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Chapter 1 - Ayanami open her pussy for everyone !

Rei was a simple girl, really. On the surface, she was an outstanding EVA pilot. All she knew for the longest time was to pilot her EVA well and to obey the commands of whoever was in charge of the current operation.
She knew she was also an extremely attractive girl, with curves and big heavy tits that were ridiculously huge for a girl her age.
However, due to her subdueded and introverted nature, no one ever thought that she would think too much of her own curvy, plump, and sexy body. She performed her duties well and never seemed to be distracted about anything irrelevant that wasn't related to saving the world. Little did they know that the powerful, strong pulot indeed had urges, urges so strong that sometimes it was all she could think about...
However, a recent development in her personal life was one that she was very happy about.
After the particularly rough fight with the angel Ramiel, Rei's entry plug was forcefully rejected as a result of the fight.
The one who opened the latch was her fellow copilot Shinji, the quiet pilot of Eva-01 that was short and skinny but had a good heart despite everything.
Seeing him save her in such a genuine and heartfelt way made the curvy female pilot blush and smile at him, sparking interest in her towards the shy boy.
Much to her surprise, the slightly cowardly boy made a very bold move a few weeks later when he cornered her in the facility and asked her to be his girlfirned. Although she was shocked, she was secretly very happy - he was such a sweet boy who obvously had a pure heart for her.
As a result she gladly accepted and the two young pilots fell into a loving relationship that was known throughout the facility. They were such a lovely couple, everyone says, it was nice that they found each other...
Although Rei was very happy in her new sweet relationship with Shinji, the urges inside her didn't stop. Of course they have had sex, but.... she hated to admit that her boyfriend, small and skinny as he was, wasn't able to completely satisfy her or her fat, clapping pussy.

Shinji was aware of how other people looked at his girlfriend.
His girlfriend was truly built like the curviest, sexiest bimbo. Her curves were ridiculously prominent. She had a heavy pair of ridiculously gigantic round, fat titties that always bounced and jiggled with every step that she took, so soft and wobbly they looked like two huge mounds of jello shaking in her top whenever she went.
Her hips were ridiculously wide, and her ass was just as round and huge as her gigantic milkers. Every inch of her thick jiggly thighs shook along with the rest of her. Even her pussy was immensely fat - it was so puffy and prominent, her pussy lips pressing against whatever bottoms she was wearing to form a fat, juicy cameltoe.
It didn't matter what clothes Rei wore, it was as if her immensely sexual and curvy body didn't want to be contained within the fabrics.
It was espeically prominent when she wore the body fitting EVA suit. The suit was skin tight, which meant it perfectly hugged her gigantic fat tits and ass. It was a wonder how that suit didn't just simply burst at the seams whenever she got into it, the fabric was always stretched so tightly against the huge massive size of her jiggling bouncing tits and her huge ass.
She was truly built like a bimbo despite her outwards mannerisms. She turned the heads of every males she passed.. they were unable to take their eyes off her enormous jiggling tits.
Despite this, Shinji remained confident in their relationship. After all, they were so deeply in love and Rei was devoted to him, right?
Just because she had tits larger than watermelons and an ass so big it tore through most of her uniforms, it didn't automatically mean she was a dick-hungry slut! Shinji thought, looking at his beautiful curvy sexbomb of a girlfriend.

