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BY : Miroku
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Sims, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

One Day a sim was walking around his two story house looking over everything.....A girl that he lives with the same age as him ( 20/19) walked into the room and starts talking to him.

me: yep thats what they do.......

girl sim: hello!

guy sim: hello!

girl sim: you like this room?

guy sim: yes i do, veary much...

me: wow thats what i call a conversation

girl sim: *walks into bathroom to take a shit*

The guy sim saw a magizen under the bed and started reading it...the problem is Its a .......PICTURE BOOK

Guy sim: I didn`t know a girls legs could go that way....

me: ok now hes talking to his self thats just strange, -yes it is,-who are you?!,-Im you answering the questions you already know the answers to you dumb ass!,-oh ok :D oh yea if you didnt gess yet its a playboy magizen.....

THe girl sim finished takeing a shit and call a friend from the telephone that was placed in the bathroom.

girl sim: Hi come over here and quick...(A/N: you know that they never tell them where they are the just kinda know where the person lives already)... Theres a HOT sexy guy over here...Its time to go to work.

She hung up the phone and went out of the bathroom to find out that the guy sim had found a playboy magizen.

me: wow there going to work...this is my FF and i dont know whats going to happen nextmb amb ass...

girl sim: what do you have there? *she ask sexly* (A/N: I have no idea if thats right)

guy sim: a magizen with picture of hot women in it

Me: brave aint he I would of said nothing and sat on it

*ding dong*

girl sim: I`ll get that

She walked down stairs and answered the door.

girl sim: good your here hes up stairs looking at a playboy magizen we should show him that those pictures can become reallity

girl sim2: Ok..how do you know hes looking at a play boy magizen?

she asked walking inside

girl sim: I asked him and he told me...

They walked up the stairs and entered the room

me: wow Im putting so much into this story..."I`ll answer that"....She answers the door....come on I think i can write better,-no you cant,-oh shut up!

guy sim: hello!

girl sim2: hello!

guy sim: do you like this room?

me: repeat backwards NNNNOOOOOOOO!

girl sim2: it ok but i think i like your body better

She said looking over his body.

guy sim: thank you

girl sim: get him!

The 2 girl sims jump up and knock him down on his bed and tie his arms and legs to the bed post corners.
then they take off his shirt, shoes, socks (A/N: i didnt forget the socks yeah!..ahem) and boxers...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LEMON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY FIRST~~~~~~~SO DONT GET MAD~~

The 1st girl sim started sucking his cock running her toung up and down it to the base of it all the way to the tip intell it got big and hard...

girl sim2: wow thats a good 10in.!

girl sim: wow you never have thought that he was this big

Girl sim2 took everything she was wearing off as did girl sim1...Girl sim2 started rubbing her hands all over his chest as he made small noises of approvial. She started getting horny so she told the other girl sim that they should get started.

girl sim2: Im getting horny lets get started.

Me: dont ask the apple sauce is getting to me....and grape soda my pops` brought home..

Girl sim: ok...

Girl sim 1 got her self ready to place his great big cock into her wet pussy, as girl sim2 placed her wet pussy in his face. Knowing what was about to happen the guy sim just relaxed and went with the flow.
As soon as girl sim2`s pussy was on his face girl sim1 drove down hard on his cock over and over again wiggleing her hips to get a better pleasurable feeling which worked quit well for both of them. The guy sim layed back and ate out girl sim2`s pussy like there was no tomorrow.

thrusting his toung in her cunt deeper and deeper then before.both girls where moneing out loud and he knew that all of them were about to come.wanting to get this over with with a pleasurable ending he thrusted his hips up driveing his full 10 in. into girl sim1`s waiteing pussy. e hee he did that he licked girl sim2`s pussy full force getting licking up all of the precum pussy juice that he could. Soon they call come together, or as close as you could say... He kept licking up all of girl sim2`s pussy juice and wiggled his hips makeing girl sim 1`s orgasm last longer. when they were done he girls untied him.

girl sim: that was great

girl sim2: yeah I never felt anything like that!

guy sim: how bout we go again this time with out me being tied up and ya`ll change places?

girls: Ok

So the rest of the night Girl sim 1 got her pussy eaten out and girl sim2 got the full force of his great big cock thrusting into her pussy....Good thing Inuyasha loves the taste of Kagome and Sango`s pussy.

Me: please dont hurt me Inuyasha fans!

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