It's All Thanks To Kairi

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Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts. To bad....
Notes:Riku adn Sora are the hottest boys ever made by Disney/Square Enix! Even bedda den Squall and
Pairings:RikuxSora KairixOC Taliea Eventual RikuxSoraxTaliea
Character Descriptions:
Taliea:5'4" Age:13 She is Bi in the beggining, but ends up straight. A long sleeved red shirt under a grey
short sleeved with the words "Simple adn Clean" on the front. Baggy, BAGGY, lose fitting blue jeans.
Orange+red sneakers. She has trusting green eyes brown hair with red streaks. (Orangy-brown in pure color.)
Pink eyeshadow.
Kairi:Short plad skirt (Blue+white) white tank top. Her outfit in KH 2. 5'6" Age:15 Lesbian.
Riku:5'9" Age:17 Bi. Short sleeved white t-shirt with red collar and sleeves under a brown vest. Baggy dark
blue jeans, and red finger-less gloves.
Sora:5'7" Age:16 Black T-shirt under a black zip up hoddie t-shirt. (Like the one from KH1, only black.) Black
baggy shorts with yelow belts. (Hmmm...coiuld innocent Sora be weraing bondage poants? ^^) Finger-less black
More Notes:I hate Kairi. Why I put the chjaracter signifying me with her, you'll find out. As for the boys, it's
natural to have them together! They're so cute.


Sora sat on his steps and sighed. He'd called Riku over an hour ago and the platnum haired boy
had promised to be right over. "Yeah, sure! 'I'll come right over! I promise!' What a load of bu..."
"SORA!" Said silver haired boy ran up to the brunette panting. "What kept you? We're supposed
to go see the girls." "My mom made me eat before I left." "Glad my mom moved to the mainlands."
Riku snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. "So, we leaving or what?" He watched his blue
eyed best friend stand and come near him. "Yeah, we're goin'."
The two chatted as they walked the short distance to Kairi's house. "Well, I feel bad for Taliea.
Kairi is the biggest bitch on this island." "Yeah, I'm not sure why she stays with her. Actually, that's
oene of the reason's we're going. I figure she can come live with one o. O. Or maybe together in my house.
We should move in together!"
Sora looked at Riku blushing. "I mean...I know we've only been together about two months...but..."
The sapphire eyed boy watched his boyfriend laugh. "That sounds like a good idea. But, what's the
other reason?"
The black clothed boy lowered his head and sighed painfully. "Taliea called last night...she
wants out." "Why?" "Well, apparently Kairi's alot more violent then we thought. You'll see, but don't
lay a finger on Kairi. I'm not sure what she's cpable of."
Riku nodded as they walked up to Kairi's door. A sharp cry was heard when teh bell was rung, and
then a, "Shut up you little bitch!", before the door was opened.
Kairi stood there, plad skirt and tank top on. She quickly tried to hide the whip she had behind
her back, but Riku grabbed her wrist.
"What the hell's going on in there?" Riku growled inwardly as Kairi shot a falsely sweet smile
at him. "Nothing really. Me and Taliea were just having some fun." "That's why your shirts covered in
blood right?"
A glare quickly made it's way across Kairi's face. "What I do to MY property in none of YOUR
business, Riku. Stop being a prying prick."
"RIKU!" Kairi was shoved aside as the girl, Taliea burst out, tears and blood staining her face.
Riku stummbled at Tailea clung to him, face buried in chest. He'd caught a quick glympes of her
face and had seen a long slash across her left cheek. He wrapped his arms around the girl procteivtly.
"You little whore! Get your ass back in that house right now!" Kairi took a step towards Riku
and Taliea, but Sora stopped her. "Leave her alone, Kairi. You've hurt her enough. Me and Riku will take
care of her now."
"You don't know if she wants to go! Taliea dear, doy uo want to go with these boys, or stay with
me, sweetheart?" Taliea looked at Kairi who glared, daring her to say the boys. Taking a deep breathe she
whispered out, "It's over, Kairi. I don't love you anymore. I'm going with Sora and Riku. I'm so..".."
"No you are not! Bitch!" Kairi lunged at Taliea, but Riku pushed the girl towards Sora. Kairi
collided with Riku's fist and she fell to the ground, unconcious.
"Let's go, before she wakes up." Sora grabbed Taliea's hand and all three ran to Sora's house.
Once inside, Sora locked the door. "Riku, go in the bathroom and grab the medicine box, alright?" He
paused then added, "And grab some of my spare clothes...."
Sora made Taliea strip to her undergarments as soon as Riku was back. Cuts, brusies, and other
various things littered the thirteen year olds body. Being carfeul, he aplied antiseptic to the bad wounds,
and she hissed. When he was done, he gave her the new clothes. (A/N:The ones I described in teh begging.)
The old ones, he promised himself that they'd be burned.
Taliea dressed hurridly, blushing as she did. She sniffled a bit as she sat back down on the couch.
"...Thanks..." She cringed a bit as Riku began to wipe the blood streaks off her cheeks. "how long has she
been doing this, Tali?" The girl shrugged. "To long to remember..."
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!" Sora startled the other two by yelling. He blushed as he noticed
Taliea had hid herself in Riku's arms. "Sorry...but really, Tali! Why didn't you let me and Riku know
sooner? We would've helped."
Riku nodded as Taliea lifted her head. "I didn't tell you because Kairi threatend to hurt me
worse...she said if I thought rape was bad, then to jsut try and imagine it worse..."
Sora drew a sharp intake of breathe. "She...raped you...?" The girl huddled against Riku again,
muttering a soft, "Yes..."
The two boys growled and then started as the younger teen in Riku's arms began to cry. Riku
held her gently while Sora wnt through a whole array of strange faces.
The crying subsided as the girl fell asleep. Sighing, Sora got up adn went to the closet to get a
spare pillow and blanket. Upon returning, he shooed Riku off the couch and set it up like a bed, then
aloweed Riku to place the sleeping girl down.
"Think she'll be okay?" Riku nodded. "As long as we are around, Kairi can't hurt her." The
younger boy noded. "Yeah, you're right. Look, I need to go do some junk. I should only be gone an hour or so.
Do me a favor, watch her and make sure Kairi can't get in. Hell, don't let anyone but out close friends in.
MALE close friends. I'll never trust girls again."
Riku chuckled and kissed Sora's cheek quickly beofer shoving the brunette out the door. With a
sigh he locked it and went back to the couch and clicked on the T.V. He switched the channel to MTV and
began to hum Trapts, "Steel Cage" while watching the video.
About fifteen minutes passed before a knock was heard. Groaning Riku got up and answered it..
"Oh, hey Squall."
Squall nodded. "Is Sora here? I have to talk to him." "Nah, he left awhile ago to go 'get some junk'
as he put it. I can tell him you came by if you want." "Yeah. Thanks, Riku. See ya."
Riku shut the door and then walked back to the living room. He began to watch T.V. again, but
no sooned then twenty minutes pass, before he was asleep.

