Chun-Li is my MILF mom ! ( Street Fighter )

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Chapter 1 - Chun-Li Hung son

I'm a filty 18 years old boy, and... I have a giant fuckin cock. Like a huge anaconda meat between my legs, and I'm the most stinky dude you ever met in bonus. The problem is that my sex-drive is also huuuge... And the presence of my lengendary mother, Chun-Li isn't helping that...
Mom, despite being a celebrity in the martial art world, is a very kind and polite middle aged woman, but a sex godess too. Boobs visible from behind, very wide hips, massive huge tits, fleshy huge ass, jiggling flesh that wobbles with the slightest movement and turns most clothes in her wardrobe into little more than thongs and bra, boobs so large that the clothe tear, incredibly luscious and pouty lips, fleshy thighs, very thick limbs swollen around slender joints, cameltoe always visible… Her boobs are so large that they enter a room 5 second before the rest of her body…
She is making me mad from desire, so I decided to go to a very special place... It's a place where people that want a partner go, but they have to fuck each other first to see if they are compatible... Exactly what I need! I need to fuck a giant milf just once... I need this...
I arrive at the big building... It seems a little sinister, all white...
I am in the isolated ''chat room'' of the building. All I know about the woman I am about to meet is that she is a very desperate woman who is sexually frusturated. But, once that mature woman walks in I see something I did not expect. The thick thighs escaping from a revealing dress. The thin waist carrying the edges of the thong she is wearing. Her hips are wider than the doorframe and her tits are even larger than her hips are. Her thighs are VERY full of muscles, she sure know how to use them in combat ! 
Her huge ass clogs the doorframe for a moment before she can force herself in and her huge soft tits shake up and down with each step. Her fat lips are moist and beautiful. They have a healthy plump look to them. I also see a familliar thing, a face. That face is... my own mother's, the infamous Chun-Li !
"M-mom ?!"
I can't believe it, she followed me here ?
What will she think of me ?!
Her muscular legs retrat back behind the door, her strong hands that crushed criminals now covers her mouth in shame: 
''S-son!? What are you doing here? D-did... did you see a man here?'' despite the situtation she is too lustful for cock to not ask the whereabouts of her potential partner of the day to her own son.
"W-well, no... I mean... Are you searching a bad guy who is supposed to be here ?"
I don't understand what my beloved mom is doing in that wretched place.
She walks in slowly, though with a blush in her cheeks. '
'Well... I was actually looking for a date... They said the man would have large 'assets'. You know mommy has been very lonely since daddy is... well... a modest and kind man. Mommy wanted a rougher man...'' she explains the situtation calmly and maturely, thinking she was ditched and I am here by coincidence. ''But why are you here son?''
She is very apologetic while admitting that she wanted to cheat your father.
''I am such a bad wife...''
I'm in shock.
"Mom, I... I didn't know that you were that kind of... person... I thought you loved dad ?!"
''I love your dad! I love him a lot! And... And? What do you mean you wanted to find someone too? You are only 18. There is no way you are ready for this sort of thing, son.''
"Okay, but... I have needs too! And if I'm too young, atleast I'm not married!"
I try to stick out of this mud by accusing her too.
She shakes her finger at me. ''Do not get cheeky with me young man! Mommy had a lot of years where she was busy dealing with violent criminals and her taste in men changed over time, your father is far too kind and gentle for your mother.''
"Okay, I get it, but... I don't think that dad would be okay with it, and..."
I observe her clothing... She is obscenely thick...
"Mom... You're really... fleshy..."
''F-fleshy?'' she blushes ''I was just... trying to make sure that I was advertising myself correctly to my date...'' she tries to hide her large open cleavage, her exposed thigh and her fat shiny lips from my vision. ''It is very improper to call your mother something like that.''
My mammoth cock is getting really stiff.
"Well, mommy, I don't know if you noted it, but puberty hit me like a truck, and now I'm a stinky boy with a mega dick, and sex-drive for years..."
My ultra cock is swelling all the way down my right leg, up to my ankle. My pant is on the edge of tearing.
She fixes her eyes on my groin. ''But how can it be possible... When did you grow so much? How can you have something so huge?'' She is in awe and places one of her fingers between her lips reflexively.
Her fat lips slowly quiver seductively as she kisses her own slender finger while looking at my malformed horse cock.
I speak.
"I don't know, but... I need someone to purge my urges, er... You know what I mean. We're here for the same reasons..."
"So, I won't tell nothing on dad, if you let me come here..."
As she is about to respond a metal needle is lauched at her from behind the curtain. 
A muscular man with an iron mask says ''You are done for Chun Li! Master Vega trained me well to make sure I killed you off, but seeing you here with your own son is certainly a fitting last moment for a bit-'' mother responds with a spinning kick to the man's jaw to make him shut up. The iron mask bends but the man still stands and just wipes the blood away before pulling out his knife.
My mother calmly says ''Stay behind me, son.'' her face is calm and her muscles are primed and ready.
She is so strong and beautiful at the same time... My mom is so desirable...
But I want her! I know now that I want her... And I'm not like my father... I must prove it to her...
The man lunges at her with his knife. My mother uses her legs as if they were a pair of blades, using those perfectly trained thick limbs to parry and re-direct each and every attempt to harm her by the man.
I take the guy on the side, and I do the favorite technique of my mother...
"Hyakuretsukyaku !!!"
Better known as ‘Lightning Legs’, I unleashes a flurry of kicks at our opponent.
Though my legs are shorter and less powerful than my mother’s, and my movements far slower, I still manage to knock out the knife out of the hands of the thug.
