The Mask Comes Off

BY : Samson
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Two of a Kind


The Mask Comes Off
Part I - "Hiding In Plain Sight"
By: Jesse Racine AKA Samson
Original Date Written: February 5, 2015



“Run along, boy. Scream through hill and dale. You’ll get to see the sunrise, a few more times. Only, never forget...”

Leah bolted up in bed, kicking the bed sheets from herself as she propped herself up on her elbows. Heaving for air, a cold sweat leaving her with a disgustingly clammy sensation, she blankly stared at the far end of her room as the rest of the Crudok’s words ran through her mind.

“...Nothing, mortal or Fae, can escape Fate. One day, I’ll find you, again. When that time comes, we’ll see whose weave unravels...Your’s, or mine.”

Exhausted, she collapsed back into bed. The nightmare came more often than she cared to admit, and every time it did, it was exactly the same: the roaring flames of the alight homes, the tearing and feasting of the Brownies, the slamming of her own heartbeat. Would she ever forget? As she slipped her elbows out from under herelf and fell to the bed, she brought a hand over her eyes, hoping to banish the image of the Crudok’s smiling mask before she fell back asleep. She didn’t succeed, but at least the nightmare didn’t return for a second bout with her sanity.

She had been on the run for years, now. Not literally, mind you; once the Bruins had taken her in, she had quite happily lived under their roof as an adopted son and gladly did everything she could to help out around the farm. But, metaphorically, she had been racing from the razing for what felt like every day of her life. She could still remember it all so vividly, and that only kept the edge of her nightmares as sharp as ever. Every day, she lived with the fear that the Crudok would come for her and finish what it had started, taking her new family alongside her. Every day, she argued with herself over staying and endangering the rest.

She had been born in a small Almain settlement, she remembered. She had no idea what the village had been called, or even where, exactly, it had been located. The most she knew was that it had been somewhere in the wild territory between Odarath and Glendara, that the people of the settlement had been devoted to Mitharu, and that the people there had to have been exclusively Almain, like herself. She couldn’t remember seeing any Alfar around, and certainly no Gnomes. To this day, she still had yet to see a real Fae, even. Everything had been rather run of the mill until, one morning, she was woken by the sound of what had to have been a hundred feet, all slamming into the dirt at once.

She had hid in her bedroom as the massacre began, trembling and crying under the protective shield of her blanket. The walls shook and groaned. The howls of some kind of animal were met with the shouts of warriors and screams of victims, but eventually, the shouts faded. Soon after, the screams had died, too. Crackling fire began, and she stayed sobbing under her bed sheets until it became hard to breathe. Stumbling through the smoke, she emerged from her alight home, only to come face-to-face with the dementedly smiling mask of a creature she wouldn’t have been able to imagine in even her worst nightmares...A Crudok.

The impossibly large creature had made her feel like a speck of dust, trembling and shaking before a grand castle. Behind it, a small army of short, gray-furred Brownies feasted upon the corpses of the villagers, tearing and dismembering them into hunks of flesh, sticks of meat, handfuls of gore, reducing whole bodies into something they could shove down their gullets. They had shown no mercy with their victims, and likewise showed no discrimination about their food. Leah could still vividly remember the sight of one of the Brownies biting into the cheek of a young friend of her’s, Elliot, and tearing off a wide flap of his face in the process. The damn thing had laughed at the way his blood ran.

The sight of it all had almost made her vomit then and there, but the sheer shock kept the response from occurring until well later. When the Crudok approached her on it’s four arm-like legs, however, no amount of horror could keep her from wetting herself. She could still remember the haunting purple glow emanating from the eyes of it’s mask as it looked down and told her, in not so many words, that it would spare her until such a time that it deemed her worthy of culling. When she started running, she didn’t stop until she had collapsed into unconsciousness. One of the Bruins had stumbled across her, and the rest was history.

