Toriel is bred by Chara ! (Undertale)

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Chapter 1 - Toriel X Chara

Chara’s pink eyes gleam with malice as he slowly walks through the quiet purple halls of the underground, a creepy smile on his face. Despite having just fallen deep into the depths of the mountain, Chara’s influence on Frisk was already taking over the previously naïve and innocent boy way too quickly for the originally kind-hearted boy to fight off. His shoes were already caked with the dust of the many harmless creatures he had killed mercilessly with the knife that he so conveniently found tucked away in the corner of the map. 
Frisk (or Chara?) Smiles when he approaches yet another innocent, unassuming frog that was meant to guide him early on in the game. The creature was clueless as to the dark and evil fog that was Chara, taking over any peaceful or mediative behavior the boy may have had previously had. 

Kill him too… Chara whispers in Frisk’s mind. He can’t really hear the voice like something audible but the feeling of being taken over by this evil, murderous rage was too much for the young boy to handle. With a straight face, Frisk lunges quickly towards the quiet unassuming froglet and quickly slays the creature. 
“Ribbit! No…’’ the frog croaks out a sound of shock before splintering into pieces, blowing away into dust. 

Yes, ever since Frisk fell down Mount Abott Chara had taken the earliest chance to gain control of the boy’s body and mind. His eyes were quickly turning dark red and a strange smile was starting to appear on his face all the time. Any confusion and innocent thoughts Frisk had originally been slowly but surely being replaced by the hungry, greedy, and ambitious evil thoughts of Chara. He was Hungry… he feels power brimming deep within him that calls out to him to constantly increase the level of his EXP. But most importantly the hunger that rushed strongly through the young boy’s blood was the desire to gain LOVE – Level of Violence. He wanted power. 

He wanted to be the most powerful creature to ever even step foot in the underground. Yes, these were the thoughts that were slowly filling up Frisk’s constantly-affected mind as he makes his way through the purple tunnels. His shoes and hands were continuously being caked with dust, slaying any beast that appeared in his way no matter how harmless or unwilling to fight they had been. The hunger to increase his skill was more important than playing nice, anyways. 

When he meets Toriel, Frisk is on the verge of automatically attacking the moving creature but something in him stops him. Instead he follows the curvy goat home, hiding his knife beneath his pants and urging Chara to hide himself so that Frisk’s eyes were a normal colour. He had to act normal for now. 
 After her short tour around the house, Toriel stands smiling in front of Frisk with a loving, motherly smile on her face. However it was difficult to focus on the gentle and motherly nature because of just how sexy the caring, loving goat was. 
Toriel was an absolutely gorgeous and drop dead sexbomb of a goat. The most prominent and obvious thing to anyone that looked at her was her absolutely gigantic, massive tits that hung round and heavy from beneath her clothing. Even though her robes were really loose and should have hidden her figure, her curves and plump gigantic fat milkers were just so big they stuck right through the loose robe. The fabric hugged her absolutely humongous fat tits perfectly, allowing Frisk to see every lewd jiggle and shake off those huge mounds of titflesh that seemed to hang like two gigantic melons from her figure. 

Her ass was just as prominent, sticking out like two huge, fat asscheeks that stuck out lewdly out of the back of her loose robe. It was a wonder the goat was even able to find a robe large enough to contain the sheer massive size of her huge gigantic tits and fat round ass. It’s not like the robe was able to do anything to hide how busty and curvy the sex bomb figure of Toriel was… and of course, her pussy was no less fat and prominent than her huge tits and her gigantic ass. 

Her pussy mound was so fat and fleshy it stuck right through the robe, her two jiggly fat puffy lips completely gobbling up the robe of her fabric and forming a lewd, prominent cameltoe whenever the goat even moved a bit. 
Frisk could feel his huge smelly cock twitch in his pants as he stares at the motherly goat’s fat tits and jiggly pussy. 

Toriel seems unaware of the child’s crude thoughts about her gigantic ass and fat pussy and continues to talk to the young child lovingly, playing the role of a mother as gently as she could. 
“Ah… my child, you know, I really wish you can make yourself comfortable here, Frisk! I hope that you can be happy here… I’ll do my best to take care of you in any way you need!”

However, even as the caring gentle goat tries her best to understand and gauge the thoughts of feelings of the kid in front of her, it seemed impossible! The short-haired boy is so emotionless and expressionless, Toriel is struggling to even get a little bit of information out of how the child was feeling. However, it was a different story for the busty sexy goat’s own feelings. 

Ever since she closed the door behind Frisk, her eyes widened as she immediately breathed in the scent of the young boy. It was like absolutely nothing the goat has ever, ever smelt before despite being surrounded by all sorts of different creatures. No, the smell of the young child was stronger and stinkier than any grown beast that she’s ever had to fight off in all of the years that she had spent in the dark underground! 

