Charade Discovers Something Fun...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Caliber, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N Okay, this kinda popped into my head while doing an SC RPG on their website…
I, in no way, own SC chars (Namco does), although I would like to ‘own’ Mitsu---did I say that out loud? *blushes*

This story is done in Charade’s POV and has elements of all the sexual situations that I have no issues with, such as M/M, M/F, F/F, random orgies, oral, anal and solo, playful torture and whatever else I feel is tasteful enough to go in here.

Chapter 1:

I woke up one morning feeling utterly strange.

I do not know how to describe it at all. Usually I wake up wanting to destroyethiething or wanting to go back to sleep, but today was different.

I remembered the night before. I went to a village on a pure curious whim.

~the night prior~


Man, that hurt. Human women have the most PAINFUL screams. And I don’t even have ears.

But yeah, I don’t really blame her. What would YOU do if you saw a monster made of pieces of metal and an eyeball? I’m not evil, REALLY! I’m just misunderstood.

Jeez, I go into town just wanting to look. I SWEAR, I was just looking! But I can’t speak like a human does, so, NOOOO, I was a monster and panic needed to ensue. All I wanted was to stretch out my limbs and walk around after having been asleep for four years.

For some BRILLIANT reason, I chased the woman back to where she lived. Why humans live in boxed up places is beyond me, but who am I to complain? Their ways are mysterious to me.

So I follow the screaming woman to her house and tried my best to look friendly. HowEVER, humans have an aversion to cycloptic monsters…however friendly they look.

So I bash down the door in an attempt to knock like humans do, only to find myself at the wrong end of a wand.

I remember a bright flash and stumbling out of the town…and then waking up in the forest. I looked around and realized something: my viewpoint had changed. Literally.

Instead of seeing everything at what humans say is the waist, I saw everything up higher. “Oh fuck…” Hey…that’s not right…I look in the stream.

Something else stares back at me. It’s male, I can tell by the dark facial hair, with medium skin color and medium brown eyes. He looks like… “You?! What the hell are YOU doing in the water?!”

To my complete surprise, the mouth in the water says exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. I reach out a hand to smack the man in the water; the only thing I did was ripple its surface.

I look down at my hand--yes, that’s right, HAND—and gasped in shock. It was HIS hand. Mitsurugi Heishirhandhand, thick fingers, strong palm and wrist…I looked down.

I had EVERYTHING a human male had—including something dangling between my legs. I poke it with a stick—it hurts!

I have never seen humans underneath their clothing and wonder if all humans looked like this. They can’t possibly; if humans are all different colors and sizes, they would be different elsewhere.

“Kami’s grace, Heishiro-kun, what in the hell are you doing out here without any clothes?!” A voice sweet to the human male’s ears catches my attention.

I know that voice…Taki of the Fu-ma. I thought she and Mitsurugi had been enemies…I had to think up of something, quick! “Uh…I was attacked…by a bear!” I turn around.

Taki gasps and covers her eyes with her hands, dropping the bag she had been holding. “I am scarred for life. Never in my WILDEST dreams did I want to see you naked…” Keeping one hand over her eyes, she kneels down and gropes for the bag. She turns around so that she was not facing me and rummages through the sack. Again, without looking at me, she reaches around and hands me a long overcoat. “For whatever you hold holy, PLEASE put that on.”

I do, though it’s a bit tight at the shoulders. She turns around. “Now, what the hell…?”

“Bear.” I remind her. She rolls her eyes.

“Whatever you say…”

Later that night, Taki ends up spending the night at my place because apparently she and Mitsurugi trust each other somewhat. She still prefers her own room.

For some VERY unknown reason, I watch her sleep. To the joy of the male human mentality, she sleeps in the nude.

She has a beautiful body, according to the male mentality within my head. The blanket that covers her is down about her waist lever, exposing two large fleshy bags on her chest. I walk over, kneel down beside her sleeping form and prod them gently. Doing so awakens something inside my half-human mind and I feel the organ between my legs getting hard. Taki moans in her sleep. “Mmm…that feels good…”

I stop and she opens her eyes. “…Hei-kun? Nan—mmph??!” Just to see what it feels like, I put my mouth on hers.

I have seen humans do this ‘kissing’ and I am curious to see what happens…Taki wraps her arms around my shoulders and presses herself against me. She moves her hands down my sides—the organ gets harder by the second—and removes the gi I’m wearing.

She rolls me over so that she’s sitting on my stomach, wearing nothing at all. I see everything that this woman has to offer and it is beautiful. She runs slim fingered hands down my chest and rests them on my hips. “Have you ever been with a woman, Hei-kun?”

Frantically, I search the male brain for a correct response. To my amazment, I do not see any memory of these feelings and actions with ANYONE ll. ll. “…no.”

“I’ve never been with a man…” Taki says softly. She lowers herself down and ‘kisses’ me again. Emotions explode in my head and my lower body. Taki rolls over again so that she is beneath me.

She takes my hands and runs them up and down her body, from her neck to her thighs. She takes one and puts it between her legs. “…here.” I push gently at first, exploring.

There were three holes; one was too tiny to play with. Ther was also a nub there; I touch that and Taki gasps. I stop. “Did I hurt you?”

“No…no…don’t stop!” The woman’s legs open more and she guides my hand to the first larger hole. I stick a finger inside and she moans. I dig it in deeper and her eyes fly open. “Oh--!”

Humans make funny noises.

All the while, the organ between my legs is getting harder and is now standing up, sort of.

The human instincts take over and I find myself in between Taki’s beautiful thighs with the organ at the entrance of the hole. She pushes against the upright organ, impaling herself on it.

The instinct in my head tells me to push further into her and I do, elicting a loud, pleasured moan from Taki. She moves her hips down, making my organ go in farther and exciting the nerves in my body.

The human mindset tells me to just thrust over and over into the wet tunnel and I do.

Something builds up in my lower body and Taki lets out a loud gasp. She grabs my shoulders and arches her back and shouts out: “Oh, kami—Heishiro--!”

My vision explodes into white pleasure and I let out ud sud shout of pleasure. Something flows up from the sack below the organ and shoots into Taki’s tunnel. I pull out and see the organ covered in a gooey white substance and feel it ‘deflating’.

So this is what the humans define as ‘sex’…

I have to have more…

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