Even If You Run

BY : WindriderShiva
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Disclaimer: I do not own Tekken, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer : I don’t own Jin, Devil Jin (which I’m still calling Jin ;) ) and Hwoarang. And never I will *sniffles*. I do own a copy of Tekken 3, and a "copy" of Slipknot’s album "Slipknot".

Author’s Note : Hehe... my first fic on AFF.net. Yay! ^_^ And my very first lemon ^_^’ WARNING : Jin X Hwoarang yaoi, heavy non-con, suicide and language. Songfic to Slipknot’s "Prosthetics", set after Tekken 3. Jin won the tournament but Hwoarang still wants revenge... what happens when Jin’s Devil form comes in the middle of the fight?

Even if you run

Even if you run... I will find you

I decided I want you

Now I know...I need

If you can't be bought, tougher than I thought

Keep in mind - I'm with you

Never left out fate, can't concentrate

Even if you run...

Hwoarang ran like his life depened in it. As a matter of fact, it did. Jin Kazama had just morphed into a half-raven, half-human beast. His demon form. The Korean teen was usually fast and nimble, but his bruises were too much to bear. Thinking Jin couldn’t see him anymore he stopped a few moments to catch his breath. His head and legs were hurting like hell, but his fighting spirit was starting to take over his survival instincts. He’d wait for the winged beast to come, then he’d counter-attack. Once again.

Jin, him, wasn’t tired or even bruised. He easily avoided Hwoarang’s kicks and punches quite easily. Now he was searching for the redhead, his eyes wandering here and there, stopping at every spot of white, red or blue. He could see pretty well in the dark, thanks to his Demon powers. Even as a human he could still see in the dark. Suddenly, he percieved a human shape, slightly bent forward. Was it Hwoarang ? He’d have to see for himself… He opened his wings wide and flew on a short distance, landing a few meters behind his target.

You will be mine!

Ah, fucking you will be mine!

Ah, fucking you will be mine!

Ah, fucking you will be mine!

"[You’re MINE Hwoarang. And if you’re not mine tonight, I’ll chase you wherever you go. Forever, Hwoarang. Forever. Or at least until you surrender to me. Knowing you, you’ll be chased a long time, my friend.]"

I found you.

"[I found you, Hwoarang]" he thought. "This time, you’re not getting away." The Japanese walked without making a sound toward his slightly smaller prey. Hwoarang was still standig up, hands on his hips, waiting for the beast to come near him. He couldn’t hear the steps though, his head was about to explode. But he couldn’t surrender. He’d fight till the end, even if it meant his own end. "No more running, Hwoarang, no more. You won’t be able to hide, I’ll find you again. I’ll ALWAYS find you, no matter where and how you hide." The raven-haired man charged at his opponent, not leaving him the time to block or counter. He hit Hwoarang at the base of his neck. The redhead fell unconscious right away, falling in the demon’s strong arms. Jin picked him up and flew in the skies. He knew exactly where to go.

His own house.

Leanin' out of an open window

You laughed (my fingers clenched)

Too perfect, far too careless

I couldn't help myself - I just took you

Perfect. That resumed everything in Jin’s mind when he thought about his rival. Of course he wouldn’t have gone THAT far to get the redhead’s affections. No, he would have simply waited, or caught him in a position where he’d need attention. But the Devil took possession of his mind, trying to get Hwoarang to Jin by force. Cooperation ? Maybe not.

Dammit man I knew it was a mistake

(You brought it outta me)

"[You just had to not challenge me this time, fool. I’m stronger than you, and you know it. You just won’t admit it. Well, this is the side you never saw of me. If only you hadn’t challenge me again, I wouldn’t be there chasing you, and you wouldn’t be running away from me. You’d be asleep in your comfy bed at the inn with me by your side. Bet the real Jin would be happy.]"

He flew for a while, holding the Korean’s body tight in his arms. He didn’t want him to fall to a certain death. When he saw his house’s roof, he started to go down. He landed on the grass, checking once in a while at the smaller body he was still holding. "Still asleep eh ? Somehow… maybe it’s better this way."