How is such a young child able to produce such a vile, stinky scent… Toriel thinks to herself, blushing hard as she realizes that her nostrils are constantly flaring to constantly take in the horrible, ultra-strong stench of the young boy that stands in front of her. It was stinky and smelly but she couldn’t help breathing it in…. it was doing strange things to her busty and curvy body, every inch of her plump flesh and sensual curves shaking as the extremely dominant scent of the young boy slowly fills her head. Much to her shame, her fat jiggly pussy starts to tingle with the beginning feelings of arousal….

No!! Toriel thinks, completely shocked and utterly ashamed at herself. How could she, a monster, be so sexually attracted and aroused to a mere little human boy? He was nowhere near an adult and yet… that smell… ever since the boy entered her house, his stink had filled every single square inch with the horrid, masculine stench that was driving her pussy crazy. 
Even worse was when Toriel notices with a huge gasp the size of the boy’s ultra-massive horse cock. 

What?? The gentle goat thinks to herself, her eyes unable to look away from the absolute torture device of a fat smelly cock that was pressing prominently against the front of the boy’s pants. It was so thick, thicker and larger than any pole that the goat has ever seen in her whole long life. It flexed and moved like a ghastly beast beneath his pants. Toriel can’t even see the whole horrible huge size of the boy’s cock, but with a flash of humiliation and shame, the goat realizes that this mere human child’s cock is already at least twenty times larger than the small cock of her loving husband, Asgore. 
Her cheeks are absolutely dark pink with shame… how could she be thinking about these lewd, horrible things? Comparing the size of this child’s ridiculously massive and humongous fat smelly cock with her own loving husband’s cock? 
And yet… Toriel bites down on her plush lip… the smell of the child is so dominating and masculine, and that absolutely beastly cock… it’s like the boy was meant to breed and fuck monster females like herself! After all, her body has never reacted as strongly as this to any male monster before, her fat jiggly pussy shaking like jello as it starts to twitch and tingle in arousal for the smell and sight of the boy in front of her. 
No! Toriel thinks firmly, her cheeks pink as she turns slightly away from Frisk, closing her eyes tight and trying to push the effects of the boy’s virile, musky stink out of her head. She also tries to forget the sight of that gigantic fat flexing cock… she had to be a good loving maternal figure to this poor child!
And yet… the mere state of the boy’s scary fat beast of a cock and his smell wasn’t the only thing that concerned the loving goat. She could sense horrible, deep darkness in the boy’s head, so unlike the other more innocent and naïve children that she had taken care of in the past. No, Frisk was definitely different and Toriel was not sure if that was in a good way. She can sense the dark, brimming energy of hunger for violence deep within the boy. Together with that evil presence was also the feeling of frustration…
And yet, Toriel was unable to really see what the boy was thinking or even feeling. All the busty, curvy big-titted goat knew was that this boy meant trouble… 

“My child, why don’t I show you your room? It’s been prepared nice and tidy for you, come along!” 
The goat puts on a loving smile and reaches out her paw to Frisk, who takes it and follows behind the goat as she walks in front of him. Yes, the goat was an absolute bimbo sexbomb, her curvy plump body swaying from side to side and causing her huge fat asscheeks to jiggle and audibly clap even if she was simply walking. 
How lewd, Frisk thinks, his cock flexing in his pants from interest. 
Toriel leads them upstairs and opens the door to Frisk’s new bedroom. 
“Here you are, my child,” Toriel says with a kindly smile on her soft, plush lips, “this will be your room from now on. I hope you rest well tonight… sleep well, my child.”

The goat bends down and kisses Frisk on the head lovingly. She still had to treat every child lovingly like her own children, after all, even if she sensed a bit of uncomfortable darkness in this particular Frisk… as she bent down to kiss his head, her huge, fat tits swung forwards and pushed out prominently out the front of the robe right in front of Frisk’s face. 
“Goodnight, my child,” Toriel says, pulling away. Her fat jiggly pussy was already twitching and clapping quietly from being in the boy’s presence for too long… she had to leave, now, before her body betrays her even further! She turns and quickly walks away, her huge jiggly ass and thighs bouncing and shaking beneath the useless robe… 


Frisk wakes up slowly in the middle of the night, Chara slowly urging him awake with a deep feeling of hunger, aggression and violence filling his veins as the young boy slowly blinks awake in his new, dark room. The bed was very comfortable but the young boy felt as if he had to get up. Inside of his mind, Chara was telling him that he needed to get up. 
 Frisk sits up, yawning slightly and rubbing his eyes, and he blinks as his huge, smelly fat hot cock flops down between his legs, so long and thick it falls directly onto the floor with a heavy thump and stays there flexing and writhing like a living beast, so thick and monstrous-looking it looks like a living beast. 

He stands up, deciding to leave his striped top and bottoms off… his cock was too huge and monstrous to feel comfortable in his pants anyways and it’s not like the loving goat Toriel would care if he walked around in just his underwear, right? As the boy stands up, the huge thick shaft of his gigantic cock immediately falls to the ground, so heavy and hot beneath his legs as he starts to walk through the house. His cock is so long and hard it drags on the floor behind him, the moist round cockhead smearing globs of stinky, ultra-thick precum across Toriel’s floor like a slimey, smelly trail of thick precum. 