A grinning Kairi walked into Sora's house. "Aww, it looks like Riku forgot to lock the door! Silly
him!" She placed the sleep potion into her bag and walked to the living room. On the couch lay a sleeping
Taliea and Riku. Walking over noiselessly, she came to a stop beside the sleeping girl. She quickly gagged
the girl and lifted her up.
'Don't you worry little, Tali; I'll make sure you regret leaving..' Walking to Sora's bedroom, she
placed the still sleeping girl on the bed, before hurridly locking the windows and door.
She hurridly stripped off Taliea's cl;othes and tied her arms to the headboard, and her feet to
endboard. 'I'm goona make you suffer, my little whore...'
Grabbing the biggest two-sided dildo she had, she removed her clothes and inserted it into herself,
hissing at the pain and pleasure she got from it. Pulling it in and out a few times to get used to it,
she then climbed onto the bed. She lowered herself between the sleeping girls legs.
Gently she began to massage Taliea's clit. Needless to the the girl awoke. Upon seeing Kairi, she
tried to cry out, but found herself gagged. She tried to pull away, but Kairi held her tightly.
Grinning lewedly, Kairi lay across the smaller girl whispered, "Now you get your punishment..." into
her ear. A muffled cry came from the bound girl. With a smirk, Kairi pointed to the dildo inside of her.
Taliea's eyes widened and she struggled to get away, but to no avail. Tears formed and she knew it
was too late.
Kairi positioned herself to enter Taliea. "I'll never forgive you." As hard as she could, Kairi
thrusted the ten-inch dildo into Taliea's body. The scream came thru the gag as Kairi pulled compleatly
out, before re-entering.
The pace was hard and fast, with Kairi laughing the whole time. She just kept thrusting, harder, and
harder. She came witha moan, but continued pounding. She orgasimed four times before she slowed. When
she came to a stop, she removed herself from the dildo, then took the gag fromTaliea's mouth.
"If you scream, I'll kill you." The threat made, she lay on Taliea so that her pussy was at Taliea's mouth.
"Eat me now, whore. If you don't, I jsut may kill you for fun."
Taliea chocked back a sob, but did as she was told. Sucking, nipping and thrusting with her
tongue. The other girl came in her mouth and she chocked again.
Meanwhile, Kairi had taken the dildo in her hand and was rapidly thrusting it into the smaller
girl. Not liking that the other refused to orgasim, she sat up. "You better come. It'll only get worse if you
Kairi again entered the dildo into herself. She was quickly pounding the girl into the matress.
Crys of pain and accasional pleasure fell from Taliea's mouth. A quick thrust caused her to scream out
as she came.

Downstairs, Sora had jsut walked into his home and he heard the scream. A startled Riku ran
into the kitchen. "Riku, where's Taliea?" The silver haired boy paled. "I must've left the door unlocked..."
The two looked at each other and said, "Kairi!" As they ran towards Sora's bedroom.

A soft moan escaped Kairi as she licked the other girl clean. "It's not so bad is it?" The girl
refused to say anything. A sudden bang caused Kairi to look up.
Both Sora and Riku stood at the now open door gaping. sick bitch!" Riku lunged at
Kairi, and before Sora could stop him, he snapped her neck.
Kairi's body fell to the floor lifelessly. Blushing, Riku cut the rope binding Taliea,before wrapping
her in Sora's blanket. The girl shook and huddled against Riku. "It's alright, she can't hurt you anymore."
Taliea nodded, but Sora stood at the door a look of horror still on his face. Not wanting to alarm
Riku, he kept to himself, the sight of blood soaking his blanket where it was wrapped around Taliea's
lower body...

Well, what'cha'll think?! Review!! Sorry Kairi fans, but like I said, this was when i haterd her so bear with it. There is more as soon as I type it! Ja ne!


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