A time before Navi

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A time before Navi

Note: This is in responce of too many stories that don't include Saria. I don't own the characters. Please don't say too many bad things to me!

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Disclaimer: “I don’t own any characters and I make no money off this, at all."


One month before Navi came to Link, the nightmares became more intense. Link tried not to talk to anyone about this but the “Know-It-All Brothers”. They gave him some herbs and nuts to try to suppress the dreams.

It did not work…

"AHHHH!" Link woke up violently for third night this week. The man in black scared him back into the waking world. Sweat covered his young body. He then heard someone coming up the ladder after a few monuments. Saria had been worried about him, he hoped it was her.

"Oh, Link!" said Saria. She had let herself in and quickly sat next to Link. Link only had his shorts on and he felt a little naked but it soon passed. She but her arm around him and pulled him close. Sweat had not seemed to be bothering her. Her smell of flowers over come his musky morning smell.

"I'm ok... really." Link had not yet gotten his breath back yet. He was still in shock after the dream. He then looked into the most beautiful eyes he has and will ever see again.

"That's good Link. Lately I've been worried about you, with your dreams and all..." Link looked up at her and she released him. She knew and he didn’t even have to tell her, Link let it pass. "I'll make you something if you like? How about some Mushroom Soup Surprise, your favorite!"

"Sure that'd be great!" Link said with a big smile. The nightmares forgotten he looked at her like she was his hero.

"Ok then! I'll be right back with the food and I'll make it here! You get dress now!" Saria got up, turn towards the door, and was gone. As soon as Saria left, Link got out of bed. He then put on his boots, shirt (with belt), and hat and he was ready for the soup. Not wearing much less was hard because of the openness of his people. He was a little shyer than the rest of them. He felt alone most of the time, so he hid himself and became shy. Mido hated him and he didn't have a fairy.

Link went out onto his porch and leaned into the rail. He got the house soon after the brothers started to live together. He lived with Mido until then.

There he saw the morning activities of the Kokiri.

"Hello!" said the girl who always climbs to the very top of Saria's house. She then turn and made her way to her favorite place! She said that she could see the whole forest from that spot! He could never reach that spot because he always fell off.

The shopkeeper sweeping outside his door. Most likely the only business in the whole Kokiri Forest. When visitors come from the mountains or Hyrule, he’d always find someway to sell something to them.

Link then lost himself in the comings and goings of the Kokiri. Some went into The Lost Wood. One coming out of the Wood. Some of them went to the brother's house to ask them dumb questions. Mido blocking the way to the Duku tree, something it being sick. Saria voice brought him out of his daydream.

"Link, are you going to help me? Or will I have to climb all the way up with my hands full?" Link looked down to see Saria with a large basket.

"Oh, I'm sorry Saria! I was just thinking..." Link reached down.

"About what?" Link helped her up. He then met the green eyes again. When pulled her up, Link for a second thought he looked into her soul, a longing he sensed but didn’t understand. Looking away Saria put up the stuff.

"Oh, nothing really. I was thinking about the outside world and why we can't leave." He was also thinking about her but he didn’t say.

"Hey everyone! The Gorons are having a party in The Lost Woods! Come on!" Yelled Mido at the top of his voice. The one who had left the Lost Wood earlier must have found out and told Mido. He was standing near Mido. This sent everyone but Link and Saria into a run to the Wood. Saria was just taking the mushrooms out and stop what she was doing.

"That's ok Mido, me and Link will stay here!" yelled Saria back. Link nodded behind her.

Mido stop to think about this but he didn’t want to miss the party. He turned to Link and Saria, "Your loss!" He then ran into the Lost Wood, followed by the rest of the Kokiri

Kokiri Forest soon empty out, leaving only two people there.

"Yeah, everyone is gone! I only wish Gorons held more parties!" said Link as he raised his arms. He then turned to Saria, who gave him a playful slap on the shoulder! "Oh you just didn't!"

