Heart of the Overlord

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Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts in any form and I don't make any money on this. the chartes and in this story belong to Disney, Capcom, and Dreamwoks. And whoever own Overlord

A.N. Well here is my first fanfiction. I do love both the Kingdom Heart and the Overlord games and after reading YinShadow Key to Evil I thought to do one of my own. But I will not be adding in any book or anime charters (except for a succubus or two). I will just use Disney Movies and TV (or any thing close enough to Disney Movies) and RPG games.

Also there will be Violence and sex in this story don't like don't read

Chapter 1: The Awaking

Sora Awoke to what seems to be a black void with only a stain glass floor of a man with black armor with a large flaming ax. Sora was about to wonder where he was when he heard a voice like thunder "A last I have found you, the one to balance darkness and t be empowered by it". Who's there. "So much to do and so little time, but take your time we wont start the hard work just yet just awaken you to the power of your darkness.

Sora was very confused as the voice seemed to come from everywhere but there was no one to be seen "my what, that does not sound good at all, I don't want to be some kind of villain". "Ha Ha don't worry be what you want and do what you want that is the point of darkness pay no heed to what others say you are. Now step forward and clam your power." With that three pedestals appeared, one with a sword, one with a wand and the other with a shield.

"The power of the sword is the power to rip your foes to pieces close up. the power of the wand able to call upon your inner power to smite your foes with fire, lighting, etc.. The power of the shield able to protect our minions so they can fight longer for you. Which do you want. Sora thought and he knew that he was more of a man to fight his own battles than to send an army after his foe

"I will choose the sword and the wand".

"Excellent now for a small warm up for your adventure".

Sora fell though the floor as everything soon just broke apart as if the glass that it was mad out of just exploded, but instead of falling he found himself floating down to another stain glass floor with a picture of a city which had one half on fire and on the other side Sora felt looked like a grand factory like city. When he landed strange shadow's started to rise up and take on an imp appearances.

"The power of darkness lets one do many things. You can destroy everything you see and pick the treasure up from the remainders or enslave the people to build even greater thing in your name. There will be many times you will have to fight to get what you want, and even more times when you want to, keep your rage strong and fight". A sword so appeared in Sora's hand so he charge them and began to swing his sword and chop them up. Some of the shadow imps tried to jump to avoid his sword, but he jump after them and fought them in midair. When he was finished what remained of the Shadow monsters dissolved into a mass of shadow that swallowed up the floor and Sora as well.

When Sora came to he found himself on yet another stain glass floor of what seems to be the same dark armored man sitting on some kind of serpent thorn surrounded by three beautiful and scantily clad women with gold all around them. "The rewards of darkness include more than just power and land. All the riches of entire world will be at your feet and many women will summit their bodies, hearts, and very soul for your pleasure. Of course the women's main role will just to bear you children so that your dark legacy will continue".

After everything Sora had to go though in the last few minuets he had enough and stared to yell "will you just show yourself already. You have taken me from my home asked me ridiculous questions shown me senseless images and made me fight against horrible monster. For what, what is the meaning of all this and why won't you show yourself."

The voice continues " Ha ha ha. You are starting to show the true spirit of an Overlord. Very well since and Overlord must always be obeyed I will answer your questions. I can not show myself to you because I have no physical form in fact you are not really even here. As for the question they are to help you determine your destiny. The monsters are the foes that you will be fighting, it is your fate just as much as it is to be Overlord. The images as you call them are pictures of the past that may well hold you future, what would you like this scene to look like?" With that the image on the floor began to melt and reform. when the stain glass floor finished the image was of him on a more traditional thorn, he was dressed like more of a warrior king and there was gold everywhere. The big change however was that instead three women around him there was Kari dressed in a small bikini top and what seems to be a slave girl skirt, she even had on a gold collar and . The fabric was of the cloths was so thin that it was completely see though. Sora also saw even though she was obviously his slave she had a very happy look on her face.

"Excellent your dream is not too different than your destiny, you even have a mistress already.

