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BY : Kakashifan727
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A/N: Had an idea to do this for a while. Sorry if I don't remember game events too well; I haven't beaten all of it yet, not sure which ending to go for. I think I finished the prison and saved the Manikin leader while fighting a few of the Fiends. I'm not going by the main game map in its entirety either; I can't find any references nor do I remember much of it. Not going to add too many chars from other series, as I don't need copyright violations from other sites I post this on.

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… … …

I'm going to become the new light for the new world...”

All I can do is reflect on these words. They have been bothering me for a while now. It wasn't just the message that was said, it was the person who said it. Our teacher, the whole reason I am on this subway now, was the one who told me these words. But it was just a dream after all, so everything should be fine. This whole business about the cultists around town has gotten everybody riled up. I honestly had no idea of the gravity of the situation until the news report yesterday. So many people hurt and dead, just to try and prove a point about some self-serving ideal like that...Before that I'd just passed it off as a fad, some cultural phenomenon sweeping our small island nation. It seems that these people are serious about what they mean to do; with backing from a man like Hikawa, or so the rumors say, that amount of power and money is dangerous. Gaea was the name of their little terrorist organization, I think. Something to do with returning this 'modern' world to its 'natural' roots.

I shake my head, not really understanding this whole business. Why do people have to fight and kill over such insanity? Can't we live in peace? My idea does sound corny, even to me, but I feel its better than murdering others in the name of some righteous cause. I just don't like this whole cult idea in general; I wonder what Isamu and Chiaki feel about it? I hope neither of them have gotten into anything too crazy. Ms. Takao is hopefully alright, seeing as she is in the hospital, but I still feel uneasy. What if these crazy cult of Gaea members find her? What about my friends? Maybe we shouldn't have offered to go see Ms.Takao at the hospital after all.

Thankfully, the voice over the intercom brings me back to reality. Seeing as we have slowed to a full stop, I assume we must be at our destination. Looking out the window, the dull gray tile of the station floor greets me. It's hard to move in the small cramped space, the bodies of people pressed up against one another. This is one thing I hate about these subways. I'm not stuck for long as I squeeze out of the sliding doors. From there it doesn't take me long to exit the tunnel, my eyes darting to and fro at the throngs of people. I notice something off putting about one of the people exiting the tunnel, a man only a few feet away from me. He's pretty tall, heads above most of the other patrons, with a huge white wig of hair and wearing a striking red coat of some kind. The black handle of what looks like a blade is protruding from his right shoulder. He must be some foreigner here for vacation or something. He looks like some sort of otaku. Is there some con I don't know about going on? I think, still staring at the tall foreigner. Our eyes meet for a split second, his perceptive and piercing gaze making me feel a cold chill throughout my body.

I walk faster, wanting to get away from this odd man and out into the rays of sunlight. I walk until I reach an intersection of road, traffic lights and cars clogging up the black pavement. Turning my head to the side, I don't see the foreigner anywhere nearby. He must've went a different way. I don't see him in the crowd. At least he's gone. I think as I wait for the sign to tell me its okay to walk across the street. Now, where is the hospital again? I'm not too great with directions, and I haven't really been to this area much. I take out my phone, hearing it beep in my pants pocket.


“Dude, what's taking you so long? Me and Chiaki have been waiting for a while now,” Isamu's voice berating me on the other end.

“Well, where is the hospital exactly? I just got off at the station,” I answer.

“It's just past that small park in the middle of town,” he says. I respond with a quick affirmation and thanks before hanging up the phone. I find a street sign that leads me to Yoyogi Park, the green trees coming up only after a couple blocks. I didn't think it would be this close to the city though. I start to walk by the park but notice something strange about it. I understand as I come closer. The big park is empty of people; for good reason. Yellow police tape surrounds the south exit, which I stare at in confusion. What the hell happened here? I think, poking at the tape with my index finger.


The loud intensity of the voice causes me to jump, my heart racing. Turning around I see and odd man dressed in mostly white with a hat, his skin dark compared to my own which stands out with the color of his clothing. He comes up to me, and I narrow my brows to get prepared for a chewing out.

“Kid, you do know what's happened here right?”

“Yeah,” I say, nodding my head, “There was a fight between cultists recently.”

“That's right,” he says, fanning himself with his white hat, “I'm surprised you believe that kinda stuff; most people write it off as bullshit or ignore it.”

“Well, I wouldn't say I believe it, as I don't like these people and what they represent. Fighting over ideals is somewhat petty, in my opinion.”

“I see,” the man responds, taking something that had been folded into his pocket. “Take this. I'm one of the reporters, so I know the stuff in there is true. Name's Hijiri.”

I thank him and take the item. Looking at it, I see it's some odd occult magazine. It's nothing remarkable, but the one thing I do notice is the mention of Shinjuku Medical Center on the back cover. Apparently, the hospital I'm heading for is going to be featured in their next issue. I've never really payed attention to ghost stories or the paranormal, though I don't doubt they may exist. Why bother when we have school, home and chores to think of?

“I'll read it later,” I say, pocketing the item after folding it back up. “I've got to go to the hospital.”

“Alright kid, see you later,” Hijiri responds, waving me goodbye as we part. “Just don't get attacked by any demons, you hear?”

