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Author's Note: This story takes place just before the events of Moonstruck Part 1.

Dhiren didn't struggle as he was stripped, washed thoroughly, and then marched into the suite of rooms belonging to the woman who'd bought him from the Nexus market. From the slavers who'd captured him, he'd learned quickly that struggling only got you beaten and made you weaker once struggling might do you some good. So he had kept his head down, and not made trouble, apart from whispered conversations with his friends to keep their spirits up. Anshu would come to save them all. The Shining Ones were a force for justice and right, so how could he not?

A gentle touch on his cheek broke him from his reverie, and he looked up at his owner. He could tell immediately she was a Dragon-blooded. He'd never seen one before, but with her green skin, flowering hair, and jasmine scent - not to mention a voluptuous figure that made his cheeks flush and his cock stiffen up - she couldn't be anything else. He met her violet eyes, but then remembered - too late - that a slave wouldn't do that, and dropped his gaze.

To his surprise, she laughed. "You are a pretty one. Go ahead and look at me, slave."

He lifted his head. "My name is Dhiren," he told her, a bit more defiantly than he'd intended.

Still, she only smiled. "I can see the slavers who caught you didn't manage to break your spirit. I like that."

Dhiren blinked. "You... you do?"

"Oh, yes. It's so much fun to break slaves myself. Especially my pleasure slaves, pretty Dhiren." She reached out and caressed his cheek again, but this time her voice was filled with a cruel hunger. "You should feel honored that I'm seeing to this personally. Most Dynasts would just hand you off to a lackey to be beaten and raped into proper submission before letting you anywhere near your Mistress's bed." Dhiren paled, but she wasn't finished. "My name is Cynis Jesara. You will address me as Princess of the Earth or Mistress until and unless I say otherwise. Do you understand, slave?"

Dhiren hesitated, apparently a bit too long, because she took a step back, letting her hand fall from his cheek. Then the riding whip in her other hand came up, and she delivered a stinging blow across that same cheek.

"I asked you if you understand me, slave," she said coldly.

"I understand," he answered.

Jesara smirked. "Good. Now, let's get started..." Her dress slid silkily to the floor, revealing the dragon tattoo coiled around her body, its claws seeming to lift up her breasts in defiance of gravity and pinch her erect nipples, its tail arrowing over her stomach toward her pussy, just above her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Dhiren gasped as the sight flooded him with hormones; despite his fear, he ached with desire for her. As he watched, she began to speak an incantation, her eyes glowing bright green as she made the mystic mudras. The dragon tattoo began to shift over her skin, licking and caressing her.

Then Dhiren felt something coiling around his feet and looked down. Vines were wrapping themselves around his limbs and pulling him into a spreadeagled position, vines suddenly growing from the many plants he'd been too preoccupied to really notice before now. There was even a vine looping itself tightly around the base of his hard shaft.

Jesara approached him then, hips swaying seductively, breasts bouncing entrancingly, and bent to examine his cock. She licked her lips. "Mmmmmm, you'll make a very good slave. And you're clearly desperate to fuck me," she said, caressing him with a leer. "The best slaves are always the ones who want to be slaves. Although it does take some of the fun out of this part..." She straightened up and pouted a bit.

"I don't want to be your slave," Dhiren gritted out, knowing that if he didn't start resisting now, he wouldn't be able to. "I'll never want to."

"Oh, you say that, but I think you really do." Jesara smirked. "Of course, right now all you want to do is fuck me. A pleasure slave needs to do so much more." She turned away and walked over to a standing closet and opened the doors. Inside, Dhiren could briefly see a matched pair of jade daiklaves mounted on pegs, but then his eyes squeezed shut and he groaned as more vines wrapped themselves around his cock, squeezing and relaxing rhythmically. Precum oozed from the tip of his cock as he panted, and then Jesara raised his chin. His eyes went wide as he saw the glistening black jade strap-on she was wearing.

"A pleasure slave needs to enjoy being debased and degraded, needs to enjoy serving for the pleasure of his mistress, and whoever his mistress wants to share him with," Jesara said. "A pleasure slave must be willing to fuck and be fucked by both men and women."

Panic set in as Dhiren realized where she was headed, and for a moment he felt a nearly overwhelming impulse to beg her not to... but that was probably what she wanted him to do. *I have to hold out until Anshu gets here, no matter what she does to me.*

Her lips twisted in a smile, and she moved around behind him started rubbing her slick strap-on between his asscheeks. "So slave, do you know what to say when I tell you that I have a friend who wants to fuck your ass?"

Dhiren swallowed another groan and didn't answer as the vines continued to massage his cock.

