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Ashley dreamed. It was a dream he gave into almost every night lately. Irving laying on him, planting kisses over his body. His hands in the noble's silver hair, twisting it around his fingers. It was a short dream, but to him a frightening one. He didn't understand these..."feelings". He wasn't gay, so why did he keep having this dream about Irving? When he awoke from it this night, he sat up realizing he had made a mess of himself. "Dammit!" he said quietly "This dream is getting out of hand!" Sighing angerly he got up, put on a robe, and walked out into the hall.

In the silence of the sleeping chateau he heard wimpers comming from Irving's room. It was most likely Altaecia. A stab of jealousy hit Ashley. "What makes him love her so much?" he whispered to himself, trying to ignore the sounds. He walked on to the bathroom, and cleaned off the sticky fluid he had gotten on his stomach. "Why am I getting jealous?" he said to himself again, as he walked back to his room "This dream must be really messing with my mind."

He frowned at the mess on the sheets and decided it would be best if he got some new ones. Since he didn't want to wake one of the maids, and try to explain why he needed new sheets, he went out into the hall again. He would steal some from the other guest room, put the dirty sheets in the laundry, and no one would ever know. Unfortunately, the other guest room was right next to Irving's room. He would have to hear those blasted noises again! //No matter.// He reasoned with himself. //I have no reason to be jealous. I am not gay, I do not like Irving in that manner, that dream is just getting to me.// With confidence he walked again into the hall to the guest bedroom.

The wimpers could be heard even more so in the bedroom, Ashley blocked them from his mind as he went to pull the sheets from the bed. He could hear Irving softly moaning, flashes of the dream invaded Ashley's mind and he started to imagine what Irving was doing in there. He sat on the bed for a moment listening to the moans. Closing his eyes he imagined being in that room, in Irving's bed, the older man above him, his silver hair falling over Ashley's face, tickling his nose. Unconciously he laid back on the bed, opened his robe, and began to stroke his now rock hard member. "I love you" he heard the Irving in his head whisper, "I love you Altaecia". Ashley was snapped from his dream by the name of Irving's sister. "I love you too dear brother" came Altaecia's response. The moans had stopped, and it became deafeningly quiet in Irving's room. Ashley quickly sat up, readjusted his robe, and grabbed the sheets from the bed. Quietly he walked back into the hall, stopping for a moment when he realized Irving's door was open just a crack.

He peered in the crack, looking at Irving's bed. The man laid on his back, his eyes closed, his breathing slow, it was obvious that he was asleep, his silver hair was spilled around his shoulders and the pillows behind his head. Ashley sighed, he looked beautiful just laying there. But in his arms was the small figure of Altaecia, sleeping. Her head resting on his shoulder. Ashley looked away, wishing he was laying on Irving's shoulder, in that big bed. He signed at the thought. Half jealous, half annoyed with himself for having such feelings. Heavy hearted, he walked back to his room.

Ashley layed down on his sheetless bed, the clean covers laying in a heap on the floor. He heard the sound of small footsteps. Altaecia was quietly walking back into her bedroom. He layed there a moment, listening to her steps until they were out of earshot, then a force stronger than his own will made him rise from his bed, and walk back out into the hallway towards Irving's door. This time, the door was shut and ashley fought himself from turning the door knob. But it was too late. His had reached out, and touched the cool metal. Carefully and quietly he turned it, and opened the door slowly. He walked into the room, and quietly shut the door behind him.

Ashley removed his robe and placed it on the floor quietly. Irving layed on his side now, facing away from where Ashley was standing. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he slowly raised the cover and slid under it. At that moment, Irving stirred in his sleep, and, eyes still closed, turns towards Ashley, putting his arms around him.

//He thinks i'm altaecia... //

Ashley layed there, very still, bearly breathing while the older man wrapped his arms around him. The beginings of an erection poked Ashley in the leg. he knew that Irving would realize who it was if he touched him. But he couldn't move. Irving was holding him rather tightly. Irving's hand started to slide along Ashley's arm. Ashley shut his eye's tightly as the hand wandered further over his stomach. He knew he'd have hell to pay. The fear, and excitement had given Ashley an erection of his own, and he could do nothing about it now. The hand slid down to Ashley's pubic hair, and then to his cock. But Irving did not jump up as Ashley expected, instead, the hand stayed for a moment on his member, and then slowly started to stroke it.

Ashley layed in the bed, in complete shock as Irving slowly pumped his manhood, the erection poking his leg had become harder and was now softly rubbing against his leg.

//Is he...really...doing this? //

Ashley fought with himself. Did he really want this? Why was Irving stroking him? The feeling became more intense and he knew he was soon going to release. A wisper came from Irving into his ear.

"I knew you wanted me..."

Ashley quickly sat up in the bed

"You what??"

"I knew you wanted me..I've known all along. You can't deny it now. Just look at you."

Ashley knew he couldn't. He was naked and in the man's bed. There was nothing to say. A deep blush came over Ashley's body. Irving began the stroking motion again.

" did..oh...did you know?" Ashley asked, closing his eyes. He was close...very close.

"The way you looked at me. The way you look when I am with Altaecia...I can tell when you're jealous you know..." Irving replied with a smirk.

The motion on Ashley's member quickened, and it throbbed in Irving's hand. Ashley grabbed the sheets and leaned his head back. he moaned loudly as he came, and Irving quickly put his mouth over the head of his cock, swallowing as much of the climax as he could.

Ashley stared at Irving as he sat up, wiping his mouth. "You just...I...We...I don't understand.." Irving smiled at him slightly. "Don't worry about it Ashley. now..I have something for you to attend to..if you catch my drift" Irving pointed to his erection. Ashley leaned down, taking the whole length in his mouth, and then slowly sliding his tounge on it as he raised his head just to the tip. He could taste something strange...

//It must be from earlier..with her..//

The thought almost made him gag but he continued sucking slowly at first, but then getting slightly quicker, until he could tell Irving was close. I'll make this last for a while he thought and slowed down his pace. Irving grabbed Ashley's hair as he slowly went down again, pressing Irving's manhood down his throat. He could feel it throb against the back of his throat, and Irving tried to make Ashley finish him off. Finally he began to quicken again, and Irving released. He pushed the young man's head down, causing Ashley to deep throat him, almost choking on the man's seed. When he was finished, Ashley raised his head and grinned.

"That was fun"

"Feeling better now Ashley?" Irving said as he layed back on the bed. "You'd better leave now. It's close to morning."

Ashley grabbed his robe and ran back into his room, as the sun just bearly started to peek out over the mountains. He put the covers on his bed, and settled into them, smiling to himself, the taste of Irving still on his lips


Later that morning, he awoke to the normal smells of breakfast. He dressed himself and walked down the stairs into the dinning hall. Altaecia was pouring coffee into Irving's cup. Ashley took his seat across from Irving, and looked at him, still grinning

"What's with the grin Ashley? Have a good dream?" Irving remarked, he himself grinning as well.

"Yes. infact I did. A very good dream..."

Both men laughed, and Altaecia looked at them puzzled, then shrugging to herself, she walked back into the kitchen for more coffee.

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