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Pokémon Gag Factor

Episode 1: Rules are rules

Pokeslut: Iris

Setting: Nudist colony in Unova


A pleasant breeze blew through the forest path making Iris sigh as it caressed her near completely naked body, only her feet covered by a simple pair of shoes to prevent sticks and stones digging into her feet, she had taken a temporary spring job at one of Unova’s largest nudist colonies and had thoroughly enjoyed it so far, being a wild child growing up she adored nature and loved it even more whilst naked so to be paid to patrol a nudist colony naked aside from a pair of shoes was almost her definition of a dream job

When the tree line stopped Iris stepped off of the path and walked onto the open field to oversee the people who were relaxing on the grass making sure that they adhered to the few rules the colony had, no violence, no harassing people, no stealing items from the locker rooms and no sex unless it was in the designated ‘fuck areas’ as Iris like to call them as well as frequent after a long shift

Out of all the regulars she had met in the colony she had fucked more than half of them, many of them without learning or even asking their name which was fair as they never asked her name either, which was fine by her as she was perfectly willing to be a hot strangers slut for an hour or so for some needed stress relief

Stretching her arms and back as she enjoyed another pleasant breeze Iris waved at a few of the regulars before setting off back on the path to finish the rest of her shift, she had to cover another mile or so in about twenty minutes so she had to get a move on

Walking down the dirt path once again Iris found nothing out of place or against the rules, the occasional Pokémon would wander out of the bushes every so often as well as nudists would walk by and greet her, eventually it only came to her having five more minutes until the end of her shift and nothing had gone wrong “looks like it’s gonna be another good day” she smiled stretching again before noticing something in a nearby clearing

When she went to investigate she found a young blond man sleeping in the nearby clearing in the trees, normally this was nothing to worry about as sleeping outside wasn’t against any rule, the thing that forced Iris to bother him though was that he had a huge erection standing in the open for anyone to see

Iris sighed as she walked over to him kneeling down to shake his shoulder “sir? I’m going to have to ask you to wake up and move” she told him in a gentle tone knowing from past experience what it was like to aggravate a man whilst they were both naked “fuck he’s really packing” she thought to herself as she felt her mouth beginning to water, his cock was an easy eight inches in length and was at least four inches thick “and his balls are huge too, they’re the size of ripe Qualot berries”

The blond man stirred but didn’t fully awaken simply turning his head away and pushing away with his hand catching Iris in the face as he did making her growl with annoyance “sir you have to move!” she said in a harder tone giving the blond a stronger shake forcing him awake

“Huh? Fuck what do you want?” he groaned rubbing his eyes “fucking bitch waking me up” he muttered under his breath making Iris scowl when she heard it

“Well I’m sorry for ruining your little nap but you have to move!”

“Why should I?”

“Because of this!” Iris all but snapped grabbing hold of his thick erection trying her best not to drool at the rock solid throbbing texture of his huge dick “you have to move to a designated adult area, there are kids and families around here and they don’t want to have to see you with a hard on”

Barry tuned out Iris’s ranting as his orange eyes rolled over her petite naked body enjoying the feeling of her hot little hand around his cock, her words falling entirely on deaf ears as he literally couldn’t listen to anyone after waking up especially when he woke up with a huge erection, eventually his gaze travelled from her tiny little cunt up towards her mouth as she continued to scold him and he couldn’t help but wonder just how hot and wet it was and how soft her lips would feel, his cock throbbed painfully at the thought and with that it was decided, he was going to skull fuck this bitch

“What if we could do something so I can stay here?” he suggested with a wicked gleam in his eye

“Oh? And what might that be?” Iris asked before noticing the dark intent in Barry’s eyes, before she could react his hands shot up grabbing two tight handfuls of her hair wrenching her head down with it, her cry immediately silenced and replaced with a loud gurgling retch as Barry’s rammed his cock into her mouth, passed her gag reflex and all the way down her throat making it bulge

The dark skinned slut fell onto her front as her legs instinctively kicked out, her hands scrambling at the grass and Barry’s legs as he forced more cock down her throat “oh fuck yeah that’s it bitch, fucking choke on it you slut!” he grunted as she retched again drooling all over his cock, gripping her mountainous thatch of hair as he slammed his hips up against her face fucking her mouth like it was a cunt

Iris’s eyes watered heavily as her throat was stretched to its very limit by Barry’s thick cock, her hands pushing against him but he was too strong to fully resist so she eventually just accepted her fate allowing the blond to use her head as a cunt to fuck, on the bright side though his cock was fucking delicious making her mouth water even more making her throat an even easier pussy substitute

“Fucking gag on my cock you fucking whore bitch!” Barry growled as he raped Iris’s mouth even harder bruising her soft lips and battered her soft silky throat “this’ll teach you for waking me up you cunt!”

