Basic Instinct

BY : tamaleKnight
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Basic Instinct

by Tamale Knight

"So you're saying Shadowlaw is taking over Ultratech then?" Orchid asked, walking alongside the other secret agent she'd so recently met, Chun Li. "And that's what this joint tournament is all about?"

"That's my understanding." replied Chun Li. "Some of the executives who weren't present at the company headquarters when you defeated Eyedol made the challenge."

"First Eyedol, then Gargos, now this." Orchid grumbled. "I'm glad I have your support in this." Chun Li smiled. They rounded a rock outcropping which overlooked a rickety wooden bridge, and found Cammy, Sakura, Rose, Maya and Kim Wu lounging on the sun-warmed earth.

"What are you doing?" Chun Li asked.

"We're all friends here." Cammy replied. "We've decided we stand a better chance if we stick together, and marshall our forces for when we need it."

"Sounds good to me, count me in." Orchid replied, sitting down next to Cammy. Chun Li sat on a flat-topped rock, crossing her legs and centering herself.

Resting up for when we have to fight our real enemies is a good idea. she thought to herself.

"Hey, look!" Kim Wu exclaimed. "There's some action on the bridge!" The others gathered around to watch, scoping out the potential competition. On one side of the bridge stood two of M. Bison's henchmen, Sagat, and the robot Arkane. On the other side stood two puppets of Ultratech, the living skeleton Spinal and the robotic Fulgore. In the center of the bridge stood an unknown fighter. He had tan skin and red hair tied back in a tail, and what hair didn't reach the rubber band binding it back was kept out of his eyes by a long headband sort of like the one Ryu wore when he fought. He wore bleached white blue jeans and a short-sleeve button-up shirt that was tucked in, but not buttoned, exposing his muscular chest and arms. His feet were bare, and seemed to know where to place themselves all on their own. The strange thing about him was that he wore something that could have been a scarf or a bandage around his neck.

Sagat and Spinal charged from either side. The stranger leapt high into the air, backflipping and landing behind Spinal, allowing Sagat to crash into the skeleton, then a sweeping roundhouse from the stranger knocked both of his opponents off the bridge to the chasm below.

"He's fast." Chun Li remarked.

"He's good." Cammy said.

"He's great!" Kim Wu chimed.

"He's gorgeous!" Sakura swooned, her eyes glittering with adoration.

The robots charged next. The stranger made a kind of "arise" gesture with one hand, and Arkane rose into the air, flailing its arms about. Then the stranger made another gesture, and Arkane was flung headfirst into Fulgore, knocking the Ultratech killing machine back several feet.

"Whoa!" Kim Wu exclaimed. Fulgore picked up Arkane and threw it off the cliff, then fired lasers from its eyes. The stranger was already in the air, having leapt high over the robot's burst. He landed in front of his robotic opponent and planted a palm squarely in the center of its chest, sending it flying back. Fulgore Plasmaported, disappearing from where it had fallen and reappearing behind the stranger. Just as it was about to land a blow, however, the stranger levitated it high into the air with a gesture of his open hand. Then he closed the hand into a fist, and Fulgore curled into a ball and was crushed to the size of a marble.

"What sorcery is this?" Maya wondered. With all of his opponents gone, the stranger walked to the girls' side of the bridge, approaching them with a purposeful stride. They stood rooted in uncertainty--until he smiled pleasantly at them.

*Afternoon, ladies.* he said, though his lips did not move. *My name is Jarod.*

"Your lips ar mov moving!" Sakura gasped.

*No, they're not.* Jarod replied sadly. *Sadly, my throat was cut at a young age. My parents managed to get me to a hospital in time, but my vocal cords were severed.*

"That explains the thing on your neck." Cammy said.

*I suppose it does.* Jarod replied. *But, as you can see, I've learned to work my way around that...problem. I could show you if you like. It could help you later.*

"Sounood ood to me!" Sakura said, sitting down lotus-fashion before Jarod, who also sat down on the warm ground. The others gathered around as well. Jarod seemed pleased by this. He produced a candle from a hidden place on his person, and lit it, placing it before the assembled group.

*Focus is the key. We're going to use this candle as a focal point. Focus on the candle, on the flickering flame. You may need to push other thoughts from your mind, but this is okay. Focus on the candle, think only of the flame before you, and listen to my voice in your mind. Relax your body, let your arms go limp. Relax your face, let the muscles rest. Your legs and torso. You feel yourself becoming heavy. You may even want to sleep. This is okay, too. Just relax yourself, keep the image of the candle in your mind's eye so that your body's eyes can close and sleep. Just focus on the candle in your mind, and on my voice in your head. Sleep. Clear your mind, sleep, just let me guide you. Let my thoughts guide you. Let my thoughts become yours. Let my will become yours. Let your own thoughts and will drift away, and let mine take over.* The girls were slumped now, their heads on their chests, their bodies kept from falling forward only by Jarod's telekinetic power. *Some of you are still resisting.* he said, looking specifically at Chun Li. *But it feels so good to relax, to submit, that your resistence is fading. Fading. Fading. You will find that that last, annoying bit of will slips away from you slowly as you relax further and deeper. You will be at peace when it is gone. You want to be at peace, don't you?*

Chun Li struggled, with a supreme effort of will, raising her head a little and getting her eyes to open.

"Sleepy, so sleepy..." she muttered. "No...must fight..."

*Fight what?* Jarod asked, bringing the candle into her view. *Relaxation? Peace? Pleasure? Doesn't it feel good to relax, to let go, to let me guide you?*

"Can't..." Chun Li began.

*It feels so good.* Jarod insisted. *You're so sleepy. You said it yourself. What are you struggling against? Why are you afraid to let yourself experience the same bliss as the other girls? See how peaceful and happy they are?* He lifted Chun Li's chin so that her tired eyes could gaze at the others, at their placid, blissful faces. *I have no intention of harming you. I only want to help you. Let go, relax, submit. My strength will guide you, never harm you. I could never harm anyone as pretty as you.* Chun Li's eyes sagged closed, and her body relaxed more. *Yes, that's it. Let go of your fear and relax. It feels so good to relax, to submit, to surrender. When you surrender the last of your will, you will be at peace. Closer now, closer, so sleepy, so relaxed, so warm, so comfy. Closer, closer, good girl, keep relaxing, deeper and deeper, let your thoughts go and let mine take over. Good, almost. Almost. Deeper, relax, keep the candle in your mind, listen to my thoughts. There. Good girl. Your fight is over, your struggles ended. Your Master will take care of everything now, and you can relax and obey. Does that sound good, girls?*

"Yes, Master." they replied in unison.


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