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BY : Samson
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No Memories. A Companion.

Fallout: Life In The Wasteland

Part 1 - "Desert Sun"

By: Jesse Racine AKA Samson

Original Date Written: June 20, 2009

Searing heat. No moisture in a parched throat. Bleary wakefulness. These were the first things that the boy felt as sleep finally released it's grip on him. He sat up, looking around, rubbing his eyes. Mild pain throbbed in his head. He moaned quietly, placing his hands on either side of his head, pressing against his temples. His mind was a blank slate. He remembered nothing. As far as he knew, he popped into existence when he woke up. Looking around, he spotted a book beside him. A pencil was by it, as well. The book was about as thick as both of his hands pressing their palms together. He picked it up, and flipped through it's pages. It was empty of writing, it's pages devoid of anything and everything. The book's cover was blank, being made of dark brown leather. The pages inside were yellowing slightly with age, but the boy felt he could still write on them without tearing them. He closed it, and picked up the pencil. He looked around. Almost as far as he could see was nothing but sand and dirt and the occasional rock pile that jutted up from the ground hopefully. There wasn't a single tree visible anywhere. The boy stood up. He suddenly felt the dry weight his throat carried, and his mind was instantly turned toward the urgent task of finding something to drink, anything as long as it rid him of his thirst. He heard something like water flowing. It was quiet, but he knew it was water. He turned around, his eyes widening.

He grinned, running over to a large pool of flowing water nearby. It was like a small stream, running by him on it's way somewhere else. The boy looked at it, worry rising in him. The water looked almost brownish-greenish, but his throat persisted in gaining refreshment. He got down on his knees by the water, putting his hand in it. His face was a bit crestfallen as he felt it was rather warm. He desired a cold drink. The boy shrugged, and brought his face closer to the water. He brought his hand up to his face, slurping up the liquid. His face grew disgusted. The water tasted a bit like metal, and his tongue felt a bit numb after swirling it around in his mouth for a few moments. He swallowed. His throat relaxed a bit. The boy drank and drank, until his throat felt calm once more. His stomach felt a bit sick, but he ignored it. He walked away from the river, walking off over to a hill nearby. He climbed to the top, his muscles feeling weary. He sat down on the hill with a thud. The sun was high in the sky, the boy thinking it must have been noon. The boy turned the book to the first page, and began to write.

"I have no idea what day it is, or what month it is. The year also escapes me. I have no recollection of my name, my age, where I come from, or anything else. This Wasteland around me spans on forever. What has happened here?"

Suddenly, the boy heard someone walking up the hill from behind him. He gasped, closing the book and standing up. He turned around. A man climbed the hill. He was dirty. He was much taller than the boy. His hair was mostly shaved off, except for a long mohawk that went up along the back of his head to the front of it. He wore a dusty leather jacket, and a ripped, dirty white shirt beneath it. He wore a pair of dirty green pants, and he wore faded black boots. He had a rifle slung over his shoulder on his back. His right hand gripped a knife tightly. The boy could see that the man hadn't noticed him yet, perhaps because the man's eyes were in the sun, the boy's back to the light. The boy silently ran over the side of the hill, the man walking by. Suddenly the man stopped walking, standing at the top of the hill. He muttered something. The boy held his breath. He was by the hill, crouching down low. He hoped the man wouldn't notice him. The man suddenly turned to the boy, his face containing an evil smile. "There you are!" The man said. The boy took off running in the direction that the man had come from. The man chased after him. "You better stop running, you fuck! I'll carve your eyes out unless you stop!" The boy sped up, desperate fear rising in him. After a few minutes, the man caught the boy, grabbing him by the shoulders and throwing him viciously to the ground.

