Birds and the Bees

BY : SusieQ
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As Princess Toadstool rounded the corner of the spiral staircase, the familiar sound of matching male voices greeted her mid-conversation.

“...I feel bad for whoever the father is.”

“Ha ha! He won’t last long once the grandaddy finds out.”

“You know, we should tell the Princess about this before it gets back to Koopa.”

“Tell me about what?” Peach said, stopping two steps before the end of the staircase. Mario and Luigi exchanged startled looks, and then seemed to banter silently about who should do the honour.

Finally—and a little reluctantly—Mario began. “Well, as you’re aware, Princess, the latest supposed Koopa attack turned out to be a wash...”

“Toad gave me the lowdown a few minutes ago,” she answered. “What happened? It was over before I could even get to my window to see!”

“We think now that it wasn’t an attack after all,” Luigi said. “Or, at least, a very bad one.”

Mario cleared his throat. “But to get to the heart of the matter...the Doomship took a few direct hits, and two of the brats fell out. One was either Lemmy or Iggy, and he ran off into the same warp tube that the Doomship had been sucked into.”

“The other is Wendy,” Luigi added. “She fell pretty hard into a tree, and she’s in the dungeon right now.”

Peach looked from one anxious face to the other. “Yes, and? A Koopaling in prison is hardly a unique situation.”

Again the brothers exchanged something she couldn’t read. “Well, I’m not an expert in the matter,” Luigi said slowly, “but judging from, ah, her appearance and demeanour, we think that Wendy might be...” He pulled an apologetic face. “...In a family way.”

Something like an icicle stabbed into Peach’s stomach. “You’re saying that my kingdom’s most powerful enemy has lost his only daughter in a skirmish, and she’s lying pregnant and wounded in my dungeon. Is that correct?”

They both nodded mutely.

Peach shot forth like an arrow, shoving between the hapless plumbers and darting down the corridors towards the dungeon. Her face was flushed and covered in a thin sheen of perspiration by the time she got there, and she had to lean against the stone wall for a few
seconds to catch her breath.

“Is everything alright, Princess?” one of the guards asked.

“I need to see the prisoner,” she said, swallowing the last of her discomfort and brushing strands of hair off her face. “Is she doing well?”

“Sure is,” the guard said with a smile. “Quieter than she normally is, too. Think she’s getting more mature?”

“Yes indeed,” Peach answered grimly as he held the door open for her. The darkness of the cell was a stark contrast to the light outside, and her eyes took their time to adjust; then she heard a little whimper, and saw the docile-looking figure in the corner.

“Hello Wendy,” Peach said, mustering up a smile. “How are you feeling?”

Her answer came in the form of a finger.

“Charming as always,” Peach said blithely, striding across the cold floor. Now that she was closer, she could see how pathetic Wendy really looked, her clothes muddied, her ribbon askew, her shell-less shoulders hunched in apprehension. And, Peach noticed with a tweak of curiosity, the girl’s belly was so rounded it poked out from underneath her shirt.

“Maybe you can tell me about what happened earlier this afternoon,” she said gently, sitting down on the bench beside her captive.

Noting where the Princess’ eyes were, Wendy hurriedly pulled the hem of her shirt down over her buckle. “Why should I?” she scowled.

Peach laced her fingers. “Because, from what I’ve heard, your family is several warp zones away and in a disabled vehicle. It could be a long time before someone comes to retrieve you, and there’s nothing else for you to do in here to pass the time.”

“You could wheel a TV in,” Wendy said, her voice rising hopefully.

“Debris from your ship hit the satellite dish,” she lied, “We’ve called the repair man, and he said he’ll be in sometime in the next sixteen hours.”

“Crap.” Wendy fidgeted with the loose parts of her clothes, wiped some of the grass stains off her pants, and began reluctantly: “Kay. We were going to visit Grannie, but Dad got the bright idea to let Lemmy steer for awhile, and we went way off-course. Then we hit an air current and got pushed over your kingdom, and before we could steer back away, your guards started firing at us. The ship must have bucked or something because I got thrown out one of the portholes.” She folded her arms. “Lemmy’s ball got shot, and I saw him fall over, too. Then of course no one was at the rudder and the ship sort of careened off to god-knows-where.”

