Bitch Boy

BY : TristyandShane
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Once every year the Kingdom of Granadia held a festival dedicated to its country's warriors; it was a tournament that often featured those looking to prove themselves worthy. These warriors would come and take on the Knights of Blood. The audience already cheered before the fight even took place, screaming out names that they wanted to see. This tournament was held at the arena; the place where guys would beat the fuck out of each other. 

Walking through the coliseum entrance, contestants were placed in uniformed lines. Barging through the other contestants, Sonic took to the front row to get the first battle ready for the first battle selection. He didn’t even care about the other contestants, he wanted to be first like usual.

"I'm going to show you all who really is the best," stated Sonic maniacally. He already had his sword in hand, ready for the upcoming fight. “I can already see the knight beneath my feet,” he smirked at the thought of taking either Vox or Berwick down.

"May the first two contestants step forward,” the hostess started as she watched the two warriors step up to the game. “On the far side we have the legend of the Juno Templars, Vox", she informed the audience as the crowd cheered madly. "And coming out now is the speed-o’-sound ninja, Sonic.”

In appearance, Sonic wore a skin-tight black suit, somewhat similar to Vox’s black clothes. He wore a purple cape around his neck, and he had his short black hair tied back. It was bad to fight with his hair down, but that never stopped Vox from wearing these dangly blue hooped earrings. 


“OH YEAH, beat his ass!” Someone in the audience shouted at Sonic, aiming their hate speech at the Knights of Blood leader. “It’s about time Vox knew his true place.” 

But that comment was soon fought by another, particularly by someone sitting in the front row. “NO, Vox should win!”  


The mistress of the arena soon gave way to the two competing warriors. “Let the fight BEGIN!” 


Finally, the tournament timer started now, and that’s when the cock fighting began. The two males only had five minutes to see who could top who. But really, the audience thought this was an actual fight. Vanishing at incredible speed, Sonic managed to get behind Vox. He grabbed the blue-haired twink by those short blue locks, pulling his head back. 

"Yes, I am truly the greatest," stated Sonic in Vox’s ear. He smirked, keeping the KOB leader’s hair pulled back. Within seconds, with his free hand, Sonic pulled out his blade and placed it against Vox's throat. "Do you wanna surrender already?" Sonic questioned. “Do you hear the crowd cheer? They want you down,” he added with a cackle.

“I don’t think so,” answered Vox. “I’ll be bringing you down instead,” he was certain. 

With haste, the leader of the Juno Templars swooped down the second he felt Sonic's ice-cold blade touch his throat. Turning to face his opponent, Vox withdrew his zanketsu blade and charged at the self-centred ninja at lightning speed. 

"No - I will not let you win," growled a determined Vox. 

With a strike of lightning, the blue-haired demon managed to tear Sonic's top-half and exposed his bare abdomen with a single strike of his thin sword. Vox just blushed at the sight, not really planning to rip Sonic's suit apart.

"Ah, it seems you’re quite skilled in close quarters combat! I'll show you that you’re not nearly fast enough to keep up with me," boasted Sonic. 

Moving so fast, Sonic left shadows of himself that acted as clones surrounding poor Vox. Sonic tried to disorient his pretty opponent with his well-trained speed. The dark-haired male charged towards Vox from all angles, he performed the fatal blow which was actually blocked off by Vox’s blade. 

“Argh! Too quick,” spat Sonic. 

This made Sonic trip up, strangely enough, due to the powerful speed. Sonic launched himself into Vox’s arms, taking the blue-haired twink down to the ground. Sonic’s sword went flying off into the distance. 

Groaning, Sonic growled when he lost his sword. Fuck. But he still had Vox on the ground beneath him.

Biting onto his bottom lip, Sonic's barring chest smothered Vox’s face, all whilst a strangely excited Sonic had a hard bone pressing Vox in the torso. His knees straddled Vox’s sides. 

The crowd cheered at Sonic pinning Vox down, albeit his true intentions were still so unclear. The swordsman blushed when he saw Sonic sitting on his torso; he groaned when he felt the dark-haired ninja sitting on his abdomen. Reaching up, Vox’s hands grabbed onto Sonic’s skin-tight suit as he attempted to push the other male away.


"Yeah, about time that blue elf freak loses a battle," one person in the audience cheered. 

"No, Vox has to win," someone else in the crowd yelled in response. >:I 


The crowd chanted all sorts of words and Vox didn't know what to do about this heavy prick sitting on him. Using his strength, Vox soon pushed Sonic off his torso and went to obtain his zanketsu down beside him.

