puppet love

BY : pikinanou
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Disclaimer: I do not own Suikoden, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

title: puppet love

author: Pikinanou

game: suikoden 3

rating: nc-17 for sexual situations and descriptions...

notes: first english story published on aff so if this sucks...too bad! I'm a french
speaker so this is the proof that i should stick to writing in french...

disclaimer: *drags a Ghostface (the villain in Scream) in front of the readers.*

pikinanou: now Ghostface will be a nice super-poor-excuse-of-a-villain and
he will do the disclaimer.
ghostface: *in mysterious voice* nope.
pikinanou: *in PMS mode* no? why?
ghostfacecauecause this story sucks! and you can't make me do it.
pikinanou: i bet i could make you regret this decision, yessss.
ghostface: oh really? How? pmsing on me? I'm invincible! i always come back!
pikinanou: oki. time to get my super secret weapon. Please readers do plug
your ears, it could hurt a bit...
ghostface: huh?
* pikinanou shakes her hips and says the magic word (chicaboom ^_______^).
Chris Lightfellow and her knights appear next to her. ghostface scratch his plastic head.*
ghostface: huh? Are they knights? They don't scare me!
pikinanou: you better do the disclaimer or else...
ghostface: or else what?
pikinanou:*dramatic music on cue* I'll make you hear Chris Lightfellow SING!!!
Chris: ?!
Knights:*in ultimate horror*
ghostface: beah! that doesn't scare me...
Borus: you should!
Roland: Be afraid, poor human, be very afraid!
ghostface: peuh! I won't do it!
pikinanou: oki. please guys plug your ears. Lady Chris, you may execute him now!
*knights plug their ears, so does pikinanou. Lady Chris starts singing in her HORRIBLE
tone-deaf voice. ghostface screams in pain and suffer horribly of ear-bleeding.*
ghostface: AAAAAAHHHHHH *dies*
pikinanou: hehehehe
Borus: you are cruel.
pikinanou:*sigh* i know.
*Chris stop singing and everybody breath in relief. ghostface comes back to life,
because he always does, and weep on the floor*
ghostface: Okay you win... I'll do it... Pikinanou doesn't own suikoden 3... and/or
the characters... She just borrow them one weekend on two... to have fun with them...
She doesn't make money with this story...ow, my ears!
pikinanou:*with a big grin on her face* enjoy! my, that was a long disclaimer!

puppet love

Her breath was short and rough, hot and sensual on her lips. Her semi-closed
brown eyes were blurred by the feeling of pleasure that was taking over her body.
Her hair was dispatched randomly on the pillow, her forehead covered with a subtile
sweat that seemed to make her even hotter than to cool her off. She couldn't cool
herself off anyway, the temperature in the room was so high that even if the
coldness of winter was raging outside the walls of Orange castle, she felt like she
was under the killing sun of the desert of the Sahara.

She was lying on her bed, naked and exposed to her partner, her boilling
skin covered in sweat and glowing in the light of her night table's candlelight.
Her left hand was massaging her breasts one after the other, sending ticklish
sensations trough her body like millions of ants on a picnic leftover. Her mouth was
dry as she kept whispering her partner's name.

Her partner looked from its task to gaze at the beautiful form of its master,
its blue eyes filled with lust. Its tongue returned to its task, licking and teasing
the teen's lower lips and her pearl of pleasure. She was moving her hips sensualy,
pressing herself to the source of her happiness who smiled in return and sucked on her

Another moan escaped her.

She arched her back, teasing her nipples with her fingers, moaning the
sweet name of her lover. Heat was radicaly radiating from her skin, making
her head lightweighted. Her crotch became moist like she was a fontain, her
juice flowing like a river between her fine legs. She was coming, she knew it.
"It" kit tit too, "it" accelerated its pace, bringing loud gasps and moans from
the deep troath of its master.

Just a bit more... Just a little bit more...

Her eyes widened suddenly, her inner muscles were working hard, sqeezing
themselves, sending wonderful sensations trough the teen's every nerves.
She kept arching her body, massaging her chest, moving her head, breathing
hard and whispering lust words, begging her partner to send her over the edge,
to make her come hard like she loved to.
She was close, her vision was only sensual images, invading her brain, making
her a living erotic nymph singing lust and pleasure. She clunched herself, pushing
her core into its mouth, against its tongue, against its hot breath.

She screamed.

She screamed a cry of pleasure, she screamed so loud that she
wouldn't be suprito kto know she just had awoken everybody in the castle.
Her juice were expulsed from her entrance,soaking the covers of her bed,
damping her partner's black and white fur unashamely.

Her eyes closed by themselves, she relaxed at last, her legs still spread wide,
humid and hot but also she felt the coolness of the air for the first time.
Her partner joined her on the pillow, its blue eyes full of mischief and amusement.
She turned her head to it, smiling lazily:

" Am i forgiven now, Mel?"
" Yep, Branky. You are."


pikinanou: so?
Chris and her knights: *blushing*
pikinanou: well, review and tell me what you think! Please send some flames too,
i'm dying to use them on Ghostface^_________^
Borus: You hate that guy, don't you?
pikinanou: yep. what makes you say that?
Borus: dunno.

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