Peach nodded. “Your brother is fine; he jumped into a warp tube after the ship.”

“The little yard ape can rot for all I care,” Wendy snarled, but Peach saw how her face eased with relief.

“That sounds like a plausible story, but if it wasn’t an attack or an ambush, why did you use the Doomship?”

“Because all eight of us can’t fit in the Clowncopper, stupid,” she snapped. “And if your guards had taken one second to look at our cannons, they would have seen they were pointing up in the unloaded position, not down at the castle. We do have lives outside of tormenting you, you know.”

Making a mental note to ask the guards about the cannons, Peach pressed on with “Mario said you had quite the fall from the Doomship; do you need treatment?”

“No, I’m fine,” Wendy spat, and turned her face away.

“Are you sure? You weren’t wearing your shell,” she needled.

“I fell into a tree, okay? It broke my fall.”

“Nonetheless, I’m going to have to escort you to the medical wing,” the Princess continued, smooth as butter. “I wouldn’t want your father to think I was mistreating you.”

Wendy shot her a look. “What’s with you?”

“What do you mean?”

Rising to her feet, Wendy said “Since when do you care if I’m mistreated? And why would Daddy react any differently this time?”

“Because you’re delicate situation.”

The girl’s throat contracted in a silent gulp. “W-what do you mean?”

Peach leaned over at the waist so her eyes were level with Wendy’s. “Well, so much for me trying to be subtle. Let me put it this way: it’s not very chivalrous of my kingdom to imprison a mother-to-be like a common criminal.” She resisted adding ‘even if she is’.

Wendy blinked. “‘Mother-to-be’?”

With as much subtlety as possible, Peach pointed at the distended stomach. “I didn’t want to be rude, but if you’re carrying a baby, you need to be taken better care of, regardless of our, er, political differences.”

“Excuse me?” Wendy frowned and shook her head in confusion. “‘Carrying a baby’? What are you talking about? It’s just an egg! Why does everyone make such a big deal about this?!”

“Okay, okay, calm down,” Peach said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “I misunderstood the situation. I’m not familiar with Koopa biology—is this why you aren’t wearing your shell?”

“Yeah.” She glanced at the hand by her neck, but didn’t brush it away. “It hurts my back, and it’s too uncomfortable, other places.”

“And is this,” Peach cleared her throat, “is this your...’heat cycle’?”

The blush that stained her cheeks answered for her.

“Hm. In that case, you stay here; I’ll be back with something that has helped me in the

Peach swirled in her skirts as she hurried out, gesturing for the guard to close the door on Wendy’s “But what are you—?!”

In ten minutes’ time the door opened again, and Peach bustled into the cell with a bowl-sized cup of something steaming in one hand and a quilted bag in the other.

Propping the bag against the wall, she looked at a confused Wendy and said “I’ve blasted this for a few minutes, and it should retain the heat for half an hour. If you lean your back up against it, it’ll help relieve some of the muscle strain.”

Wendy reluctantly shifted across the bench until the bag was between her back and the wall; her bare toe-claws wriggled as the soothing heat seeped into her skin, and Peach noticed a little smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” She offered the mug. “Here. It’s fire-flower-root brew; it’ll ease your stomach and any soreness in your midsection.”

Wendy hesitated, eyeing the steam suspiciously. With a little sigh, Peach said “Oh, honestly. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it as soon as I walked in. Here, see?” She brought the cup to her lips and drew in a mouthful. “It’s clean.”

“Okay, fine.” Wendy snatched it away and sipped from the edge. “How do you know this stuff works?”

“I’m a woman too, Wendy.”

Judging from the look on her face, Peach saw that was the first time she’d been called that. Wendy wiped a drop of tea off the cup, then cocked her head and asked “ you mushroomers have to go through cycles like this?”

