Little teachings

BY : Yorda
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Title: Little teachings

Author: Yorda ht/www/

Summary:Sora catches Riku doing something naughty and as a result, receives some guidance from the older boy.

Rated: NC-17

Warning: yaoi, lemon, PWP

Diclaimer: n'tn't own the characters, they belong to Square

Soranceanced up to the sky, filled with dark, menacing clouds. It was rainy season again, so it rained heavily almost every day. A single droplet of water landed on the tip of Sora's nose, causing the boy to blink his blue eyes. He was standing on the pier of Destiny Islands, looking down to see two boats, attached to the wooden platform. The other one was his, but whose was the other small boat, Sora wondered. It started raining harder and the brunette boy looked out to the sea, noting the waves were getting high.

'I'd better stay here and wait for the storm to subside.' he thought as he jumped off the pier to look for some shelter. Sora knew Kairi had locked the Seaside shack earlier, before she left home. Also, the Tree house was too far away and high up, so Sora decided he'd look shelter from the 'Secret place'. Actually, it was no secret. Everyone knew there was a tunnel leading to a small cave, near the little waterfall. Sora quickened his pace when he heard the rumble, coming from the dark clouds. The area was not so large, so it didn't take long for the boy to run across the beach, into the entrance of the 'Secret Place'. Sora crouched and pushed aside some of the vines that were blocking the hole. He made his way into the narrow tunnel and stood still. The only sound he could hear was the wind, blowing from the cave that lay ahead. Sora looked down and noted he was soaked. A little shiver ran up his spine, causing the boy to clatter his teeth.

"Damn... I'm all wet." Sora sighed, but started walking towards the end of the tunnel. When he was near the cave, the boy froze as he heard sounds, coming from ahead. He stood still and listened. 'I thought there was no one else in here...' Sora narrowed his eyes when the sounds were suddenly louder. 'Sounds like... m-moaning?!' Slowly the brown-haired boy took a step forward and pulled his wooden sword from his waist, gripping the handle tightly.

"Nhhh... S-Sora..."

Hearing this, Sora felt his heart start beating faster. 'Huh? M-my name? Someone knows I'm here?' The boy had a vivid imagination, so his mind was already filling with different images, all wilder than the other. As the moaning turned into groans, Sora thought he recognized the voice and entered the cave. His blue eyes went wide from the sight before him. At the back of the cave sat his best friend Riku, in a position Sora had not expected. Sora's mouth dropped open and the wooden sword fell from his grip, hitting the sandy ground. 'W-what!? Why are his pants pulled down... and what's he doing with his hand...!?'

Riku's eyes were closed, his silver eyebrows drawn together. He had no idea the younger boy had entered the cave, bef before Sora let out a noticeable gasp. Riku's emerald colour eyes snapped open and grew wide, as he noticed Sora, standingy a y a few meters away from him.

"R-Riku....?" the younger boy stammered, blinking his eyes and slowly taking a step back.

'Oh shit!' Riku grit his teeth and pulled his hand away from his crotch. "Sora!! I--I..." the silver-haired boy whispered, quickly got up onts fes feet and pulled his pants on. For some time the two of them just stood there, staring at each other, both as shocked. Finally Sora blinked his blue eyes and started running towards the entrance of the Secret Place, feeling confused and wanting to get away from the older boy.

"No, Sora! Wait! Don't go..." Riku called after him and followed his friend. Sora heard the older boy's calls but just kept running. He could already see the light flowing in through the thick vines that covered the narrow hole leading outside. Before he could reach his destination, however, Sora fell down on the ground as Riku jumped onto him from behind, landing on top of his friend. Immediately the silver-haired boy lift himself up a little, so that he wasn't crushing his friend's smaller frame. Sora managed to turn under Riku, to lie on his back. They were both panting, looking into each other's eyes. When Sora felt something hard rub aga his his right thigh, he let out a surprised yelp, bringing his hands up to push Riku away.

"Nhhh! Riku, go away! Get off!" Sora cried and tried to push the older boy away, failing in his attempts.

"Sora, stop wriggling! Stay still." Riku told his friend with a calm voice, but let out a scream of agony as the brown-haired boy under him suddenly pulled at his long slivery strands.