"HA!" Saria laugh as she ran from Links fingers. But Link is too fast for her. She soon tripped and fell onto the bed and Link wasted no time! He soon was upon Saria and started to tickle her for all she was worth! "HA-HA-HA-A-AH! Stop! HA-A-HA-HAH!"

"You give? You give?"

"Yes! HA-A-a-a-a! Ooh", she looked up into the blue eyes of her only love. Link, drawn into the magic of the moment, lean down and kiss her. He kept on kissing her and she let him. She soon had her tongue in his mouth and the kiss became heated! As hands found there way up cloths, passions that where once held in check, were let loose. Breakfast was soon forgotten.

The Kokiri is a very playful people. This playfulness leads them to play not only in the ways pls play, but as others do. In other words they have sex too! Well, Kokiri babies come from somewhere! The Kokiri also only live to be 25 years old so the age of consent is like eight years-old. Saria was in her mid-teens and already been with Mido a few times.

This sort of playfulness was not lost on Link, because at age nine he had his first encounter with another girl. She was ‘teaching’ him how to kiss. This encounter did not go far, because Link liked Saria.

Link broke the kiss. He kicked off his boots, took off his cap, and then got into his bed. Saria also kicked off her boots. Link then started to take off Saria's shirt. He unbutton the shirt slowly and carefully took it off. Saria started taking clothes next. She unbuckle Link's belt and took off his shirt. She then saw Link's boyhood though the shorts he had on under his shirt.

They started to kiss once more.

Saria then put her hand into Link's shorts and took hold of his member, slowly going up and down his hardened boyish shaft. In Kokiri standers, Link was huge and Saria couldn’t believe she was this lucky! At Saria’s rough treatment, Link got harder and hotter. He then started to kiss her neck and moan for her not to stop, she didn't. Link then started to return the favor.

They both stop and got up. They then took off the rest of their clothing becoming naked. Link notice that Saria did not have any hair below her neck, so much like him. This was the first time he been completely nude in front of someone. His shyness kept him from taking almost anything off in front of someone. This here was right for him and so was no longer shy at his nakedness.

Link then put his arms around Saria and started to kiss her once more. She then warped her arms around his neck. They fell back onto the bed. Saria then pushed Link so that he under her. She broke the kiss and sat up. Link didn’t know what was coming next but didn’t care, he know it’d be fun!

Saria took hold of Link’s hardness and aimed it at her hairless hole. She lowed herself on him and he went in easily. Link’s eyes went to the back of his head when he went in her.

"Oh, my god!" said both at the same time. For her it has been three years since she broke it off with Mido. Link had never been with a girl (well, he fooled around with another girl but never this) it felt warm and wet inside her and he didn’t want to stop any time soon. Link closed his big blue eyes, and let out a groan as his hands went to her hips.

Saria she slowly impaled herself on his member, driving her crazy! "Ooo… yes Link! You’re so… big!" She manage to get out between deep breaths.

As she worked herself up and down on his stiff shaft, she started to going faster and faster. Saria knew she would soon orgasm from her pent up sex. She also felt Link about to go too.

"Go ahead… Link! …release, come for me! AAAHH!"

"AAHH!" yelled Link at the same time. Saria felt Link’s seed shoot into her.

They both orgasm together, showing that they both love and cared for each other.

Saria collapsed onto Link. Out of breath held on to one another. They kissed as if this was the last day of the world! Sweat cover them both, Link made a point about this after they broke the kiss.

"I was sweaty this morning. Back to where I started!" He smiled at his own joke.

"Heh-ha! Link my dear boy, you will never leave me, will you?" she brushed the hair out of his eyes to look into the blue eyes that very few Kokiri had.

"Never! I love you!", he said as he put his head on her chest and fell fast asleep.

One month later, he did leave her to find his destiny. But here, now, he never would have guessed. He kissed her again.

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