Clara Lille, Webcam Whore

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Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money off of this work. I do not claim ownership or make any money off of Watchdogs or any element of it.

Clara Lille, Webcam Whore

A Watchdogs Erotic Fan-Fiction

Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content. If you are offended by such things please do not continue any further. It is a work of fiction.

Author’s Notes :  So I played Watchdogs recently and thought it was a pretty good game. I especially liked Clara. What can I say, I appreciate a hot punk/alternative type with piercings and tats every now and again.

The lock to the door of the cramped little apartment in the rundown neighborhood turned. The door swung open to reveal the sole resident returning home. Clara Lille was something of a digital detective. At least that was her day job. She tracked down people, especially if they didn’t want to be found, for a price. That wasn’t her only income stream but we’ll be returning to that in a moment. She entered the room, it was a small studio apartment, and shut the door by pushing on it with her foot. Reaching back behind her with one hand she turned the lock then the deadbolt while she carried her bag of groceries with her other hand.

After putting away her foodstuffs she activated her large monitor using an app she had downloaded to her smartphone. The light of the screen kicking on illuminated her apartment showing it to be rather messy save for the area around her bed which the monitor looked down upon from a sturdy wooden desk. Mounted on top of the monitor was a webcam, a professional level high definition model. When the monitor had snapped on the camera had done likewise and now it showed her bed and the area directly in front of it on her screen. Clara walked over and looked at herself as she came on the screen. She smiled coyly and gave a flirty wave which the screen parroted back at her.

Clara was a stunner, at least if you liked the punk/alternative types. Her dark brown hair was buzz cut on both sides leaving a long patch atop her head as kind of a ponytail/mohawk. A dyed white streak ran along the left side of this longer patch. She had cool grey eyes darkened with copious eye liner and eye shadow. Below her right eye was a small mole and below that was a small silver ball, a cheek piercing that had a twin on her other cheek. Beneath her pouty lips she had another small ball as well. Her ear lobes were also pierced those these piercings were gauge rings instead. In addition to the piercings she bore several tattoos as well. On the front of her slender neck she had a winged hourglass. Not far below emblazoned upon her upper chest she had a multi-colored pyramid topped with the same all-seeing eye on the back of a dollar bill. The pyramid was also winged with some symbols beneath it. It stretched across almost all the way to either side of her shoulders and above her breasts.

She wore a black leather jacket with shorter sleeves that only came down to just past her elbows. It was unzipped and open over a black tanktop which bore the distorted skull image associated with the Deadsec hacker collective. The jacket and the tanktop couldn’t conceal fully her perky sizable breasts. She squeezed her arms pressing them closer together and enjoyed the sight of their generous curves reflected back at her via the camera. She wore a pair of tight faded and worn blue jeans held up by a brown leather belt with a belt buckle decorated with a spider web pattern. Over the legs of her jeans she wore a pair of knee high brown leather boots. She removed the boots one at a time and stood them up next to the desk that her monitor sat upon.

Clara stepped back in front of the camera after also removing her jacket and throwing it across a beat up old chair. Her breasts were even more prominent now that they were only covered by her black tank top and she showed a fair bit of cleavage off. Looking at the monitor and seeing herself looking sexy she smirked.

“Time to make the real money.” She pulled her phone out of her front pocket and fired up another app. Along the side of the image on the monitor an interface popped up. It showed a list of people waiting in a queue. Clara’s work as a detective paid some of the bills and interested her but she had found she made a lot more money with her other pursuit. As a webcam girl she could pull in several hundred a night, sometimes more than that on a good night. Now that she had activated the program the feed was going out live to everyone logged onto the site she had set up. They could see her standing in front of her bed live from her apartment. Tossing her phone onto the nightstand next to her bed she waved to the camera. Only this time she was waving to dozens of strangers over the internet instead of to herself.

“Hello my pervs.” She gave the watchers a flirty wink and blew them a kiss.