"Aaaah! Sora! Stop!" he yelled and pulled away, forcing Sora to let go. Riku looked down and met Sora's eyes, noting how scared the younger boy looked. He frowned and let out a sigh. "Sora... sorry. I'm gonna let you go now..." he whispered and stood up from the ground, allowing Sora to leave. The brown-haired boy got up and eyed his friend from tip to toes, still breathing hard. Riku was leaning against the rock wall, his eyes closed. Sora felt dozens of different feelings bubble inside him, making him feel confused. He glanced to his right, looking at the way leading outside, and then once again, let his eyes travel to his friend. Riku sensed Sora was still there with him and slowly opened his eyes. He felt a hot wave, as his emerald eyes met with Sora's blue ones.

"Please, don't tell anyone..." Riku whispered, his voice pleading. The tone surprised Sora and he took a step forward, narrowing his eyes. He hadn't seen the older boy like this before. Usually his friend was strong, confident and a bit arrogant too. But now Sora saw weakness in Riku's features.

"Tell what?" Sora whispered hesitantly, causing the other boy to blink in confusion.

"Huh? Are you kidding Sora? You did see me at the back of the cave, didn't you?" Riku asked, a frown on his face, meeting Sora's gaze. He noted the younger boy was suddenly blushing. 'Huh? Why is he blushing? I thought I was the one who had reason to be embarrassed.'

"I did ... but I-I don't really know what it was were...doing to yourself." Sora stammered and lowered his face, letting his eyes rest on the ground. Riku took a step forward, staring at his friend in disbelief. The frown on his face suddenly turned into a slightly mocking smirk.

"Sora! You're almost 15! You're ng yng you've never touched yourself?" the older boy asked, a hint of laughter in his voice, all the previous embarrassment and weakness now gone. Sora looked up, a scowl on his face, and gave Riku a death-glare.

"So what if I haven't!? Big deal!" the spiky-haired boy said to his defence, a pouty look on his face. Riku just raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips. There was a long silence between them, and finally Sora let out a sigh. He lowered his face and let his eyes rest on his shoes. "I... I don't know how..." he finally told the older boy, his voice only a whisper. The smirk on Riku's face turned into a gentle smile as he brought his right hand to Sora's shoulder. The smaller boy raised his face and met Riku's eyes, noting how they seemed to glimmer mischievously. The long-haired boy pulled Sora slightly closer and squeezed his shoulder.

"I'll show you how." He told Sora, giving the boy a meaningful look. Sora narrowed his eyes, looking a bit hesitant.

"Y-you'll show me? But how?" he asked, arching his brows in question.

"Come and see." Riku turned around and started walking towards the cave again.

"Well, are you coming Sora? Or are you too afraid?" the silver-haired boy called for his friend who was still standing at the tunnel entrance. Sora frowned and ran after Riku.

"I'm not afraid, Riku!"

The older boy just smiled and continued walking. When they reached the cave-area, Riku stopped and turned around to face Sora. The spiky-haired boy still looked a bit hesitant and kept his distance. Riku brought his hand up and pushed his long strands behind his ears. He crossed his well-muscled hands over his broad chest, and let his eyes travel on Sora's body.

"Your clothes are wet. Don't you wanna remove them?" he asked, noting therm orm outside had soaked his friend. Sora looked down and brought his hands up, feeling his wet bangs.

"Oh was raining really hard." He looked up again and realised Riku was still waiting for him to get undressed.
Sora's brows drew together and he narrowed his eyes again.

"I-I don't wanna be the only one in my underwear here! You remove your clothes too, Riku!" Sora told the older boy firmly.

Riku just shrugged and brought his hands down to the hem of his tight yellow shirt. He pulled the garment up, revealing his taut abdomen. Sora found himself blushing for some reason. He had seen Riku shirtless many times, but somehow this was different from all the other times. Riku threw his shirt down on the ground, motioning for Sora to remove some clothing too. The younger boy blinked his eyes and brought his hands up. He removed his wet hoodie and threw it on the ground. Sora met Riku's eyes again, telling the boy with his gaze to remove more of his clothes. Riku gave Sora a teasing smirk and bent down. He used his fingers to open the straps of his boots and kicked them away. Now bare-footed, Riku looked up and met Sora's narrowed eyes. The brunette followed Riku's example and removed his big boots, giving the older boy a mocking smirk. Riku just sighed and finally brought his hands down to his waist. He used his fingers to open the belt he was wearing around his dark pantsis cis caused the puffy pants he wore on top of his other pants, to fall down to his ankles. The silver-haired boy unbuttoned the trousers he still had on, and pulled them down his slim legs. Riku stepped out from the pile of clothing, kicking it aside. Wearing only his boxers, Riku smiled when he saw the blush on Sora's face.

"Well Sora? Do you like what you see?" Riku asked, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Sora blinked, trying to rid his eyes from the older boy's tall frame.

