Puppy Love

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Disclaimer: I do not own MegaMan, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Puppy Love
By: Wolfemann and Pink Lemonade

Codes: Slash (M/M Sex, Animal/Animal), Violence

Pairings: Rush/Treble

Disclaimers: Mega Man and all associated story elements belong to Capcom, not us, and they would probably take *extreme* exception to the plot of this fic. But, we're hoping that they won't sue us, since we're not claiming credit or cash for the writing.

Summary: Bass and Treble ambush Mega Man and Rush yet again - though half of the fight ends a little differently than the two warrior-bots suspect.


"Come on, boy," Mega Man urged his friend, turning on his heel to see the dog ambling leisurely along. "I want to get home."

"Woof," Rush replied understandingly, agilely catching up with Mega Man and pressing his muzzle to his hand.

"Don't have any treats," Mega Man informed Rush. "You're gonna have to wai-- Did you hear something?"

As if on cue, the wall of a small building exploded outward, knocking the two robots off their feet as the cause of the explosion made its appearance - a dark-armored robot training his blaster on Mega Man for another shot. Bass.

"What the," Mega Man began hazily, before exactly what must have- and had happened - hit him. At that, he rolled to his feet, and looked carefully, quickly around until he found exactly who he expected.

"You're slowing down, Mega Man," Bass smirked, his blaster glowing briefly before he fired. Rush quickly got to his own feet, the deep-red metal of his armor extending as he jumped out of the way and quickly found his own counterpart in this rivalry - Treble, the purple wolf-bot crouched next to Bass.

"Whatever," Mega Man took a few weak, quick shots at Bass, which bought him enough time to regain his composure-- barely. Still, they were enough to force Bass to let his next shot fly wild as he ducked out of the way of the glowing orbs. Glowing plasma engulfed a small car parked on the street, completely destroying it as the fuel cells were destroyed along with most of the frame.

Treble seemed to smirk a challenge at the crimson colored robot dog, standing and flexing his claws as if getting used to the texture of the terrain. Rush leapt forward, hoping to get close enough to allow his slightly better speed to give him the advantage over Treble's greater weight and strength.

Treble didn't seem particularly willing to let that happen, however and, though it was a very temporary fix, back handed the smaller robot dog away.

Rush tumbled with the blow, rolling to his feet not a meter away, and lunged again, this time leading to it with a bark that turned into an opening blast from his internal cannon. The hit barely marred the thick armor on the robot wolf, but it was enough of a distraction to let his lunge carry him to his target and latch on, two masses of metal rolling away from the main battle.

One of the two humanoid robot's aims must have faltered, because moments after Rush and Treble tumbled away from their fight, a massive evergreen tumbled to the ground where the dogs had been seconds before, the lower trunk of the tree charred and burned. After a few moments, the snarling, barking, biting melee ended, with Rush and Treble springing away from each other, sizing up their next moves.

Treble eyed Rush cautiously, uncertain as to what he should do. Finally, still indecisive, he circled Rush carefully, not wanting to be attacked while he attempted to plot his next move. The smaller canine knew this part of the fight almost too well, as he started to circle on his own. Their last few matches had ended with the larger Treble coming out ahead - this time, though, he was determined it wouldn't work that way.

Finally, though, after the seeming pointlessness of it became tedious to Treble, he sprung at Rush, the same simple tactic he'd used time and time again.

Rush dropped down low, trying something new as he switched over to his jet-mode with practiced ease and fired a quick burst from his engines, jetting straight towards Treble's legs. The purple wolf fell at the unexpected impact, and Rush cut his engines quickly. He shifted back to his normal form, and jumped forward to pin Treble down as well as he could. Rush's mouth lolled open in a canine grin as he leaned his head down slightly to lick the top of Treble's head.

he asked with a cheerful yip.

Treble squirmed fiercely, then ceased. he replied.

Rush rumbled, nuzzling Treble slightly before moving off of him. he said, moving his head in the direction of their two masters, where the sounds of the fight were continuing.

Treble agreed, shifting to rid himself of a tense point in his back.

Rush half-smirked.

Treble responded.

Rush teased, moving closer. The two of them had been playing this game since about a month after they met - neither one was really sure when it had started, but it gave them an excuse to put on a show for their owners, and still enjoy what little time they had together.

Treble replied, then smirked.

Rush quipped, panting slightly.

Treble chuckled with a playful growl.

Rush grinned.

Treble asserted with a mock scowl.

The smaller dog moved around behind his mate as they both retracted their battle-armor, leaving them looking much more like normal animals - their respective creators had taken quite a bit of care to make them able to blend in when they weren't ready for a fight. Rush leaned down, and licked at Treble's balls and cock teasingly, both of them already turned on by the battle-rush.