Little did he know just how wrong it was.. Rei's fat, juicy pussy was always hungry for big cock, and it was nearly impossible for her hungry greedy urges to be satisfied by her boyfriend Shinji, no matter how loving he was or how nicely he treated her...
A few days later, Rei and Shinji are sitting on a bench at school during lunchtime. Shinji is chatting about something about EVAs but Rei isn't really listening.. she's a bit distracted by thoughts of her urges, which were growing stronger and stronger each day. But still she smiles sweetly and nods at her loving boyfriend.
The two of them don't notice the boy coming up to them until he is right in front of them with a mean, cruel look on his face.
It was Shinji's bully, the one who was always set out to make her boyfriend's day worse!
"Oi, Shinji, get up!" the bully says nastily, pulling her boyfriend up by his arm and throwing him to the ground. Rei gasps and stands up, her sudden motion causing her huge heavy tits to bounce and flop behind her shirt. Her tiny schoolgril skirt was barely containing her thick thighs and ass.
"Oh, Rei! Man, I can't believe Shinji got you! I mean, look at your huge gigantic tits and that fat, round, ass... and your pussy, it's so fat and prominent its sticking right through your little skirt. How did this loser get a stunning bimbo-shaped sexbomb like you?"
Rei scowls. As if I could ever be with a mean, cruel beast like this guy she thinks! She is about to open her mouth to say something to defend shinji, but suddenly her eyes move down towards the bully's pants and she suddenly forgets what she was going to say.
The bully's cock was huge, gigantic.. it was so big it shocked Rei! It was so thick and gigantic it showed extremely clearly through his pants, a huge thick meatrod that was so long it stretched down the front of his pants. It looked as if his pants fabric had trouble containing that absolute monster of a sexstick...
The bully was hitting Shinji now, but Rei was blushing hard, her eyes unable to leave the sight of that monster donkey dick sticking through the bully's pants. Her fat pussy started to tingle and melt, filling her pussy with arousal.......

*Time skip*

Rei couldn't believe she was doing this. She was standing in the middle of the bully's bedroom, about to strip naked for the very same boy who ruthlessly bullied her loving boyfriend! But her pussy and her body was so greedy for fat, huge cock it couldn't say no.. and so she ended up here, about to fuck her boyfriend's bully.
The boy was already naked, his thick gigantic smelly anaconda donkey dick already flexing and extremely hard on the floor, greedy to stuff itself in Rei's fat pussy.
Rei takes off her shirt and bra, revealing to the bully her naked, gigantic breasts that swelled as two huge fat mounds from her chest. Her nipples were already puffy and hard from arousal. Ah.. can't believe I'm doing this, I already have a boyfriend, but...
She takes off her skirt to reveal her fat, juicy puffy pussy liips that were already extremely wet from the bully's huge thick smelly cock.
"Present your pussy to me, Rei!" the bully says aggresively, taking a step forward and making the gigantic head of his cock press against her soft, pussy flesh.
Rei obeys, lying down on the bed and spreading her legs, revealing to the bully how wet she was, her jiggly pussy lips already clapping wetly and loudly to invite the bully's gigantic hard horsecock into her tight fat pussy.
The bully wastes no time in plunging his thick sexmeat deep into Rei's pussy. "Ahh.." Rei gasps, her eyes rolling back and her tongue immediately hanging out as she feels that beastly gigantic sex rod immediately stretch her pussy wide open.. ahh, it feels so good... Shinji thought that she was hanging out with a friend right now.. she knew her boyfriend had no idea that at this moment she was presenting her wet, open fat pussy to the huge sex meat of the bully that beat him up earlier that day.
Ah, I'm ashamed.. Rei thinks, my pussy being split apart by my boyfriend's bully... but it feels so good..!

Yes, that huge smelly cock of the mean aggresive bully filled up every single inch of Rei's greedy hungry pussy, pressing against the perfect pleasure weak spots that Shinji didn't even know existed.
The bully fucked with brutal fuckmotion, only wanting to dump his seed deep into the curvy big-titted girl. Rei's pussy was so open and willing, her wet lips wettening the brutal fat cock fucking in and out of her, her womb and cervix starting to open up to let the bully's thick meatrod into her deepest most sacred places.
"Oh, your womb and cervix is opening up for my huge invading cockmeat! Huh, I bet Shinji never reached these places!" The bully thrusts even deeper into Rei, fucking hard and fast.. he was going to pump her full of his thick smelly seed soon.