On his back, the boy stared up at the man with wide eyes. The man grinned evilly. He pressed his knife to the boy's throat, and said "Now...You're coming with me. The only reason you're alive right now is because child slaves sure fetch a high price. But I think you having one less eye won't bother the customer...And it will help keep your ass in line." The man chuckled savagely. His left hand was on the boy's face, keeping his head pressed down to the ground. The man raised his knife, and began to bring it down on the boy's left eye. The boy was terrified. His heart was pounding. He didn't know what to do. Surely this man didn't intend to actually cut out his eye? Just before the edge of his blade touched the boy's eye, the man's face grew a bit confused. He looked up. A shot rang out from away. The man's face was shocked for only a split second before a bullet zoomed through his head, right between his eyes. The back of his head exploded in a gory fountain of bloody chunks. Blood sprayed down on the boy's face, blood reaching from his forehead down to his chin, almost completely covering the left side of his face. The boy flinched as the blood hit him. The man's body fell, slumping over on the boy. Panicked, the boy pushed the man's body off of him, scrambling away on his hands and knees, the hot ground beneath him. After a few feet, he stopped, turning around. He stared at the man's body as a pool of blood began to form in the sandy dirt beneath him. Footsteps approached from the boy's right. He looked over, expecting another evil man determined to harm him. What he saw was something he did not expect.

She was tall. She seemed rather clean, like she had bathed not too long ago. Her hair was long and black, her hair almost reaching her elbows behind her. She wore a black leather jacket, and a tight red shirt beneath. The shirt didn't come down far enough to cover her stomach or the small of her back, but that appeared to be intentional in the shirt's design. Her stomach was thin, her body being lean. Her breasts were rather large, her chest drawing the boy's eyes as she moved. She wore tight black jeans, along with dark combat boots. She had a sniper rifle slung over her back, a regular-looking bag in her hands. She gripped the bag by the straps as she walked. She glanced at the boy before focusing back on the dead man. She walked over to his body, knelt by him, and began to check his body. She felt in all of his pockets for items. The boy watched her carefully. The woman stopped checking his body, muttering to herself "A few caps...Some ammo for his rifle...Nothing more...Ah well...Better than nothing..." She put the ammo she took from him in the bag. She reached into the bag, and pulled out a smaller satchel. She opened it, and put the small objects she had called "caps" inside. She closed the satchel, putting it back in her bag. She stood up, and closed the bag. She grabbed the man's rifle, and approached the boy. The boy moved back a bit with fear, but the woman was right in front of him in a matter of moments. She got down on one knee in front of him, her right hand gripping the rifle at around the middle of it's length, along it's long barrel. The rifle appeared to be bolt-action. The woman stared into his eyes for a few seconds before asking "What's your name, kid?"

The boy said nothing. The girl raised an eyebrow. "Come on, tell me." The boy still said nothing. The woman sighed slightly, an impatient look crossing her face. "Speak up. Don't be a jackass." The kid stared into the woman's bright blue eyes fearfully, forcing out the words "I...I don't know...I don't remember..." The woman's face softened. "What do you mean?" The boy simply shook his head. The woman stood up. She sighed. She looked around. "Well....I don't know..." She suddenly smiled at him. The boy relaxed slightly. "I'm Dawn. If you'd like, I can bring you to where there's food and water." The boy didn't react to her words. The woman sighed slightly after a few moments. "Fine. I hope you do well out here. See you, kid." Dawn started walking away, her sniper rifle over her shoulder, her bag in her left hand, her newly-acquired rifle in her right. The boy watched her leave for a few minutes before he stood up, and ran after her. He quickly caught up with her. He grabbed hold of her right hand, his left hand tightening around her hand gently. Dawn gasped, looking at him. Her expression of shock calmed after a few seconds, being replaced with a small smile. "Okay, kid. Come with me." The boy didn't nod or make any expression. He began to walk with her, the sun beating down on them with a vengeance, no clouds in the sky to protect them.

"Dawn and I travelled for a good part of the day. It's dark now, and we're setting up a small camp for the night. Dawn had a blanket in her bag, which she says we'll be sharing. For supper, she had pulled out some wrapped-up meat. She told me the meat was from some kind of creature called a Mirelurk. I have no idea what a Mirelurk is. She say they're very dangerous. The meat tasted rather good. I was happy to eat it. Dawn cleaned the blood off my face not too long ago using a few spare cloths she had in her bag. Dawn says it's time to sleep now. I will write more later on."