“I think I know what you want to see first.” As she spoke she unfastened her belt buckle. Slipping her belt out of the loops on her jeans she let it fall to the floor with a thunk. Already greetings, flirty comments, and lecherous come-ons streamed in as text messages on the side of the screen. The most common sentiment was yeah baby, take it off! She coyly bit her lip as she unbuttoned her tight jeans and then slowly unzipped them. The crotch of her black cotton panties was visible as the fly fell open. Tugging her jeans down with both hands she slipped them down her long slim legs. Catcalls and some goofy photoshopped reaction images appeared in the stream as she slipped her jeans down to the floor and stood there in only her panties and tank top.

Clara spun on a heel turning her ass to the camera. More messages of desire and excitement appeared as she wiggled her sexy ass while walking towards her bed. Reaching the foot of her bed she flicked her head so she was looking over her shoulder. Her long ponytail swished to the other side as she winked at the camera again. Slowly she inched her tank top up her body revealing inch by sexy inch of her back. Finally she pulled it over her head and tossed it off camera. People begged her to turn around so they could get a glimpse of her rack but she wiggled her ass teasingly instead. Then she fell forward into bed landing on her stomach. Only then did she flip over and let them see what they desired. Laying there, pushing herself up on her elbows, her large yet perky tits were revealed with a pair of spiked barbell piercings through her nipples. She ran her hands up her sides then caressed her tits playfully for the viewers, bouncing them up and down one then the other.

They ate it up. The comments flooded in as did the money counter which told her how much she was making as they paid for the pleasure of watching her internet peep show. Clara plucked at her nipple piercings sending a pleasurable shock through her system each time she did. Then she slid a hand down her body across her smooth flat tummy. It slipped into the front of her panties and they could all see her panties stretch out as her fingers began to work at her pussy. Her eyes fluttered in her head as she teased her sex for a crowd of men (and possibly some women) that she’d never meet. The exhibitionism of it added to the pleasure of touching herself intimately. After stroking her cunt for a bit she slid her hand back out and brought it to her lips. As she licked her own juices off her fingers she watched the dollar counter racking up higher.

Her hands travelled down her body now to her hips. Sticking a finger into her panties on either side she slid them down around her knees then off all the way. Tossing the panties at the camera they flew past and landed somewhere beyond the desk. Clara giggled before spreading her legs so that they could all see her dripping wet snatch. Her clit had a barbell piercing which she resumed playing with now in full view of her audience.

“I wish I had a big hard cock here.” She clicked her tongue at the first c in cock emphasizing it.

“I guess I’ll make do with these guys.” She pulled a box onto her bed from the floor beside it and dumped its contents out next to her. There were several different colored dildos, a vibrator, a string of anal beads, and a big black butt plug. Letting the crowd choose she ended up doubling up a thick pink dildo and blackie, which was her butt plugs pet name. An hour of self-pleasure on camera later and she had earned another several hundred dollars, encouraged an unknown number of men to empty loads into their choice of cum rag, and experienced a couple of intense orgasms which left her head swimming in pleasure. When the show was shut down for the night she saw the flickering notification light on her phone indicating she had a private chat message from a viewer. Grabbing up her phone she checked it out.

BigBalla88 : Hey girl. Loved the show. How would you like to make some real money though?

Clara’s curiosity was peaked. She joined the chat.

CamwhoreClara : I looove making money. What did you have in mind? ;-D

BigBalla88 : Have you ever thought about giving your viewers a real show? You said you wanted a cock, how about a few? Me and a few friends. We’ll pay and you know your viewers will pay extra for the pleasure. What do you say girl?

She had scraped up a decent amount of money with strip teases and putting her sex toy collection to good use for the anonymous crowd of men watching online. She hadn’t thought about taking the next step into fucking on camera until now however.

Camwhore Clara : Hmmm. I don’t know. How much are we talking? And how many guys?

BigBalla88 : Let’s say $5,000 per cock you take. And me and two of my friends. What do you say to that?

Clara stared at the screen. $15,000 for an hours work! Plus whatever she racked up from the viewers. That was enough money that she’d be able to afford moving out of the shithole she lived in and getting something a bit nicer. Plus the thought of some strangers showing up and fucking her on camera made her wet again already.

CamwhoreClara : I’m in. When do you want to do this?