Frisk makes his way down the stairs that Toriel firmly told him not the go down into. Frisk couldn’t help it, he felt curious and Chara seems to be urging him on, the evil presence in his mind telling him that if he went down the basement… all of the great greedy hunger for EXP and LOVE will be able to be fulfilled. That is why Frisk determinedly walks down the quiet steps, the dark house completely quiet except for the sound of the boy’s footsteps and his thick heavy smelly monster cock dragging on the floor behind him. 

At the end of the stairs is a long, dark hallway. It seems to stretch on forever but Chara urges him forwards and Frisk has no choice but to follow. The boy is slightly curious too, he feels as if that this is the way he needs to go in order to continue developing his skills… and after all, if Chara is telling him that Exp and LOVE lies at the end of this hallway, then…

As soon as he reaches the end of the hallway, Frisk gasps slightly with shock as he notices the familiar round, sexy figure standing in front of two great big doors that seem to be blocking Toriel’s house from the “scary” outside world. 

She turns around slowly, her gentle loving face looking a bit sad. Her arms are clutched around her robe, and Frisk once again can see the prominent curves of her huge, fat tits that are still hidden beneath the robe.
Frisk continues to walk forwards, the darkness in him starting to swell up and become more and more prominent as Chara slowly starts to take over… 

“Oh, my child,” Toriel says lovingly, a sadness in her eyes as the young boy approaches her. Once again her nostrils flare as she breathes in the thick, stinky virile nasty stench of the boy but she stands her ground firmly. She knows what the little boy is up to, but the wise loving goat has a plan in mind. 

Before Toriel can continue talking, the goat’s eyes widen in a surprised, shocked expression as the small boy suddenly lunges towards her. Frisk’s eyes are completely red now, an evil smile stretched wide across his face. He whips out a bloody knife that he had been keeping in his pocket the entire time, aiming for the heart that lies beneath the two huge, fat tits of Toriel’s gigantic heavy milkers. 

Yes… Frisk thinks, his mind completely and utterly taken over by Chara as he leaps towards the curvy loving goat, this is the path to becoming more powerful… Frisk had never killed a creature as powerful as Toriel, and slaying this goat would make sure that his Exp and LOVE levels will increase extremely much!

However, the boy soon gasps and stumbles as Toriel does a completely shocking and unexpected move. She doesn’t reach out with magic to stop the boy or even try and run past the virile, masculine boy… instead, she grabs the edges of her purple robe and rips it wide open, completely revealing her curvy, busty body that Frisk has noticed from the start!
However, it wasn’t just any naked body… no, Toriel had prepared some extra surprise for the young virile boy in order to make sure her child would not be able to turn down the offer she had in mind. 

 Her insanely and impossible sexual MILF body, so curvy and prominent even through her robes, was now completely naked and lewdly on a show for the young boy. Her fat, huge heavy tits were so gigantic and large, even more gigantic than Frisk had imagined they would be naked. They swung heavily and protruded out of her chest like two massive and fat melons, so gigantic it was a complete miracle that they didn’t just completely rip through every loose rob that she wore! Her puffy round nipples were pink and stiff, completely puffy with their slits twitching lewdly. Her wide, sexy sensual hips were completely on show, her ass so fat they were sticking out of her sides and visible even from the front. 

But… the most lewd thing of all was her pussy. That ridiculously fat and jiggly pussy that formed cameltoes in every single pair of bottoms she wore, no matter how large or loose, were covered in only the skimpiest, bimbo-est looking pair of sexy thongs that looked way too tiny for her fat, gigantic jiggling pussy. Her fat pussy flesh was completely bursting through the sheer fabric as if it would pop through the thin thong strings at any second. 

Just when Frisk thinks that the absolutely lewd and sensual vision in front of him is unable to get even more sexy, Toriel leans back against the big massive gates and spreads her thick, jiggly thighs… by doing so, the goat reveals to Chara that the already-lewd black thong she is wearing has a hole at the bottom of it – a huge hole, as if her pussy was completely available for a gigantic smelly human cock to push right into her tight fat willing pussy like she was nothing but a sex sow!

Frisk stops dead in his tracks, his huge massive monster cock flexing with hunger as the evil red fog leaves his eyes as Chara is shocked into submission at the sight of the blushing, naked body of the absolute sexbomb revealing her body in such a lewd and whorish way in front of her darling child!
“Oh, my child,” Toriel says, blushing hard as she reveals her body in such a sensual way, “I hope you understand what I’m doing…” 

Frisk is confused, the hand holding his knife falling to his side as he completely takes in the sight of Toriel’s busty, curvy naked body so lewdly on display for him. 
“I know there is a great darkness in you, a frustration and greed that you need to get rid of. I can sense the violence and the hunger… and oh, my child, I don’t want you to go out and do evil things in order to satiate those dark hungers! So…”

Toriel spreads her legs further, giving Frisk an even clearer view of her tight, wet and fat pussy lips. 
 “My child, here is my proposition. I… I am going to offer you my curvy MILF body and completely give you full access to my fat, tight pussy whenever you want… not just my fat pussy, but any hole you want! My mouth, my… my… ass…” Toriel is blushing hard, she’s never had to speak such lewd or crude words before. Especially never to a child this young! But she’s always put the care of her children above all else, this was something she had to do.