"W-what? Why would you ask me a thing like that!?" the brunette stammered, a frown on his face. Riku just laughed and ordered Sora to remove the rest of his wet clothing. The spiky-haired boy brought his hands down to his narrow waist, still frowning. Quickly he removed the belt he wore, and let it drop on the ground. Riku gave him a pleased nod.

"Now the rest, Sora." He ordered. Sora brought his hand up to his collar and pulled down the zipper of his red clothing. He let the garment drop down to his ankles and then threw it to where Riku's clothes were resting. The older boy let his emerald eyes travel the length of Sora's body, causing the other boy to blush and feel uncomfortable.

"Come here." Riku whispered, offering Sora his outstretched hand. Sora hesitated at first, but slowly stepped forward and took Riku's hand. With one swift movement, Riku pulled Sora's body close to his own taller one, causing Sora to gasp. The younger boy looked up and met Riku's eyes, swallowing nervously. The silver-haired boy gave his friend a reassuring smile and made them sit down on the sandy ground.

"You'll like this, Sora..." he whispered, removing the gloves both of them still wore. Slowly he let his now bare hand travel down the length of Sora's skinny frame. He could feel the younger boy tremble under his touch. "Relax..." he whispered, and without a warning, let his fingers brush against Sora's crotch.

"R-Riku!" the brown-haired boy gasped, his eyes widening with surprise. Sora brought his other hand down to his lower-regions and tried to remove Riku's caressing hand, but was stopped by the long-haired boy.

"No, no, Sora. Didn't you want me to show you?" he asked, studying the other boy. Hesitantly Sora nodded and removed his hand.

"Just relax and try to enjoy this." Riku told Sora, motioning for him to lean against the rock behind his back. Sora did what he was told and let his arms rest on his sides, keeping eye contact with Riku. He let out an involuntary moan, as he felt Riku's talented hand once again caress his crotch, creating sensations Sora had never felt before. He blinked his eyes as the boxers he wore suddenly felt tighter and more straining than before. Sora looked up to Riku who was smiling when he felt the twitching of Sora's awakening arousal. He continued to fondle the hardening flesh, observing Sora's reactions. Riku
smiled when he saw the younger boy close his eyes and bite his lower lip.

"Do you like this, Sora?" Riku whispered hoarsely, licking his lips, feeling his own arousal pulse inside his straining boxers. The spiky-haired boy gave him a nod, thrusting his hips up just slightly. Riku smirked and let his hand travel up to the waistband of Sora's underwear. Quickly he slipped his hand inside and twined his fingers around the now stiff member, giving it a hard stroke.

"A-ah... Riku..." Sora whispered through gritted teeth. The older boy continued the stroking, bringing out moans from the trembling boy before him. As Riku increased the pace, Sora started to rock his hips into the tunnel, created by Riku's squeezing hand. Riku could feel wetness drip down his hand, and pressed his thumb against the slit of Sora's erection. This brought a loud moan from the brunette's lips. Riku made Sora lift his hips and used his hands to pull down the boxers the boy still wore. As the garment was removed, the stiff member trapped inside sprung up, causing Riku to moan aloud at the sight. Sora was panting, still squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

"Open your eyes, Sora." Riku whispered, watching as the younger boy slowly opened his blue eyes, now filled with lust. Sora let his eyes travel down the length of his body and let out a surprised gasp when he saw his leaking cock, now hard and swollen. The sight was all new to him. Sora watched, bewildered, as Riku slowly moved closer, settling himself between Sora's spread legs.

"Let's see how you like this..." he whispered and lowered his head so that his face was only inches away from Sora's beating erection. The brown-haired boy started moaning as he felt Riku's warm breath on the wet tip of his arousal. He wanted to thrust his hips up, but was held in place by the older boy. Sora kicked the ground with his other leg, throwing his head back as he suddenly felt Riku's tongue dip into the slit of his cock.

"Nnnnhhh!" Sora moaned and brought his hands up into Riku's silky strands, needing something to hold on to. Riku closed his eyes as he swallowed the throbbing erection to the hilt, not giving Sora any kind of warning before doing so. He smirked inwardly when he heard the girlish scream his friend let out. Riku could feel the hands in his hair tighten their grip, as he moaned around the cock in his mouth. Slowly the silver-haired boy started bobbing his head up and down, letting the stiff member slip out of his mouth every now and then, only to take it back in again. He could taste the bitterness of Sora's excitement, enjoying the taste as he continued sucking. The moans Riku heard Sora let out, only caused his own throbbing erection to grow harder inside his straining boxers. Riku brought his other hand down from Sora's hips and used it to fondle the younger boy's sensitive balls. Sora groaned through gritted teeth, tightening his hold on Riku's long strands.

