Reviews for Attack of The Dark Cherry Blo‚Whe

BY : trutenor

  • From ANON - Rocker Starlight on July 01, 2003

    Wow, this was a very entertaining story. I think you could have used a touch more details, but I'm a fanatic for details in stories in general. ^_^ But seriously was was a very well written story and idea, and I'm glad I got to read it. Good luck with writing in the future! *waves*

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  • From ANON - Azrael, Lord of the Alabaster Legion on June 17, 2003

    I read this at, way back when, thanks for giving me this link. As for the story, it's as good as I remember. How good, you ask? Good enogh to get five stars per chapter and a written review. Keep up the good work and please update I'm still hooked on your other fics^_^)

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