Cowgirl fall in love with a Goblin ! (Goblin Slaye

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Chapter 1 - Cowgirl spend the night with a Goblin !

Cowgirl was sitting next to Goblin slayer on her farm, her heart pattering hard in her chest as she was in such proximity with the object of her affections. They had grown up together ever since they were young and she greatly cherished their friendship together. However, as the years passed and she grew to be a busty, curvy woman and he grew to be a powerful goblin slayer, the curvy woman found that her affection towards him started to turn slightly more towards the romantic side.

She was an easy-going, cheerful woman but she had no idea how to voice her affections towards her friend, who seemed to only ever have goblin slaying on his mind. Cowgirl sighed sadly but raised her head in determination. Maybe today was the day that she would finally be able to voice her affection towards her powerful, stoic friend.
Cowgirl turned towards Goblin Slayer. he was sitting quietly and motionlessly. She wondered if he was ever hot in that suit of his, but she shook the irrelevant thought away. He was probably just thinking about the next goblin he was going to fight, or some other fighting technique he was replaying in his mind. 
"H-hey, goblin slayer," cowgirl says shyly. He turns his head towards her. 
"I-I want to tell you something!" she says, blushing, her huge fat tits jiggling as she huffs with nerves. She was sitting with her thighs tucked beneath her, making them look juicy and plump as she trembled slightly with nerves, making her plump flesh jiggle and bounce.

Goblin slayer noticed none of this, of course. He didn't pay too much attention or didn't notice just how much of a sexbomb the curvy big-titted friend of his was.
"i-I've had feelings for you for a long time," cowgirl says shyly, "I think I might be.. I like you a lot.."
She continues, looking down at the fat swollen mounds of her breasts and blushing. "I think you're amazing, so good at fighting and slaying goblins with such skill! I really quite like you.."
"I still need to keep training to become even more powerful to slay goblins," the suited slayer says, completely overlooking the admittance of feelings the curvy girl had admitted to him. 

Cowgirl frowns in disappointment. her confession had gone straight over his head... 
of course, the girl was disappointed that her heartfelt confession seemed to have gone nowhere. But the deeper disappointment came from the lack of male attention that she desperately craved.. it was lonely being on that farm, after all…

Her body was yearning for any male attention, any at all.. no matter where she could get it from.. and if her object of affection, Goblin Slayer, wasn't going to give it to her... where else would she be able to fulfill her emotional and physical needs? She sighed. She sure hoped there'd be a solution to her urges...
It's in the middle of the night a few days later when Cowgirl suddenly blinks awake from her restful sleep, a strange creaking noise in her room waking her up from her deep doze. She blinked away the tiredness in her eyes and sat up.

She was wearing a sheer nightgown that did barely any work containing her fat, heavy tits. They bounced and shook within the sheer fabric, her nipples puffy and easily visible through the half-transparent fabric. As cowgirl sat up, her large fat udders swung together with her, making a loud slapping noise that echoed through her room. Each of her tits was having trouble being contained behind that robe and they slipped out, revealing her big naked milker to the cold air.

Once her eyes adjust to the dark, she gasps when realizes who had entered her room. It was. beastly goblin, knobbly and ugly, standing right in front of her bed! It was smaller than her but the ugly, twisted features of the beast were enough to strike fear into her heart.
Cowgirl was stunned with a mixture of shock and fear. She opens her mouth, about to call for her Uncle to come to save her, but before she can speak the huge ugly beasty shushes her.
"please don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you.." the beast said to the confused curvy girl, "I have been watching you for such a long time, cowgirl... I'm deeply in love with you. Your huge, fat tits that bounce with every move.. your fat pussy... and your kind, gentle soul! I"m so in love with you, I just want to make you mine and fill you up full of my little goblin babies... I don't want to hurt you, ever!"

