Playing With Fire

BY : anesor
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-- Trigger warning: torture --

--- x x ---

Dungeon of the Bringer of Pain, Outside Helm's Hold ---

--- Keryn

He always did like to suck up, like that bitch Rohini.

Keryn ignored Charlene's commentary yet again as hulking, tall devils swung their swords. Gordie cast another spell and the weight of evil and blood swelled through the hall.

Attacking Gordie seemed almost redundant when he was flailing himself until he bled, not hurting Togge. The coppery reek of fresh blood billowed out like a charnel house, more than the blood being shed warranted.

A burst of divine light came from Keryn's holy symbol, spreading in all directions. Most of the zombies mobbing her collapsed into dust.

Even the hulking survivors cringed for an instant.

Togge finished slicing through his opponent, one of several devils between him and the evil priest.

Gordie cursed, “To the Hells with you into unending pain.”

“You're just a pretty boy!” Togge laughed as he smashed forward and shoved his shield-spike into Gordie.

This is a fine donnybrook, worse than he's fought in years. Gordie likes to posture for his victims, not get hurt. Which means...

Instead of swinging his flail, Gordie raised his barbed, glowing whip with his chanting, and the ground began to shake, rocks falling from the ceiling. Darkness flooded the room as Togge swung, the black choking Keryn until she could try to dispel it.

The darkness resisted her efforts, leaving only dimly seen shapes that she sidled away from. Togge was still fighting, from the sounds of his grunts and oaths.

Zombies attacked her in the confusion but only with glancing blows, so Keryn hurried healing spells for Togge and herself. The smell of blood and rotting flesh was growing too much for her slipping morale, discarnate and without source. The chamber was thoroughly desecrated and fouled even more than before their arrival.

She wanted to curl in on herself from the weight and bone-cold of the vile miasma, but she raised her holy symbol for another spell.

Pain exploded everywhere when a whip wrapped around Keryn, yanking her off her feet and through the air. Dazed, she landed hard, wrapped in the barbs piercing her armor gaps. A devil's large hand pressed across her neck, pushing her down while she was dazed.

“No more of that, little arrow. Let's see if I can break the shaft.” Surprisingly heavy, the priest stepped on her right wrist, making the bones shatter and making her shriek. His blood dripped down onto her. “Now that is music to the Maiden's ears, isn't it? Won't it feel so much better when I step off? You should thank Her, shouldn't you? Let me hear it now, for She can be generous.

He waited a long minute for the priestess to beg as he ground his heel, laughing.

Keryn bit her lip until it bled to keep from sobbing, the cold of the desecrated soil leeching warmth and life from her. She heard voices roaring her name and telling her to finish the spell, but the pain burned through her like thousands of pinpricks. The best she could manage was not to speak.

Togge charged through them and knocked Gordie off his feet and hit the devil hard enough to make his grip loosen.

Her first breath of cleaner air and she forced herself to roll left and up to one knee, despite the barbs.

Three devils attacked Togge as Gordie tried to rise on the unstable rubble.

Keryn still gripped her blessed relic and she finished raising it to call a divine shield to protect and support them. Dodging a devil, she directed spells awkwardly through the pain with her weaker hand. The air cleared after she used dispelling magic to disrupt the black fog. She attacked Gordie over and over. At least her spells didn't make him bleed.

She couldn't spare the energy to curse, but she cast her strongest healing at Gordie. No more blood and pain. Not until he's the last.

Charlene's mental voice approved. Very true, mortal.

Holding Goldie in place as often as she could, she healed their enemy before he could cast a spell.

Finally, only Gordie was left and a bloody Togge chopped their enemy's arms before making a deep and fatal wound.

Togge staggered over to Keryn. “He should die very slowly if he likes pain that much.”

Charlene appeared and kicked Gordie in his crotch. “That always works unless they've become liches.”

The priest glared at the fiend and blood burbled as he tried to speak. “Traitor!...d a contract.”

The succubus' voice was catty. “They won. I can't break contracts, but you wasted my power and deserve to lose.” She paused. “You didn't even want sex!?”

Hacking a laugh, Gordie's voice got stronger and echoed female tones too. “Don't trust this fiend, she lost her host in the Blood War decades ago and was traded from pillar to post to quench her pride. Freeing her is my vengeance and I will watch from the lower planes as she carves out a new dom...”

The voice of the dying dark priest held infernal power and Delphic assurance, but Charlene kicked his head hard after the corpse grew still.

Togge didn't really care as he fumbled for healing potions.

Keryn looked around the empty hall. She sank to her knees as her pain pulled her into another blackness.

--- x x ---

A/N: Challenge words are: discarnate, delphically, and donnybrook. Thanks to my beta reader, who's been kind enough to point out errors for me. Any others that remain are not intentional... Reviews or a PM to let me know what you think would be very appreciated.

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