"I... I feel weird,'s like I--I can't hold something in anymore!" the brown-haired boy groaned, thrusting his hips up into Riku's willing mouth. When the older boy felt the balls in his hand twitch and start to contract, he ed hed his face away, looking down at Sora's leaking cock, his eyes wide.

"Open your eyes, Sora..." Riku whispered and twined his hand around the pulsating erection, giving it a hard stroke. Sora's eyes shot open and he let out a pleasure-filled scream, thrusting his hips up one last time, reaching his first orgasm. Riku watched, bewildered, how the younger boy's body trembled uncontrollably, as white liquid shot out from his twitching cock. The sticky essence landed on Sora's heaving chest, some of it dripping down Riku's still stroking hand, as he milked every drop out from the now softening erection. Slowly Sora opened his eyes, looking spent and content. He looked down to his chest, noting the sticky white puddles, dipping his finger in one of them, frowning in confusion. He met Riku's intent gaze when he heard the older boy's laughter.

"This really was your first time, Sora?"

The older boy gave him a smile as he sat down on the ground, letting out a moan as his still hard erection pressed against the tight boxers he wore. Sora raised one of his brows and let his eyes rest on the hard bulge between Riku's parted legs.

"W-would you return the favour Sora?" Riku moaned and gave the brown-haired boy a meaningful look. Sora swallowed audibly, blinking his eyes nervously. Riku noted this and gave him a smile.

"It's okay... I won't force you..." he said, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. Sora eyed the silver-haired boy, finally coming to a decision. With trembling hands, he pushed his body up and moved to sit between Riku's parted legs. Sora looked down and let his eyes rest on the distended bulge, down in Riku's crotch. He raised his face and looked up to Riku, not sure what he was supposed to do. The long-haired boy noted the helplessness in his friend's face and took Sora's hand, guiding it down to his straining erection. He used his own hand to get Sora to rub his manhood, still trapped inside the material prison. Riku let out a pleased sigh and closed his emerald eyes.

'You have no idea how long I've wanted this, Sora...'

Slowly he made Sora increase the pace and told him to squeeze harder. Sora did what he was told, watching the older boy's heaving chest, listening to Riku's moans. Without saying anything, Riku guided his friend's hand into his boxers, urging Sora to twine his fingers around the beating erection that waited inside. The silver-haired boy lay down on his back and gripped Sora by his shoulders, squeezing tight as he felt the boy wrap his hand around his now leaking cock. Sora gasped as he slowly stroked the hard member, feeling it pulse in his grip.

"Mmmmhh....harder, it harder!" Riku ordered, squeezing his eyes shut and rocking his hips. Sora complied and quickened the pace, stroking Riku harder. He felt wetness cover his hand and let out a surprised gasp.

"R-Riku... there's something coming out from you." Sora whispered, looking down to his friend's face. It took a while for the words to reach Riku's mind. Slowly he opened his eyes and met Sora's blue eyes, giving the younger boy a smile.

"Don't worry... I-it's natural and is s-supposed to happen." Riku groaned, thrus his his hips up in frenzy as he felt Sora's hand squeeze his beating cock.

"S-Sora...I'm gonna...Ahhh!" the silver-haired boy moaned, slamming his hips into Sora's pumping fist, releasing himself into his boxers and all over the younger boy's hand. Sora's eyes widened, as he felt the hot liquid drip down his hand and soak through Riku's underwear. The older boy was shaking and squeezing Sora's shoulders tightly, burying his short fingernails into the brunette's soft skin.

"S-So. th. that was so good..." Riku whispered, finally opening his eyes. He smiled when Sora pulled away from the now soaked boxers. The brunette examined the hand that was dripping Riku's white release.

"That proves you're talented..." the older boy whispered and sat up. Sora met his emerald eyes, giving Riku a shy smile.

"T-thanks for the lesson, Riku..." he whispered, lowering his face as he felt himself blush. Riku just smirked and got up to his feet, helping the smaller boy up as well. Sora watched as Riku picked up his clothes and got dressed. Before walking into the tunnel, he turned to look at Sora and gave him a wink.

"Maybe I can teach you something else some time..." he laughed, waving his hand and left the cave, leaving Sora alone. The brunette got dressed, a smile on his face as he glanced down to his still sticky chest. 'Definitely, Riku. Definitely.'

-The end-

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