"At this Sora blushed a little," enough already I am so sick and tired of you just let me go already." "Very good a perfect show of rage, don't concern your self it is almost the end of this journey and after that the journey will soon start. Now climb the stairs." and from out the corner of his eye Sora saw stairs made of light appear.

When Sora got to the top he was on yet one more stain glass floors, this one was depicting an endless hole that seems to be filled with fire like it was an infernal abyss. "Your fate is to use the darkness as you see fit, all that came before you have used it to do incredible thing: build castles, gain vast fortune, build great armies, and most of all destroy all your enemies. But in the end they were all consumed by their own darkness and destroyed themselves, will you be any different?" and with that a large shadow monster that look more like a titan instead of the imp like he was used to appeared. It immediately slammed it fist down at Sora.

Sora used a flow motion dash to avoid the attack. When he looked back he saw that the blow just summoned more of those shadow imp, Sora wasted no time in dispatching them with his sword. For some reason Sora knew that the only weak points were it hands and head, so when it just crouched down Sora went on the attack with wild swings attacking its hands. All of a he felt intense burning pain from his back and fell down, it seems that the titan was fire out balls of energy. As Sora was lying down in pain he saw the titan rise to crush him he heard the voice one last time "Don't be afeard, after all you will be the overlord."

Sora awoke on the beach and was startled to see Kari looking down at him. "Sora you lazy bum. I knew that I'd find you sleeping down here."

"No Kari I was fighting these black shadow monsters on some weird stain glass floors" Sora rambled on.

"Oh really tell me more."

"Well there were burning cities, piles of gold, you were there in a sexy slave outfit," and with that Kari hit Sora on the head.

"Sora you little pervert, I guess you are at that age," Kairi said.

Sora knew he had to change to topic "say Kari do you remember your home own at all yet?"

"No I still don't remember anything of where I came from, what about you after all you were found about a year before I was?" Kairi asked.

"No I still don't remember much before I found washed up on the beach just like you were they say that I only looked four or five. Do you ever want to go back

to your home town Kari?" "Well I am happy here the people are nice and it is so beautiful here. Still I would like to know where I came from." I feel the same way Kari, once the raft is built we should be able to visit other world if the story about this island are really true."

"Hey aren't you all forgetting about me. I am the only one working on the raft." It seems Riku had just found them. "It looks like you are just as lazy as Sora Kari."

"Oh you just noticed. Okay let go finish it now. Race all of you" Kari challenged. As they all ran along the beach no one knew of the tragedy that would soon befall them.

At that same time in another world in a half-finished castle hidden away by a vast mountain range, come the sound of arguing. "How did I ever fall so low as t were I am now. I was once the riches Duck in Duckberg, now look at me, Not one munny to my name and wearing this old suit. Oh why did ever team up with the likes of you?" Said what seem to be an old duck man in a worn out business suit and a ruffed up top hat.

"Well Scrooge I believe your current misfortunes began when everyone found out about your temple raiding on other worlds and forced you to go on the run. Said a large fat alien with four eyes. "Just stop complaining already. Every day you go on and on about it. Why not try to do something useful. I have used this time to design many Gummi Ships for cause."

"Oh who asked you Jumba. And I don't see the value of your work when we already had Gummi Ship designs and we can't build anything because we have no resources or things to man them, thank to the fact that your new minions don't' listen to a word we tell them. Try and figure out how to make some munny Jumba instead of your pointless science." said Scooge

A new voice came though the hall, "we all know that the only way any of us will rise once again is for one of us to be named the New Overlord, and it is clear that only I am fit for that title." A large and fat teenage looking cat man in black armor said as he passed the room.

"Even when we were at the height of our power all any of you did was stay behind in the tower when I was quelling rebellions and gathering life force. I deserve to be the of Overlord not your errand bo-AAAAAAAAA." was the sound P.J. made as a small blue creature pushed the cat down a near by hole in the floor.

"Nice one 626. That idiot P.J. has the same delusions of grandeur that his father had, which was the reason is family fell into shame in the first place,." said Jumba.

