The Beginning

BY : InktheSphinc
Category: +M through R > Minecraft
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Disclaimer: The author does not own any of the Minecraft fandom, nor personally know any celebrities mentioned below, such as Alex Jones or Jean Simmons. The author makes no profit from this work. It is a work of fiction.

     There was a big, black, blocky dragon. A strange creature appeared. It had three heads, but the ones on its shoulders. A single spine extended downward as it it powered up. “Whoa,” said the dragon. “Your cute.” “You are also cute. I’m Simmons, but people call me a wither also.” I kind of look like the letter T.

     “How did you come to be here, in the End of Minecraft?” “I was maddddde,” moeaned the wither. “Oh. I was always a dragon.” “Your cute.” “You are also cute. I’m Simmons,” “Would you like to go on a date. The wither?” “Yes, dragon.” “Call me Jean. I am called Jean. My name is Jean.”

     They went on a date. “How is your human meal, Jean!” “Good.” “Let’s have sex?” “Yes, I agree.” Slowly, the wither began to kiss Jean, with all three of his heads. His long, black bony member erected, but there were two for each head. “Wow, so many,” said Jean. She lovingly caressed each one with her mouth. Caress. Umm, that fels good! Roared the wither in heaven.”Put them in me, all at once!

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