The boy put his book down by the blanket, placing his pencil inside the book on the first page, so it wouldn't roll away. The boy was a bit short. He had short dirty blonde hair. He was wearing a gray short-sleeved shirt. He wore gray jeans. He was wearing a pair of gray sneakers, with white socks beneath. Dawn had placed her bag of supplies, her guns, and her leather jacket by the blanket. The boy saw her tight red shirt had short sleeves. She lay on her back on the blanket as the sun began to set. "Come on, kid. I won't bite, come lie by me. It's okay." The boy stood by the blanket awkwardly. He didn't know why he was hesitant about lying next to her. Dawn sat up, looking at him with a smirk. "What, embarrassed?" The boy shook his head slightly after a few seconds. Dawn's smirk strengthened. "Then get on the blanket! Trust me, it's alright." The boy stood there for a few moments before blushing slightly. He got down on the dark blue blanket, and lay on his back by her. Dawn raised an eyebrow, saying "Well...You don't have to be so close...But whatever." Dawn lay on her back again. The boy didn't know why he was acting the way he was when he did what he did. He got on his side, and put his left arm over Dawn's stomach, just below her breasts. His right arm went up near her head, his hand feeling along her soft hair for a few moments before stopping. Dawn looked at him through the corner of her eyes. A touch of anger was in her eyes. "What the hell are you doing?" She said quietly. The boy blushed bright red, but didn't move from his position. Dawn sighed slightly, closing her eyes. "Alright...Stay there, if you really have to." The boy smiled, closing his eyes. Sleep slowly gripped the boy, nightmares gripping him.

He was in a place he didn't recognize. The walls were white and clean. Everyone wore blue and yellow uniforms. A man with a black coat and a gasmask pulled out a needle. He saw nothing but white.

The boy's eyes shot open. His body was covered in a cold sweat. He was breathing rather fast. He was in the same position he was in when he was last awake. Dawn was, as well. She was asleep. The heat of the sun was replaced with a cool wind that gently went across the Wasteland, the moon high in the sky. Millions of stars twinkled down over him. The boy sat up, raising his left hand to his face. He closed his eyes, trying to shake off the image of the man with the gasmask. The boy put his hands back, as he was going to lean back on them and look at the stars. His left hand touched the blanket, but his right hand touched something warm and squishy. He looked over, confused. He saw that his hand was on Dawn's chest, squeezing into her left breast. The boy blushed deeply, immediately pulling his hand away from her. After a few moments, he realized Dawn didn't even notice. Then he thought "Well, of course she didn't notice, she's asleep." The boy felt intrigued by the feeling of her chest. It was something he had never felt before. He hesitated, but finally reached over to her chest after a few moments. With both hands, he began to gently feel along her breasts through her shirt. Dawn sighed quietly in her sleep. The boy smiled to himself slightly. They were squishy and rather easy to move around. He squeezed them gently, pushed them together, and jiggled them occasionally. Dawn began to light blush, her breathing quickening ever so slightly. The boy became aware of a stiffness appearing in his lower area. The boy looked down, confused. His breathing was speeding up a bit, as well. He undid his pants, pulling them down a bit. He saw he was wearing another layer of clothing beneath. He pulled his gray boxers down, revealing his hard tool. He stared at it with a look of surprise. He looked at Dawn, wondering if she had the same thing. He reached over, and, as softly as he could, unbuckled the leather belt that went around her tight black jeans through the loops of fabric attached to it, around her waist.