 "For once we agree Jumba. Most of P.J work was terrible thanks to his own stupidity, and now he wants to be the Overlord." Scrooge piped in.

"True Scrooge only he could find a way to make things worse," said Jumba.

P.J. just ran up the into the room clearly winded. "That was that last straw you little cuddle bear it's about time I crushed you!" P.J. took out his large spiked club and started to attack 626, but 626 nimbly avoided each blow. Even jumping over the club as he swung it and clime on the walls to avoid he clumsy P.J. who just made new holes the walls and floors. "You little stuffed toy hold still so that I can crush Aieeeeeeeee." was the sound PJ made as he was electrocuted by a little creature wearing lots of robes holding a remote.

Will you all stop arguing already, as the creature took off his hood it was clear that he was some kind of Rabbit.

Jumba spoke up "how nice of you to join us Oswald. How is your new title of Minion Master going? Still having fun making the minions not finish the castle."

Oswald gave a very firm reply "I told you the only one who can make the minions finish a dark castle is the Overlord of it, and that seat is empty at the moment. And before you even begin PJ the Tower Heart has rejected you many times already because you neither have the brains of body of an Overlord. Lets face it the only thing you offer us is brute strength. Also on that note will need both of Scrooge black market connections and Jumba's scientific expertise for he return of the Overlord. In fact Jumba has given our old master new kinds of minions to do his biding. In fact they are to only ones we have after we all were forced to run from the Heartless after that invaded the Netherworld Tower. It is a good thing that I built this large back up base in case the war ever went against us," said Oswald 

PJ began to talk "Oh don't fool your self Oswald if we are going to rise it had better be soon. Thank to your brother the Glorious Empire is back on its feet, and will be a major pain for us in about a year or so. Also let's not forget that the Heartless continue to consume whole world that we need in order for us to build an empire strong enough to topple the allied worlds," aid PJ.

Actually now that I think about it Oswald isn't that just your dream. After all you hated your bother King Micky ever since he became the king and just continued to ris-aieeeeeee." Oswald once more shocked PJ using his remote, one could hear the laughter from 626.

"My bother jut got lucky that's all. Now enough of this idiocy, I have imported news."

At his everyone just stopped what they were doing and just stared at Oswald. "Well don't keep us waiting tell you already" said Scrooge.

"Well the news is after so long the Tower Heart has finally stared pulsing once more which means that soon have to next Overlord to lead us," said Oswald.

Back on Destiny Island.

Sora, Kari, and Riku were watching the setting sun and talking about the upcoming journey. "So Kari's and my home are out there some where Riku?" said Sora.

"Who know Sora. We will never know by just staying here for the rest of our lives,"said Riku

Kari soon asked "Riku you don't like these Islands that much to you?"

"It's not that I don't like it here, it that this is the prefect world if you only want to lay on the beach your whole life and eat food. That is why we must set out on the raft to do something great with our lives."

"But Riku how far can one raft take us" asked Sora.

" You have heard the legend of the men who have set out on a raft on this island searching for other worlds and have claimed to have visited them this is our best bet, if not we will find something else."

Kari soon asked "so what happens when we get to the other worlds what do we do."

Sora responds first "I always wanted to be like one of the hero's of old. Slaying monsters finding treasure and earning the love of princesses and becoming a King."

Kari playful responded "oh really Sora you want the love a princess any one in mind for that role?" This cased Sora to go beat red.

"How about you Riku?"

"I guess I want to be a great warrior the kind that everyone looks up to by doing impossible things. and if there are other worlds out there it just means that our island that we call home are just a little piece of something much greater. So why are we here and not there?" "I don't know" replied Sora. "Exactly Sora, we need to go out and find the answers to these questions." "you have been thinking a lot it seems Riku" said Kari. "Thanks to the two of you. just you coming here from out of nowhere has broaden my horizon so much.

As they walked away Riku tossed something at Sora. "What's this?" asked Sora? "it's a Pappu Fruit. Share it with some one and they will be with you forever. Images of Kari filled Sora's mind. "Hay Sora its time to go back to the main land."


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