Yes Sir!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dynasty Warriors, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Yes Sir!


The characters in this story are from the video game Dynasty Warriors 3, the original concepts for
these characters were from the Romance of the three kingdoms book. But the characters in this
look like and follow the story lines of dynasty warriors. The story takes place after the battle of Yi
Ling. Oh and this story contains yaoi! oh yes and its a very dirty lemon between lu xun and sun
quan. Oh and if theres spelling errors leave me alone i dont have a spell check.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lu Xun returned to his quarters to rest after a hard fought battle, the Wu forces had defeated the
Shu army thanks to the strategy of Lu Xun. When Lu Xun entered his private quarters he noticed
The king of Wu, Sun quan was in the room waiting for him.

lor lord, for what have I done to honor your presence?" The young boy bowed to Sun Quan.

"I have come to personally congradulate you in your victory against Shu." Sun Quan began to
suggestively stroke his sword hilt which made Lu Xun uncomfortable, "I dont think we could have
won without your efforts."

"um... thank you sir" he swallowed hard, he didnt want to be disrespectful to his lord, "I thank you
for your visit but-" Lu xun was abrubtly intterupted.

"One can have so many wives and still remain unsatisfied," Sun Quan moved closer to Lu Xun,
"don't you agree that a lord should be satisfied?"

"I guess..." the young boy was no older than 17, and he was unexperienced in the things he thought
His king was suggesting. He was terrified to engage in such relations with another man, let alone
his lord.

"Sadly, I am not satisfied. I may not be able to fufil my duties as king of Wu if i remain so." Sun
Quan smiled, "would you like to cause the down fall of Wu?"

"No sir." Lu Xun was unsure of what to do.

"Take off your clothes." Sun Quan ordered, "I am your king you can not disobey me."

"Yer."r." Lu Xun slowly removed his tight red clothing, revealing the well developed muscles on
his chest. He slid his pants down his leg, and sun quan marveled at the toned muscles on his legs,
but frowned at his flacid 4 inch prick.

"Your rather small, council." Sun Quan pointed to the bulge in his pants, "Satisfy me."

"Yes sir." without a moments hesitation Lu Xun moved infront of Sun Quan and got on his knees.
Sun Quan un did the jeweled belt around his waind lnd let his pants fall to his ankles. Lu Xun
stared in awe at Sun Quans 8 inches. He waited a second before wraping his lips around the huge
shaft. Sun quan grabbed Lu Xun's hair with both of his hands, and thrusted as hard as he could
into the young boy's mouth. He noticed how the boy winced at the massive cock being slammed
down his throat, Lu Xun managed to control his gag reflex and let the king painfully thrust into his
mouth. Lu Xun let his tounge press against the bottom of Sun Quan's member during each thrust
which made the king grunt in pleasure. Lu Xun noticed that his own four inches were growing
stiff. Lu Xun tried to control his shameful erection but ended up pumping himself harder with each
passing thrust. Sun quan slammed into Lu Xun's mouth brutally one last time before sending seven
massive loads int the boy's mouth. Lu Xun did his best to swallow the cum but ended up letting
most of it spill to the floor.

"ah you poor boy, youve made a mess now clean it up!" Sun Quan pointed to the spilt cum, " lick it

Lu Xun's erection was still throbbing, but he began to lap up the cum. As Lu Xun was finishing
up, sun quan grabbed his shoulders and slammed lu xun's back against the wall so Lu Xun's erect
cock was pointing forward.

"sir what are you-" Lu Xun began

"Im satisfying myself." Sun Quan began to bob up and down on lu xun's small cock. Lu Xun
couldn't believe the undescribable pleasure he was experiencing as his naked body was pressed
against the cold stone walls of his quartes, his erection being sucked furiosly by his king. He began
to scream in pleasure, uncontrolably he yelled his lords name over and over, he tried to dig his nails
into the wall but the wall was made of stone so Lu Xun's arms glided harmlessly up and down the
wall. Sun Quan reached up and pinched The boys nipples, which only seemed to make Lu Xun yell

"Please sir stop!" Lu Xun begged his king, but sun quan refused to let up, Lu Xun let out loud
screams of pleasure before begining again,

"its Ah! its wrong AH...H! It's Dirty Nnnnn!" he managed to scream trying to hold back his
orgasim. "Please sir i beg yo- Ah!" Lu xun arched his back and began to thrust his hip forward as
sun quan sucked harder and shoved two fingers deep into Lu Xun's opening.

"No! this is ungh! wrong! ah...h!" Lu Xun was losing control of his body has his thrust grew more
frequent, "No... I cant, please sir- ahhhh!" and with that Lu Xun's small cock exploded in sun
quan's mouth spurting seemingly endless streams of cum into the leader's mouth. Sun Quan made
no effort to swallow the cum, he spat it onto Lu Xun's chest. Sun Quan grabbed lu xun's hair again
and slammed him face first into a near by table, leaving his anus pointing into the air. Lu Xun
realized what Sun Quan was doing and screamed in protest.

"No! please sir dont-" Lu Xun was cut off as Sun Quan shoved his cock deep into Lu Xun's
entrance. Lu Xun cried out in pain, but let the king have his way with him. He arched his back and
moaned when Sun Quan began pound into him. Sun quan grunted loudly as he straddled the young
boy's hips. Lu Xun began to cry when he realized his prick had again grown hard when a man
entered him.

"This isnt me! no, Ah!" Lu Xun grabbed onto the edges of the table as Sun Quan pounded harder
into him.

"Dont kid yourself! your loving this!" Sun Quan grunted out

"no...Ah..H!" Lu xun cried out after Sun Quan gave him an especially hard thrust.

"do you usually get this hard when your not enjoying something?" Sun quan said still thrusting into
the boy.

"no... its Nhhh!" Lu Xun once again began to struggle to keep in his orgasm.

"admit it you like it. Where excactly do you want me to push?" Sun Quan smiled as he began to
abruptly stop pushing into Lu Xun.

"no... dont stop."

"I thought you didnt want it?" Sun Quan thrust deep inside of Lu Xun.

"AH!... there!... right there! deeper inside of me!" Lu Xun cried out letting the pleasure over run
him. Sun Quan pushed his entire length deep inside of lu xun, causing both of them to orgasm. Lu
Xun moaned loadly in pleasure as he let his cum flow freely. Sun quan pulled out of Lu Xun, as
the boy stood up. Lu Xun walked over to Sun Quan and kissed him passionately on the lips. Sun
Quan laughed

"You can look forward to that after every victory you bring Wu." and with that the king left the
confused naked boy covered in his own and Sun quan's cum.

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