Cow girl's first instinct was, of course, to angrily deny this preposterous proposition and immediately call for her uncle to get rid of this ugly beast stinking up her room! However, as she opens up her mouth, she suddenly gets an extremely full, clear mouthful of the goblin's scent…
The smell was so strong, radiating off the beastly ugly creature in rolls of musky, smelly stink. It completely filled up every square inch of her room, making each breath she took filled up with that horrid musky scent. 
Despite the fear still in her, another feeling soon started to take over: the feeling of growing arousal slowly starting to tingle in her pussy.. 
It had been so long since a male had touched her body.. and the virile masculine smell of the ugly goblin was making her pussy slowly start to grow crazy, her pussy lips shivering and tingling with arousal. 

Her needs only amplify with a loud gasp as she catches sight of the goblin's cock hanging between his nobbly ugly legs.
It was ugly and deformed, but it was so huge and thick it looked like a completely another beast, looking alive as it flexed and twisted on the floor like a knobbly, ugly snake. It was so stinky, rolls of thick green foreskin rolling back and forth over a huge thick cockhead... Cowgirl's mind started to grow dizzy with arousal.
no... she thinks in horror as her pussy starts to wet, her pussy lips twitching and starting to clap against one another, how can I let this beastly thing have his way with me..? but.. my body is reacting so strongly, and I"m so deprived of male touch..
"Please," the goblin says, gently crouching on the ground, "I promise that if you don't want me to, I'll leave.. I am just very in love with you and I have urges.. I'd love to make you mine.." "B-but you're a goblin!" Cowgirl cries out, trying to ignore how her pussy was tingling and wettening up with the stinky virile stench of the beast and the sight of his thick coiled cock moving across the floor. "I know but.. you are such a lovely human. I want to make you feel good, I want to make you happy.." Cowgirl was conflicted. Her pussy was tingling and clapping from the arousal stemming from the heavy musk of the goblin's stench, but in her mind, she could not help but think of how much of a betrayal this would be to goblin slayer, the warrior who she still was in love with. However, this goblin seemed so gentle.

"F-fine," cowgirl says, a cute blush across her cheeks as she shifts on her bed, her fat thighs jiggling with her movements, "b-but you're not going to be sticking that ugly fat goblin cock in my pussy... I'll only allow you to relieve your urges in my breasts..."
the goblin smiles with glee as he stares greedily at Cowgirl's fat, round, heavy tits that were already half-exposed behind her sleeping robe. his fat smelly cock started to flex even harder and violently. "Okay," the ugly beast says, "I'll make sure to relieve my urges with only you fat, round milkers..."
The goblin steps closer and due to the sheer size of his huge deformed cock, his cockhead already presses easily against her puffy, sensitive nipples that are standing stiff and round at the tip of her round, heavy bouncing tits.

Cowgirl felt ashamed.. she was letting her crush and childhood best friend's worst enemy rub and have their way with her huge fat tits! but.. this goblin was so sincere in his affections... it was all Cowgirl wanted, so she willingly opened her robe to let her fat, heavy melons fall out of her robe to allow access to the gruesome beast and his stinky, gigantic and twisted goblin cock.
The goblin immediately thrusts his cock into Cowgirl's nipples, her nipples opening up and letting that thick meatpole of his fat cock enter her breasts... the beast immediately fucks with great fast fuck motion, his cock slamming in and out of Cowgirl's fat, jiggly milkers. He was a beast that was looking to relieve his animalistic beastly urges, but he also didn't want to hurt the girl beneath him.. he watched her heavy, swinging tits sway and bounce from the force of her actions.
"Ohhhhh!!"" Cowgirl immediately, moans, the lewd feeling of her nipple stretching around his thick throbbing monster cock bring her insane pleasure as that thick cock stretched her tit open. 

Her mouth immediately hung open, that huge thick monster cock pushing perfectly into the soft round tit flesh that was sensitive and puffy as it stretched around that invading goblin cock. 
every slap of the goblin's fat smelly goblin cock against her breasts caused lewd a lewd slap slap slap sound to echo through the room.
"Ah... please make it quick, please just relieve your urges and go..." 
Cow girl moans shamefully as she watches that thick meatrod disappear into her fat, shaking tits again and again. She couldn't bear the thought of what she was doing.. she felt like she was betraying goblin slayer by letting his worst enemy having his way with her curvy, sexy body.

