Paying the Rent

BY : The-Pairing-Guy
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Author's Notes: Well, this story idea just wouldn't let go of my head, so I had to let it flow out through my keyboard. Hope you find it as irresistable as I did! This story takes place a year or so after "A Moth to a Flame", but you don't need to have read that one to understand this one, though you do get a bit better perspective if you read it.

This story will probably be three chapters... I may do a fourth if there is reader demand for it. I'll tell you exactly what I mean by that in the author's notes for chapter 3.

Now, let's get on with it.


Paying the Rent


by The Pairing Guy


Little Minra wasn't settling down, so Karst decided to take her outside to see if that would calm her down. The apartment Felix and the two of them shared was pretty comfortable for the most part, but it could get uncomfortably hot on days such as these.

She wished they could have kept her old family home, but her eldest sister's family had grown to eight people, and since she and Felix still had only one child, it was obvious who needed the place more. So they had no choice but to rent this second story apartment, which was becoming increasingly difficult with only Felix's income as a common laborer to pay for it. Felix deserved a better job, as a warrior of Prox, but the Fire Clan still considered him an outsider and refused to believe that he'd had any part in lighting the lighthouses.

Karst stepped out into the hall and headed for the stairs, bobbing Minra in her arms to soothe the babe. Never would have thought I had it in me to be a mommy. I've always hated little kids, the cruel and stupid taunts and insults they throw at each other and at their elders. But Minra... I fell in love with her the moment I saw her come out of me. She's beautiful, with just the right mix of Felix's features. And she's mine.

She ran into Aryaka, one of their neighbors, at the top of the stairs. The middle-aged woman scowled at her. "Have you and your husband been enjoying having sex?"

Karst resisted the urge to scowl back. "That's none of your business," she said coldly. Felix wasn't actually her husband, and in point of fact they hadn't had sex for the past five days, but none of that was Aryaka's business either.

"Oh, how I wish that were true," Aryaka returned with a sneer. "But you and that outsider of yours make it everyone else's business. You two cause so much noise that everyone in the building can't help but know whenever the two of you are at it. Has it ever occurred to you that some of us need our sleep?"

"Yes," Karst retorted. "In fact, we need sleep, too. We're hardly 'at it' all night long." She brushed past Aryaka.

"You have no consideration for your neighbors!" the woman snapped. "If I owned this place I'd have you thrown out in an instant!"

She closed her ears to the harsh words, knowing she'd only lose her temper if she paid attention to them. It galled her that it wasn't enough for this ungrateful woman that she and Felix had both nearly died saving her life and the lives of everyone in Prox. She refocused on bobbing Minra in her arms. The poor girl seemed to sense that her mother was angry, and was strengthening her wailing in response.

Karst made it outside, though, and after a few minutes the fresh air seemed to calm her down. She stayed out there a while, then headed back in. It was getting close to time to make dinner, and weeknights were her night to cook. Felix wasn't too bad a cook, but after a long day of work, he didn't have much energy for it.

Right as she stepped back into the building, however, the landlord's office door opened, and out stepped the lady herself.

Sheron was a decent person, Karst supposed, though she couldn't help but be just slightly bitter at her for two reasons. The first was that they had to pay her rent. The second was that Sheron's tits were at least twice the size of her own, and perfectly smooth at that. Sheron stuck to pretty conservative clothing, but Karst had seen her once or twice in a shirt with a neckline low enough that one could see the smooth curves of her cleavage, and her twin globes strained against the front of all but her largest shirts. Sheron also had long, shapely legs and full sensual lips going for her. It was certainly enough to make Karst jealous, despite the fact that Felix had never so much as given Sheron an appraising look.

"Ah, there you are, Karst. Can I bother you for a moment?"

"I suppose," Karst answered. "It'll need to be quick, though. I have to make dinner."