Mt mother does not let the oppurtunity slip and goes into a full rampage with a rapid combo. She slaps him, then crouches down to deliver a light and fast kick, followed with a rising kick to his jaw and then a forward spinning kick that launches the man out of the window and then to his death. My mother then just hugs me tightly with her strong arms and buries my face into her huge soft tits. ''Son! You have done so well, are you okay?! Did the bad man hurt you anywhere!?''
"Yeah, mom, I'm alright, but... Please stop hugging, me, you're making me..."
My massive horrendous cock is poking her.
She feels my cock poking her boobs from below but does not stop hugging me ''My my, you got this hard from your own mother?..''
"Sorry mom, but your body is too lewd..."
''Such a bad thing to say to your own mother... but... do you really think so? You think your mother actually still has the charm of a woman?'' she slowly moves up and down, letting the tip of my dick poke the soft bottom of her tits.
"Yeah mom... I would satisfy all your needs, if you let me... I would plow your... pussy all night!"
The heat of the fight makes me very daring...
''But we are mother and son... even if your cock is so huge, you are so young and my own son. I can not possibly do something so horrible to my own son..'' while she says this I feel her body become hotter.
I shove my finger into her tities holes...
"Let's try out our bodies mom, like we are suppose to do..."
''But even if we are... ooohhhh... even if we are compatible we are still mother and son... you can not just plunge your fingers into my nipples like this.'' while she says this she does not offer any resistance and just enjoys it to the fullest.
"You're too greedy, mom... It's visible that you love hard sex..."
I push her on the bed, and I lie on her really thick body.
I kiss her, and bite her lips.
She lets me dominate her and bite her fat lips all I want ''I love it... I love it a lot... but... You are still a child and it would be the worst thing I could ever do to your father and even as a mother myself...''
"Mommy, you're such a sex driven person... Ready to cheat on dad with a stranger with a huge cock..."
I tongue kiss her, and take out her skimpy clothes. Her body is made of flesh and muscles.
She is posing without resistance underneath you, her sexy body exposed for your eyes to see. She blushes ''I might be lewd enough to cheat on your dad but I am not lowly enough to do so with my own son...'
I slap my ultra fat dick on her ripe abs.
"This is what you want, mommy ?"
''No...'' she looks at my huge cock as her hard abs are acting as a podium for my masterwork of a cock. ''There is certainly... no reason... for me to want the huge girthy cock of my own son... Especially when it smells soooooooooooooooo pungent.'' her nose keeps sniffing the air hungrily to take in my scent.
"Let's see if we are compatible..."
I enter her with difficulty, given the thickness of my penis, and the tightness of her mommy pussy...
"Ooooh, mom... I love your pussy..."
I penetrate my mom raw, no condom... It's so lewd...
My cock streches and spreads her milf pussy mercilessly ''Son! We must not do this! Y-you can not ram in your beastly cock into your own mother like this! It is too big, too good! You are going to drive your mother crazy!''
Her wet pussy is tight but it accept my monster cock.
"Hum, your carnivorous pussy is awesome, I want to stretch it everyday, dad isn't allowed to go in there anymore..."
''Don't say such things...''
schlurp schalp slap slap slap as my fucking intensfies her moans do as well ''Ooohhhhh... even if I love this! Even if I dreamt of something like this for years! You can not just make me stop giving your dad love! You-you can not!'' she holds on to her standards despite her current state ''Even if my own son is fucking me, I will always love my husband!''
"Aah, i'm gonna steal you from dad, and from everyone, from Guile and from ryu... you're going to be my toilet wife..."
''W-we can not! I can not just be the exclusive fuck toy of my own son! I can not just be your toilet!'' while saying this she moans louder and louder ''Mommy will get pregnant from our incest babies if you do not stop!''
I focus on her weak spots...
"Mommy i want to please you..."
She is left a moaning and drooling mess with her tongue hanging out ''Ohhhhhh! Haaaa! Ohhhh! N-no! You are going to make me cum on the cock of my own son! There will be no coming back for me! You are going to make me a perveeeeeeert!''
I enter her baby pouch.
"We're mating like animals, and we're going to make a lot of babies..."
"Dad will believe it is his..."
''B-but... ooohhhhhh! But that would be a terrible thing to do to your dad! It will be so merciless!'' while saying this she hugs me and shakes her hips hungrily to aid my monster cock in the act of ravaging her womb.
My mother starts gritting her teeth as I keep laying siege to her pussy.
''I-I am gonna cum! I am gonna cum if you do not take your huge cock out of my pussy! I am gonna cum from being impregnated by my own soooooooon!''
"Cum, mommy, cum... We're going to get married... I'll wreck your pussy all day and all night..."
I'm shooting such thick semen that I'm sure to impregnate her...
I kiss her with passion...
"Accept my incestuous love, mommy, and accept my seeds..."
''I accept it! I accept the baby batter of my own son into my womb! I am such a bad woman...''
she declares her sins loud and clear.
"Alright mommy, we're going to be husband and wife..."
*Months later*
As I do everyday I wake up to see my mother sucking my monster cock inside her mouth and I look at her fat belly that is carrying my incest baby. This has been your routine for months since she keeps ignoring the needs of my father just to focus on me, going as far as spending the night at a love hotel with me during his birthday.
She looks at me and says ''I wonder how you are going to use my holes today...''
I made the legendary warrior Chun-li my baby machine... And i'm so in love with her for that...
I plunge my cock back down her throat with a smile and use her like the fuck toy that she is.
I enjoy my days with her forever onwards, make her my own baby machine and never leave her belly empty for the years to come. I believe that my father caught up with reality at some point but he never says anyhing to me. I am just making the best of my days with her until Iam bored of her but I never am. I am just happy to be her husband and then fuck a few women here and there ever so often...

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