Treble shivernd bnd bit back a whimper, not willing to give Rush the enjoyment of hearing him whine- yet. Rush, on the other hand, seemed content to take his time prepping the wolf, his soft tongue moving up towards the tight, nerve-dense flesh, pressing in slightly to gradually spread him open.

Treble muttered something incoherent, somewhat resembling 'would you get on with it,' but gave a soft yip moments later.

Rush chuckled mentally as he continued to get Treble ready - the wolf was perfectly willing to take plenty of time making sure he wouldn't hurt Rush, but give him the same consideration, and see what happens? After a few more moments, Rush shifted to mount Treble, pressing his paws against the wolf's hips for leverage as the tip of his shaft pressed against the well-stretched pucker. In return, Treble barked somewhat anxiously, shifting slightly.

Rush asked, his earlier cockiness mostly replaced by concern that the wolf might *really* not want to do this.

Treble replied with a half-laugh.

Rush chuckled, satisfied that it was just anticipation. He pressed forward slowly, entering Treble with a low, canine groan. Treble sighed, and gave a whine of relief - Rush's tendency to be over-worried often left him half ready to take over, in complete disregard to who won the 'fight.' The smaller dog continued to press forward until he was completely buried inside his mate's almost-painfully tight ass, and then pulled back, setting up a steady rhythm as he started to speed up.

Treble hesitated a moment, waiting for Rush's rhythm to steady and then began to reciprocate the pace, if a bit awkwardly. Rush gave a slight whimper as he adjusted his thrusts slightly, searching for the spot inside Treble that would remind him of just how good being on the bottom could be.

Treble continued his movement, not aware of what Rush was attempting until he was painfully- or blissfully, to be accurate, aware. He howled, only slightly hushed - fighting or not, neither of their masters were deaf. Rush panted as he kept pounding into Treble, the ecstatic howl only encouraging him to try and bring them both off as quickly as possible.

They continued for a few moments, until eventually Treble was only barely holding back his release, panting heavily, his front paws twitching sporadically. Rush almost let loose with a howl of his own as he came hard inside his mate, flooding his twitching ass as he buried himself as deeply as he could in it, surrounding himself with the incredible sensations. Treble finally gave in with a deep, throaty howl, thrusting his hips forward on instinct and the held back pressure coming loose almost painfully hard.

The two of them spent several moments locked together like that, trying to remember how to move after the pleasure had started to pass.

Rush chuckled eventually, pulling out of Treble gingerly and moving up to nuzzle him affectionately.

Treble admitted, his tongue darting out quickly and lapping at Rush's muzzle.

Rush smirked.

Treble 'shrugged.'

Rush grinned, licking Treble's face playfully.

Meanwhile, on the other side of various piles of debris, the other fight was winding down in a somewhat different manner.

"All right," Bass admitted reluctantly, "we'll call it a draw."

Mega Man was in slightly better shape than the black, gold, and purple robot, but was still considerably exhausted, and at the moment wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl into his bed. "Fine," he agreed, warily watching Bass.

Bass gingerly removed a piece of pipe that had caught his shoulder when something - he honestly wasn't quite sure what anymore - exploded, his repair routines already shutting down the damaged circuits.

"C'mon, Treble - we'll finish this another day." A long moment passed. "Treble?"

Mega Man frowned at the noticeable absence of his own dog, and, loudly enough to make Bass wince in distaste, hollered: "Ru-ush?!"

The two dogs walked in a few moments later, Rush in the lead, his armor back in place. Try as he might, though, he couldn't completely wipe the self-satisfied look off of his face.

"Your mutt better not have been screwing around with Treble," Bass growled, restraining his language slightly in the face of not really wanting to start another fight yet, as the purple wolf entered the scene.

Treble was a bit more tactful, and managed to keep himself some smirking or smiling, but he still walked with a somewhat telltale slip in his step.

"C'mon, Boy, let's get out of here, let the Doc take a look at you," Bass said, moving over to his counterpart with an expression of honest concern at the slight limp. "We'll be back, Mega Man," he promised before teleporting out.

Treble snarled the words menacingly, but Rush knew their real meaning, watching as the robot-wolf turned into a purple beam and flew away.

Rush smiled inwardly, looking up at his master. He woofed slightly, as if to ask how the fight had gone, but remembered not to actually transmit to question intelligibly.

"Like we needed that at thmentment," Mega Man yawned. "Huh, boy?"

Rush woofed an affirmative as he motioned in the direction of home with his head, his ears cocked curiously.

"Oh, definitely," Mega Man half-laughed. "I'm not going anywhere else until I've gotten a good night's sleep."

Rush woofed his agreement to that as they started back home again - glad that his master had no idea just why it was that he was looking forward to getting that rest....

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