Reviews for Luka's Story-Paradox

BY : Ditmag

  • From Breadhouse on April 14, 2022

    That one paragraph made up for the huge problem I had with one of the previous stories. Not sure how you pulled that off but well done closing the loop on that dangling thread. It still pisses me off to this day.. not sure why but it does, but the fact that it was addressed in a way that made sense within the context of the story was a fantastic surprise.

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  • From Breadhouse on February 26, 2022

    Legit just checked one last time before bed and did a little cheer when I saw chapter 13 was out. So far I'd say this is probably the best one, the plot has so many small things that layers that draw you in every time one of them is revealed I'm already hungry for the next chapter to find out whats next. Also, really love the complex relationships that are appearing in the group and seeing a less shitty side of both Alice and Ilias. Can't wait to see Luka finally meet the heavenly knights or how/if he's going to handle a certain poorly disguised mage if she happens to show up. (you should definately get a patreon going if you don't already have one by the way, and post this story over on webnovel. just saying)

    Much love my guy, keep up the fantastic writing. 

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  • From UnimpressedLink on February 06, 2022

    Wonderful work as usual! I'll say, you certainly do work quickly. I look forward to future chapters!

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