When the Bloody Moon Rises

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own Togainu no Chi.

Okay~ After a long break, I've decided to start a new WIP (tho, originally I was planning to update the sci-fi setting, but hey, sooner or later this bad boi may have seen the daylight)

So, first of all, I'm grateful for the support, encouragement and lotsa of advices and suggestions of one good friend of mine ❤
'cos otherwise, it would still remain as a draft inside my head x'D

And yeah, Ensisolis, I hope that this is what you may have expected (so, yeah, someone still need to defeat a monster or two before the main big fight in the Master Room)

As always,



Somewhere, in another time and place. It was a world where humans rule since ancient times. However, the creatures of the night also walk on this land without humanity realizing it.

That’s right, intelligent monsters and demons learned to hide their true form behind their human shape. Not only does it work as a perfect disguise, but also it does not drain their energy in this world.

Although, not all nocturnal creatures wanted to live together easily to catch food and lower themselves to the same level as these foolish humans. These ferocious monsters and demons openly hunted down humans and spread fear and terror across the land.

Fortunately, as long as kindness, love, and justice lived in people’s hearts, there was hope! One day, people with supernatural strength and power, who called themselves hunters, fought back the creatures of the night. After a long-lasting battle, which took many brave lives, the hunters defeated the evil monsters and restored the peace.

In the end, those who survived were feared as the ones they slain and even banished from their hometowns. Yet, instead of turning their backs on humans, some hunters continued to live in solidarity, and the others gathered into groups known as hunter guilds.

Everyone is welcome in the hunter guilds - from veteran hunters to anyone who just picked their first weapon. However, one of the conditions is - you need to pay for the rent and food. And for that, the Hunter Guild offers the chance to earn not only for survival but also to live a decent life.

There is frequently updated information about all available bounties, and the hunters can pick any wanted target.

And this is where the story of one vampire hunter who is fated to meet an unfortunate end, yet keeping his pride to the very end, begins.

It is another day in the Hunter Guild. Life here never stops even for a single moment because either someone checks the notice board and carefully picks their new target before setting on the new journey, or some people gathered in small groups. Lastly, someone is returning to the guild and about to claim their sweet bounty money.

Speaking about claiming the reward, one silver-haired hunter wearing an open long dark coat with a snow-white fur collar, an orange t-shirt, and light gray jeans enters the guild while dragging his defeated vampire. Even if the nocturnal creature was listed as an A-rank monster, in Akira’s eyes, he was barely as strong as a D-rank one. Perhaps, even lower rank than that, but the guild offered a generous reward.

In any case, the money is the money, and he’ll use it to live without worries for a good couple of weeks and take a long-awaited break.

The blue-eyed hunter also never cared about fortune, nor felt the thrill of dominating and killing his target, as some elite hunters do. Besides, he only does what he can do, and if the enemy is in front of him, he doesn’t hesitate and finishes it as soon as possible.

Even since his first hunt, he cannot understand how earning bread and keeping the roof under his head sounds exciting or glamorous to anyone. After all, it is monotonous work for which he gets paid.

Surprisingly, Akira has become a vampire hunter, not because of seeking revenge for what vampires did to him. More importantly, killing the blood-thirsted monsters won’t bring his dead parents.

Lastly, it is already a distant past, even if he cannot recall bits and pieces of it, and believes in the hunter’s words, who rescued him and raised him as his child and later suggested joining the Hunter Guild.

But for now, Akira remembers that his mission is not over until he delivers his captured target to the master room. That’s why, the faster he brings his captured creature, the better it will be.

On his way, he hears a familiar voice calling out for him ‘‘Akira!’’.

Upon looking in the direction of that voice, the blue-eyed hunter spots his childhood friend, who greets him with excitement in his voice ‘‘You’re finally back! How did it go?’’.

Suddenly, the brunette gets startled by the groaning vampire revealing bare fangs and hisses at Keisuke. Yet, Akira coldly glares at the dead creature.

‘‘Why-Why it is… It’s still alive?’’ Keisuke asks in disbelief.

After silently exhaling, the silver-haired young man explains ‘‘He is not. It’s only his last breath.’’.

‘‘Oh… I see.’’ the brunette replies. A couple of seconds later, Keisuke lowers his gaze and asks in a slightly shy tone ‘‘Um, I was thinking about it for a while, but I couldn’t ask you this while you were gone.’’.

As Keisuke clenches his palms into fists, he finally gathers enough courage and speaks up ‘‘Can I train with you? Well, if you are fine with it, of course… Or at least watch you. I-I promise I won’t bother you!’’.

‘‘Do as you wish. But not today. I need to rest.’’ Akira quickly backfires.

Suddenly, the brunette’s eyes sparkle with innocent joy, and he cheerfully replies ‘’Y-yes! Then, I’ll wait for tomorrow, Akira.’’. In the end, the rookie hunter follows his childhood friend to the master room.