“Yes, I will willingly open up all of my holes for you and let you do whatever you want with my curvy body. The only condition, my child, is that… you never leave these gates. You stay here in my home forever and you don’t go further into the underground. If you do that, I will completely allow you to do whatever you want with my body! After all, a human boy like you I’ve learned has such a huge, gigantic monster cock, larger than any I’ve seen… you must have urges with it, right? So… I will be a good mother, my child, and help you relieve those physical urges as well as your inner greedy hunger for violence.”

Frisk’s eyes slowly get less and less red as Toriel continues to speak, despite Chara trying to fight back. Frisk was completely overtaken by the ridiculously and impossibly sensual display of Toriel’s curvy, plump body being on show for him… her pussy was twitching and tingling, as if she was already begging for his thick gigantic cock to stretch her hole wide open!

His cock was insanely interested, writhing and twisting on the floor tremendously like it was nothing but a hungry, monstrous beast. His moist wet cock slit opens and closes, gaping lewdly like it’s already hungry to stick its huge thick smelly shaft deep into the goat’s tight hole… 
Frisk nods. He can’t simply say no to such a proposition, not when the gentle and wise Toriel so lewdly ripped off her robes to reveal her naked nude body to him, to allow him to do whatever he wanted with her! 
Frisk immediately steps forwards and pushes Toriel onto the floor. She hits the ground with a yelp, her plump body shaking and her tits clapping against each other as she slams into the ground. Her thick jiggly thighs are already spread wide open as Frisk crawls between them, covering her plump curvy body with his own. 

His hungry fat greedy cockhead immediately finds the hole in her panties. His body was now completely filled with hunger, but a different type of hunger: he was greedy for the bimbo body of Toriel pinned beneath him. 
He presses against the tight slit of Toriel’s pussy. Her fat jiggly pussy lips were clapping, much to the goat’s great shame… the virile, manly stench of Frisk had once again affected her body, filling her with deep arousal that allowed her pussy to open up for the thick, gigantic stretch of Frisk’s gigantic, humongous meat pole of a cock. 

I can’t believe I’m betraying my darling ex-husband Asgore like this, Toriel thinks with a sense of deep shame as she gasps, feeling Frisk’s smelly huge cock starting to stretch her wet clapping pussy open, but… this is for the good of my child… Asgore will understand, won’t he…?
Frisk firmly thrusts his entire fat cock deep into Toriel’s tight pussy, her jiggling pussy lips stretching extremely widely and lewdly over the smelly, invading girth of his thick shaft. Toriel bites down hard on her lips, her eyes rolling back as she feels a cock this thick and huge stretching her out for the first time, her thighs jiggling. 

Ahh…! My child, your fat smelly human cock is so big and thick… it’s stretching my pussy wide open…” 
Frisk is completely engrossed in the tight heat of Toriel’s tight pussy around his huge throbbing cock pole… the young boy grunts and starts to fuck the busty, curvy goat with a brutal and insanely fast fuck motion. His huge, fat gigantic donkey dick is pulled and pushed back and forth deep into Toriel’s open pussy, her hole splitting open as she is completely stretched wide open over the young boy’s ridiculously gigantic cock. 

Ahh… ahh, his cock is so big… Toriel thinks to herself, her eyes crossing and her lips pursing open as the goat’s huge fat heavy tits swing and bounce tremendously from every powerful and dominating thrust of Frisk’s fat smelly horsecock into her pussy. Asgore’s cock has never even touched half of these pleasure points that this human boy’s cock is touching…! She immediately feels a rush of shame for thinking that way about her loving husband’s cock but her pussy is growing extremely wet, becoming more and more drenched by the second as Frisk continues to brutally invade and bully her fat clapping pussy with his fat smelly cock… 
They fuck on the floor of the hallway like two feral animals… Frisk is completely overtaken by his arousal, completely focused on completely dominating the pussy of the goat beneath him. Chara slowly fades away as Frisk continues to absolutely brutally piston his fat smelly monster cock in and out of the busty goat’s clapping pussy, feeling how her tight hole breaks open from just how thick and gigantic his cock is. 
Toriel feels amazing, her whole plump and curvy body is shivering and shaking with pleasure as her legs are spread completely open in a lewd and wide fashion, making her pussy completely displayed for the young boy for him to brutally fuck like an animal.