They ended up settling on the same night the next week. That gave Clara enough time to advertise her extra special show online. New subscriptions to the site quadrupled in advance of the promised hardcore presentation.

One Week Later

Clara had butterflies in her stomach as the time her clients were supposed to arrive. She had kept thinking about it and it excited and even scared her just a little. She’d never fucked two guys at once before and here she was about to bang three at once. Plus she was getting paid, and well, for it. That was also a brand new experience and the thought left her tingling. They were supposed to be arriving any time now. She had dressed appropriately. A tight black tanktop clung to her perky full breasts and revealed her bare midriff with her smooth stomach and cute little belly button on display. The only other thing she had on was a pair of tight fitting boyshorts which hugged her hips and tight ass perfectly. She had also dismounted her webcam from its usual perch atop her monitor. It could be moved to face wherever the action was be it on her bed, atop her leather couch or in the big easy chair against one of the walls. Not being used to this kind of group sex she hadn’t been sure what would be most conducive for all of them to be able to get around her.

As she sat on the couch thinking about it there came a sudden sharp rap at the door. Clara was jolted from her thoughts. She rose and realizing this was it she padded over barefoot to greet her caller. Standing behind the closed door she rolled her neck once which sent her ponytail swishing. Putting on her best sexy standing pose she stood with one foot flat on the hardwood floor and the other perched up on her toes with her leg slightly bent. She unlocked the chain, then the deadbolt, then lastly the regular lock before putting one hand on the back of her neck and the other hanging down beside her with her arm resting against her hip.

“You can open it. It’s unlocked.” The doorknob turned. Standing there were not the three men she had expected but instead five guys. They were dressed casually in jeans, t-shirts or long sleeved shirts, and boots or tennis shoes depending on the guy. They all made no effort to hide how they checked her out in her sexy outfit and pose.

“Oh. I was expecting three of you.” There was a mix of curiosity and concern in her voice as she looked them over.

“A couple more of my friends wanted to get in on this. Same deal as the others. Five k per cock. You good with that?”

Clara hadn’t actually been all that sure about three on one actually. However the promise of another $10,000 that evening was a strong incentive. What was two more guys if she was already going to do three at once she figured.

“I’m good. Come on in then. Last one in make sure and lock up. Wouldn’t want anyone to intrude on our private time.” Clara turned on her heel showing her back to the five strangers gathered to fuck her. As she did they caught sight of her ass which was delightfully packed into the tight boyshorts. That was when they saw the writing across her ass. In shiny gold lettering it read ‘Naughty Bitch’.

“I know that’s right.” One of them remarked as they scrambled into the room after her. Clara heard the last one in click the locks into place like she had asked. She moved to the center of her open floored apartment and turned back to face them. The men lined up shoulder to shoulder so all of them could see and be seen by the sexy camwhore.

“I guess we should go ahead and take care of business.” She shot them a coy flirty smile.

“Alright boys, you heard the lady. Let’s break out those Benjamin’s.” Each of them produced a stack of crisp hundred dollar bills from their pocket and held them out for her. Clara stepped up to the first one in the line. Taking the stack of cash she flicked through it quickly counting the fifty one-hundred dollar bills. Then she placed her hand on his crotch and softly stroked it through his pants.

“That’s one cock.” She repeated the process of collecting the money then teasing them until she had a stack of 250 hundreds in her hand. Fanning it out she held it in front of her face then looked over the bills with her smoky heavily makeup laden eyes at the group.

“It’s a lot of money. I guess I’d better get to work earning it. How would you like to begin?” As she spoke she set the money down on her desk and waited to see what their pleasure was.

“Let’s do this.” With that simple phrase each of the men began to strip down. They kicked off their shoes or boots, peeled their shirts off up over their heads and loosened belts and pants letting them drop to the floor along with their boxers. Their body types varied from slightly chubby to average built to athletic and muscular. They remained in a line as they stood there with their cocks and hairy balls hanging out in the open.

“Go ahead and get down there and introduce yourself.” Clara smiled and nodded. Sinking to her knees in front of the first man in line she came face to face with his cock.