Dawn was still asleep, blushing gently. The boy undid her pants quietly, and attempted to slowly bring her pants down. He managed to get them down to her thighs. He saw she was wearing underwear like he was, but her's was softer and made of black lace material, unlike the plain gray material of his boxers. He also noticed there was no bulge in her underwear, like the bulge he had made. He felt along her panties. Dawn immediately began to blush more, her breathing getting a bit harder. The boy kept feeling along her panties, taking note of what he felt. "It's like...It's like there's an opening down there...Almost like a cut or something..." He thought. He gently began to pull her panties down. Dawn took in a deep breath of air, exhaling quickly. The boy looked up at her for a few moments before looking back down. He was a bit shocked. Her lower area was much different from his. She had two vertical lips, and in between them she glistened with moisture. The boy smiled for some reason. He touched her softly, running his fingers along her pussy lips. Dawn blushed even more. Her right arm went up on her stomach. The boy slipped his index finger inside her. Dawn moaned quietly in her sleep. The boy felt deeply aroused. He couldn't explain his feelings. He slowly pulled his finger inside and outside of her a few times. Her insides were warm and wet, and she was squeezing down on his finger. He pulled his hand away from her. He saw his finger was coated with some kind of fluid. He suddenly got an idea. He looked down to his hard tool, then his gaze turned over to Dawn's slit. A smile came across his lips.

Just then, Dawn murmured "Hmmm?...." She opened her eyes, sitting up. The boy was paralyzed with fear. Dawn sat up. She stared at the boy, sitting on his knees in front of her with his pants down. She saw her pants were down, as well. Blushing bright red, anger crossed her eyes. She reached over with lightning speed, and smacked the boy upside his head. "What the hell are you thinking?!" The boy, in fear, scrambled away from her, trying to pull his pants up quickly. Dawn angrily stared at him. "I am not the kind of girl you wanna mess with, bud!" The boy nodded in understanding. Dawn muttered something angrily before saying "Christ, you're like, what, fourteen? Fifteen? Damn, kid!" The boy made no movement. Dawn gazed into his eyes as she sat on the blanket, her eyes softening after a few moments. She suddenly gained a mischievous smile, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Come here..." She seductively said.

There was something about the way she said "come here" that enticed the boy. He slowly began to crawl over to her. Dawn nodded, smiling. "That's right...Come to me..." The boy sat on his knees directly in front of her once more. She reached over to his pants, pulling them down slightly. Her smile grew happier when she saw his still-hard cock. The boy closed his eyes embarrassingly, blushing bright red. Dawn smiled, stroking him slowly, her hand softly tugging along his member, sending warm pleasure through the boy. She gazed lustfully at his tool, throbbing slightly in her hand. "I'm not much older than you, you know...I'm nineteen. I guess I'm kind of flattered that you'd get aroused from me...I may think it's a bit weird to be doing this with you, but..." Dawn closed her eyes. "It's been so long since I've gotten any cock..." She opened her eyes, staring into the boy's. "You wanna put it inside me, don't you?" The boy wasn't sure how it would feel if he put it inside her. He made no movement. Dawn raised an eyebrow. "Come on, you do, don't you?" The boy nodded after a few moments. Dawn smiled, closing her eyes. "That's what I thought!" She kept stroking his cock, faster than before. The boy sighed, feeling his climax already approach him. Dawn opened her eyes, smiling. "Let's keep this a secret, okay?" The boy nodded, letting out a quiet moan. Dawn grinned. She stroked him even faster, sending the boy into a mind-numbing orgasm. He gasped, moaning loudly. His body tensed as his loins flared heat. He shot out a thick load of cum, Dawn smiling happily as he did so. The boy, to steady himself, put his left hand on Dawn's right thigh. Dawn eyed his hand. "Hmm? What's this? You wanna put it inside now?"