“Oh, my child, you… ah… you fuck so hard… like an animal… I hope this helps relieve your inner violence…” 
Toriel’s eyes are completely rolled back in her head… Frisk’s huge fat hard throbbing cock meat is stretching every single part of her pussy out, pressing against her weak spots and making her mouth hang open in a completely lewd manner as her pussy squirts and claps. The lewd, wet sounds of their feral and animalistic fucking fill the hallway, making the goat blush at how sensual and crude their actions are. The slapping sounds fill the air and only speed up as Frisk starts to brutally fuck Toriel even harder and faster, his huge fat cock stretching her out. 
“You’re ruining my pussy, my child… I can feel it stretching out so much over your huge girth, ah, this is such a bad thing for me to do… how will Asgore enjoy a ruined pussy?”

But even as she says these shameful words with blushing cheeks, her face is caught in an expression of absolute bliss and pleasure, her body couldn’t deny that Frisk’s gigantic fat human cock was making her pussy tingle and clap like never before. If the boy keeps fucking her with such feral and animalistic pace, pistoning his fat smelly horse cock in and out of her and pressing and aiming right at her pleasure points… the wise, composed goat was going to cum like she was nothing but a sex sow, a set of holes for humans!
 Frisk speeds up his brutal and feral fuckpace, his huge gigantic cock completely wet with how Toriel’s pussy keeps squirting out arousal. He starts to aim properly for her weakest pleasure points, driving his fat smelly cock into her ruined clappy pussy again and again. That’s what finally pushes the busty goat over the edge, her eyes completely rolling back and her mouth wide open in pure pleasure as she starts to shake and moan in pleasure from the strongest orgasm she has ever experienced… and it was from being fucked by the gigantic, smelly brutal cock of a human child, not her husband!

“AHHH!!” Toriel moans loudly and lewdly, a strand of saliva dripping past her mouth in pure pleasure as she cums. Her whole body shakes, her huge gigantic melons shaking and bouncing against each other and making clapping noises with just how much her body shakes. Her nipples are stiff and hard, twitching like crazy as she cums. “AHHHH!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY FAT PUSSY IS CUMMING SO HARD ALL OVER YOUR SMELLY, FAT HUMAN COCK…. I’M SORRY ASGORE… IT FEELS SO GOOD! I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!”

Her tongue completely hangs out of her mouth as she continues to cum, her toes on her paws curling hard from pure pleasure as she cums all over Frisk’s brutal invading cock. She feels so ashamed, cumming like she was nothing but a sex sow, but her body couldn’t stop herself… it felt too good….
Frisk smiles to himself as he continues to brutally fuck Toriel’s trembling tingling pussy. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping all over his brutal invading cock and he can feel his monster thick cock start to throb and flex, his own orgasm starting to arrive as he continues to plow the shaking goat with powerful fast thrusts. His cockhead pushes hard against her womb and cervix, which was still not completely open to receive his huge cock. 

Even though Toriel’s mind is completely foggy with her strong orgasm and the feeling of the boy’s thick gigantic monster cock stretching her pussy out, she can understand what the greedy boy wants, his fat smelly cockhead pressing insistently against her most sacred, deepest baby making box. 
“Oh, my child.. but… but that area is reserved only for my love, Asgore, you understand… I mean… I know say that you can use my body however you want but…”

Before Toriel can continue to speak, Frisk decides to let his cock speak for him.
Frisk doesn’t retreat, instead, he pulls his cock out and starts to fuck Toriel hard again, making sure that his huge smelly cock is aiming right for her weak pleasure spots every time he pushes his huge throbbing torture device back in. He fucks her with the same intense and brutal fuckmotion, his huge gigantic donkey dick fucking in and out of her with insanely wet and lewd sounds that fill the air. 
“AHHH!!!!!” Toriel screams, her entire body thrashing as Frisk brutally bullies her pussy with pleasure, “AHHH, I’M GOING TO CUM LIKE A BIMBO ALL OVER YOUR HUGE FAT SMELLY MEAT POLE AGAIN!! YES, YES, I’LL OPEN YOUR BABY MAKING BOX TO YOU!!!!’’
Torielcums hard like a sow, her whole plump body once again starting to cum hard as her huge fat tits shake and bounce, every inch of her plump and curvy body jiggling and shaking sexually as her eyes roll back and her tongue hangs out, her pussy lips going crazy as they clap wildly, splattering her own aroused juices all over the place as Frisk makes her pussy cum a second time on his huge brutal fuck stick. 

Her womb and cervix open up, allowing Frisk to finally slide his fat, gigantic smelly invading cock into the deepest and most sacred parts of the goat. He starts to fuck her for real, his brutal intense fuckmotions driving him closer and closer to cum. 
Toriel feels shame deep in her… that area was reserved for Asgore and yet she so easily opened it up for her child… anything to keep him safe, I suppose… she thinks, her mouth hanging open as she feels the deepest parts of her pussy become stuffed full of his thick brutal cock. 