Leah pulled herself out of bed, deciding she wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, any time soon. Although she could barely see in the dark, she eased her legs over the edge of her bed, sitting up with a sigh. Briefly touching her forehead, she raked her fingers through her bangs, shaking her hand around before rising to her feet. She sluggishly crossed her small bedroom, bare feet quietly patting against the wooden floor as she made for her desk. Dropping down with a bit of a thud over the short bench she kept, she reached out and adjusted the tilt of her mirror, meeting eyes with her reflection. Might as well get ready for another day of chores.

About an hour later, she was quietly carrying a bag of feed out into the field, ready to feed the chickens and Auroch wandering the small expanse by the farmhouse. As she made her way to a nearby trough, she spotted something moving through her peripheral vision, southward along the dirt road just in front of the farm. She tossed over an idle glance, expecting it to just be a Warsworn patrol or wayward traveller, but was instead given the very pleasant surprise that the figure was actually Jacob, the beefy neighbour boy from the farm just up the road. Even more surprisingly, he was already looking at her, giving her that friendly smile of his. This was the third time, now, that he had come along during her chores. Was he doing it on purpose?

She immediately went red in the face and averted her eyes, smiling sheepishly to herself as she stole sidelong glances at him. She didn’t dare look directly at him, no - that might get him to actually say something, and she’d simply die of embarrassment if she found herself having to speak. It was enough just to look at each other, she told herself...Just to let their eyes wander from a distance, and wander, he certainly allowed his to do. The way he’d look at her, warmly and wantonly at the same time, would always make her tingle from head to toe. If only she had the confidence to actually say something...Her bashfulness was cheating them both out of fond memories.

She loved the way he looked at her, it was just so exciting, she wished everyone would see her that same way. Her hair, a messy mop of strawberry red, was long enough to hang down to her shoulders, but she had it tied up in a ponytail to keep it out of her way as she went about her daily chores. The eyeliner and mascara she wore helped her green eyes stand out against the rest of her fair skin, and although she would’ve liked to wear even more beauty aids, just the mascara, alone, had earned her about three months of scoffing from her adopted brothers. Only recently had she started using eyeliner, and that, too, was giving her siblings something new to snicker about.

She knew they weren’t being truly mean-spirited about their teasing, but that didn’t mean she had to like it. She really didn’t know how they could be so fixated on what she had been born with between her legs and just ignore the rest of her body, or even her personality, for that matter. She wasn’t, and it was her own body, after all. Looking at herself in her mirror, she thought she looked like any other cute girl. A little androgynous, maybe, but there certainly wasn’t anything distinctly masculine about her. She just told herself they jeered at her makeup and referred to her as a “boy” not because they took umbrage with her inclination for beauty, but because the sight of anyone walking around a farm in makeup and doing chores was absurd, to them.

Her pink, pouty lips spread wider into a shy grin as she reached the trough, tipping the bag of feed over into it. Already, the Auroch were meandering their way over, while the chickens continued to scurry and cluck. The neighbour boy must’ve loved what he saw, she could practically feel the way his eyes roamed up and down her smooth, utterly hairless body. The only things she was wearing were a dark blue tube top, kept in place over her lean chest by way of thin shoulder straps, and a pair of shorts so tiny, there was barely enough material to support the thin fabric cord acting as her belt. The shorts would barely even classify as underwear, and that’s exactly how she wanted it.

The shorts were cut so low that, if she didn’t keep her nether regions shaved smooth, her pubic hair probably would’ve been visible over the top edge. Thanks to her choice of work wear, she had some rather sensual tan lines, with a horizontal stripe of pale, tender flesh running around her torso, across her buds of breasts. As well, she had an unmistakably feminine set of tan lines around her groin, her petite shorts leaving a bikini line akin to a tiny pair of panties. Perhaps more than anything, however, she loved showing off her midriff, her choice of clothing exposing her lean belly, narrow waist, and visibly toned abs. Work around the home kept her in shape, and she was proud of it.