"I understand," Sheron nodded. "You see, I have a bit of a problem. Times have been hard, I'm sure you know, and my sister's family needs my help now. This place is my only source of income, so... I'm now requiring my tenants to pay each month's rent in advance. Since you haven't paid this month's yet, that means I'll need twice the usual amount within four days' time."

Karst laughed, bitterness just faintly tainting the sound. "You know Felix and I don't have that much!"

"Yes, I know. But, well, you know I think it's horrible that they're criticizing you and your husband for expressing your love, but the other tenants have been complaining a lot about the noise lately. To be honest, I'm under a lot of pressure to kick the three of you out as it is, and if you can't pay the rent like everyone else..."

"You're going to throw us out?" Karst demanded, incredulous. "A family with a newborn baby?"

"I don't want to. Really, I don't. But I've thought it over a lot and I can't think of any other course, except... a trade of sorts."

"A trade?" She was baffled.

Sheron dropped her gaze to her hands, her fingers twiddling with obvious embarrassment. "When I hear the noise you and your husband make, I think it sounds like fun, the kind I haven't had since my husband passed away - if ever. I'd be willing to overlook this month's rent, so that you'd be able to stay on top of payments from now, if you would, just once..."

"...just once...?" she prodded.

"...let me join in."

"Join in?"

"You know, in what you two are doing. Just do the same thing you always do, only with one more person."

"...Isn't there any other sort of trade we could make?"

"No." Sheron didn't sound uncertain now. "That's what I'm interested in."

The two of them were silent for several moments.

"...I'll have to talk it over with Felix."

"Of course. You have until the rent is due to give me an answer."


Talking to Felix about Sheron's ultimatum was not something Karst looked forward to. There was, after all, a reason the two of them hadn't had sex for the past five days. Six days ago, Felix had come home with barely half the food he usually did. He said that was all he could afford with his current wages. She called him irresponsible, a worthless bastard who couldn't even keep his only child properly fed. Enraged, he had hit her. Not hard enough to really hurt her - he never would - but hard enough to let her know that she had hurt him.

Fights weren't uncommon between the two of them. Every time they had one, they'd have good angry sex that night. In the morning Felix would use his psynergy to heal their cuts and bruises and they'd have some quick makeup sex before Felix had to leave for work. If they'd been fighting over anything important, they'd work out a compromise while Felix was healing them.

This time was different. They had the anger sex that night, but in the morning Felix only healed her cuts and bruises, leaving his own wounds as reminders of how she'd hurt him. He was still angry at her, and that made Karst angry at him in turn, because he had lost his temper with her and now was holding a grudge for no good reason.

But she had no choice but to talk to him. Felix shoved his way through the door of the apartment, face weary and haggard, and dropped into a chair.

Karst was rocking Minra. "Hi," she said.

Felix grunted.

"Knock off the act," she snapped. "I know you work hard, but you're supposed to be a strong man. Stop acting like a little day's work exhausts you."

"Oh?" Felix's eyes glinted at her. "So now you say I work hard?"

"Don't give me that attitude unless you can keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. Sheron says she need the rent in advance starting next month."

"If there were more work out there, I'd take it, alright? I can't bring home wages that aren't being paid." He paused. "Lying about changes in the rent is a new low for you."

"It's not a lie."

"If I go and talk to Sheron myself right now -"

"Go ahead!" Karst screamed at him. "Show how much you trust me, even after I've had your baby!"

That silenced Felix for a long minute. He looked at her, first with what looked like genuine shame and penitence, then with growing despair as he took in what she'd told him. Karst's yelling had caused little Minra to start crying, so she took her to the other room and laid her down, rocking her gently to get her to go to sleep. When she came back, Felix was still silent.

At last he said, "Karst, I can't get that much money in time. There's just no way."

"I know. But Sheron's offered us a much easier alternative."

"What?" She told him. "...No."

"Excuse me?"

"I said no." Felix stood up. "I'm not having sex with another woman."

"You really are lazy," Karst laughed derisively. "You're not even willing to -"

"I don't want any other woman," he cut her off, seizing her and pulling her to him. One hand slipped under her shirt, feeling up her stomach suggestively. "Only you."