Better make yourself at home

You're here to stay

You won't bother me... If you let me bother you

All the doors are locked, all the windows shut

Keep in mind - I watch you

Never leave my side, never leave me, fucker

Even if you run

Jin grinned as he entered the house and locked the door, this time from the outside so it couldn’t be opened from the inside. Anyway, not by Hwoarang. It was funny how much the redhead seemed to be another person while he was asleep. The hyperactive, competitive arrogant teen was almost an angel. Sure he was bruised, he’d have a few scars later but he didn’t care. Right now Hwoarang was with him and that’s all that mattered to him. He climbed the stairs up to the master’s bedroom – his bedroom – and gently laid the youth on the matress. His eyes rested on the ripped clothes. Would he take them off now or later ? "Later, when you’ll be awake." Jin left the bedroom and locked the door. His hostage woudln’t be able to go outside. Not by the windows : 3rd story, he would hurt himself and not be able to run. Devil-Jin had learnt a lot through his host’s mind. He even knew about the others’ mind, especially Hwoarang’s. Jin’s head were always full of his thoughts.

Hwoarang woke up a few minutes later. "Since when am I at the inn ?" He looked around and realized he was somewhere. Only "somewhere", he had no idea of this "somewhere". He tried to get up but his head hurted the second he sat. "Shit... concussion ? Damn, he knocked me and took me here. If I could just - "

The door unlocked and opened in front of him. Yep, it was Jin. He could recognize that look from a mile. The wings where gone, but he still had the tattoos on his upper body and face. His eyes were glowing red. The Korean hated that look, reminded him of the Toshin. Jin walked toward him and grinned again.


"Finally what, Kazama ?" He sat up in spite of his headache, but the other teen walked toward him and pushed him back into the bed.

"Don’t get up, you’ll hurt yourself even more. First by your state, and second by hand. Just stay calm. Understood ?" he said as he showed Hwoarang his fist.

"Me! Staying calm while I’m what... your prisonner?! Let me out Kazama!!"

"Tsk tsk tsk..." His tongue flickered and he posed a finger on Hwoarang’s lips to shut him up. "What if we had some… fun… eh?" He noticed the smaller man could still use his arms and pinned him down, holding his wrists with one hand, the other one searching for a cord or something close to it. He finally took hold of an extention cord and wrapped Hwoarang’s wrists with it, attaching the remaining part at the bed’s bars. "Now you can’t escape… or hurt me. And no, I haven’t forgot about your legs." He completely laid on the body, locking his legs in the process. "NOW you can’t."

"Jin... come on!!! Let go of me!! Dammit what are you doing?!"

"Guess." he said with grin.

"Yeah, I did already. So now, just let me -"

"[This time you’ll shut up.]" Jin put his lips on Hwoarang’s, taking him into a deep kiss. In fact the redhead teen couldn’t talk anymore. When the Demon looked up, Hwoarang’s eyes were wide open. But that wasn’t the end yet. The Japanese ripped off the top part of his Gi, revealing his chest. He also ripped off his pants. Now Hwoarang was naked. Jin eyed him from top to bottom. "Yep, perfect indeed".

"What the fuck?!"

"Jin has good reasons for wanting you so bad. You’re perfect to his eyes... and to mine too. Perfect." He bent to kiss Hwoarang once again. He just didn’t know where to start ; so many body parts to see, so little time before the real Jin would come back. He also undid his own pants and since his T-shirt was long gone, he was totally naked.

There was no time wasted on making the redhead more confortable. He lifted Hwoarang’s long legs on his own shoulders and locked his deep brown eyes with his rival’s amber ones. The latter was still trying to break free, but in vain ; Jin was stronger than him, even more in his Demon form. He wasn’t about to give up at Jin’s demand. As soon as he finished maintaining Hwoarang in place, he roughly entered his erected manhood in the other male's hole and began to thrust. Hwoarang screamed and winced at first. Tears started to flow down his cheeks. He had a hard time trying not to scream from the pain ; his hands clung to the mattress, his back arched. Jin was now thrusting harder. That's where Hwoarang started to go mad.

