Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

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I don’t own the characters of Breath of Fire 3. They belong
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This fan fiction is a request made to me by a reader whose name
shall not be revealed. Personally, I was quite interested when I began writing
this because of the pairing between 2 characters. I’ve never seen any fan
fictions about the following pairing so it’ll be interesting if I’m the first
to actually start. By the way it’s M/M. So people who are offended should turn
back now. Like I said it was a request and I won’t hesitate to do them since it
can only enhance my writing skills.

You have been warned.

As forotheother Original Breath of Fire fiction I’m still
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Breath of Fire: Another Side, Another

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Our Past, Our Present, Our Future.

Chapter 1. An Undying flame




The fire radiated
soothing warmth and the crackles it gave off were frequent. The nosinosity of
the flame shone and illuminated the dark and cool night. The light revealed
shadows calmly sitting and chatting amongst themselves. A moving shadow
revealed a young girl with golden colored hair and blue cerulean eyes. She
smiled and laughed softly as she watched a little robotic machine parading back
and forth. Nearby, a woman wearing blue traveling clothes tinkered with a
screwdriver on some mechanical remains. She stopped and removed her spectacles
and frowned. Wiping her brow, she glanced back down at the parts that lay
unfinished on the ground and sighed. Putting the glasses on once more, she resumed fiddling with the bits and pieces of metal.

A frigid gust of wind
blew and put an abrupt end to the blazing flames. The two ladies looked up and
began groping around for some flint and wood. No sooner then they began however
the smoldering pile suddenly revived itself. The blaze grew and the invi
light shimmered once more. Standing close to the flame was a burly and large
creature. It looked ancient yet very intimidating and powerful. Its body was
decorated with trinkets of sorts and prayer beads. It seemed to be a great and
pious beast, one who revered the gods.

Can you
not see it? He’s suffering and needs you. You say differently but it is
apparent now isn’t it? Rei felt incredible emotional pain from watching Ryu suffer so. Sweat formed in tiny beads and fell from Ryu’s brow to the sheets. A slow stream of tears began
flowing from Ryu’s now pale face.

“Somebody…help me.
Where is everyone?” The whispers grew to louder and desperate pleadings.

Ryu is going through something which no one may
understand, not even himself. Rise up from your own selfish despair and step
into reality. Now is the time for you to
be here for him, to help and protect him, to lov... The
last part was cut off by a loud cry from Ryu. n>.

“Rei! Please help

Rei broke free
from his trance and rushed to Ryu’s side. He took a
hold of Ryu and slowly began cradling him.

Shh…it’s going to
be okay Ryu. Everything will be all right. I’m here
for you.” Rei whispered as he rocked held him close and tight. Ryu’s cries died down and turned into small whimpers once
more. The tears didn’t stop though and all Rei could do was reassure him. Rei
never really liked physical contact of any sort. He didn’t like touching others
and he disliked being touched. But Ryu had been an
exception to that rule, ever since he was small.

‘It’s just like
before…’ Rei remembered.





The rain cascaded
down in rivers from the dark sky. The thunder boomed endlessly and the night
winds howled. Lightning flashed through the sky and shattered a few trees
mercilessly. The malicious music of the night awoke a sleeping child. Fear
radiated from his eyes as he cried and covered his ears. Another boom of
thunder caused the child to run out of the room.

Rei sat by the fireplace and blew into his hands. He wrapped a blanket
around himself and placed his hands near the flames. The loud thunder certainly
didn’t help with getting any sleep and so he decided to stay up. Suddenly an
unmelodic wave of crying alerted his sensitive ears and Rei turned to see a
teary-faced, blue-haired boy running down the stairs.

Ryu, what’s the matter? Rei asked as
he stood from his chair and caught the smaller boy in a hug. Ryu clung to Rei’s stomach and sobbed while the Woren gently patted his head. He knelt and used a finger to
wipe away forming tears from Ryu’s face.

“Bad dream huh?”

The small boy
nodded as he hugged Rei tighter. The Woren smiled and
took a hold of Ryu’s hand.

“Come on; let’s get
you back into bed.” He walked with the boy and helped him back into the small
bed. An open window creaked as it swayed back and forth. It was shut with a
soft click and Rei turned to leave the room.

“Big brother Rei?”
A meek voice called out. Rei looked back and sighed. He sat next to Ryu on the bed and frowned at him.

“Okay okay I’ll stay right here. Don’t worry now, get some
sleep.” Rei said. Ryu nodded and close his eyes and
in few moments was fast asleep. Rei smiled at the sleeping angel and suddenly
was overcome by a wave of fatigue. He yawned and lay next to the boy, wrapping
his arm around the back of him.

“Good night Ryu…sleep tight ‘cause everything will be alright.”


“Everything’s all right Ryu…” Rei whispered.
He held the younger man tighter and closed his eyes, praying for everything to
truly be alright. Soon the struggling ceased altogether and Ryu’s
body relaxed. Eyes fluttered open, revealing reflections of a perfect lake.

R..Rei?” A voice broke the silence.

The Woren’s

eyes snapped open and he loosened his grip on Ryu. He
pushed him back just far enough so that their eyes met. Topaz met Cerulean as silence took over once

“I was having…” Ryu began

“A nightmare? Yes I
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