"This isn't about what we want, Felix!" she retorted, pulling away from him. "If we don't do this, we'll get thrown out! Is it so hard to -"

"It's not a matter of easy or hard. No one makes me do anything I don't want to do," he growled. "And I want to do you. Right now."

Before she could protest, he pulled her back against him and covered her mouth with his, forcing his tongue in. He wasn't just acting; she could feel his erect cock straining against her crotch through his pants, as hard as rock. His tongue fought to subdue hers, and she instinctively fought back, their mouths passionately warring with each other. As usual, his tongue won, but not without a hard fight.

His hands had already begun working her shirt up her body, feeling her up all the while, and as soon as their kiss broke he yanked it completely off.

"Felix, would you listen to -" she managed before he seized her again, his mouth closing over her right breast. His tongue explored the soft flesh and teased her nipple, making her moan in helpless pleasure. She was scarcely aware of his hands undoing her pants, letting them drop to the floor. One hand then went up to work her other breast, while his other took careful hold of her undergarment, pulling it down. Karst squirmed her legs until it slid off.

Felix's mouth was unrelenting, passionately sucking at her warm mounds and flicking her now hard nipples. She couldn't restrain herself any longer, and her hands reached down to yank off his pants. Moaning with intense arousal, she ran a hand up his wonderfully hard cock.

Suddenly he pulled her away and shoved her face first onto their bed; he must have been working their way towards it while he was disrobing her. Karst fell onto her hands and knees with a gasp, and before she could make another move he was upon her, holding her down with one hand and delivering a hard slap to her buttocks. A shudder of pleasure went through Karst at the blow. She loved it when Felix was domineering and aggressive, and his spankings were quite pleasurable. He spanked her hard, over and over, each time sending a deep shudder of pleasure through her, and a loud moan. This was much better than the angry sex they had after fights. When he was in the mood, Felix could be harsh and rough in a way that was wholly pleasurable, without the injuries.

Then the spanking stopped, and Karst was aware of something warm and hard rising to press between her legs. A very familiar something.

"Yes!" she cried in sensual excitement. "Do it, Felix! Fuck me like the bitch I am!"

Felix was more than eager to oblige, they were both realizing now how long it had been since they'd had a really good lovemaking session. He pushed himself into her hot, tight passage, making them both groan with relief. It had been far too long.

Without further ado, Felix began vigorously thrusting into her. Karst panted intensely. Felix's cock wasn't very long, but it was quite thick and hard, so it filled her out more than adequately. Each thrust seemed to spread her wide, filling her with sensations so stimulating and wonderful it was almost agony. Sweat began to run down her face as her breath came faster and faster.

Felix was experienced enough in fucking her that he knew just how to satisfy her best, and before long she came, crying out with the sweet satisfaction of it, her fluids flowing all over her lover's piece.

At last Karst collapsed, overcome. Felix hadn't come yet, however, and he continued to thrust into her limp form. Spent as she was, the sensation was nevertheless pleasurable, and she lazily turned her head to peer down between her legs. The sight of their genitals joining struck her as astounding. It seemed impossible that something so thick could fit inside her.

With a massive grunt, Felix stuffed himself into her pussy up to the hilt. This was deeper than any of his previous thrusts, and Karst gasped in surprise just before his seed began to shoot inside her. She gave a deep purr of satisfaction at the feeling.

Once Felix was finished, she crawled out from under him and turned over onto her back. "Now..." she managed. "As I was saying before you -"

"I'm not finished with you yet, you witch." Felix lunged at her and pinned her to the bed, holding her down by her arms. With gravity on his side, there was no way she could break loose. "Not by a long shot."

Before she could protest, he began running his tongue in deliberate circles over her belly. She moaned and twisted under him. Then he lowered his mouth to her flower and began eating her out, intensifying her reactions still further. He ran his tongue in rough caresses over her folds, teasing her clit so maddeningly that she wanted to cry out with rage, but was stifled by her own gasps of pleasure.