Some time passes. At last, Akira reaches his room. However, after opening the door and stepping on the rustling paper, he gives a questioning look. Once he looks downs, he notices an envelope sealed with wax.

Upon picking up this piece of paper and studying, the silver-haired hunter realizes that this is the letter from the church.

Perhaps, it’s for the wrong person. Or so, he wonders. However, Akira carefully checks the address and the recipient’s name.

‘‘Just what kind of business the church wants with me?’’ The hunter murmurs as he tears the envelope and reads the letter.

The church offers him an unusually high reward, which allows him to retire early and live as a noble by only for bringing the head of an SS-rank vampire. However, Akira doesn’t trust this offer and already can sense that it sounds too good to be true.

Nevertheless, he decides to go to church. After all, he is running out of holy water, and it won’t do any harm to bless his trust-worthy combat knife and other sub-weapons. More importantly, he won’t feel under someone’s pressure by observing him during his training session. And thus, once the sun rises, he is going to visit the god’s house.

After entering the church, the vampire hunter is greeted by the priest and the red-haired nun near the altar.

‘‘Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you, hunter.’’ The redhead addresses him in a proud tone.

Yet, Akira doesn’t waste any time and straightforwardly asks ‘‘So, you were the ones who sent the letter? What do you want from me?’’.

After the nun cracks a smile, she replies ‘‘Not only you didn’t show up yesterday, but you dare to speak like this when you are a wanted criminal, vampire hunter Akira.’’. As her blue eyes sparkle, she adds in a mocking voice ‘‘Who knew that an excellent hunter is nothing more than a cheap fraud… You claim enormous rewards by killing innocent people who look similar to your targets for a long time. However, this time you won’t get away, boy.’’.

For sure, Akira has no idea what this woman is talking about. Yet, instead of listening to the empty insults, he turns around and is about to take his leave.

Unfortunately, the same voice makes him freeze at the same spot ‘‘Go on and leave. I’m sure that the Hunter Guild is already waiting to arrest you, and before preparing you for the public execution, you may receive proper punishment for your actions. Even your dirty lies about your target being too weak won’t help you.’’.

The silver hunter widens his eyes and grids his teeth. After turning around and approaching the church people, he exhales and defends himself in a patient and chill voice ‘‘I don’t know what you have against me, but you got the wrong person. My target was a vampire. He had sharp fangs and glowing eyes.’’.

‘‘The police reports say otherwise. How about you read it by yourself? Maybe then you’ll realize that you have nowhere to run.’’ The redhead backfires, and when she turns her head, she addresses the priest ‘‘Father, could you pass me the papers?’’.

After the dark-haired man passes the pile of papers, the nun handles them to Akira and explains ‘‘We do not wish any harm to you. We are only the humble servants of god. I’m Emma, and he is Gwen. As you can see, a group of people witnessed how a hunter who looked exactly like you abused a homeless man until he stopped resisting so that you could drag him away.’’.

When the vampire hunter removes his gaze from the studied papers, he replies ‘‘But it wasn’t me! I was in the opposite part of the city when it happened.’’.

‘‘If it was only one person or two, you may still argue about whether one of them is lying. However, these people say the same thing, even if they don’t know each other. Anyway, this church shares a long history of supporting the Hunter Guild. That’s why we may still help you.’’ Emma explains.

Lastly, she addresses Akira in a strict voice ‘‘Listen, we are giving you a second chance, and it’s up to you if you will use it. We have a perfect job for you. There is one pesky, arrogant vampire named Il Re, who kills people for his entertainment and challenges the brave men to play his little game. This manipulative creature even brainwashes people and makes them fight each other until only one remains. However, his hunger for power has grown stronger over the years, and he plans to destroy all humans and take over the world. That’s why, we ask you to go to the Forest of Eternal Night, where he lives, and defeat him. However, you must bring his head to us as proof of your victory. If you cooperate with us, we will convince the guild master it was another person who hunted the wrong target. More importantly, you will receive a reward, which lets you live the best of your life.’’.

However, once she finishes, the vampire hunter feels like such an offer is suspicious. Therefore, he asks to make sure that his senses are false ‘‘I can assume it is at least an SS-rank vampire. So, why are you asking me instead of the veteran hunters? I’m not even from any legendary hunter clan nor hunted down monsters above the S-rank. Aren’t you risking to send someone who may die and waste your time by looking for another hunter?’’.

‘‘You do realize that you have no bright future ahead of you, and you will rot in prison? It’s fine by us, hunter. However, we’ve seen records of your previous targets, which were enough for us. So, consider it again.’’ The redhead nun replies in a serious tone.

No matter how much Akira dislikes that someone decides what he should do, he admits that the woman is right, and either way, he may die. That’s why, after a while, he picks the lesser evil and accepts the offer.

