Blood Path

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It’s real, ladies and gents. Soul Edge is real. Not that I have the proof. I’ve been given permission to come from the other side to tell you. The last year has been incredibly---‘strange’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

To make it easier for you, [“xxx”] = translated fropanepanese.

~One year ago

One minute I’m driving down the highway near my house, the next, there’s an injured guy in my car. He is a large man, Japanese, with dark brown eyes and jet black hair, maybe six foot one. Large muscles, katana, he works out a lot. . . He’s dressed in some weird ancient Japanese get-up complete with dorky looking sandals. He had been wandering around on the interstate in a total daze. He was waving this sword around at the cars, and me being the dumb-ass that I am, I just had to pull over and help him before he got himself killed or in jail.

I lived in Japan for about six years, due to my parents being in the military, and I speak enough of the language to carry on a decent conversation.

“Yameru, kudasai.” [“Stop, please.”] I know I used the wrong form of the word, but hey, he stopped, so. . . yeah. “Daijoubu, desuka?” [“Are you okay?”]

He had charged me; lucky I had that can of Mace on me, huh?

So now he’s sitting in the passenger’s seat in my car, handcuffed because I really didn’t trust him and his sword is in the back seat. Holy shit, he looks familiar. He’s cursing me out, calling me a whore, making ill remarks about my blatantly obvious European heritage. I ignore him and turn Linkin Park up real loud: “Faint”---good song, perfect the way I’m feeling now. Bring on the insults, buddy; I’ve heard it all before.

I’m little, blonde and geeky looking and female. I have, on some. . . ahem –drunken occasions. . . been mistaken for Britney Spears or Madonna. Hell, it’s better than Shirley Temple, right? I’m not yet 25, but at this moment, I feel old as shit.

I look over at him. “Nama-e, desuka?” [“Name?”]

He grunts; still pissed about the Macing I gave him. Not that I blame him; Mace hurts! “Gomen-nasai.” [“I’m sorry”] I explain in my rudimentary Japanese that the police really aren’t too keen on men with swords wandering the highways lately.

He looks at me. Not a glare, just a look. You know, like the ones little kids give you when they have no idea what’s going on? He is VERY uncomfortable. I drive a Kia Rio---the perfect short person’s car—I’m barely five foot. He’s just over six foot, the seat’s pushed back all the way and he is belted because I have a tendency to blatantly disobey the speed limit; he is also very obviously over 21, so I would get ticketed and that would suck for my already high insurance.

After a few minutes of tense, silent driving, I pull up to my apartment complex. I help the guy out of my car, because he’s still hand-cuffed, and pull him to the door. Rudy’s having a hissy-fit with his wife when I pull up.

“You little slut! If I even THINK you’re sleeping with Robby, I’ll open your throat! Oh hey, Jade, who’s that? I see he has hand cuffs on. . .” The dirty old man winks at me. “Celebrating New Year’s a little early, huh? Wanna do a threesome?”

Mildred looks at me with those creepy puppy eyes that seem to scream ‘help me’. “Quite a catch there. Is he a P.O.W.?” She winks too, before Rudy punches her.

“Shut the hell up, bitch!”

“Both y’all shut the hell up; he just needs a place to stay for a bit.” I roll my eyes and push the guy up the steps. I’m holding his sword because I don’t trust him, even though I can see him.

It’s got one bedroom with a futon on the floor because I can’t afford a bed yet. Hell, I can barely afford the rent plus a car payment plus all the utilities I don’t even use. Mooshie, pet cat, comes up to greet me. “Mrrrt?” she purrs questioningly at the guy, then loops herself lovingly around his ankles, like he belongs here. The guy smiles: cat lover.

“Here kitty, here Mooshie, who wants a treat?” Mooshie leaves the man at the door and sits expectantly at the door where I keep her treats. I sit the guy on the futon and take off the handcuffs as a sign of trust, then turn my back on him. I’ve got three knives and a 9mm with in reach, so, yeah. . . I give Mooshie her treat; she’s so spoiled.