“Hey there. Nice to meet you.” She reached out and took the flaccid cock in her hand. At first she gently stroked it encouraging it to quickly grow erect with her skilled touch. As it grew under the touch of her fingers she stroked more firmly moving from the base of his cock all the way to his tip. When she had him stoked to full erection she leaned in pressed her soft wet lips to the tip of his cock. While she kissed it her tongue darted out to tease all around the crown. Confident he was at full attention and ready for further action she moved over to the next. Again she repeated herself till each of them stood with a hard erect cock ready to fuck her. Now Clara rose and activated the camera from her phone. Putting her phone back down on the desk she turned to show herself standing in front of the line of men.

“Hi pervs!” She winked at the camera. “It’s Camwhore Clara. Some of you have been watching me be a bad girl for some time now. Others are just joining in for the first time. I hope all of you are ready to see me take all of these hard cocks tonight.” She licked her lips and reached down to slip her tanktop off over her head revealing her perfect breasts beneath her chest tattoo. She played with her nipple piercings while swaying from side to side.

“Let’s get this party started! Come to daddy little girl!” One of the men hollered. He had thrown himself down into the seat of the plush easy chair.  His erect cock pointed straight up towards the ceiling in his seated position. Clara turned towards him and slowly began to step over. Her every movement was seductive as she took each slow step her hands found the waistline of her panties and she tugged the boyshorts down until they slipped the rest of the way to the floor. Stepping out of them her hips swayed with each further step as her cleanshaven cunt and sexy breasts were on display. Reaching him she climbed up and placed a knee on either arm of the chair. Gyrating with her hips back and forth towards him he could see that she was already wet as a trickle of nectar leaked out of her tightly clenched lips.

“You like getting paid to have sex you naughty bitch. Time to earn it.” He reached behind her and groped her ass cheeks with both hands. Clara slid her knees from the arms down into the chair so now she straddled only his legs. She could feel his hard cock tease the entrance to her sex as he brought her down upon him. As she grinded her slit against his erect manhood her juices coated the head. Knowing she was being watched by all the other men in the room as well as hundreds of strangers online she pushed herself down onto his hardness at the same time he grinded up into her. She bit her lip which did nothing to stifle the moan she let out as the cock penetrated up inside her. His thick dick teased her walls as they moved together thrusting his length in and out of her. Now that she was grinding up and down on his cock he reached up with his hands to fondle and squeeze her magnificent tits dangling in his face. In addition to groping the titflesh his fingers found their way to her nipple piercings and he began to tease them in such a way that made her moan aloud again as she rode in his lap.

Turning her head to look back over at the other four who stood there stroking their cocks in hand and watching reached back with her hands and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart.

“I thought this was going to be a gangbang. Who’s going to be first to wreck my tight little asshole?” Her browneye stared up at them beckoning for a cock to open it up. Her tight ass kept riding up and down as their friend’s cock stretched out her pussy real good. One of them stepped up in response to her call. She could feel his chest press against her back as he reached her.

“I’ve been busting my nut in a tissue for a year watching you shove those toys up in here. Now I’m going to find out what the real thing feels like.” He pressed his cock-head against her puckered rosebud and pushed firmly. Clara gasped as she felt hard cock spread her butthole and make its way inside her. She was amazingly tight and the ring of flesh at the entrance to her anal cavity gripped his cock like a glove as he made his way inside her. He grunted in delight as he picked up speed driving his hard cock deeper in. Clara moaned again as she felt the two cocks almost rubbing against each other inside her. This real life DP felt far more amazing than two of her toys ever had. Behind her she felt his hand slap her ass playfully. Her booty jiggled as he swatted her several times.

“Oh fuck yeah! Spank my ass! I like it rough boys! You can manhandle me, just get those dicks deep inside!”

Clara could feel him pound her harder as she egged him on. Both of them pistoned in and out of her asshole and cunt with their balls slapping up against her skin. The sensation of them drilling her two tight holes and grinding up against her inner walls of flesh so roughly sent waves of pleasure through her entire body. Each new slap across her ass just made it feel even better and now the guy splitting her cunt open with his cock had gotten in on the slapping action. He began swatting her tits from the sides making them bounce and jiggle and hurting just a little in but that got her off in a big way. Clara closed her eyes a moment to just let the pleasure soak through her when she felt the chair wiggle. She opened her eyes and saw another of the men standing with one foot on an arm of the chair and the other on the back. His long hard cock dangled inches from her face and she looked at him with an expression full of hungry desire.