Jesara frowned and pressed the tip of her strapon to her slave's asshole. "Don't make me repeat myself again, slave, or this whole thing will be going up your virgin ass in a single thrust. What do you say when I tell you I have a friend who wants to fuck your ass?"

Dhiren bit his lip, praying silently for salvation.

"You say, 'Of course, Mistress. I live to serve, and I love having my ass fucked'. Now take this, slave." She thrusted, and Dhiren screamed in pain and humiliation as she forced her way into his ass and buried every inch of her strap-on inside him. "I would have been more gentle if you'd answered me, slave. But you'll grow to enjoy it anyway," the Cynis Dynast whispered in his ear as she pulled out a bit and thrust into him again.

Dhiren groaned and sobbed as she fucked him roughly in the ass, while the vines around his cock still squeezed and massaged. The pain and pleasure grew and mingled until he could barely tell them apart, and then she reached around to hold a cup in front of his aching cock as the vines sped up.

"You'll also have to drink their cum once they've finished with your ass. My strap-on can't shoot cum into your mouth, but a cup of your own should do nicely for training purposes, hmm?"

Dhiren tried to hold back, but couldn't; with a desperate cry, he cummed into the cup, and the vines retreated as his cock went limp.

"Good slave," Jesara purred, finally, blessedly pulling out of his ass altogether. "Now, drink up." She stepped around to stand in front of him and lifted the cup to his lips. Dhiren turned his face away, and she seized his face and turned it back toward the cup. "Drink!" she commanded, trying to force his mouth open, but Dhiren kept resisting. Finally, she just poured it over his face. "You'll have to learn how to wear it anyway. Some of them like that," she muttered.

Dhiren kept his eyes closed and listened as she moved around, feeling a sense of satisfaction that at least once, he'd kept her from doing whatever she wanted with him. *I have to keep resisting whenever and however I can. Anshu won't find a broken slave when he gets here,* he vowed. *And once he frees me, I'll do whatever I can help him deal with this woman.*

Suddenly, Jesara was in front of him, wiping his face clean. "I think that's enough of that for the moment," she said as he opened his eyes. He looked at her and noted that the strap-on was gone now - though she still had the whip in her hand. "You'll learn to like it in time, but for now, I think I'll show you an aspect of your new life you're sure to enjoy. You get to fuck me whenever I want it. And trust me," she said, kneeling in front of him, "I want it a lot."

Just seeing her kneel in front of him was enough to make Dhiren's traitorous hormones stir once more, and he was half-hard already by the time she leaned close to kiss his cock. "Nnnnnnh," he groaned as she ran her tongue over his shaft and fondled his balls.

She leered up at him. "Normally I like to have at least three slaves serve me every evening, one for each of my holes. I'll be teaching you exactly how to please me, and for that, I need you rock hard," she explained between kisses and licks. By the time she was done talking, he was ready, and she smiled and snapped her fingers. The vines binding Dhiren shifted, pulling his hands behind his back and tying them together, and linking his ankles, letting him move around at a hobble. Another vine tied itself tightly around the base of his shaft, and deposited itself in Jesara's hand as a leash. "Now then, come to bed with me, slave, and I'll teach you how to satisfy a Cynis."

Dhiren watched her hips sway as she turned and walked toward the large, sinfully comfortable-looking bed and swallowed hard. He knew it was just another part of her plan to break him, this time by giving him what he wanted instead of forcing him to endure and even - he shuddered - enjoy things he didn't want her to do. He knew that.

The only problem was that he did want it, and he couldn't persuade himself that he didn't. Then Jesara gave him an inviting look over her shoulder and tugged gently on the leash, and Dhiren found himself forgetting why he was resisting the idea. *She wants me, and I want her... why am I fighting it?* Searching his mind, he found no answer, and after taking a deep breath of the intoxicating jasmine scent filling the air, he hobbled after her as quickly as he could.

Ahead of him, Jesara smiled smugly, knowing that by the time he regained his memory of what she'd done to him, it would be too late.


When they reached the bed, Jesara lay back and sensuously spread her legs, caressing her pussy and spreading it apart to show off for him. "First, I want you to lick me, slave. This is one of the best ways to please a woman."

Dhiren climbed awkwardly onto the bed and squirmed toward her, bringing his mouth to her pussy and tentatively touching her with his tongue.

"That's it," she moaned encouragingly, letting her dragon tattoo fondle her breasts as Dhiren explored the folds of her pussy with his tongue. "Move towards the top, where my clit is..."

Dhiren happily obeyed the Dynast, listening to her moans and gasps of pleasure as he found her clit and started to gently suck on it. Then, suddenly, her legs clamped his head in place, and she arched her back and cried out.