Her hips bucked at Felix's oral treatment, and he stopped the teasing. Even so, there was a sweet sort of frustration at being held like this, helpless against her lover's ministrations. Before too long she came again, screaming as her fluids again streamed from her channel.

Karst took a few breaths to recover herself and then, murmurring "Payback time," she got up onto hands and knees and advanced on her lover's rod. She took it in one hand, stroking its hardness with a pleased smirk, and opened her mouth to take it in.

Felix caught her by the shoulder, pushing her back just before she could get her lips around it, and shook his head. He didn't need to explain. They had already decided, back when they first started living together, that blow jobs were a bad idea. Given Karst's tendency during lovemaking to scratch and bite without warning, putting that precious tool in her mouth was too risky.

Still, Karst couldn't hold back a scowl. It wasn't fair that he could make her orgasm using oral, but she couldn't do the same to him.

He quickly moved to erase that scowl, lunging forward to kiss her neck while he groped her taut ass. Satisfied, but still wanting a little revenge, she teasingly retreated, leading him with her off the bed. Both of them on their feet now, she began sliding her naked body up and down his like a snake, occasionally running her shapely leg up his crotch.

Felix groaned at the feel of her smooth curves rubbing against him. "You sexy little witch." He began caressing her back, hips, shoulders, stimulating her nearly as much as she was him. She raked her teeth over his muscular chest.

When he'd taken enough, Felix grabbed her by the waist and slammed her back down on the bed. Panting with excitement, she spread her legs.

He entered her more abruptly and eagerly this time, his cock craving more of the vigorous stimulation her tight cunt had to offer. They quickly fell into their familiar rhythm, clutching each other as he thrust into her without mercy, and as she, desiring no mercy, bucked her hips to meet his vigorous pounding.

But after not even half a minute of this, Felix suddenly stopped, fully inside her, and kissed her passionately. Too caught off-guard to be upset, Karst returned the kiss, her hands clutching his unkept hair as their tongues wrangled with each other. When they broke, Felix said, "I've got an idea. Hold on to me tight."

She complied, wrapping her legs tightly about his waist, her arms clinging to his neck. He lifted her off the bed and carried her to the nearest wall, his manhood still burrowed deep inside her. Karst was not an easy burden, and Felix was a bit unsteady from arousal, so her back collided with the wall hard. Karst cried out at the mingled pain of the impact and the pleasure of Felix's cock going deeper inside than it had thus far.

Not wasting time asking if she was okay, Felix eagerly commenced fucking her against the wall. His thrusts were so good and hard that each one made her back bang loudly against the wall. Karst delighted in the how loud it was, knowing that Aryaka and the rest of their obnoxious neighbors would be unable to shut out the sound of the two of them making love. She made no effort to mute her pleasured gasps and moans, encouraging Felix to continue giving her his most powerful thrusts. He was hitting her pleasure centers so hard that it was all she could do to keep from blacking out. All she wanted was him, and with each second she got that, tenfold.

At last she hit her climax, screaming with one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. Her entire body could feel nothing but sheer physical ecstacy.

The combination of the pleasure of her pussy spasming around his cock and the pain of her nails digging into his shoulders enough to draw blood was too much for Felix, and giving a loud roar, he joined her in orgasm, firing shot after shot of semen into her.

When their shared orgasm was spent, the both of them slumped, exhausted. Felix carried her back to the bed and laid her there, his spent organ slipping out of her, before falling onto the bed beside her. She was almost breathless, her skin covered with sweat, yet she managed to say, "That was... incredible."

"Yeah..." He leaned over to kiss her jaw. Their extended argument was clearly over. "We should try that again sometime."

Exhausted from their intensive lovemaking, Karst swiftly drifted off into a deep sleep. Just before her last bit of consciousness slipped away, it occurred to her that she had let Felix's amorous attack distract her from finishing their argument about Sheron's proposal.

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