The boy nodded after a few moments. Dawn grinned. She looked at her hand, now having cum on it. Some cum had also gotten on her blanket. Dawn brought her hand close to her face, and licked up his cum. She swallowed, smiling slightly. Dawn gazed into the boy's eyes. "Okay...Follow my instructions, and this will be fun...." The boy nodded. Dawn guided him over, his knees now on either side of her thighs. His cock, which was still very hard, pointed down towards Dawn's pussy. He put his hands on her chest, his left on her right breast, and his right below her left breast, on her actual chest. Dawn smiled. "Alright...Now that we're in the right position, let me help you out..." Dawn reached down to the boy's dick, and took gentle hold of it. She rubbed it along her pussy lips a few times, closing her eyes and gently biting down on her bottom lip with a smile. "Now...Put it in me, and just thrust until you cum, okay?" The boy wasn't exactly sure what some of her words meant, but he nodded anyway. Dawn kept her hand on his dick, softly sliding along it as he slowly began to push it inside her body. Dawn sighed with a smile. The boy moaned quietly as Dawn squeezed down on him, her warmth and wetness sending tremors of pleasure through him. He pulled out, and slowly pushed it back in. He sighed. The feeling was just too exquisite for him to handle. He felt his climax approach him already. Dawn looked up at him. "Are you cumming already? No way! You just put it inside!" She grinned, closing her eyes. "It must feel pretty good, huh?" The boy nodded, murmuring "Yes!..." He gasped as he felt his orgasm. He shot another thick load of cum inside her. Dawn trembled. "Oohhh....I can feel it..." She murmured. Still inside her, the boy's breathing was hard. He panted for around two to three minutes before he finally relaxed. Dawn's face was happy. "Come on, go again! It's alright...Keep thrusting!" The boy nodded, a smile coming across him. He began to thrust with more speed and confidence. Dawn's smile died, being replaced with pleasure. She reached down with her right hand, and began to rub along her clitoris. Dawn moaned loudly. "Oh, God..." She gasped out, the boy speeding up even further. He noted that it was taking him longer to achieve climax. He thrusted into Dawn for nearly ten minutes. By that time they were both hot and sweaty. Dawn was panting with ecstasy. The boy was moaning every once in a while. He could feel his climax reach him, hot pleasure burning in his mind. The physical connection he had with Dawn was making his pleasure so much more deep, and it rocked him to his core.

Dawn panted out "Fuuuuck!! I'm gonna cum!!" The boy smiled, orgasm approaching quickly. Dawn moaned several times, finally uttering a final scream of delight. Her orgasm tore through her body, her cum shooting out. She shot her gooey female cum out, Dawn letting out another loud moan as the boy kept thrusting into her during her entire orgasm. Dawn was clenching around him so tightly, the boy couldn't take it anymore. He moaned loudly, his body tensing and warming up in orgasm. He quickly shot two thick, creamy loads into Dawn's wanting pussy. The boy sighed. He fell over on her, the two of them breathing hard. Still inserted inside her, the boy closed his eyes, breathing peacefully. Dawn smiled, closing her eyes slightly, keeping them half-open. Now, with the boy resting on her, there was more room on the blanket. Dawn reached over, and pulled the remainder of the blanket on her and the boy. The side of his face resting on her shirt against her breasts, the boy smiled. Dawn reached up with her right hand, and began to gently feel through the boy's hair, scratching him softly every once in a while. "That was fun, kid...It really was..." The boy felt happy to have pleased Dawn. He was beginning to feel rather attached to her. Dawn looked up to the sky, staring at the millions of stars that silently guarded the night sky. "...You don't remember your name, do you, kid? Didn't you say that earlier?" She asked. The boy gently shook his head, nuzzling the side of his face into Dawn's chest. Dawn smiled. "Well...I think I'm just gonna call you "Kid". Does that seem like a nice name?" The boy smiled, accepting his name to be Kid. He nodded, sleep gently caressing him into the darkness. Dawn smiled, putting her arms around Kid. "Sweet dreams, Kid...Don't let the Wasteland into them...Or you'll get nothing but nightmares. I'll try to keep you safe..." Dawn closed her eyes, sleep reaching out to her, as well. Kid felt tranquillity in Dawn's arms. No nightmares came to him. He had nothing but a shade of black to rest his mind in.



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