But.. the goblin seemed so sincere, looking at her with adoration and respect even as her tits hung naked and heavy from her sensual night robe.
And... the feeling of that thick cock stretching open her puffy tingling nipples felt amazing. Was she going to cum from that stinky smelly goblin titfucking her gigantic fat milkers? Surely not, right? But as that deformed, throbbing hard monster of a meat pole continued to thrust perfectly into her bouncing round tits, cow girl felt her pussy tingle and clap towards an orgasm...
"I promise I'll leave once I fill both your huge fat milkers with my goblin cum,: the goblin promises, his fuckmotion becoming faster and faster as he got ready to blast his thick smelly seed right into cow girl's fat tit. He really was worried about upsetting cowgirl.. after all, she wasn't just some fuck hole to him, he really wanted to make the curvy big-titted girl happy. And to do that he didn't want to break her trust.. he was happy enough that the girl was allowing him to invade her fleshy, fat tits with his gruesome huge goblin cock..

Cowgirl was going crazy, she was right on the verge of cumming from the goblin's smelly fat meat rod fucking her tit right open! Her eyes crossed back and her tongue started to hang out in bliss, her orgasm quickly approaching as the relentless fast pace of the goblin started to send the big-titted girl to an ecstatic, strong orgasm...

"AHHHH!!!!" Cow girl finally screams in pleasure, her whole body shaking and rolling back in her head, her body thrashing. and legs coming up to curl her toes from her orgasm, "I'M CUMMING FROM BEING TITTY FUCKED BY A GOBLIN"S NASTY SMELLY COCK POLE... IT FEELS SO GOOD...."
The goblin continues to fuck her soft, fleshy tit as cowgirl orgasms, the wet desperate slaps of her drenched pussy filling the air..

He finally cums, his gruesome thick cockmeat throbbing and convulsing as it bursts a huge flood of thick, stinky cum into her tits. Her tits visibly start to swell as his cum fills her already-huge milkers up. Her breasts grow even larger as his stinky smelly goblin cum floods into her, making her round heavy tits even more swollen and round.. Her puffy nipples are stretched widely around the thick, invading girth of the goblin's smelly thick cock, allowing his thick meat rod to completely invade her bouncy, fleshy tits. 
Cowgirl gasps in arousal as the goblin pulls away from her puffy ruined nipple.. her right tit was completely stiff and heavy with the heavy load of cum the beast had dumped into her. Her already-heavy tit was now ridiculously stuffed and full with the gallons of cum his huge throbbing ugly stinky cockmeat had blasted into her milker like a fire hose. He wasn't done yet, though.. his throbbing, still-hard monster cock was still eager to relieve his feral urges inside him. He slowly moves his fat, throbbing cock head to her other nipple and with one thrust, he shoves his cock onto her left tit.

Again, the beast starts to resume his brutal fuckmotion, pistoning his hips back and forth to allow hie beastly stinky length of his huge goblin cock to thrust messily in and out of cow girl's swinging, bouncy full milkers. Every thrust of his knobbly hips against her soft flesh caused her jello-like tit flesh to wobble and shake greatly, her tit taking his thick goblin cock as deep as it could... 
"Your round huge tits look so good taking my stinky goblin cock.." the beast grunts. His cock is throbbing, already on the verge of another thick gallon of a cum load. 
Every thrust of his cock was pressing against cow girl's heart and she slowly started to feel her heart soften for the beast tit-fucking her.. the pleasure from her nipple stretching over his invading cock started to combine with affection for the beast using her tits like titholes.. she was starting to fall for this beast. 

Again, the ferocious deep thrusts of that smelly gigantic fat goblin cock were going to make cowgirl cum again, and her body was already trembling in anticipation. "AHHH, I"M CUMMING AGAINNNNN" she moans loudly, her whole body shaking and her pussy lips becoming drenched as her tight pussy sprays juices from arousal, "YOUR GOBLIN COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY TIT, FUCKING AGAINST MY HEART... I'M CUMMING SO HARDDDD!!!!!'