‘‘When do you want me to start?’’ The blue-eyed young man asks.

In the end, Emma delightfully stares and curves a smile on her face ‘‘You’ve made a smart decision. However, before you go, I’ll give you something that will be useful during your journey.’’. After removing the silver necklace with the cross by her right arm, she handles it to Akira ‘‘This is a holy cross, which will vanish all creatures of the night around. However, use it wisely because it will work only once. Lastly, may the Lord be with you.’’.

Lastly, when the silver-haired hunter receives the blessing from the church, he sets on a new adventure to prove his innocence.

A few hours passed since the hunter left the city, and he entered the Forest of Eternal Night. Despite this place being quiet and reminding an ordinary forest during the nighttime, he is more cautious than usual. After all, who knows what kind of monsters are lurking in the dark? However, the longer he wanders here, he notices that the only entities he has encountered by far are the small and harmless animals that ran away after seeing him.

By far, the most outstanding thing about this forest is that the moon, which is surrounded by countless stars, is glowing in bloody red. More so, according to these church people, he should follow the moonlight until he reaches Count Il Re’s castle.

Some time passed. As Akira continues on his path, he isn’t aware that a pair of glowing eyes are watching him and waiting for the right moment in the distance. Soon enough, the lurking creature in the darkness reveals its fangs and licks it with its long wolf’s tongue. Certainly, the human’s blood smells delicious, and that fool will be easy prey. Or so, an enormous monster thinks.

Just as the vampire hunter spots the bridge connecting the forest and the castle, he can sense that something is off. However, the moment he is about to pick up the combat knife, he hears the loud, freezing in fear growling behind him.

Suddenly, the giant werewolf jumps from the depths of the forest with its open mouth. Yet, Akira’s reaction is quicker, and he dodges the attack.

Although the furry monster dashes at him with its sharp nails. Slash after a slash, and the hunter gracefully maneuvers it. However, the last strike almost gets him, and a nail damages his cheek.

After smelling the fresh blood, the beast howls and licks its lips, thirsting for the flesh. As Akira picks multiple knives into his fingers and aims at the werewolf. Although, the nocturnal creature brushes away the launched blades at it. Hell, it even didn’t get scratched.

Yet, the hunter had not a single second for wondering or a breath. The ferocious beast launches a strike at him at an inhumane speed and sends Akira flying until his back hits the tree.

As he lets out a painful groan, the hunter harshly lands on the ground. Despite that his whole body twitches, and he realizes that, in the end, he became mere food. Yet, he refuses to show any sign of suffering to the monster in front of him.

Meanwhile, the ferocious beast’s claw roughly grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air. Even when his throat is under such pressure, the blue-eyed hunter shakily places his hands on the hungry dog’s wrist and attempts to remove it.

However, the creature only enjoys his struggle and sticks out its tongue. Of course, Akira is disgusted by this creature licking his face and drooling on him. Unfortunately, there isn’t much he can do, nor does anyone show up and save him.

When the silver-haired young man closes his eyes, gathers his remaining strength into his one leg, and kicks into the creature’s guts.

As the werewolf groans, it releases the choking and dizzy hunter. Even when Akira desperately catches air, he instantly draws his combat knife and slits his opponent’s throat. When he is showered in the dark crimson liquid, the hunter picks the holy water from his coat’s inner pocket and removes the lid with his teeth.

Then, he shoves the bottle inside the monster’s throat through its open wound. The werewolf screams like a slaughtered animal as the holy water burns it and scratches its neck. Yet, it was too late for the ferocious dog. Soon enough, the blue flame ignites and spreads across the beast’s body. However, Akira wastes no time, and without realizing it, his legs carry him away from the creature howling in agony.

After running for a while like there is no tomorrow, he crosses the bridge and reaches the castle’s gate. When he lifts his head, Akira realizes that this is only the beginning of his mission. No matter how huge is the Count's castle, the hunter knows - somewhere at the top, there should be the master room, where the oh-so-feared Il Re waits for him.

But for now, he can swear that he felt the sudden burst of dark energy behind him. As the hunter looks back, he sees no one, and as soon as that aura appeared, it instantly disappears. Perhaps, his mind only plays tricks on him. Or so, Akira convinces himself.

A couple of seconds later, the gate opens for him, like inviting him inside. In the end, he enters the castle without realizing that the dark shadow follows him and watches him.

A/N: And for now, that is all for the pilot/introduction chapter for this kind of setting in which one vampire hunter cannot catch a break even for a single second xD
So, surely, it was my first time working the fighting scenes by not slaying all creatures of the night by good ol' sacred whip - Vampire Killer ('cos this is how you use whip, right?)
Anyway, for now, I'll let you decide if this should progress any further.

And as always - See you next time!~

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