“Are you going to fuck my face with that big fucking cock?” She let her tongue hang out and opened her mouth wide offering him total access. He grinned down at her and began to slap his schlong across her tongue multiple times.

“You’re goddamn right! Better open wide. I’m going to tease those tonsils slut.” He reached down with both of his hands. One gripped the side of her head where her hair was clean shaven. His other hand grasped her throat. His fingers gripped around her lightly choking Clara as he pulled her face onto his cock. He wasted no time getting in deep and face-fucking her. Wet clicking and sounds of gagging emanated from her as she was forced down on the long thick member.

“Fuck that feels good. You like knowing all the people are at home watching you suck dick, camwhore?” Clara glanced up to see he had brought the camera over and was using it to show a POV shot of her choking on his dick while the other two continued to tag team her pussy and ass together. She thought about all the anonymous viewers sitting at their computers spanking it to her getting triple penetrated. Her eyes said everything her mouth couldn’t. She fucking loved it and it was clear to anyone who watched. Being occupied fucking the three she hadn’t had time to think about the other two patiently waiting their turns. Then she noticed them standing on either side of the chair. Reaching out her hands she took hold of their cocks and began to stroke them vigorously not wanting them to have to wait too long to get to use her body like they had paid for.

With all of her holes taken and both hands occupied she now knew what she had been missing having never been with multiple guys before now. The overwhelming sensation of being used from every direction, heightened by her exhibitionist thrill of being watched online sent her into an intense orgasm with her pussy leaking copiously all over the cock still buried inside it. In between her throat being filled with cock she let out needy pleading moans for more. Then she felt the cock inside her cunt and asshole nearly simultaneously throb announcing their release. Hot cum exploded up into her pussy and anal cavity together. They kept fucking her rough and fast as they shot their virile gooey loads up inside her. Their seed sloshed about as it was stirred up by their pumping pistoning dicks. Taking a momentary break from stretching out her esophagus the one on the back of the chair slapped his saliva drenched member across her face. Her thick black eyeliner and smoky grey eyeshadow had begun to run with the tears brought on by all the choking. Her face was a mess of running mascara and saliva she had coughed up from all the gagging. Wet spit trails hung off his cock where they connected to her face when he slapped his length across her cheek only to break as he pulled his dick away again.

“Oh shit! Fucking shoot all that cum inside me! I’m your filthy little cumbucket!” She could feel the warm ooze trickle out of her cunt and ass as they pumped her hard even after their release. The one slapping her across the face with his dick shoved his balls up to her lips and nose so all she could smell and taste was his nuts. He continued to rap his sloppy wet cock against her face as she began to kiss and suck upon his sack feeling the long hairs tickling the inside of her mouth. He held the camera in place letting everyone watching remotely see how she rubbed her face all over his cock as he struck her with it.

When he pulled his nuts from inside her mouth she gasped for breath. Saliva was dripping from his testicles as he pointed his cock right at her face and stroked his own length.

“Ready to get your face painted whore?” She smiled, her body still shaking from her release.

“Do it! I want that cum all over my face! I wish everyone watching was here to shoot their thick loads all over me!” As she begged for cum her wish was granted. He jerked himself off all over her sexy makeup smeared face. Her eyes and mouth were wide open and ready for the gift of his cum. The first gout of jizz sprayed to the side hitting her along where her hair was shaved off. She could feel his warm seed on her skin and it ran down onto the back of her ear and across the side of her face. More spurts of semen followed, this time striking home across her forehead where some splashed up into her hair and even more of it ran down into her eyebrows or along her nose. Another couple of shots flew into her gaping mouth and she could feel hot cum as it struck across her teeth and tongue. The salty flavor of his seed filled her mouth as she played with the gooey spunk with her tongue. When he had finished spraying his load across her face he gripped her ponytail and used her hair to wipe away the remaining drops from his tip.