As soon as I stoop down to give Mooshie her treat, something slams in the back of my head. I drop, cursing loudly. The guy grabs his sword and unsheathes it. Out of pure instinct, I grab the 9mm that I have stashed under the couch. I point it up to the guy’s face as he brings the katana down on it, cutting it in half and destroying it. It makes a small discharge, buring my hand. “SHIT!”

I back up, still seated on the floor, seeing the fury and confusion in his eyes. He brings the katana up over his head and I see my life flash by—man, what a crappy life I had…

I bump into my couch—nowhere else to go. The knives are all out of reach. I am NOT going to beg for my life here, so I lift my chin and stare in his brown, furious eyes.

He stops, looking down at me. The eyes lose their furiosity and the arms lower. Suddenly he drops the katana and sinks to his knees, apparently in a great deal of pain. Forgetting what he almost did to me, I go over to him and place my hand on his stomach. He’s got some cracked ribs, maybe a broken one and several cuts and scratches. I gently pull him to my bed. He tenses up, then relaxes as I place some ice on his ribs. “Nemeru. Ashita, nyuuin suru.” [Sleep. Tomorrow, go to hospital.]

“Ie--!” The guy makes a grab for my neck, but misses and curls up in a fetal position, in pain.

Well shit; he’s right. I can’t take him to the hospital; he’s not on my insurance and I can’t pay for him or all the equipment he may end up destroying…So I go online to a health website. Basically, I have to keep him immobile for at least three weeks—easier said then done.

So I look up at the guy, who is oddly familiar, and say: “Rokkotsu kossestu shita…Netakiri no san shuu.” [Rib broken. Bedridden three weeks.]

Work with me, folks; it’s been ages since I was actually fluent in Japanese.

The guy looks at me and groans. “Chikushoo…” [Damn] He rolls onto his back and looks up at the ceiling, holding the icepack I brought him. “Gomen…”

“Nani?” [What?] I’m not even paying attention—I have a Spanish paper due tomorrow.

He goes on into this long-winded speech, which I assume and hope is an apology speech for trying to kill me.

“Uh…gomen-nasai. Wakarimasen. Daijoubu; nemeru.” [Uh…sorry. I don’t understand. It’s okay; sle

“Ashita nyuuin suru?”

“Ie.” [No]

The guy sighs with obvious relief. Then it his me—duh. Ancient people went to the hospital to die. He misunderstood me, apparently.

He’s asleep in a few minutes. I stay up so I can do some homework.

Ah, fuck it. We all know I’d rather be spamming. So I go to the Soul Calibur site that I frequent. I check my avatar to make sure no one’s messed with it as some certain ex boyfriend has a tendency to do.

Just then it hits me. Random facts hit me at random times. It’s HIM---in the flesh! Holy shit. Including the bad hair. But it can’t be; if it was, he’d have to have been transported from the past. And even I, the college dropout, know that time travel is impossible---or is it?

I shake the guy awake. “Nama-e desu!” I said, demanding this time.

After a few sleepy groans, he answers. “Boku-wa Mitsurugi Heishiro desu.” [I am Mitsurugi Heishiro.] Like I hadn’t figured it out. He groans, then pushes me away and goes back to sleep.

Well, hell.

The following conversation took place on the chatroom:

Jadephoenix84 (me): U r not gonna blieve who is lying in my bed.

SonOfSatan: ??? Ass-face? [my exboyfriend, Dave]

Jadephoenix84: *points to avatar*

SonofSatan: … u on coke again? U know he doesn’t exist.

Jadephoenix84: im f’ing serious. In da flesh! Even has katana

Auron’sBitch: u’r shittin’ me

Jadephoenix84: shit you not. Check webcam.

I fiddle with my webcam a bit, hooking it up and making next to no noise. I position it so that it’s on my laptop and zoomed in on the bed.

PsychoKitty81: :O-- damn, jp, u da shit! How u get a hottie like that?!

Jadephoenix84: found him on 95…g2g, class 2morrow.

*jadephoenix84 has logged off*

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