk is getting dirtier… but, still…].

Deep inside of her, she realized that it wasn't an illusion anymore: her lust had been pushed to the point of no return, as she deeply wished to have more of it.

Tails got off the bed and walked toward the drained Vanilla. She looked at the foxy boy and was shocked to see him not only still hard, but his body was covered with her own semen. She was about to scream and blush profusely all over again, but this time, she took a deep breath and, after just a shocked expression, she said:

"Oh my, Tails!! Hihih, I-I'm sorry I smeared your body like that! Y-You know? All that foot work and stuff?~ Eheh…"

Tails scratched his lower belly and giggled himself:

"Yeah, that was really funny. But, say. Why don't we take a shower together first? It'd be a good way to wash our current stress… you know, in case you wanted to do more w-with me, later, here?" Tails was slightly blushing for talking to the rabbit mom like that. After all, he was the one who asked Vanilla to make it with her, and even though she did part take in (even though with not a few second thoughts) he thought he may have been asking for too much, for her own comfort.

Unbeknownst to him, Vanilla was more than satisfied by that first foot play - but she hungered for more.

So, in the blink of an eye, she lifted Tails's body and embraced it tightly upon her fabric-covered breasts. She then softly opened her lips, and said:

"Please, young man… Let’s do it again, after the shower!!"

Her eyes looked like changed completely from before. Tails smiled in response and gave an affectionate kiss on her right boob…

To Be Continued…

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