Rei was in heaven. This was satisfying her urge so perfectly, her fat tingling pussy about to cum.. "AHH!" she moans loudly, 'AHHH, I"M GOING TO CUM ON YOUR BULLYING COCK.. IT FEELS SO GOOD.. I"M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!
Rei's face falls into a lewd hentai slut expression, her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out, her whole body shaking and causing her fat tits to bounce. Her toes curl from pleasure and her pussy grows insanely wet around the thick, wet cock stretching her open.
"Yes.. I'm going to cum too, I'm going to fill you with my seed!" the bully grunts, and he thrusts his fat flexing horse cock into Rei a few more times before he cums.
His huge meat immediately blasts the inside of Rei's willing pussy with his semen like a firehose, stuffing her to the brim with his thick and nasty smelly seed. When he finally pulls out his massive long length of cock, Rei's belly was bulging with the gallons and gallons of semen stuffed inside her.. it was oozing out of her ruined pussy, too.
Ah.. I feel so ashamed, but that huge horse cock felt so good stretching out my pussy.. now I must get back to Shinji... Rei thinks, her mind still foggy with her pleasure.
Rei is filled with shame on her walk home from the bully's house. She can feel and hear her belly sloshing with the absolute loads of thick smelly cum the bully dumped in her. I'm never going to do that again, she thinks with determination, I can't believe I betrayed Shinji's trust in me, I feel terrible. I'll never do it again... she nods to herself and makes her way to her boyfriend's place, even as her fat ruined pussy oozed out drops of the bully's hot sticky stinky cum.

*A few days later*

Rei and Shinji are walking through the local park hand in hand. Rei is smiling lovingly at her wonderful boyfriend as they chat, enjoying the nice weather and the pretty scenery. It's been a few days since the curvy girl had betrayed Shinji by letting his bully fuck her tight fat pussy but Rei vowed she would never do it again! She was so happy with the male pilot, she didn't want to hurt him. The blue-haired girl was simply going to have to ignore her urges and focus on giving Shinji attention.
The two of them suddenly come upon a smelly, dirty tramp sitting at the side of the park path. "Ew!' Shinji says, pulling Rei away from him, but the tramp catches sight of them and he shakes a mostly empty can of coins.
"Hey, you two, have any money to spare?"
The tramp suddenly catches sight of Rei and a greedy smile comes upon his face. "My, what a curvy lady.. that's a knockout sexbomb you have there, little boy.. the things I would do to that fat jiggly pussy!"
The two of them don't respond and instead aim to walk as fast as they can past the smelly filthy man.
However, as they grow closer, Rei smells the scent of the man that fills up the air nastily and thickly..
It was so smelly and stinky, virile and masculine, clogging up her nose and mouth with how awful it was... and it was doing strange things to her pussy, causing her lips to tingle and melt...
Rei couldn't believe herself. Right after she had promised to never betray Shinji again, she immediately lost her resolve to the stench of a filthy homeless tramp
The curvy girl was standing in the middle of the tramp's small, filthy tent. Here, the smell that caused the girl's fat jiggly pussy to tingle and melt was ridiculously stronger. It was so smelly, that musky virile stench, it couldn't be escaped espiecally in such a small tent.

Every time she breathed in, that stench would cause her pussy to get wetter and wetter. The tramp already knew the curvy, sexy girl in front of him was about to present her pussy.. he greedily and quickly took his clothes off, revealing his naked cock to Rei.
It was huge, long, and so stinky it made the stench in the tent even stronger. However all this did to Rei was make her even more aroused, her fat pussy starting to clap wetly.
"well, take your clothes off.. my huge throbbing smelly tramp cock is dying to fuck your fat pussy!" the tramp says.
It would be so shameful if Shinji knew the depths of what Rei was willing to do in order to fulfill her needs.. she was about to present her fat pussy to a stinky homeless tramp just so her greedy needs could be fulfilled!
I'm sorry Shinji Rei thinks, but she takes her clothes off quickly .Her huge fat tits immediately plop out of her clothing, bursting forth like the fabric couldn't contain them.. her skirt came off after, and she struggled a bit to get her tight panties to come off her thick fat ass and thighs.
She lay on the dirty, cold floor and immediately spread her jiggly thick thighs to present her fat pussy to the tramp. The stink in the tent was causing her to go crazy with every breath. The tramp covered her curvy plump body with his, and the stench of the dirty man caused Rei to blush with how wet her pussy got with that stinky scent.
"I'm going to stretch your pussy open with my fat smelly cock now..." the tramp says, and then he pushes in his cock a moment later.
"Ahh.." Rei moans, feeling that extremely stinky and enormously gigantic donkey dick stretch her open.. I can't believe I"m betraying shinji with a smelly tramp and his stinky, fat cock.. but his donkey dick is so big it's breaking my pussy right open!

