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He took one of her hands and placed the peach of immortality in the other even as he kissed the back of it with a slow smile. The fruit was heavy and ripe, its golden skin like velvet. She looked at him doubtfully, then lifted the peach to her mouth, parted her lips, and took a bite. If the wine had been good, the fruit was unspeakably so. It was saturated with its own juices and the stuff dribbled from the place where she'd taken her bite, cold and sticky on her chin and her exposed throat.

He plucked the fruit from her hand and ate of it himself, and once she had swallowed that single bite of perfection the dragon kissed her fiercely. His tongue swept against her lips, parting them and sliding into her mouth. She could taste the peach juice and the sweet-sour of the wine on his lips, ran her tongue across his sharp canines in a cautious display of aggression and heard his growl in response.

He tore his mouth away from hers after a moment, lapping up the juice that had escaped her initial bite, lips traveling down her neck and sucking her collarbone. His fangs scraped at the base of her throat, just enough to tingle.

She shivered when he ran his fingers through her silver-white hair, pulling out the pins and knocking them to the floor, tugging at the platinum strands with fervor before he cupped one hand about her neck and forced her forward until every line of her body pressed against his. She could feel the contrast and the heat, the unyielding lines of his frame against her firm musculature and feminine softness beneath that, and his hard cock grinding against her lower belly.

His hands cupped her ass, kneading, palms fever-hot even through the fabric of her dress. She felt wetness accompany the growing heat in her belly despite the dulling effect of the wine.

She reached about her neck, unfastening the single catch that kept the gown up, and let the saffron silk flutter between them as it fell, baring her to the waist, and he yanked his robes off and threw them somewhere behind that desk while he tilted her willowy frame to bite at the smooth flat skin above the curve of her breasts. Her nipples hardened from arousal and exposure and she gasped aloud when he covered one with his lips and suckled her.

Her fingers tightened in his hair again and she tugged, groaning, a deep guttural noise from the back of her throat that was almost a growl. The dragon stumbled backward until he landed on the bed, his partner in his lap with his face buried between her breasts and she could feel heat and pressure between her legs, and she ground her hips against his erection as it tented his robes.

She reached down for the loose sash and trousers beneath, unfastening each snap and tie with torturous languor. He was panting raggedly, she saw, his storm-colored eyes dark with lust, but he was letting her have her way.

She slid her hand inside and gripped him, cupping his scrotum, tickling the underside of his shaft and circling the head with one fingertip. It came away coated in a wet warmth. The dragon thrust into her hand as she stroked him, but that only lasted a moment or two before he tugged her away, kissing her hard enough that her teeth clacked painfully against his.

He gathered her dress at the waist and pulled it down her hips and past her ankles, discarding it in the corner with their other clothes. His hand trembled as he stroked the silken skin of her inner thigh, then his palm cupped her mons, heated fingers tracing the cleft between her folds before parting them and finding the flesh within slick and hot. She released a shaky moan when he found her clit, her hips rolling against his hand as his finger flicked across it with the same frustrating laziness she'd used to tease him.

His soft laughter tickled her ear as he slipped two fingers inside her while his thumb continued to trace lazy circles around that sensitive bud. She kissed him with an almost bruising force and took his cock in one hand, the engorged head hot as it slid against her soft folds.

"Oh, so that's what you want." He gently pried her hand off his shaft and traced slow circles around her aching clit. "Are you sure?"


"Then say it," he whispered, flickering his tongue along the curve of her throat.

"I want you."

One of his fluid-soaked fingers slipped past her entrance, inching lower, and she tensed as his pinky edged into the tight ring of muscle there... and heightened her pleasure tenfold. "Again."

She gasped. "I want you inside me."

His entrance was pure relief and she tightened around his cock as it slid in, her body caressing him inside, moaning. He didn't wait for her to adjust, rolling her onto her belly and pressing her down with his weight. The dragon rode her roughly and she capitulated, rolling her hips against his in quick, hard thrusts of her own to match the hot friction, reaching between her legs with a free hand to tease herself.

She twisted her hips, tightened around him, and then it hit - a fire-blossom from within that made her cry out from the force. She tensed, her nails digging deep furrows into the sheets beneath her as she clamped down on him. He made a harsh, short gasp in her ear and she felt the sharp sting of his talons breaking skin, then a burst of liquid heat inside.

After he caught his breath, he leaned towards her ear and whispered, "Would you like another bite?"

She smiled.

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