Fading Blossom in the Sand

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

*sigh* it seems that it would be my last project this year. So, another serial, but this time, it maybe the darkest thematic project, I'm worked so far. How it will end? Not sure, but surely, it's gonna be stressful experience in this dystopian AU. Please, forgive me, cos sci-fi was never my thing, so, now like exploring unknown horizons. For now adding first 2 chapters (rn working on 3rd, even so, I wanted this be a one-shot - -' )Anyway, Happy Holidays and New Year! ^^ May New Year will be a better than this year and bring calmness and peace....As always, thank you for reading and enjoy!


The year is 24XX. After for nearly for century lasted great war, the peace was restored. Despise that the physical and psychologic damage which mankind left is beyond of being fixed. Most of areas become not inhabitable due radiation, many innocent lives were lost in this never-ending slaughtering because of another argue and showing-off the influence and power of rich people. As soon as this war ended, those bastard sickos were publicly executed by the wrath of hungry and exhausted folks. Anarchy has spread over the continent. Eye for eye, fang for fang - there was no mercy for weaker ones.

However, as years has passed, everything has changed when Imperial army has shown up. Oh-so-promised holy land in which there is no war or fights, equal rights and being under the safe wing of them leaded by Duke. It sounded like call from heavens for desperate and as Utopian dream. Yet you cannot receive anything without paying a price…

Of course, all people were equal, however, some were more equal and privileged than others. As long as you follow the orders and live up the ideals of this supreme ruler, you can live without a fear of being tortured as war criminal or killed like a dog, which corpse will be like a best showcase to others. That’s right, even the slightest complain and you may be lucky being just death convicted at same spot, otherwise, your miserable fate is in officers of strictest regime jail. Living like under the glass where your every step is being traced and recorded…

As people continued living in desperate of even being betraying by their own family, some tried to escape, unfortunately, most in failure. Yet there was a hope! For those, who managed to leave this dystopia and survive, they started to fight back by gathering into groups and thus the Resistance Force was formed…

Time goes by and so the Resistance Force began slowly grow stronger. However, you cannot win with empty words or promises, therefore for that needed resources, which started to run out. It was just a first mission of one rookie soldier, who was assisted with one of seniors - Kyo. Checking recently discovered abandoned spaceship and bringing back anything that may be value - it sounded as simple as that, yet ‘‘when man is planning, god is laughing at it’’ or so there is such an old Earthian saying…

Somewhere in the vasts of the galaxy~ The elder brunette pilot looked like could asleep any minute when rested his head on against his palm. Surely, if it wasn’t for his uniform, he could be easily mistaken as a type who loves get into trouble. That’s right, after awhile, this organization managed to get their own outfit, which maybe simple and plain but it was at least practical in battle field - A dark green color trousers and same color jacket, which two chest pockets’ upper line was highlighted by dark gold line, black boots, white gloves and sound transmission device, which was barely visible behind ear. As for weaponry, Resistance Force members choice wasn’t so wide - older model light-saber blades or/and handhelded guns. Usually, you can have 2 of selected weapons at same time. Just need to attach them on white belt and it’s done. Of course, it as no match for Imperial army’s body armor suits, but if your combat skills were decent, you could survive for a bit longer…

However, right now until arriving at destination point were left so much of time - 2 fricking hours. Well, auto-pilot function could be pretty convenient thing - you don’t need to worry about about getting stray away and you can sit back and relax, but on other hand, it was like greatest curse for this brunette - he can’t make his way more interesting or thrilling by making a twist or two, or try to manoeuvre and master new techniques. It’s a space, for heaven’s sake! What could possibly happen? It’s nothing like he could hit anything or crash anywhere or so he though.

But the truth is why Kyo was restricted like this was quiet simple - like commander said for n-th time it is a ‘waste of fuel’ and other rants about him damaging spaceship. Heck, everyone has right for mistake, plus it was one of his first flights, of course, he was still green. And now, either he can pilot manually just when someone is here to watch him over, either his so-oh-beloved auto function.