The tramp pushes his huge meat rod right into Rei's sopping clapping pussy, her lips stretching around that invading gigantic sex stick. Her eyes were already rolling back as she feels the tramp's smelly dirty cock completely fill her up, already starting to push into her sacred tight womb and cervix..
Ah, if Shinji knew how willingly my cervix and womb opened for the invading smelly cock of other men.. I would be so ashamed.. and yet Rei couldn't deny she loved the feeling of gigantic horsecocks stretching open her pussy... and so her pussy opened willlingly for that huge length of cockmeat to completely thrust itself inside her..
The tramp fucked with a fast and brutal fuck motion, completely ravaging Rei's fat pussy with his stinky filthy tramp cock that flexed and throbbed as he breaks her pussy open.
Every time his huge smelly horse cock entered Rei's pussy Rei moaned, as his cock meat would press perfectly against all her weak spots. If he kept going like this she would cum..
I can't believe Im betraying my boyfriend with the smelly gigantic cock of a tramp and that I'm going to cum on it.. maybe I am a curvy bimbo slut.. Rei thinks, as she starts to cum..
The tramp continues to fuck his huge invading cock deeply into Rei's pussy as her whole body shakes with her strong orgasm, her pussy splattering juices all over the dirty floor from how hard she's cumming.
Within a few more minutes of his stinky smelly fat cock fucking Rei's cervix and womb, the smelly tramp starts to cum too.
His huge horse penis throbs and immediately his cockhead opens and pours gallons of thick, stinky cum deep into Rei's pussy, the squirting and splurting noises sounding so lewd in the tiny stinky tent.
Rei is left with her legs wide open and her pussy oozing out steaming thick smelly cum. SHe couldn't believe she had just betrayed Shinji again, her belly stuffed full with the thick disgusting cum of a smelly tramp she didn't even know the name of!


Rei walks home from the park, having trouble walking due to how savagely that smelly stinky tramp had streched her wet willing pussy all the way out over his invading cock meat. She was once again filled with shame, feeling so full and stuffed from the absolute gallons and gallons of stinky cum that spurted from that smelly unwashed cock right into her pussy! How could she have done this again? I'm never going to betray Shinji again, I mean it this time.. how can i continue to let big cocks cum into my pussy?

A few weeks later, the three EVA pilots are gathered in the faculty meeting room to debrief after a very successful mission. Due to how hard of a fight it was, Shinji’s father Ikari had personally come down to congratulate the pilots. Shinji is beaming with pride at his father’s praise as he talks.
As happy as Rei is about the success of their fight that further proves her worth and skill as a successful EVA pilot, her mind starts to stray once again much fo her chagrin.. it had only been around a week since she betrayed Shinji in such an awful manner with that smelly tea o and his stinky cock..
Shinji of course was still completely unaware that his curvy big-titted girlfriend had been opening her pussy to men, and Rei wanted to keep it that way. However as Shibji’s dad spoke, she couldn’t help but notice her eyes trailing downwards to Ikari’s groin area, as if her plump curvy body couldn’t stop itself from being attracted to thick big cocks.
She gasps under her breath as she sees the absolute beast of a cock that her boyfriend’s dad carried. It was the largest thickest pole of a thick cock she had ever seen, sticking out so prominently behind his suit pants he might as well be naked with how badly the fabric could conceal the absolute sex weapon he held!
She was shocked that Shinji’s father had such a large cock. The commander was always seated behind a table so Rei never noticed it but… how come Shinji had such a tiny soft cock in comparison, then?
Once again Rei’s body started to react strongly to the sight of that gigantic throbbing sex meat… her mind fogged up and she was only able to concentrate on the thought and sight of that gigantic meatpole beneath Ikari’s pants. Her pussy once again started to melt, becoming extremely wet and slick with her shameful arousal.
Shinji noticed that his girlfriend was acting a little weirdly, her cheeks flushed and her body shifting from side to side, causing her huge bouncing tits to jiggle and shake with every movement. Maybe she was just impatient.. shibji didn’t think much of it.