Within a few more thrusts, the goblin groans as his cock once more unleash a flood of thick, heavy cum right into her puffy swollen breast. Again her breast inflates, becoming stuffed full and heavy of that smelly goblin cum. She watched as the throbbing cock unloaded spurt after spurt of thick ball juice right into her other tit, causing it to swell up like a baloon as her tit flesh tried to contain all of the thick nasty cum the goblin blasted into her breasts. 
Once the goblin is done with relieving his huge penis through Cowgirl's hanging udders, her breasts are at a massive size, stiff and swollen and sloshing with loads of cum the goblin had ejected into her. If her breasts were large before, they were ridiculously and comically gigantic now, stiff and her nipples still dripping with streams of the goblin's stinky, thick cum. 

"Thank you," the gobin says politely, "I'll leave now like I promised.. thank you for letting me relieve my huge fat goblin cock in your round, fat tits..."
he turns to leave, but he is stills in surprise when he feels Cowgirl's shy hand reach out and grab his hand, her heavy stuffed breasts swinging as she leans forwards to grab the goblin to get him to stay.

"Please... Don't leave me... like *he* always does..."

Cow girl spends the rest of her night on her back, her legs open wide and presenting her open, wet pussy lips for the stinky monstrous goblin. the hulking muscular beast is all too happy to spend the night shoving his gigantic smelly length of his goblin horsecock deep into the curvy girl's bimbo body.. Cowgirl was in heaven, her body finally receiving the attention she craved so much. the goblin came into her raw, clapping pussy again and again until her belly was as swollen as her cum-filled tits. She came again and again on the goblin's huge and deformed thick cock, the stinky fat fuck stick pressing perfectly and deliciously into all of the weak spots that caused her fat clapping pussy to cum again and again all over the beast's animalistic, feral fuck motion thrusts.
The steaming, hot loads of thick smelly goblin cum that the beast dumped into the curvy girl completely stuffed her up, that when the sun rose she was completely swollen with the weight of the cum inside her. her pussy was completely ruined and broken open, letting steaming hot goblin cum ooze out of her.

She basically already looked pregnant, her stomach so stiff and full with gallons and gallons of goblin cum, sloshing audibly as she moved around...
*Ah.... i can't believe I just spent the night being bred like a sow by goblin slayer's worst enemy... but... it felt so good, and it's not like goblin slayer would ever give me what i want....*

The goblin treated her so sweetly, the beast obviously was so infatuated and in love with her, and Cowgirl couldn't deny that his sweet actions were making her fall for the ugly beast as well, especially since she never got that attention from her childhood best friend...
"Goblin slayer, I want to tell you something!" Cowgirl is beaming with excitement. It wasn't a surprise what she wanted to tell her best friend about. It was obvious to anyone who even looked at her. her huge round tits and fat ass that there was another round, swollen addition to her already curvy body: a pregnant belly!, her belly was already ridiculously swollen and round with squirming babies growing inside her, "I'm pregnant!"
She was worried her friend might ask who the father was, but of course, goblin slayer paid no such attention to these matters. Instead, his mind was focused on the strange footsteps that he heard around the farm lately... was a goblin visiting the farm at a frequent basis? he only seemed to hear it at night, but it worried him nonetheless. He hoped that it wasn't anything too troublesome...

No one on the farm was quite sure who the father of cow girl's squirming, full belly of babies was. Uncle had tried asking but she had simply smiled shyly and avoided the question... it was as if she was ashamed to admit it, but the smile on her face indicated that whoever the father was, she was fond of him.
No one would have ever guessed the sperm to knock up the curvy girl was the strong swimmers of goblin slayer's worst enemy.. a stinky, horrible goblin himself!
In the privacy of the night, Cowgirl smiles as she takes the hand of the beastly goblin that filled her stomach with his stinky, goblin swimmers, looking at him adoringly...

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