Legend of Zelda:One Story Ends Another Begins

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Legend of Zelda: One Story Ends Another Begins.
Chapter 1

*no sex this chapter. Sex scenes in chapter2*
It has been 7 years since Gannon was defeated. All of Hyrule has return to peace. The hero of the Ages has returned to his simple life in the country. Along with his fairy companion, Navi, they have retired to a peaceful existence away for civilization. However, as proven throughout time, from the beginning and until the end, his peace is not to last. Like countless times before he will be called again to stave off evil. Thus, the tale begins.

Navi hid under a canopy of leaves. Her eyes scanning the near by shrub. Below and above nothing was to be seen. She smiled. He'll never catch me. Not while I'm under here. Nope I'm too smart. And he's too slow. So she thought, but it did not occur to her that a certain blond hair boy was tracking her. He had been darting to and fro through the forest following her. He was careful to quickly roll towards the bush and to crouch behind the bush, whenever she got suspicious. His green outfit blending perfectly with the surrounding foliage, while her white shirt and her blue glow stood out like a beacon.

Their game had been going on for hours, so thus he decided to end it. Without making a sound, he creeps up a bush and silently sidles up to the tree branch where his Navi was. "Oh Navi! Navi, where are you" Link called out. "Heh! He still can't find me", she snickered to herself. "Oh really!" The fairy jumped in surprised by this. "Why you little sneak", Navi was flustered. "You cheated." "Hey now don't be a sore loser. I can't help it if you're a glowing puff ball." "Hmpf! Puff ball I'll show a puff ball" She flew towards his face and gave him a peck on his cheek, "Can a puff ball do this?" He smiled. Then she flew up to his ear and gave it a tantalizing nibble. "Or this" she purred." No, he grinned as she nibbles delicately on his ear.

Goddesses Navi's so cute. He thought. Why thank you Link. She replied. How did you that. Silly Link don't you remember? Remembert… Ot… Oh yeah, our bond. Bingo dummy, how can you forget something like telepathy? Well excuse me I've been zapped and whacked so many times its easy to forget. Heh, heh no kidding. Hey what's so funny. Ha ha you don't know. Hey stop laughing.
You don't remember ha ha. Come on what is so damn funny! He yelled.

"Sniffle, you didn't have to yell. Sniffle. You can be so mean." she replied in tears. "Hey there, don't cry I didn't mean it. Come on Navi stop it. You know I hate to see you this." This only elicited more tears. "Oh come on Navi what it'll take for you to stop crying?" Promptly her tears stop as promptly as they started. "Well a kiss!" "Why you little conniving little imp", he cried with feigned anger and then he leaned forward to nuzzle his nose to hers.

Mean while in Hyrule Township

Zandal did not like this. He did not like this at all. He had a feeling all was not well. Something was wrong. The animals were quite the pigs, chickens, the crickets all of the animals were quite. He just started his dawn patrol. Just like every other day. He first would wake from the palace barracks, get dress and head to town. Everyday he would pass the farm between the castle grounds and the town. That cute milkmaid, Milly, would stop him for a chat. She would chat with him about who was doing what and he would get a glass of milk. However, today was different she was not by her fence. Instead, he had found the fence torn and the cattle gone. Their footprints showed they all fled recently, the tracks were fresh. Someone or something had spooked the normally docile cows into ramming through the fence.

He cautiously walked towards the house, through the cow pen pass the shit. Zandal's worries mounted as he approached closer towards the house. The door was opened slightly, he could see a faint purplish glow from the doorway crack. What could be making that light. He could not be sure of the source. Maybe it’s a reflection of the pre-dawn twilight. He could not tell what the light was the sun had not completely rised. He moved closer curious but still cautious he approached closer. MILLY! MILLY! Are you ok, with his foot he slowly opened the door. He could not see, but he heard crunching noises, coming from the dark back room. And Clattering feet?

Unsheathing his sword he advanced towards room, he felt his foot step on some sticky liquid. His heart jumped from his chest. In a corner was the sources of the noise, standing on all eight legs were three man-sized insects. There were crawling over each other and over something a corpse. He could hear their pinchers greedily snapping off bones, blood being splattered, sinew whipping towards their hungry mauls, gore covering their coiled tails. The scene burned into his mind. He was stunned. Paralyzed to the point where he did not notice the purple rift in the floor. The rift expanded from a foot to two. Zandal snapped out when the ground rumbled. The earth shook as the rift grew from two to three, more clacking emanated from the rift. The creatures hissed, as more of their kind poured out. Zandal ran out of the house screaming. The rifted erupted causing the house collapse. Debris rained down as more insects crawled out from the rubble.

Zandal ran for his life and the life of everyone else. He had to warn the town. "May the Goddesses have mercy on us all."

"Nuzzle. Nuzzle. Nuzzle. I love to nuzzle you Linky!" "Me too and you you know what I love you too Navi." Well tell how much you love me, Navi said.
Well let me see. Link did not finish his sentence for the ground rumbled breaking the peace of the forest. Something was happened. A glowing light appeared it grew and grew, as it grew a strong wind began to pull them towards the vortex. The wind increased in force, they were being sucked into the purple vortex. Navi! She was sucked in first her light weight offered her no resistance to the gales, try as she might she could not fly out of the gale. Link wanted to call out to her but before he could utter a word he was also sucked in.

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