Frisk is going to cum soon… the feeling of thrusting his invading gigantic cock deep into her cervix and pussy is causing his fat smelly monster cock to throb and flex like a beast, starting to get ready to pump his first load of hot thick smelly cum deep into her pussy. 
Within a few thrusts Frisk finally cums, his huge impossibly thick horse cock convulsing like a monster as he unleashes a thick, stinky flood deep into the goat’s ruined pussy. He makes sure that every inch of her womb and pussy is filled to the brim with his smelly stinkers before he pulls out, satisfied. 
Torie’s legs are spread lewdly open, her huge fat tits bouncing up and down as the goat gasps for air. Her pussy is completely stretched and ruined, still tingling and twitching from the aftermath of being brutally stretched out and fucked hard by the hard, fat gigantic monster cock of Frisk. He can see his stinky hot cum start to drip out of her, forming a stinky thick pool on the hallway floor. 

“My child… I hope that helped…” Toriel moans quietly, biting down on her lush fat lips as she stares dizzily at the child and his thick, fat cock still writhing on the ground like a beast. 
Frisk thinks he can no longer feel the effects of Chara in him. The hunger and greed must have been satiated by Toriel’s willing offering of her pussy… the brutal feral fuck they had must have made Chara go away. 
 He smiles inside. This was indeed a perfect proposition… as long as he remains here, he can continue to completely dominate and fuck Toriel’s pussy…

“Oh, my child, here’s the pie I made for you~” 
Toriel smiles lovingly at Frisk as the boy sits at the dinner table, looking at the delicious-looking pie that the loving motherly Toriel gives him. 
“I hope you enjoy it, honey,” Toriel says with a smile, sitting across him. Even beneath the layer of her robes and her apron her huge, fat tits still completely and prominently stick out lewdly like two huge mounds, resting on the dinner table like two fat melons… Frisk feels his fat monster cock twitch in excitement, where it’s been resting on the floor due to how big it is. 

Ever since the motherly goat’s proposition in the hallway, Frisk has been plunging his huge gigantic monster cock into her pussy whenever he had the chance to, every time his hungry anaconda cock felt urges or when he feels Chara threaten to come back… yes, it was a perfect situation. As long as the young boy kept his part of the bargain and agreed to stay in the house, never going down the stairs to venture to the gate, he was allowed to stick his fat smelly hungry cock in Toriel’s holes whenever he wanted… just yesterday, he made the goat open her mouth and stretch her mouth wide open as she suckled on the fat, thick rolls of foreskin of his horse cock until he filled her mouth and belly full of his cum. 

Yes, it was a great deal for him. He couldn’t believe his luck, being able to relieve his urges in the holes of such a sexy, bimbo-bodied goat that was willing to present her holes for him whenever… 
Frisk starts to eat the pie Toriel lovingly prepared for him. After all, he was still her child and he was being taken care of her like one… she treated him just as motherly and lovingly as before. Her gentle and wise demeanor was a completely lewd contrast against how loud and wet her pussy clapped whenever he demanded her to let him use her holes. 
Ah… this is shameful, but whatever it takes to keep my children safe… 

Toriel thinks, sighing with a small smile as she sees Frisk’s cock twitch again. She knows by now that his twitching, flexing anaconda cock means that Frisk had urges that he needed to relieve himself in… through her holes. 
My child is such a hungry and greedy thing… Toriel thinks fondly, but I am really quite happy with how things are right now… 
 Yes, it’s been a while since Toriel has had her pussy’s needs fulfilled, and Frisk’s cock is a lot more satisfying than Asgore’s smaller cock has ever been… she would never admit it, of course, because that would make her a bad wife. 

However, the domestic and happy life the two built up made the goat happy… letting the young boy bully her holes with his fat gigantic cock whenever he wanted was truly worth the joy that she was getting. 
“Oh, my child! Here, have another slice of pie…” Toriel says with a loving smile, cutting another piece for him. 
Yes, even though it wasn’t the same, this was like the married life that Toriel hasn’t experienced in so long ever since her husband Asgore decided to go on his cruel mission… 

**later that night

Frisk comes to her room again… his large fat cock was once again having urges. Toriel sees him enter the room and she immediately strips, knowing what the child is here for. 
“My child, your huge smelly cock sure is hungry! We only just fucked earlier this day! Ah… such a greedy monstrous thing your fat smelly donkey dick is!”
Toriel lets her robes drop to the floor, once again completely displaying her naked round tits that bounce huge and heavy from her chest and her fat, jiggly pussy pressing against a different pair of lewd, sheer thongs. 

She reaches up and pulls down the thong, grunting cutely as she tries to get the too-small piece of fabric down her thick thighs and wide hips. She finally manages and lets her fat, naked smooth pussy become exposed to Frisk’s hungry, greedy anaconda cock that was already writhing on the floor like a predator looking for prey.
“Come here, my child…”
Toriel lies down on the bed, spreading her legs open in a lewd fashion and allows the small boy to completely cover her plump curvy body with his own.