"Mmmmmmm, very good, slave. You managed to make me cum. Did you enjoy pleasuring me that way?" she asked.

Dhiren nodded.

"Do you want to pleasure me some more? With your big, hard cock, this time?"

"Oh, yes," Dhiren groaned eagerly. *She's going to let me fuck her. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen - a Dragon-blooded, even! - and I get to fuck her!*

More vines pulled him up off the bed and flipped him over, and Jesara started fondling his balls. "You see? You do want to be my slave. And if you'll say, 'Yes, Mistress, I want to be your slave,' I'll even let you cum inside me."

Dhiren opened his mouth, but then his memory came flooding back, and the words died in his throat. Cold horror warred with aching desire as he stared up at the beautiful woman who wanted to make him hers - not out of love, but out of lust for dominance and control. Finally, he closed his mouth and shook his head.

Her eyes went wide. "You remember, don't you? You are the most stubborn slave I have ever had the pleasure of breaking. We'll see how long you last once I'm riding this great big shaft of yours. My offer stays open until I cum - but I warn you, if you cum inside me without saying those words, you'll regret it." With that, she straddled him, guiding the head of his cock into her pussy, and lowered herself, taking him in all at once. "Mmmmmm, what a great cock... How does my pussy feel?"

Dhiren answered only with a groan, desperately trying to hold himself back from cumming.

"Ohhh, so you were a virgin this way too? Perfect... now say it, and you can cum as much as you want." She raised herself almost all the way off him, then settled back down.

Dhiren shook his head frantically as she started to rotate her hips, swirling his cock around inside her. A tortured groan escaped his lips.

Jesara smirked at the sound. "Ooooooh, say it," she urged him,. "Say it!"

"N-no... never! Ngh!" Dhiren cried as he lost control; his cock twitched, and her pussy was filled with his hot cum.

Jesara's face darkened with anger. "Still you defy me? I see trying the gentle approach was a mistake." She climbed off him and snapped her fingers, and the vines yanked him from the bed and back into a spreadeagled position. He twisted his head around to see behind him and glimpsed Jesara picking her whip back up. "You filthy peasant!" she shouted as she delivered the first stroke. "You should count yourself lucky I deign to do this myself!" Two strokes. "Now pledge your obedience to me forever, slave, or I'll fuck your ass so hard you won't be able to sit for a month! No, a season!" Three, four, five.

Dhiren stiffened as she lashed him. *Anshu's not coming. Or he can't find me. But it doesn't matter. People like her think they can use other people however they please, and they hunt the Shining Ones. She needs to be stopped, and even if I can't stop her, I don't have to give in to her.* "No."

With a cry of rage, Jesara gave him ten more lashes. "Submit to me! Swear your obedience, slave!" she demanded.

With defiance, Dhiren answered: "I will never submit to you. I am Natalzu Chandra Dhiren, and you will call me by my name."

"Fine. We'll see how you like having my strapon in your ass again. And no lube, this time." The Dynast turned away to her closet of toys, and Dhiren closed his eyes and took a breath, trying to prepare himself for the pain.

Then a soft touch on his cheek made him open his eyes. There before him stood a beautiful woman - more beautiful still even than his would-be mistress - clad in moonsilver armor and with a moonsilver bow across her back. She shone with a soft silver light that filled the room, but Jesara didn't seem to notice. In fact, the Dynast seemed frozen in place.

"Freedom is within your grasp, Dhiren of Natalzu, son of Chandra," the woman whispered in a firm but gentle voice. "You are strong, even stronger than you know. You will need that strength in the days ahead." She pulled out a moonsilver knife and sliced through his bonds, then leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "I grant you the wish of all those cast aside - use it well." And then she was gone.

Dhiren felt bestial rage welling inside him, making him grow and change. His hands became clawed and pawlike, his face became a muzzle filled with fangs, and shaggy, silver-tipped hair covered his body. He and Cynis Jesara turned to face each other at the same instant, and as her eyes went wide with shock and fear at the silver disc alight on his brow, he leapt at her with a snarl of fury.


When a man in the clothes of an Immaculate monk kicked open the door to Cynis Jesara's private suite, he was greeted by a scene of devastation. Not a single piece of furniture remained unbroken, and the torn body of a once-beautiful woman lay at his feet. Her heart had been ripped out. Beyond her sat a naked young boy on the cusp of manhood, covered in blood and hugging his knees to his chest, with the mark of the full moon still glowing on his forehead.

The boy lifted his head to look at the monk, blood dribbling from his chin. "Hello, Anshu. I'm a Lunar now."

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