Iris’s cunt convulsed as Barry continued to insult and degrade her throughout the face fucking, on the outside she was proud and headstrong but deep down she was nothing but a dirty little cum slut that only needed a big hard cock and a generous source of cum to be happy

Feeling his cock throb hard in her mouth Iris looked up at Barry with big chocolate eyes starting to lustfully suck on his dick as he fucked her head brutally “oh shit yes I’m gonna cum in your head! You better fucking swallow!” Barry howled as his pace got faster and faster until his cock erupted in her mouth, all but crushing her face to his groin as his forced her to take his entire huge load down her throat, the dark skinned whores cheeks bulging as her mouth filled with his cum, oozing over her lips and out of her nose

Iris gagged and choked as she tried to swallow his enormous cum load, her eyes rolling all the way back as she became weak from lack of oxygen, her throat acting on autopilot to gulp down everything he gave her until there was just enough room in her mouth for air

Barry continued to thrust into her mouth for a couple of minutes after his release had ended before dragging Iris’s head off of his cock, long strands of drool and cum escaped from the dark skinned sluts lips connecting them to his cock “you loved that didn’t you? You little whore” he smirked as Iris just stuck her tongue out panting for air

Grinning wickedly Barry then roughly shoved her onto her back making her yelp sharply as he moved to mount her face, any protests that came from her quickly getting muffled as he drove his still hard cock back into her mouth “you thought I was done bitch? I’ve got enough for another big load for you to choke on bitch” he gloated as he pegged Iris’s nose laughing as her legs began to flail and kick as she choked on his cock

The sounds of Iris’s choking and gurgling filled the clearing and most likely travelled further as Barry pounded her face with all his might, the intense force of his cock pounding the slut’s throat forced her to cough and spit all over herself, drool running freely all over her face and into her hair as she gagged and spluttered

The bushes and trees around them shielded them from view preventing anyone from seeing Iris orgasm from a mixture of pure arousal and the auto erotic asphyxiation from having her throat stuffed with cock, her legs still kicking wildly causing her shoes to fly off into the bushes disturbing the Pokémon residing inside

Barry’s breathing started to get heavier as precum started to ooze out of his cock again straight down Iris’s throat, grabbing her hands to stop her from clawing at his legs pinning her arms over her head taking advantage of having to lean forward forcing his cock even deeper down Iris’s throat laying down nearly fully on her head, after a while the bend in his cock that the position created became too uncomfortable for Barry to ignore prompting him to pivot around as that he was facing the other way, his large sweaty balls sack now draped over Iris’s nose forcing her to take in his overpowering musk “much better” he grunted wrapping a hand around Iris’s throat starting to choke her as he used her throat like a cunt

Iris gagged again as Barry somehow reached further down her throat causing it to bulge all the way down to her collar bone, her eyes rolling all the way back as she drooled harder all over her face and hair, about to pass out from lack of oxygen when Barry let out a harsh roar of pleasure, his second huge thick burning load bursting down her throat making her retch and gurgle loudly as his cum overflowed and covered her face before she had a chance to swallow “take it! Take it you fucking cunt!” the blond snarled as he rammed his cock down Iris’s throat brutally before slowly pulling out letting her retch and cough up more of his load whilst she swallowed what she could

Watching Iris slowly sit up coughing and hacking hoarsely as his cum and her drool dripped from her plastered face and hair down to her tiny tits “see now I’m flaccid you can leave me the fuck alone” Barry grunted as he laid back down to sleep

“Yes….sorry for bothering you sir” Iris replied meekly as she belched up another wad of his cum all over herself, she had never felt more defiled and aroused at the same time and when she tried to stand her legs gave way making her fall flat on her face, what made it worse was that she was now half an hour late for ending her shift and she had no way of cleaning herself up before she went to face her boss

She had a LOT of explaining to do

And CUT!

Director: utterly fantastic guys, Barry great as always with the pace and strength of a wild Rapidash and Iris, by Arceus nobody can take a skull fucking in their stride like you can without needing to stop for air

Iris: *giggles and belches up more cum, stretching her mouth wide with her fingers gargling the cum for the camera to enjoy before swallowing* it’s why I’m in the business, that and these sexy little beauties *lifts her dainty little feet wiggling them for the camera* oh that reminds me I have a footjob scene in a few hours *stands up getting ready to leave, turning down an offered towel burping up more cum and swallowing* fuck this stuff is good, call me if you need a skull fuck whore again sometime and Barry don’t hold back on the name calling if we do a scene again, being called a cunt is my orgasm button

Barry: duly noted *laughs accepting a bottle of water and towel from stage hand wiping the sweat from his brow whilst downing the water*

Iris: *winks and blows a kiss to the camera before stretching her mouth wide waggling her tongue for a few seconds before walking off naked with her face still covered in cum and drool*

Director: and that’s a wrap for Pokémon Gag Factor episode 1! For episode 2 we have…..well we have a wide selection of girls so I think I’ll leave it to the fans vote to see which Pokeslut they want to see face fucked next!

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