Peach smiled demurely. “Um...sort of like this, yes.”

“But you don’t lay eggs, right?”

“Yes and no. There is an egg involved, but it’s microscopic.”

Wendy’s eyes bugged. “What?! You mean you can’t even see it? That’s not fair!!”

“Oh yes it is,” Peach said hurriedly. “There’s a lot of bleeding that goes with it. I don’t think you have to deal with that.”

That seemed to calm her down. “Hm...doesn’t that get on your clothes and stuff?”

Trying very hard to imagine herself in a freezer to keep the heated blush off her face, she answered “Well....we put, um, pads of cotton and paper either between us and our, um, underwear or....” She swallowed. “Inside.”

Wendy wrinkled her nose. “Oh, gross! I guess this isn’t so bad....Do you remember your first cycle?”

“Vividly.” Peach closed her eyes and put a delicate hand to her face. “I didn’t know what it was...I thought I was haemorrhaging! No one had ever told me what to expect.”

“Me neither,” Wendy said, taking another swig of her tea. “But on the upside, I got to see Kamek and Daddy go ten shades of red. First Kamek started telling me I was just retaining water,
and it was a natural part of female development—and then Daddy yelled at him and said he shouldn’t be telling me these things—“

Peach laughed. “Let me guess—because it’s ‘not appropriate for a princess’?”

“Spot on! If I hear that one more time—“

”—You’ll go crazy.”

Wendy finally cracked a smile. “I was going to say ‘I’ll castrate somebody’, but, yeah, the sentiment’s the same.”

“You know, for all the prestige and power, I really don’t know if I’d choose to be a princess the second time around,” Peach said, not quite making eye contact. “There’s just too
much to worry about, too many people expecting you to be something you’re not...”

“...too many people just out to use you, and not even being able to rely on your own family...”

Peach smiled, and pulled a rope of hair around her finger. “Indeed. Getting my sister to be civil to me is like pulling teeth.”

A fleeting look of vulnerability went across Wendy’s features. “Gee...I always wondered what having a sister would be like.”

“It’s like having a brother who steals your clothes and your boyfriends,” Peach said with a half-grin.

“Oh, well that’s no good. I already have a brother who steals my clothes, though I don’t know why Lemmy would want to wear them...”

The laugh broke free before Peach could choke it down. “Lemmy wears your clothes? I knew it! Out of the seven of you, it stands to reason that one would be ...”

“Would be what?” Wendy demanded.

Seeing the total lack of understanding in her eyes, Peach deflated her joke. “Nothing, nothing.”

Wendy frowned. “Something, I think.”

“No, it’’ll understand when—“

”’When you’re older’. Right. I know.” Wendy slammed down her empty cup. “Good thing you don’t have the equipment, because that put me in the mood for some ball-busting.”

Oops. “Wendy...” Peach started.

“I think me and my brothers deserve a lot more respect that we’ve been getting from you lot,” she said, claws on her hips, her chin thrust forward. “We were manning tanks and doomships and fortresses before we’d cut our first set of fangs, which is more than I can say of most people. And we we’re expected to rule over entire worlds, but we’re not old enough to understand basic biology?!”

Peach again put her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Wendy. Wendy. You’re right, that was insensitive of me. You’re clearly a young lady now” —here the Koopaling puffed out her chest— “and you should be treated as such. Now,” she searched for words. “I was referring to...have you heard of boys falling in love with boys?”

Blank stare.

“Well it happens sometimes,” Peach said. “Not nearly as often, but it is there. It’s been observed even in the more primitive Yoshi races. And my silly joke was based on a stereotype that these kinds of boys enjoy girl’s clothes. Do you understand now?”

“Y... es,” she said uncertainly. “So Lemmy...likes boys?”

“No, I don’t know that,” Peach said, again trying to suck down her giggles. Reading the question that was on Wendy’s face, Peach added “It can happen with females, too.”