“You want me to jerk you off or are you two just waiting for a hole to open up?” Clara looked one way then the other at the two she was stroking in her hands. The one mounted on the back of the chair climbed down as did the man who had been first to fill her asshole. Dismounting the man sitting in the chair she stood naked, cum dripping off her face onto her sexy breasts and out of her two holes. Keeping a hand gently on the other two mens cocks she led them from the chair over to the bed. Laying down on her back across it short-ways she let her head hang off upside down on one side while her legs hung down across the other side. The guy with the camera also climbed up onto the bed and filmed her laying there from a bird’s eye view.

Her cum laden face hung upside down as she saw one of them approach her from that side. She opened her mouth letting him slip his cock between her lips and start to fuck her face. Again she experienced the pleasure of her throat being stretched around a nice hard dick. Then she felt the other one between her legs as he gripped her hips and drove his cock into her still sopping wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around him as she was fingercuffed between the pair of clients. They rode her rough and raw banging her just as hard on the bed as their pals had done in the chair. Clara was left screaming out in orgasm a second time as she swallowed another load of cum in both her mouth and her pussy.

From there they each wanted a turn banging her doggystyle while the camera was pointed at her from the front. For the first time since they had begun Clara could see the screen while she was fucked. Besides seeing how her face was a filthy mess of cum and makeup she could see the over 200 viewers and their comments scrolling up as they watched her get drilled by guy after guy after guy.

Screwlooze76 : You’re a fucking hot little whore. Wish I had the money to fuck ya!

Daddylongdick : God that’s hot. I want to cum all over your slutty face.

AnonymousUser238 : Hey guys, fuck her in the ass again. Plz!

Her arms were straight back behind her being used as reins by the guy currently balls deep in her asshole. She read the comments and grinned. The money would be nice later but right then it was all about the rough sex and being the center of attention. Her entire body was a live wire and she had so many orgasms that her thighs were slick with her juices which drenched the sheets below her. She even came when they sodomized her now. It was just too intense. She looked straight into the camera.

“I wish you were all here to run a train on my whore ass! So I could fuck every one of you!” This was accompanied by the sound of her ass slapping hard and fast against the man reaming her tight little asshole. After they had all tagged in numerous times to ride her hard and fast they gathered around as a group once more. She lay on her back panting for breath and looking up at the circle of cocks hovering over her. One of them held the camera so that all the viewers online could see the ring of cocks being stroked over her prostrate body. She groped her chest pushing her tits up and together as she waited for what she sensed was coming.

“Let’s wrap this up right boys. Time to give this bitch her fist bukkake.” Clara licked her lips in anticipation as she waited for them to rain down cum all over her. One by one they began to groan as they stroked their cocks until they splooged. Hot seed began to spray down on her from every angle. She caught multiple blasts across her already cum stained face and her hair was soaked with jizm. Cum spilled out across her neck and chest covering her tattoos with the thick off-white goop. Warm semen coated her fantastic tits and she worked it into her skin with her fingers as it seeped out over her. The thick masculine smell of all that cum had her swimming and feeling light headed as she licked up the thick cream from her lips. Her hands slipped down her body to tease her cunt and she brought herself to a final orgasm as she lay there on her back being rained on by cum. Writhing atop the sheets now filthy with cum and pussy juices had a whorish look of ultimate release all over her face.

She almost passed out for a moment when she felt something light fall across her chest. Opening her eyes she saw they had scattered the hundreds they had paid her with over her. They had also retrieved their cameras and began to take some photos of her laying there covered in cum and hundred dollar bills. She smiled lazily letting her head fall back onto the soft mattress and flashed a couple of peace signs with her fingers on either side of her face as she let them take their mementos.

After that they had dressed before letting themselves out. Clara was too sore and tired to bother getting up. It was a good kind of sore however. The pleasure far outweighed anything else. Realizing the camera was still rolling showing her laying their spent she grabbed her phone and deactivated the show. She’d check on how much money she made later. All she could think about right then was gangbangs. She wasn’t sure how regular one on one sex could ever satisfy her again after this.

The End.

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