“Ugh,” grumbled Vox. He didn’t say much. The blue-haired swordsman picked up his sword while he wiped the drool from his mouth with his other hand. He could taste the red glove that he wore, not thinking much of it...but it wasn’t a nice taste.

“You can’t get up yet,” fired Sonic. 

Stumbling over Vox's masculine strength, Sonic grabbed hold of Vox’s trouser leg and pulled the blue-haired twink back down in the process. Vox fell face-first onto the ground, but Sonic later rolled Vox onto his back. 

Going down on the other man, Sonic got a mouthful of Vox’s junk, although it was through those skin-tight black trousers. Sonic grinned from ear-to-ear, as he watched Vox’s pretty face pull such a dirty look. Sonic’s inner desires came to rise, whilst the dark-haired male pulled Vox's pants down to the Templar knight’s ankles. 

"You won't get away that easily," chuckled Sonic. He pinned Vox down, holding down those legs. Soon, Sonic placed a hand onto Vox’s toned abdomen, as his other hand unbuttoned Vox’s briefs. “Not just yet.”

Taking Vox’s limp dick in his mouth, Sonic wanted to taste Vox’s manhood. "I will win this fight, even if I have to fuck it out of you," Sonic mentioned as he undressed himself in the process.

Stunned at the scene, Vox threw his head back and let out a shrill moan of pleasure. His limp penis grew erect in Sonic's hot mouth, and the demon wound up gripping a fistful of the ninja's dark locks. Vox laid on the ground completely bottomless, albeit still clad in his black jacket and ritter stola. He struggled not to give in, so the swordsman pulled Sonic's head up and watched his cock slip out of his mouth.

Like a strike of lightning, Vox pushed Sonic back and straddled his legs now. The swordsman wrapped his hands around Sonic's throat and squeezed the wind pipe with both hands.

"I'll win this fight," stated Vox. “Even if I have to choke you.” 

Thumping against the bricked ground, Sonic let out a winded gasp. "Damn... you ," he hissed at the blue-haired male. 

Eyeing the swordsman, Sonic looked at Vox’s erect member, it was practically slobbering to his eyes. Being choked by the hands around his neck, Sonic's cock rose up from the arousal. During the time Vox choked him, Sonic unzipped his own trousers. Losing consciousness, Sonic began to worry, although he used the remaining strength in his body to pull Vox’s strangling hands away. This simultaneously released the blue-haired male’s grip swiftly. 

A button on Sonic's boxers pinged off as his erect cock rocketed out through his boxers, this was exposed to the KOB leader. He watched Vox’s eyes widen in surprise at the sight. It was a large cock fit for a captain’s arse. 

“,” gulped Vox. 

Proceeding to jump on Vox, Sonic grabbed onto Vox’s blue hair and pulled the twink’s head back. He pulled on Vox’s slut hooped earrings in the process. Sonic spread open Vox’s buttocks and exposed his asshole. As planned, Sonic slipped his cock into Vox’s anus. Pinning Vox down with his weight, Sonic pushed his cock deep into the blue-haired male’s rectum. 

"I'll make you submit to me, then I'll take this tournament for myself," Sonic stated rampantly, as he rustled his hips into Vox’s backside with speed and explosive power.

" big are you?" Vox gasped with a deep blush on his features presently, feeling a thick rod inside his arse now. 

Letting out a groan at the rough anal he received (don't laugh at the captain >:I), Vox glanced at the dark-haired male behind him. He already built up a sweat and could feel sweat beneath his jacket. Vox could feel his cock twitch at the ass fucking, and the thought of submitting to another male felt hot to him. 

With zanketsu in hand, Vox swung his sword as far as he could behind him and slashed at Sonic's bare chest. 

"How does it feel to bleed?" Vox questioned with a smirk. He bit onto his lower lip, just watching the gash on Sonic’s chest bleed. 

Taking the time to look at his bleeding chest, Sonic dabbed the bleeding cut with his hand. Sonic still had dominance over Vox’s bubbly arse, however, Vox didn’t bother moving away from it. Sonic wiped the blood into his cupped hand, and soon he smeared some blood on Vox’s butt. With his other hand, the swift ninja pulled Vox’s face up and inserted his bloodied fingers into the blue-haired male’s mouth. 

"Since you wanted my blood so much; it’s yours," he finally replied. 

Unf~ Sonic moaned, feeling his cock deep in Vox’s tight, warm hole. Sonic was about to blow his load, albeit he tried to hold back. It was too hard not to cum.