Wendy made a noncommittal sound, and leaned back against the bag. “Yeah. Hm. These things really work.”

“Ask your father to buy you one. Tell him you sprained a muscle,” she said with a wink. “Men don’t act so silly if they don’t know exactly what you’re talking about.”

Then she quaked with surprise when a claw grabbed the back of her head and a strange set of lips pressed on her own.

“—Wendy!” she said, jerking away. “What—why are—“

”Just testing,” the girl answered slyly.

She smoothed out her hair. “Testing what?”

“Oh, a rule of thumb someone told me awhile ago,” she continued, looking at her claws. “The more someone blushes after you kiss ‘em, the more they liked it.”

“If I’m blushing,” Peach said levelly, “it’s out of surprise more than—“

”Well duh. You didn’t give me a chance to finish.” And this time Peach’s head bopped up against the wall, and there was a paw on either side of her face, and she felt two tingling pinpoints inside her mouth suddenly with warmth and moist breath going back and forth.

The gentle pressure on her mouth pulled back, and Peach blinked a few times, the taste of fire-root tea on the inside of her lips.

“Now you’re all red,” Wendy said smugly. “And you weren’t surprised for the last few seconds, I can tell you that.”

“ you have a forked tongue?” Peach asked, feeling as clever as an anvil.

Wendy blew her a raspberry. Her pulpy pink tongue could have been human, if not for the flattened fork at the tip.

Peach hesitated, putting an arm behind her as if to steady herself; something warm touched her skin and she turned around quickly to the earthy sound of the teacup breaking on the floor. Grateful for the distraction, Peach sunk to her knees and started gathering the pieces, using her outer skirts as a pocket. She stole a glance at the Koopaling, who seemed to have fallen out of her self-satisfaction—her eyelids were half-closed and fluttering, as if she was watching a pack of moths, and her claws curled around the end of the bench so tight that the scales on her knuckles had paled.

“Are you all right?” Peach said uncertainly.

“Oh yeah, fine,” she answered, waving the Princess off. The strange tendrils of feeling that had been looping around her flesh for the past few days had begun to tighten a little before the kiss, and now they were sharp and stinging all over her, even in her brain. Wendy felt a light sweat break out on her cheeks and palms.

“You look flushed.” The Princess dumped the broken pieces into the garbage, and pressed her cool hand against Wendy’s forehead. To the Koopaling it felt like a white zing of energy from the gentle contact to the rest of her body.

“Is this...part of your ‘heat’?” she persisted, trying to get Wendy’s eye. Everything about her—the little rustling sounds of her dress as she moved, the light touch of her perfume, the concerned look in her eyes—was itching across Wendy’s body in a way that she couldn’t articulate.

“I...guess so.” Now it settled in her lower belly, making her full and flushed in areas she didn’t want to think about so intently. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Peach started stroking her face with her palm, and then everything burst inside of her. She fell forward into the Princess’ arms, grabbing at her back, their mouths sealed together. The warm place where their bodies met started to thrum happily inside of Wendy’s skin, and before the Princess could come to her senses they’d rolled one over the other, still clumsily kissing, arms and legs tangled in each others’ clothes.

“Mmf—Wendy, you’re being foolish,” Peach said, pulling her skirts out from under their legs. Wendy said a cheery “So what?” into the Princess’ hair and went back to biting along her arm.

“No, listen.” With her palm, she steered Wendy’s face up to meet her eye. “You know as well as I do what Bowser would do if he found out—“

Wendy snorted and tossed her hair. “Oh, who cares? This is none of his business, anyways.”

Allowing herself to be hugged back onto the floor the Princess fumbled for her words with two warm paws and a tongue roaming the exposed parts of her skin. “But is his business, you’re his daughter and I’m—“

”Do you always have to be so boring?”

Peach opened her mouth to say something, but it died in her throat.

“Come on, come on, I’m not asking you to marry me.” Wendy flashed a wide smile, and even despite herself Peach felt the corners of her mouth tugging. “And let’s face it—at least neither of us can get knocked up, right?”