Little did he know that his loving girlfriend’s pussy was tingling and clapping with arousal for his own father’s fat throbbing cock!
Rei made an excuse to Shinji and Asuka about how she had something to say to Gendou, allowing her to have a reason to stay in the room alone with Shinji’s dad. She kissed Shinji on the cheek before he left, and once the door shut behind the door EVA pilots the blue haired girl was finally alone with Gendou..
Gendou looked at the usually quiet and motionless pilot in front of him. She was dressed in her EVA pilot suit, the tight suit wrapping seductively around her fleshy round tits and big thick ass. Her fat pussy was so fat it was bulging out the tight fabric. he could hear the strange slapping noises of her pussy lips moving as best as they could in the tight suit..
Gendou's cock flexes and strains in his pants at the sight of his son's girlfriend in front of him. She was so curvy and had the body of a bimbo, so curvy and plump it was inevitable that his huge fat meatrod would be interested, starting to move and throb beneath his pants.

He could tell that Rei was thirsty for his smelly cock.. he takes his cock out of his pants and it stands straight up, the huge erect sex stick long and throbbing.
Ahh.. no... I mustn't fuck my boyfriend's father, that's just way out of line.. Rei's mind thinks, even as her pussy grows drenched and starts to clap loudly at the sight of Gendou's gigantic fat fuck stick, but that huge torture device of a cock is gigantic.. ah, my pussy is going crazy!
The blue haired EVA pilot could not hold it in any longer. she unzips her tight suit, letting her huge fat heavy melons burst right out of the tight constraints and revealing her dripping clapping pussy, her juicy fat lips clapping so loudly and wetly it echoed through the room.
"Come here, Rei" Gendou says, and Rei goes to him obediently.. her body was acting against her own shame, and she falls right into her boyfriend's father's arms, her large melons bouncing and swaying into his face like two large bursting water balloons.

She feels the thick, fat cockhead of Gendou's sex stick press up against her tingling pussy lips.. And with one firm, fast stroke Gendou pushes his smelly gigantic meat rod deep into the EVA pilot's clapping greedy pussy.
My pussy is opening up so willingly for Shinji's father.. Rei thinks as she moans, the huge stretch of her fluttering pussy around that invading gigantic cock meat causing her mind to fog up in bliss... ah.. Shinji must never know that I let his father stick his huge smelly fat cock into what was only meant for my boyfriend's cock.. but now his father is fucking my pussy so well..
"I never knew your pussy was so greedy for big fat cock, Rei.. is my son not pleasuring you enough with his small cock? Your tight fat pussy is eating my cock so easily.."
Rei starts to bounce on Gendou's fat throbbing cock. "Y-yes, your cock goes so deep into me when I jump on it like this..." Rei moans. She is bouncing up and down Shinji's gigantic throbbing man meat. The rigourous contineous motion is causing her fat gigantic tits to swing and bounce immensely, jiggling from her actions as her pussy greedily slicks up and down Gendou's hard anaconda sex stick.
"What would my son say if he knew how much of a bimbo his cute girlfriend was... jumping on his father's cock so greedily.. your pussy is opening up so willingly for my huge cockmeat, you love it."
Rei is losing her mind. every bounce of her curvy body on that huge dick caused every inch of her plump round curves to shake and jiggle immensely.
"Y-Yes I love it," rei moans in ecstacy, her eyes crossed like a hentai slut, "your cock is pressing against all the perfect weak spots deep inside me..."
Rei's cock was slipping hungrily up and down the huge, long length of Gendou's impossibly fat cock, and it was driving her crazy. Her pussy lips jiggle as they clap loudly around his thick throbbinig cock meat, and with every bounce that made that thick length thrust against her weak spots, the blue haired pilot knew she was going to cum...
Rei's rigourous jumping grows even stronger as her plump curvy body shakes and writhes with total ecstacy.. she continues to bounce on Gendou's fat throbbing cock as she cums, every inch of her plump bouncy flesh jiggling and shaking in pleasure. Her pussy squirted with her aroused juices, making Gendou's cock even wetter with her orgasm.
"Look at you, cumming like a cock hungry bimbo on my fat smelly meat pole.." Gendou says, watching her gigantic melons jiggle and shake in his face, "I'm going to breed you, fill you up with my strong swimmers that will chase down and conquer the weak watery swimmers of my son's small cock..."
Rei only moans and bounces even harder on his cock. "Yes, yes, cum into my cervix and womb..."