I laugh at his last sentence. Even if he really believes it, I doubt the place is haunted. Still, with all the insane things that have been happening around the country lately, who the hell knows? It only takes me about fifteen minutes to reach the hospital from the park, finding the front entrance and opening it. Chiaki waves as I enter the lobby, my gaze studying the whole room, which is big and empty save for a couple chairs. There are a couple exits and an elevator, besides the door I just came through, but they lead further into the hospital. We are the only ones here, plus Isamu who is leaning on the wall, which I find very odd. He coolly lifts his head in acknowledgment, Chiaki strangling me in a hug before noticing the magazine tucked in my pocket. She easily grabs it, looking at the cover and staring quizzically.

“Didn't think you'd be into the occult.”

“I'm not. Some odd guy gave it to me as I went by the park. Called himself a reporter or something....” I reply, shrugging my shoulders.

Isamu sighs, walking over to the two of us. He glances at the magazine, then stares at me for a moment. He takes something out of his pocket, producing a small, white ID card. I have no idea what it's for.

“Since I've checked all over this damn place looking for Ms.Takao while somebody was busy doing more important things, you can check the basement. There's a gate down there that this card can open,” he whines, throwing the ID card at me. I catch it, pocketing them swiftly before narrowing my brows. I really don't want to know how he swiped one of these. We better not get in trouble for it.

“Fine. I can do it.”

I walk over to the receptionist's desk, finding a small map of the hospital. The place is pretty big. It'd be easy to get lost in. I make sure to try and memorize where I need to go, then set out for the elevator on the north side. The two of them don't follow me, as I watch Isamu glare at me and Chiaki continue to read as the doors close. Doesn't bother me that much. The basement is dull gray, similar to the first floor's plain cream color. I unlock the gate easily with the card, which makes me wonder how Isamu got his hands on this. He didn't steal it, did he? While I do care about finding my teacher, I'd like to stay out of jail. Ms.Takao you better be down here. Feeling a presence behind me, I turn around only to see nothing. I said I wasn't afraid. Why are my legs trembling? I do hear something that sounds like humming, and I follow the noise. It's probably hospital equipment of some sort.

After going down a couple corridors with no luck, I finally find a door on my right. The humming is louder here, so I'm guessing this is where Ms.Takao is. I hope she isn't in a coma or anything. She just told us to meet at the hospital. As I open the door, my eyes sting from the blue light inside. It's not from operating equipment, but some odd cylinder with runes painted on it. The figure in the chair swivels to face me as soon as I enter, his lined face scowling. Was he expecting someone else? I glare back, unfazed by the fact this man is much older and taller than I am.

“It seems I have an intruder,” the man mutters, flinging one of his arms out to the side. The room starts shaking, and the pillar in the middle is spinning like crazy. Just what did he do? I feel an immense energy fill the room, choking and almost suffocating me. The pillar stops spinning as a large shadow begins to form behind the man. It looks like a big snake, or a dragon, I can't tell. That's where the huge source of power is coming from. Is he gonna kill me? I'm not going out without at least taking this creep down.

“Leave the child alone, or I won't help you,” a voice beside my ear shouts. Hearing that familiar tone I am both relieved and confused. Why would Ms.Takao work for this guy? I think, watching as the suit wearing man sighs, lowering the arm he was going to point at me.

“Fine,” he says, before turning to me, “I won't forget you. It doesn't matter; soon everything will be born anew!”

I just stare at my teacher with a confused expression. There's something going on here that I don't understand. They must be working with each other. She leads me out of the room, holding my hand as she guides me to the top of the roof of the hospital. I gape as I look at the sky, for the color is pure black. It was sky blue only a few minutes ago. Where are the sun and the clouds? Did his odd pillar device do this? When it summoned that...that thing? I can only stare at my teacher, who takes a deep breath before saying anything.

“I'm sorry. I tricked you into coming here. I am not really sick. I am the Maiden who will bring about the New World.”

“New World?” I ask, fragments of my dream coming back to me. She said almost the same thing there too. What does it mean?

“Yes. This world is too imperfect, and needs to be destroyed,” Ms. Takao says. As if on cue, a huge bolt of lighting pierces the sky, blinding me for a few seconds. She can't be serious. As I look at the dead sky above however, I feel that she is telling the truth. The bots continue to grow in number and intensity, and it gets harder to hear her over the deafening peal. I notice that where the bolts hit, buildings and surrounding areas are completely destroyed. There is nothing left besides a smoking crater of dust.

“The Conception, the birth of the new world, has already begun. There is no time now; Seek me out later if you have questions. I am sorry. I didn't mean to get you involved in this,” Ms. Takao finishes, her eyes sad as they stare me down. I don't know what to do. This all seems so unreal; how could anyone say anything to that? We both watch as the lighting continues to pour down, destroying buildings and anything it touches. Instead of fire and ashes, there is only darkness. The light blinds me, and all I can see is white.

... ... ...

The world is blue. I am the only thing here, or so I think. All I can see are shadows at the fringes of my vision. They slowly turn into shapes, into people who I have not met before. A small blond boy, holding the hand of an old woman in black are before me. He turns to the lady, who smiles at me. I don't like that smile. It makes my whole body go rigid; not that I could move anyway. The small boy is holding something, the object still squirming as he drops it. I realize as it gets closer that it is heading for me. Why me? I'm not that special; pick someone else. The thing burrows into my eye, the pain so intense that I want to scream. I feel the blood pooling down my eyelid; the pain in my nerves increasing as the thing travels into my brain. I see nothing now; all is red. The pain is gone and with it my mind.

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