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"We'd best leave take the high road for a moment," Salamander had said. "Come on, Sun-boya. You can drool over my rear end later."

“I wasn't,” Anshu had protested indignantly, and he hadn't been. Of course, once she'd made the comment he'd found it hard not to look. The extra sway she'd added when she'd caught him looking hadn't helped, but he'd reminded himself of the vows he'd taken upon becoming an Immaculate Monk, for though the Order would no longer count him a member, he still felt bound by his solemn oaths.

He'd spent a several hours in Salamander's company now. After calming Dhiren down and seeing the boy to sleep, the No Moon sorceress and he had shared their histories with each other. She'd taken every opportunity to flaunt her body at him, and though he hadn't let himself respond at the time, he couldn't deny, now that he was alone, that he was quite enflamed with desire for her.

*Thank the Dragons the Order doesn't forbid masturbation,* he thought fervently, as visions of Salamander filled his mind, visions that quickly turned to fantasies. He undid his trousers and began to stroke himself.
In a corner of her cluttered attic, Salamander perked up, sensing Anshu's desire growing toward climax. She smirked. *So I had an effect on Sun-boya after all. Let's go see if his cock looks as good as the rest of him. And if it does... well. Maybe I can have some fun and keep him in his place at the same time. No way am I playing second fiddle to some upstart Solar.* She transformed into a small mouse and crept over to the part of the attic she'd cleared for him.

And there he was, jerking himself furiously and calling her name. And as for what he was jerking... well, he wasn't quite as big as some of the Lunars she'd bedded at Gatherings over the years, but big enough, and almost perfectly formed. Now, to find the right time to reveal herself to him...
“Oh, Salamander...” Anshu groaned quietly to himself. “Ohhh!” He cummed, and cream spurted across the blankets she'd given him.

“Mmmm, I always did like a show,” Salamander said in her sultriest voice from off to his left. Anshu's head snapped around in shock and he saw her there, nude, smiling at him knowingly. “You have a gorgeous cock.”

“W-what are you doing here? I told you, I'm sworn –”

“– to celibacy, I know. But you are allowed to masturbate, Sun-boya. All I did was watch you. Although I suppose, since you gave me a show, I ought to give you one as well.” She swayed through the attic to her stash of sex toys, and found the one she was looking for, an oddly fluted black jade dildo. *This one will be perfect. No way will he be able to resist me when I start begging to drink his cum after fucking myself in front of him.* Then she swayed back over to Anshu and knelt in front of him with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was already wet with arousal, and she pressed the dildo into herself with a soft moan. “Ohhhh...  gods, I wish this was your cock...” She worked the dildo in and out with one hand, while the other squeezed and massaged her breasts.

“If you're trying to seduce me, it won't work,” Anshu declared, but he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

“Seduce you?” Salamander asked, with false innocence. “I'm just trying to repay you for the lovely show you gave me. You're not masturbating, though... Are you not enjoying it? Is the real me not as good as your fantasies?” she asked, affecting a hurt tone and expression.

“N-no,” Anshu swallowed. “No, I'm definitely enjoying it... Just... maybe a little too much...”

“Oh, go ahead. You know it doesn't count if I'm not touching you,” she encouraged him.

“... Well... all right...”

Salamander smirked to herself as he started stroking his magnificent shaft as she pleasured herself in front of him. *I'll have you between my legs before tonight's over,* she thought, and made a great performance of licking her own juices from the dildo, wishing she could get her mouth around the real thing. *And then we'll see who's in charge, bond or no bond, Sun-boya.* She could feel the magic of the dildo beginning to take hold, her throat burned with thirst as she moaned, plunging the dildo deeper into herself. She watched Anshu rubbing his cock, trying to guess when he was going to climax. *There we go,* she thought, recognizing the expression on his face.

Anshu was surprised when Salamander pitched forward onto her hands and knees, bringing her open mouth mere inches from the tip of his cock. She gazed up at him and begged, “When you cum, shoot your load into my mouth!”


“It doesn't count as long as I never touch you... please, I need to drink your cum, Anshu,” she panted, her breath hot on his shaft.

“O-okay... ngh... Oh yes, Salamander...!” Anshu groaned, cumming and trying to aim for her mouth. In the heat of the moment, his aim wasn't very good, but it was a big load, and ropes of hot, thick cream shot out to cover Salamander's face and fill her mouth. She gulped down as much as she could, feeling the magical craving fade away with each swallow.

“Mmmmm, Anshu... so good...”  She raised herself back up onto her knees and discarded the dildo. “I don't suppose you'd be willing to finish me off yourself?” she asked, spreading her pussy with her fingers while she wiped cum from her face and then licked it from her hand.

“Heh... you are trying to seduce me...” Anshu panted. “No... I'll pass tonight.”

“You don't know what you're missing, Anshu. I promise, it'd feel fantastic for both of us.” Anshu merely shook his head again, and Salamander huffed. “Well, fine. I'll just have to finish myself off. But don't think I won't be visiting again, Sun-boya.” The warmth of her thoughts surprised her, she'd only intended to seduce him as a means of keeping him under her thumb... but she realized she was feeling real desire for him now that the magical cum-thirst had disappeared, and not just for her own pleasure. That damnable bond, she thought, but there was no heat in it. How could there be? “Just sit back and enjoy the finale, then,” she said. After a few minutes, her back arched in orgasm, and she moaned in pleasure, rather loudly. “Oh, that was good... We definitely need to do that again...”

Anshu nodded. “Yes... yes, we do.”

“... only next time, with your cock inside me.” Salamander grinned at him. “I'll see you in the morning, Anshu. Thank you for the midnight snack.” She licked her lips, got to her feet, and swayed back to her own little nook in the attic. “If you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

Anshu watched her go, then settled back down onto his makeshift bed and curled up, and found himself wondering what it would have felt like to go inside of her. No matter how many times he tried to divert himself, he kept imagining her lips close around the base of his shaft, or her moans as he pushed his way into her wet pussy. Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, but he found no respite in his dreams, either...

This is one of my older pieces, that I originally posted on another site some time back. I thought some people here might enjoy it. I have 8 more chapters written, but I'll wait a bit before uploading them.

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