Despite her pleasure Rei still felt shame at how much of a horny bimbo she was being for Shinji's dad.. but it felt too good, her body was loving it and she couldn't stop..
Ahh.. this is so shameful, I feel so bad for Shinji.. Rei imagined how her boyfriend would feel if he saw his loving girlfriend bouncing so eagerly on his father's cock.. I betrayed him once more, I can't believe my slutty curvy body is doing this... I am such a terrible girl friend..
But her body couldn't stop her bouncing.. as ashamed as she felt the pleasure from Gendou's huge thick donkey dick stretching her pussy out was too insane for her to stop. "Ah.. I can't believe I came on my boyfriend's father's huge throbbing cock.." she moans..
Gendou finally starts to cum, grabbing onto Rei's wide sexy hips as his cock throbs and finally unleashes an ocean of thick, smelly sperm flooding right into her wide and willing cervix and womb. it filled her completely, every single space in her belly stuffed full with Gendou's thick and stinky swimmers.
Rei slowly pulls her tight shivering pussy off Gendou's huge cock when he finishes cumming.. she feels heavy from the weight of all the cum sloshing inside her belly. As soon as the tip of his huge fat cockhead leaves her pussy, a fat droplet of stinky steaming cum drips out of her absolutely destroyed and ruined pussy.
"Wow, I've really filled you up with my cum, Rei. There's no space in your belly that isn't stuffed full of my balljuice, huh..?"

Rei nods with shame.. I can't believe I did this to shinji. And now I am meant to go back to my boyfriend with my belly stuffed full of his father's cum..? However, before she can leave, Gendou surprises her with a question.
"Your pussy is amazing, taking my whole length of my gigantic thick fuck stick.. stay with me all night and let me relieve all my urges with your curvy bimbo body and pussy, Rei."
Rei is shocked... he wanted to go again, after unleashing all that thick cum into her? Was he a beast? this was nothing compared to the weak, pathetic endurance of Shinji...
Rei spent the rest of the night being fucked hard and long, again and again, by Gendou's gigantic throbbing meat length that never seemed to have a shortage of that thick, smelly cum.. he bred her like a sow again and again, stuffing her pussy so full of his cum that she could barely move with how full she was at the end of it.
Rei orgasmed so many times, each strong climax causing her to moan and shake like a bitch in heat, and still the shame remained.. but she still allowed her pussy to be broken open by her boyfriend's father.. it felt too good..


"Ah, I'm really so happy, rei!" Shinji says with a bright, beaming smile. He is smiling proudly down at his beautiful girlfriend's sexy body, which now had a new addition: a full bursting belly, filled with babies that were growing quickly day by day. "I'm so glad we finally got children together, Shinji," the blue haired pilot says with a small smile, "we can start our family now.."
But she is ashamed because she knows that the babies growing inside her are not from the swimmers of her loving sweet boyfriend. no, she didn't even know whos babies they could be. could it be the bully's? Or the smelly nasty homeless tramp? Or... maybe even her boyfriend's own father, who bred her like a sow over and over again?
Rei was filled with shame at her actions.. Her belly was now filled with babies with unkown fathers, and she had to pretend that it was her loving boyfriend's swimmers that caused it. She should've been more careful with who she opened her pussy to!

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