Despite having done this more than once, her shame at betraying her loving husband by opening her pussy up to a human child still makes her cheek flush dark pink… her pussy was so ruined, stretched way open… if her husband was to even try and fuck her, his small cock wouldn’t even feel anything! How could she have done this to her loving husband! And yet, the goat knew this was her part of the bargain to keep Frisk safe… and so she would keep it… it’s not like her curvy, plump body truly enjoyed the feeling of Frisk’s absolutely gigantic torture device brutally fucking her tight pussy everyday like a sow, right? 

Her soft jiggly thighs are completely raised up, allowing her fat pussy lips to be at the perfect angle for Frisk’s fat gigantic smelly cock to completely press deep into her pussy. 
The young boy wastes no time. He covers Toriel’s body completely and then immediately shoves his huge fat smelly cock deep into her. Toriel moans, feeling her ruined pussy once again stretched wide open over Frisk’s cock. 
“Ahh…. I thought my pussy couldn’t possibly stretch even more and yet…my child, your cock is truly so monstrous and gigantic, I can’t believe it…”
Her words are cut off as Frisk starts to brutally fuck her with a fierce, brutal fuckmotion, his cock burying so deep into her ruined pussy Toriel’s eyes immediately roll back at the feeling of his gigantic monster cock completely dominating and ruining her stretched pussy even more. 
Frisk fucks her brutally quickly, his hips fast and brutal as he pins her down and buries his cock deep into her fat, clapping pussy again over and over again.. The room is quickly filled with the lewd, wet, slapping sounds of Toriel’s wet aroused pussy clapping hard and wet. The sound makes Toriel blush but she keeps her pussy completely open. Frisk’s cock buries deep inside her, her tight pussy lips looking so lewd stretched so wide around the thick girth of his cock. It’s nothing like she’s ever felt before…. 
I can’t believe how good this feels… opening up my pussy for a smelly cock of that size and thickness… it’s nothing like Asgores… ah, it feels so good…. Asgore’s cock can’t even reach my baby making box… 
“Ahh!!!” Toriel’s eyes roll back as she feels the thick, hot throbbing cock meat of Frisk’s huge meat pole thrust deep into her, all the way to the back of her sacred womb and cervix. 
“Ahh… oh, my child…”
Frisk is fucking her like an animal, his huge anaconda cock looking like a beast as it plunges into her wet tight pussy again and again… he doesn’t even need to aim for his thick gigantic throbbing cock to reach all of her perfect pleasure points, he is quickly driving the gentle MILF into a strong orgasm despite her shame… 
“AHHHH!!!!” Toriel screams, her toes curling and her eyes rolling back as she starts to cum from the feeling of the human child brutally stretching open her womb and cervix, “I’ CUMMING… I’M CUMMING FROM YOUR HUGE HUMAN COCK COMPLETELY BULLYING AND DOMINATING MY BABY MAKING BOX!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD, I’M SORRY ASGORE, I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!”
Torielcums hard and long from Frisk’s huge fat cock stretching her womb and cervix open. The boy can feel his own strong fat cum load start to build up in his cock…. He watches Frisk cum, her eyes rolling back as her cheeks flush dark pink, her mouth hanging wide open to allow her tongue to droop out. She looked like a total slut for thick smelly human cock, opening her pussy and cervix and womb so easily for his huge monstrous ultra cock… 
Within a few more thrusts, Frisk starts to cum. Toriel moans and gasps as she feels Frisk’s gigantic, fat monster cock start to throb and convulse like a beast before it finally unleashes the first gallon of cum deep into her cervix…
“Ahh….” Frisk groans, feeling his huge fat cockhead burp out streams and streams of incredibly thick, smelly, and potent dick jelly… his fat smelly cock directly pumps his strong stinky swimmers into the deepest parts of her fertile pussy, completely dominating the watery and weak swimmers of her husband Asgore. He immediately impregnates the goat with hundreds of his babies, his strong fat stinky swimmers completely raping and overtaking her fertile eggs until she’s stuffed with a hundred babies. 
He pulls his fat smelly cock out when he’s finally done dumping his ocean of cum deep into Toriel’s belly. There’s so much cum in the goat that her belly is completely stiff with the volume of thick stinky swimmers inside her… there’s no way that the goat wasn’t pregnant with litters and litters of human babies. 

I can’t believe it…Toriel thinks to herself, completely ashamed despite how her body is still shaking from pleasure, I truly am the worst wife… my belly is sloshing so lewdly and loudly, stuffed full of human babies, the very enemies my loving husband is trying to kill… I’ve betrayed him so deeply by opening up my bimbo pussy to fat smelly human cock…. 