Well, that was it. Peach laughed and brought Wendy back up for a quick kiss before flopping back down on the ground, her hair fanned out around her.

Leaning with her back curved over the princess, Wendy made a contented murring sound and pushed her muzzle up against Peach’s neck.

“Your skin is so strange,” she said, drawing her claws so delicately up Peach’s arms that they shivered to goose bumps. “It’s like nothing I’ve felt before...and you have these little hairs all over!” She giggled and tried to smooth them down with her palm. “What are they for?”

“Nothing that I know of.” Peach rubbed her arms until the skin loosened, but she was left with an all-over prickling feeling, like little ants running up her limbs. “I can’t feel that much different from your own underbelly, can I?” she said, a little pert, and slipped her right hand under Wendy’s shirt. Feeling the koopaling tense reflexively, Peach quickly soothed her with gentle circles of her palm.

“I must feel weird to you,” Wendy said, sounding a little uncomfortable as she guided the soft hand away from where her egg was resting.

“Actually, you don’t.” She slid her arms around to the scaly back and pulled her forward into a half-hug. “The only part of you Koopalings I’ve ever been in contact with was your claws...”

“...and those situations weren’t nearly as friendly, were they?” Wendy said, smirking.

“Let’s not dwell on the past.” Her face in the crook of the reptilian neck, Peach tried nipping her teeth over the scales, making Wendy giggle and press against her with her cheek.

Somehow they worked Wendy’s shirt over her head without disentangling themselves. She wore a shiny bra—hot pink, of course—and a tiny bow rested in her cleavage which, Peach noted with some jealousy, was already deeper than her own.

“That’s quite the number,” she remarked.

“Yeah. Daddy nearly had a coronary when he saw I bought it! Now let’s see yours.”

Wendy rolled the white undershirt up, exposing her lightly freckled waist and, to her
embarrassment, a plain cotton bra.

“Well that’s boring,” Wendy said as she snapped one of the straps.

“I didn’t think anyone was going to be seeing it today,” Peach said with an answering
snap. “It’s what’s underneath that counts.”

Scaly arms went around her ribs. “Let’s have a look then, shall we?”

The sudden exposure to the air made her skin tremble, and Peach put a hand over her mouth to cover her shy smile. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel, besides all jangled up with a warm heat ricocheting around her body.

“Wow.” Wendy carefully cupped a breast with her palm, and then bent down to kiss it. She lightened Peach’s nervous whimper with a kiss to her cheek as she took both breasts in her paws and held them gently.

“They’re nice,” she said, smiling just enough for one fang to show under her lips. “Really soft.”

“Mm.” Peach fumbled with the silky material for a few seconds before she found the clasp and snapped it open, letting Wendy’s breasts bounce out. They were the same colour as her arms, but the scales were smaller and almost softer-looking; the pattern swirled up to two coppery tips—not mammalian, but identifiably nipples.

They spent a few moments staring at each other, before Peach put her fingertips on Wendy’s nipples. Nice and pliant, like warm discs of rubber. She kissed under her collarbone, down her sternum, then on the swell of her breast, taking a mouthful.

This brought a rumble out from deep in Wendy’s throat, and she kneaded Peach’s flesh with the heels of her paws, grabbing around her waist and back, trying to push them closer together until they rested, mouth to muzzle, their breasts interlocked.

Peach’s dress was a jumbled mass of chiffon around her waist, and they both tried to clear it aside with sweeps of their arms. “You might as well take the whole thing off,” Wendy suggested, batting the cresting skirts.

Reaching behind her for the zipper, she answered “Only if you lose the jeans.”

Four seconds of rustling fabric noises, and both the jeans and dress were on the floor, along with the Princess’ underwear. She sat awkwardly, chewing on her thumbnail, feeling a very deep blush crawl up from her breasts as Wendy started pointedly at the junction of her thighs.