He tired to move, although Jin was too strong and pinned him back down violently to the bed, not without any harm, and then let out a scream that belonged in the freakiest horror movie. As an answer to this, his rapist smacked him hard. Hwoarang instantly shut up.

Has much has he hated this, he had to say Jin was the winner this time.

After the encounter, the Japanese dressed up and exited the room, leaving Hwoarang on his own. The redhead put himself in fœtal position : the pain was killing him and he was scared to death. He didn’t want to be used as Jin’s sex toy again. He’d been with men before, but they weren’t as violent as Jin. He was also tired but he didn’t want to close his eyes. What if Jin would come back? He didn’t want to fall alseep neither, not to have those nightmares haunting his mind. Hwoarang wondered if he’d ever sleep again. When he’d get back to Korea… wait. Was he ever going back? What if Jin kept him in this house? What if… what if he could escape it all? Everything? It would have to be quick though.

He mysteriously found the strenght to get up and searched through Jin’s drawers. T-shirts, pants and boxers where in there and also something that caught his attention.

A gun. A loaded one.

He would kill Jin Kazama. He’d go down and shoot him in the head. His plan was going to work. It HAD to work.

All of a sudden he had a change of mind. The reminiscence of someone being killed, the single thought of someone he might regret to have killed refrained him to go through the door with the gun in hand. Thoughts of his master dying in front of him were running through his head : as much as he hated Jin, he couldn’t kill the man.

Other thoughts of people close to him dying occured to him. He saw his mother’s death... he could remember it. There was blood everywhere. Hold on, who was the killer? He searched for the man even though he didn’t want to find out again. Oh yeah, his own father. One of his friends also got shot : in school, during a shooting. That’s when he dropped. There was also this young woman, beaten to death by a rival gang in the alley near his appartement, a couple of months ago. She had been is only girlfriend... to him the verb "had" took another sense.

He started to feel dizzy and wound up sitting on the floor, back against the wall. He was sobbing rather loudly and prayed Jin would’nt come back now.

He looked at the gun in his right hand and lifted his hazel eyes on the ceiling. "Shit, I’m gonna regret this."

What the fuck is different? Man, I can't believe I'm doin' this

A shot could be heard upstairs.

Jin woke up on the couch. "How come I’m not in the hotel room? Wait a minute... it’s MY home?" He turned on the light to be sure of it. "What am I doing here? Did Devil brought me here or what? And what about Hwoarang? Ooohhh shit!". He ran upstairs to check on Hwoarang. "Stupid door, where did Devil put the key... No time for it anyways." He opened it – or rather tackled it open. He lift his eyes to the bed.

The Korean wasn’t there.

Hwoarang was sitting on the floor, his naked back against the wall. His head was down. He didn’t seem like he was alseep though. Jin headed toward him, ready to back off if something happened. He was ready.

But not for the sight he’d have next.

Dammit man I knew it was a mistake

(You brought it outta me)

The redhead hadn’t move yet. The Japanese also noticed he was holding a gun in his right hand... he opened the light to see better.

There was blood on the bed sheets from the rape, and on the wall also; Hwoarang had shot himself in the head. He couldn’t keep up anymore with his life before, and this happened to be bottom of it all. He ran away for good. Jin sat beside him and held the smaller body onto him. "I knew letting Devil do my job was a mistake. Why can’t I listen to myself sometimes? But on another way, if you hadn’t ask me to rematch you again, you would be sleeping for a few hours, not for the eternity, my love. Without you, do I still have a reason to live? I don’t think so. You’re everything I ever wanted... Hwoarang, I loved you deeply. But now it’s too late. Should’ve told you that earlier, while you could still hear me."

He took the gun from the Korean’s hand, posed it on his own head and pulled the trigger.

The gun fell on the floor.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A few days later, on TV *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"The bodies of two martial artists champions, Jin Kazama and Hwoarang Doo San, were found this morning in Kazama’s residence. The autopsy revealed agression and rape marks on Doo San’s body. Kazama bears no marks or scars as a result of the altercation. Both men were shot. Police believes Doo San shot Kazama then proceeded to shoot himself afterwards. More details on this story at the 6 o’clock news bulletin."

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