Toriel is completely shocked as she opens the door to her cozy home to find her husband standing at her doorway, looking apologetic. Toriel is completely surprised but also happy to see her husband but… this joy is immediately tainted by shame. Only that morning she had allowed Frisk to absolutely pump her with a stomach full of human babies, and now she was talking to her husband, the hater of humans! She feels so ashamed, talking to her husband with a pussy and belly stuffed full of thick and smelly human swimmers… if Asgore could see her stretched and ruined pussy, it would be the worst thing ever… 
The loving and motherly goat tries to remain smiling as she talks to him, pushing the thought of Frisk’s huge fat monster cock out of her head/ 
“Toriel…” Asgore says sadly, “come back with me, my love…”
Toriel’s eyes widen with shock, this wasn’t what she was expecting at all. 
‘But, after what you did to those human children… I can’t do that, Asgore…” Toriel says. 
“Please!” Asgore says, stepping towards his beloved ex wife, “I made such a huge mistake, my love, I love you so much! I can’t give you up… You’re my wife, after all, and I can’t possible leave you here all alone… I miss you…”
His words completely soften the heart of the gentle and wise goat. She feels even more ashamed now, thinking of the completely lewd acts she’s been doing with a human for the last few weeks, but… if Asgore is back, then surely she must prioritize her love for her husband above all else. After all, she loved him so much even if he hurt her, she couldn’t possibly say no to him, right?
“Asgore…” she starts to say. 
However, right at that moment, the door to the living room opens and the two goats gasp as Frisk walks through. The young human boy doesn’t even bother wearing his underwear around the house anymore, his cock is always fully out and hard, flopping and dragging around the floor like a huge thick snake wherever he goes. In this way his access to Toriel’s holes is even less limited… 
“Not now, Frisk!” Toriel says panickedly, even as her pussy once again starts to tingle as she breathes in the thick, virile stench of the boy’s musky smell. 
“What.. what is this, Toriel?” Asgore asks, confused and slightly on edge with the sight of a human child in the house. 
 Frisk approaches them, completely not caring about eh conversation the ex-couple was saying. His cock was having urges so naturally, he was looking for Toriel’s tight clapping pussy to relieve them again… 
Before Toriel can answer, Frisk approaches them and his fat, thick throbbing cockhead rises off the floor and presses against the female monster’s ruined, wet pussy. 

No! I must say no to this human child! If I am to remain loyal to Asgore… my husband came all this way, I can’t possibly betray him now! Especially… if my love is standing right in front of me, I can’t possibly let him see how this human boy completely stuffs my curvy body full of his monstrous thick horse cock! 
“Not now, my child!” Toriel cries out in exasperation, trying to push him away. However, despite the small size of the boy, he fights back… his greed and violence needs an outlet, and his holes were standing right in front of him!
 “What’s going on!” Asgore asks again, completely confused and feeling slightly intimidated by the strong, virile smell of Frisk’s manscent and his huge, monstrous-looking cock. 

Before Toriel can answer, she stumbles and she cries out as she feels Frisk’s cock push into the wrong hole. His thick, monstrous cock was stretching out her asshole!
“Ah- ah- my child!” Toriel tries to say, but Frisk pays her no attention. He starts to fuck her brutally, pistoning his cock in and out of her tight asshole right in front of her husband!
Asgore watches in complete shock as he watches his beloved wife have her asshole fucked brutally hard like a whore by a human right in front of him… her eyes were rolled back and her mouth was hanging open, almost like she was enjoying it!
“A-Asgore… you see… my child here has urges and I don’t want him to be in danger…” Toriel is trying her best to talk to Asgore even as her tight asshole is being completely stretched and ravaged by the thick, invading cock of Frisk that was fucking her brutally and ferally like an animal. 
“So I let him have access to my holes… I’m sorry…”
Frisk speeds up, slamming his thick throbbing cock in and out of Toriel’s tight asshole. 

Asgore is in complete shock and shame. He’s watching his wife roll her eyes back in pleasure from being treated like a sow by a human child! He suddenly sees her pussy and he feels humiliation go through him… his ex-wife’s pussy was completely stretched out and ruined, dripping with hot steaming cum… and her belly was stiff with the human’s cum! His wife had become a breeding sex sow for humans!
Asgore was completely defeated… 
“I promise… I don’t enjoy it… it’s to keep him safe….” Toriel tries to convince him, even as she is biting down hard on her fat lips to try and keep her mouth opening into a lewd expression. Asgore is ready to believe her, but at that moment Frisk decides to speed up his already-brutal fuckmotion, completely showing no mercy as he brutally stretches out Toriel’s hole. 

This new speed completely sends Toriel into pure pleasure, exposing her true thoughts to her husband as her eyes roll back and she starts to cum like a sow right in front of her husband…. 
Asgore is forced to watch as his beloved wife cums like a total bimbo slut from the huge smelly cock of the human boy using her like a hole. 
His heart is broken… he can’t take anymore. He turns and walks away, completely unnoticed by his wife, who was still cumming hard like a sow. 
Yes, Toriel was now completely owned by Frisk. She had truly turned into the human boy’s sex slave. 

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