“Why’s it fuzzy?” she asked, hesitantly running her claw through the curls.

For the first time that evening, Peach felt herself at a loss for words. The tingling feeling was too strong. “Um, I don’t know. I was born that way. Well not born,” she corrected herself, “I mean, it grew when I was older, but...”

“That’s strange,” Wendy said, and with a bit of nervousness: “ else are you different from me?”

Peach bit back the tarter retort and answered “I couldn’t tell you; I’ve never seen a naked Koopa female.” Seeing Wendy’s smirk, she added “Or a male, for that matter.”

Wendy pulled her panties off and tossed them aside, sitting back up with her knees spread slightly. Her paw returned to the moist curls between Peach’s legs, whimpering a little when she reciprocated.

Peach looked down at her hand, her fingertips brushing what looked like a hairless mound, delicate and more porous than the rest of Wendy’s hide; then, ticklish from Peach’s shy touches, the outer lips started to swell and unfold, a pink nub at the top unsheathing itself and pressing wetly against her palm. Wendy mewled and her hips bucked forward instinctively, the little nub sliding along the creases in Peach’s palm.

“Ooh, found yours!” Wendy panted, and Peach yelped as the Koopaling slid her thumb over the gauzy hood, letting her clitoris pop out below.

Peach began to pull away, and Wendy’s swallowed giggles very quickly turned into whimpering. “No, don’t go, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

“Not at all,” Peach said as she repositioned herself, crouching like a cat. “I just...want to take a closer look.”

Wendy sighed, her voice thin, and put a paw in Peach’s hair. The Princess scooted forward until she was about eye-level with Wendy’s belly, and again stroked her fingers down the opened vulva. The smell was strange but not at all repulsive, sort of like marigolds and sourdough bread, and she could see the inner structure was different than her own; sliding the first knuckle of a finger forward, she felt around the waxing beads inside, tender like the inner of a pomegranate. The whole time she could feel a paw fisting and unfisting in her hair as Wendy hissed air through her fangs and murmured.

“ feel okay?” Peach asked. She slid her finger farther inside, and the entire body beneath her tensed.

“Yes...yes, just, it—“ Wendy wriggled, and pressed her thigh against Peach’s cheek. “I’ve never felt it *inside* before.” She leaned back, and Peach felt her inside walls clinging together.

A little panic fluttered up again in Wendy’s stomach when the finger withdrew. “I didn’t mean stop!” she said, propping herself on her elbows to look.

“I know, dear.” She manoeuvred around so that they were lying side-by-side, each face against the other’s belly. Peach took a shaking breath and pushed out “Although I, er, guess I have thought about it, I’ve never actually...been with a female, Wendy. I don’t know what I’m doing, you do realize?”

She jumped at the flickering tongue across her nether-lips. “Honestly, Princess, do you think I’d care at this point?”

“Peach,” she corrected. “Call me Peach.”

She could feel Wendy smile against her skin. Cupping her rear, Peach pulled the opened mound closer to her face and pressed forward gawkily, her tongue tapping like a blind man’s cane. Wendy’s urgent moans and the taste were so overwhelming, wetness sliding down her cheeks as she probed farther and farther.

The dark tendrils entwined in Wendy’s muscles were rippling and threatening to burst. Never had she felt so rocked with sensation. Peach’s pert little tongue felt perfect inside her, unfolding her and filling the crinkles she didn’t know she had. All the skin around her, in her paws, against her cheeks, was like soft cream that kept rocking against her in waves, as Peach pushed against Wendy’s pulls, see-sawing higher and higher. It was too much to even breathe, and they both started gasping.

Then something went wrong, and all Wendy’s fuzzied mind could tell was that Peach had yanked away sharply and was clutching her pink dress to her chest like it was solely responsible for keeping her heart beating. Before Wendy could ask what happened, Peach started throwing handfuls of her clothes at her so hard that her bra strap stung her shoulder as it whipped by.

