Reviews for unnamed people

BY : Miroku

  • From HotnSpicyfox on February 09, 2009

    Some of the reviews this mess received made me laugh harder than the fic itself...which wasn't hard to do in the least.

    I thought it was a joke at first, and then realized you're a simpleton.

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  • From Aelan on April 29, 2007

    *blink... blink* Um.. okay

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  • From ANON - Kitsune on July 17, 2006

    Can't say anything for the story but the reviews sure made me laugh.

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  • From ANON - Anon on February 02, 2006

    Well, that's a minute of my life I can't get back.

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  • From ANON - pzzz on December 18, 2005

    that...that...hahaha...are 12 or something? cuz i know 13 yr olds taht write waaaay better shit than THAT,

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  • From ANON - Anonymous Flamer on December 12, 2005

    I think I've had that applesauce before...

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  • From ANON - ... on November 05, 2005

    My God...that was horrible

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  • From ANON - Sarah on October 22, 2005

    Lol! Geez, that was the worst thing I've read all day. Sexly? Lol!

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  • From Imasuky on September 17, 2005

    That was one of the stupidest most retarted thing i have every read i loved an my Samurai flesh eating pandas did to so they have made the choice not to kill you.
    With love; Imasuky Lomae

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 26, 2005

    quite a few spelling mistakes in this

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  • From ANON - Kay on August 18, 2005

    I cannot believe you... you... really hot Miroku. Plz write more ^_^

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  • From on June 30, 2005

    I would have probably read almost the whole thing if it was grammatically correct.

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  • From ANON - unknown man on May 28, 2005

    ok... thats kinda strange

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  • From ANON - Anon on May 23, 2005

    evil this is evil but it is pretty good

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  • From ANON - A disturbed Shannon Rotten on May 22, 2005


    Are you a child or are you just dumb?

    nice effort, I guess. It was...sort of funny...stupid funny.

    It did make me laugh....but bad fan fictions usually do...


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