Pulling out his cock from Vox’s arse, Sonic still gripped onto Vox’s short blue hair when he moved round to Vox’s face. Having the blue-haired warrior on his back now, the ninja went on to straddle Vox’s torso. Sonic soon rammed his pulsating dick into Vox’s mouth, feeling Vox’s saliva coat his cock. Spewing out white semen, Sonic held Vox down by the arms. Thrusting back and forth, Sonic filled Vox’s throat with his creamy load. 

"You’re now my bitch,” he smirked at his opponent. “Though, it seems like you're still hard, I'll give you something for satisfying me," promised Sonic as he turned around. He now hugged his mouth around Vox’s cock, laying in a sixty-nine position.

“Mmmf~” Vox groaned.

With a large cock in his mouth, Vox gripped onto Sonic's hips and took the cock in his mouth and throat. Vox's eyes watered and some tears swept down his cheeks from the pressure.

This fight was strange, as it turned from an actual fight to cock fighting. Duke was in the audience and he video-taped Vox getting bunged up by Sonic's manhood.

He cringed, tasting his ass on Sonic's dick. But that didn't bother Vox much. He stopped and started when sucking Sonic’s erect cock, mainly due to the amount of pleasure he received on his own penis.

"Put it in my arse again," pleaded a horny Vox. “I want to feel it all the way in.”

"If you want my dick then work for it," ordered Sonic. 

Vox gasped, “W-Work for it?” 

Soon rising up from Vox’s torso, Sonic turned to face Vox’s pretty face again. He towered over Vox’s submissive form with a spare dagger in hand, as he guided the blue-haired twink to straddle him with the knife beside his throat. 

"Be careful now, you may want it badly but you still have to think of my pleasure before yours. Start slow and grind on top of me," he ordered the demon bitch. 

Pushing Sonic onto his back, Vox went on to straddle Sonic’s legs. The blue-haired male soon slipped Sonic's cock back into his anus. He began to grind with a dagger pointing to his throat, Vox moved his hips in circles on Sonic's groin. His hands held down Sonic's lower legs, as he leaned back during the time he was grinding. Vox gasped, chewing his bottom lip in the act. 

"Yes...I need it," groaned Vox. “I need it!”

"Well behaved!" Sonic praised with a grin on his features. He still kept the knife up against Vox’s throat, Sonic sat up and wrapped his free arm around Vox’s torso. He gazed up at the blue-haired male’s face, just watching his lip-biting expression. “Mmmf, don’t stop!” 

Removing the dagger from play, Sonic raised his hips and hit his huge cock into Vox’s prostate, moving in tandem to Vox’s grinds. As he hammered his pelvis into the blue-haired male’s anus like a jack-hammer, Sonic reached up Vox’s black jacket and scratched down the male’s bare back. Sonic left claw marks over Vox’s pale flesh, even if they couldn’t be seen by the audience.

"Don't stop grinding," he groaned in pleasure. Sonic could feel an orgasm just rumble through his abdomen at the continuous grinds. 

Groaning at the feel of scratches going down his chest and abdomen, Vox swung his head back and gasped at the feel. He continued to grind, feeling his cock pulsate to the feel. Vox tried to bounce a few times, albeit he decided just to grind again after that.

"What are they doing? That's not supposed to happen at a tournament," one person in the audience stated. 

Still grinding his creamy cheeks into Sonic's groin, Vox could feel an orgasm coming on. "Mmm...I can't, I'm gonna cum any second now," he grumped. Vox could feel his cock beginning to burst, as pearls of white spunk showed on the mushroom tip. A little stream of this sperm trailed down the bell, seconds before Vox let out his load over Sonic’s abdomen and chest.

"Good," he gasped. “I...I’m cumming, too,” stuttered Sonic as he began to cream deep inside Vox’s anus. 

Rolling over with Vox in tail, Sonic wrapped his hands around Vox’s throat while he rampaged inside Vox’s anal hole. He went on to squeeze Vox’s neck. Short gasps of breath could be heard coming from the blue-haired male, as his breath quivered. His face turned a vivid crimson from the choking, as Sonic completely cut off Vox's windpipe.

It felt too good.

Collapsing onto the ground, Vox lost this fight with Sonic's sperm drooling out his arse.

“...Um...and the winner is Sonic,” stated the hostess with a gulp. 

“Argh...that was too fucking amazing,” gasped Vox.

Releasing his hands from around Vox’s neck, Sonic grabbed Vox’s hand as he pulled up the blue-haired male with him. 

The fight was finally finished, ending with the two fighters covered in each other’s cum. 

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