Just when this brunette placed his hands behind his head and lean back, he jolted and immediately opened his eyes from unexpected question of his mission partner in cheerful tone ‘‘Hey, Kusanagi-san, are we there yet?’’ and yes, of all possible people, Kyo had to be paired with a rookie, who keeps following him nearly every time. Of course, it's good to have someone who so purely and innocently admires you, ‘cos you can ask any favors or to treat you, but most of the time it’s annoying as hell.

Not to mention, that this elder brunette before the mission received rather an insulting replies from other singly members that how come he wasn’t teamed up with his usual partner - Iori Yagami, did he was ‘‘dumped’’ and etc. yet it was quiet surprise how he walked away without any not so kind intended gestures. Of course, either he prefers solo missions, either with Yagami whenever there was a chance, because there was no mission when they weren’t together. Besides, even if they may argue and nearly set a fight each time, but during missions it was a different case. Of course, there were difficulties in the beginning, like this redhead's lack of trust - after all, he was about to deal with such a trouble maker and that didn't sounded too promising. Secondly, he was treating everyone the same - let it be a superior or not, he would say directly and honest with no sugar-coating. Not to mentioning, too lively and stays chirpy, even if he get's scolded - nah, does not affect him. Yet as time went by, Iori got used to this behavior of this brunette, maybe it is not that bad as it seemed like, eventually, he even left piloting to Kyo, because he seemed to enjoying it.

As for missions, it’s like they both know their rhythm, movement and could ‘synchronize’. However, sometimes a lil competition during it, could give some variety if there was included defeating Imperial troops or anyone who stands in the way. That's right, having faith in each other and even support and respect. Yet maybe it can be, because that it felt like ages to work out together, but then again, Kyo has also been with other soldiers, but even the dynamics with them could be described in best case as ‘‘Let’s just finish this…’’, basically, not so big interest working with others like right now.

However, now this brunette would been sent alone, if it wasn’t for his hobby to mastering more complicated piloting techniques. Also, receiving an argument from some operators that ‘it would be a good practice for newbie. So, take him with you’ was just like added salt to his wounds. For now this brunette without facing, replied in irritated tone ‘‘Do you see anything in front of us? No? Nothing around? So, wake me up, if you see anything, got it?’’. Once he look towards Shingo, he asks ‘‘What is it with you? For such a simple task , you do look excited.’’.

The younger brunette honestly replied ‘‘I can’t believe this my first mission. Finally, I could get into real action! And and…and, well, seeing Kusanagi-san kicking some ass…too.’’ it seems that this young Yabuki’s words stuck in this throat as he turns his head away and lowered his gaze. Kyo only sighed and after placing his hand on Shingo’s shoulder and says ‘‘Don’t set such a high hopes. It’s just a simple check-out of, erm,…How was that called? NE..NEE.., ah, that’s right! NEST spaceship. That’s all, nothing special. I bet you, there would be bunch of trash and empty rooms. The scariest thing what could happen is tripping over a wire. And when we done, after returning, just reporting to the headquarters. Same ol’ procedure, you’ll get use to.’’. When he removed his hand from this rookie’s shoulder, he once again began to relax and eventually falling asleep.

The time has slowly passed by and after finally landing their spaceship inside of the entrance of the NEST’s spaceship, this duo settled down. While this older brunette was stretching around, his partner was still at awe and with such excitable voice said while still observing a huge white corridor ‘‘Oh man.. that’s surely waaay bigger than imagined! I’m not sure if we can finish on same day.’’ however, once Kyo lowered his arms and made sure that on left side of belt located handhelded gun and on his right, not activated light saber blade, replied in carelessly tone ‘‘That’s right. It seems someone surely got their data wrong. Anyway, don’t get away too far or do you wanna stay here? Then be my guest…Let’s just go.’’. When this younger brunette was prompted to go, both of Resistance soldiers began to investigate this abandon place.

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