And the door was open. And there were three figures standing there, peering in with gaping expressions. And—Wendy gulped something like a frozen cube down her throat—the centre figure was King Bowser Koopa, jaw hanging open and eyes bugging almost out of their sockets.

Never had she more longed for her shell. The wonderfully dark inside of her shell seemed more beautiful than anything else in the world right now. Arranging her pile of clothes for her own decency, Wendy glanced at Peach---who had lost that flush and was now white as the petticoats she was holding over her legs----and then looked back at her father, who was slowly moving his mouth as if he were coming out of general anesthetic.

She opened her mouth, but all that came out was a shrivelled little squeak.

Bowser snapped out of his shock and quickly averted his eyes. To the mushroomer guards flanking him, he barked “What are you looking at? Get the hell out of here before I crack your bloated heads together!”

They dropped their spears and ran.

Wendy hiccupped. “Daddy I can’t it wasn’t what you were thinking it was just I thought I meant I didn’t know that---“

His back still to the prison room, Bowser raised his hand to quiet her, and said in a dangerously low voice, “Gwendolen. Olivia. Koopa. If you value your life, you will meet me outside in exactly ten minutes and be prepared to do some explaining.”

Wendy bit her lip and said “Yes Daddy” in a very meek voice.

“And don’t think *you’re* off the hook, either,” he added over his shoulder, before slamming the door so hard a couple of bolts clattered to the floor.

The girls sat in silence for a few seconds as they caught their breath. Then, very slowly, they pulled their clothes back on without looking at each other. Wendy went to the sink in the corner and washed the last taste of Peach off her face and paws, and wiped her claws dry on her jeans.

“So, uh...” She turned back to the Princess, and helped her do up the back of her bodice. “Guess that made it his business, huh?”

“Only because we got caught,” she said. Peach turned around, Wendy’s ribbon in her hand. “Otherwise, it would have stayed in this room. Um, I found this wrapped around my ankle.”

“Thanks.” Wendy started to tie her bow, but her arms were shaking too hard. Peach quietly moved behind her and held her hair out of the way. “Oh well. Knowing my brothers, I’m sure it won’t be long before there’s some new scandal of the week.”

Peach pulled the loops through to a bow. “Right. Have Lemmy seduce some crowned prince and you’ll be off the hook.”

“Hey! You seduced me.”

“I beg your pardon?” Peach laughed. “You were the one who pinned me to the wall!”

Wendy grinned and stuck out her tongue. “Yeah, but you were hitting on me! What was I to think?”

“You’re shameless.”

“Yeah, and you’re a tease!”

From outside came a muffled but still rumbling voice. “WEEENNNDYYYY!”

Wendy jumped. “Oh, right. That’s my cue to exit.”

Peach followed after her as she jogged down the hallways of the palace, but stopped just short of the main foyer. Wendy heard her stop, and turned around to see.

Scratching the back of her neck, Peach said “Um...I would walk you to the door, but...”

“...But you’re afraid Daddy might pop a blood vessel. I know.” Then Wendy pulled her back around the corner, out of the view of the guards and members of the court. They kissed hard and fast, and then Wendy broke off to cover the last fifty yards to the door in a sprint (Bowser’s yelling from outside had started to shake the floor).

Peach watched as the palace doors closed behind her, and drummed her fingers on her arm.

“Geez, what was that about?” Mario asked, suddenly right behind her.

She jumped and grabbed her chest. “Don’t DO that!”

“Sorry. I guess Bowser’s yelling drowned out my footsteps, huh?” He shois his head and watched the clown-copper lift off through the high windows of the courtroom. “I guess I’d be mad too if I had to deal with a daughter like that.”

“Oh, she’s not that bad,” Peach said wistfully. Noticing the odd look Mario was giving her, she quickly added “Well I don’t think we’ll have to deal with Wendy over here for quite, Bowser wasn’t impressed with how we were treating her.”

He shook his head. “He must have pretty high standards—I thought she was being treated like a queen.”

Peach smiled but kept her words to herself.

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