He paused by the fence in front of the field, openly watching her with a big smile. Her heart started racing as a couple naughty thoughts passed through her head. Nibbling on a bottom lip, she intentionally gave him something a little more tasty to look at. Turning her back to him, she bent over as she poured more of the feed further down the trough, giving him an eyeful of her colossal, spongy backside. Her face started to go a bit more red, her eyes off to the side as she resisted the urge to look at him from over her shoulder. Was his jaw dropping? Were his pants getting tight? Her long legs, going up to thick, juicy thighs, higher still to wide, child-bearing hips and incredibly over-padded cushions filling out the seat of her shorts near to the ripping point-

“Boy, Mitharu have mercy on your soul. Are you giving the neighbour kid flirt-eyes, again? By gracious...”

Leah’s eyes went wide open, her mouth falling into a little frown. Her ears were already sizzling with humiliation. Before she could say anything, her older brother was confrontationally calling out “Hey, you! Yeah, you! I see you, boy! Whattya think you’re doing? Don’t think you’re slick, boy, not even for a minute! Leave my brother alone! You lookin’ at his backside? What’s wrong with you? Your name’s Jacob, ain’t it? Yeah, I knew I remembered right. Get out of here before I tell your mother where you’ve been lettin’ your eyes wander! Don’t you have any shame? Yeah, go on, get outta here!”

Leah, face stark red, finally spoke, blurting out “Eli! For the love of...!” Her older brother immediately snapped out “Don’t gimme any backtalk. Every time you pull a stunt like that, you break mother’s heart. Damn near dropped dead, last time she saw you shakin’ your ass around. You want Mitharu to smite our harvest? It ain’t natural.” She wanted to blurt out a few different things and argue with him, but she was, for the moment, more concerned with Jacob. When she turned her head, there was no trace of the handsome neighbour boy aside from a dust trail on the dirt road, leading all the way back up to his family’s farm.

She looked back at Eli, brow furrowing deep, lips puckering and pouting with frustration. Eli was the most imposing of her siblings, and although he wasn’t necessarily the least understanding of her differences, he was often the first to speak up whenever she did something her family didn’t expect her to do...Such as, for instance, show interest in the poor neighbour boy, already running home for fear his own family might start giving him heck. Perhaps he naturally assumed his size and muscular build would allow him to argue the femininity out of her, but if so, he was very sorely mistaken.

The Almain stood well over six feet tall, and the work around the farm had sculpted him into a wide, powerful frame. Similar to her, he had a farmer’s tan deepening his otherwise light skin, although his overalls kept it in a far less scandalous shape than her own. Short, brown hair messy like her’s, blue eyes clear and jaw strong, it had always been easy for Leah to imagine Eli as a town guard or soldier. If he had been born just a couple years earlier, he might’ve turned out that way, fighting the corrupted Tuatha Deohn on the walls of Mel Senshir, or beating them back into the swampy plains of Klurikon.

With the fall of Gadflow a few years back, however, that sad, bloody part of Amalur’s history was quickly coming to a close, and Eli’s fate was humbly left as the son of a farmer. Rather firmly, Leah demanded “What do you want, Eli? You’ve already embarrassed Jacob half to death, for crying out loud.” Eli gave her a dismissive wave with a hand. “Oh, hush. The boy’s a pansy, didn’t even try telling me I was wrong, just turned tail and ran like a coward. That’s as good as a confession.” Leah’s teeth subtly went on edge. She loved him, she truly did, but her temper was already quick, thanks to her interrupted sleep. Throwing around certain terms like he tended to simply tried her patience further.

He was quick to continue. Brow a bit furrowed, tone a bit serious, he commented “Listen, Annabelle’s cough is getting worse, you know that. We all do. Mother and father don’t figure it’s gonna get better on it’s own, not anymore. She’s even starting to cough in her sleep, now.” Leah’s agitation immediately undid itself like an over-coiled spring, finally set free. Brow unknitting, frown fading, her eyes briefly drifted off to the side before she could make eye contact, again. Eli, too, came across a little less confrontational as he continued. “It’s not looking good. We’re gonna need to fetch a healer to take a look at her, or at least to brew up some kind of potion.”

Leah, holding the bag of feed to her side with one arm, put her other hand to her hip. In a soft voice, she asked “Alright, well...What do you want to do? Are we going to Didenhil, or...?” Eli tilted his head to the side, slightly. “Yes and no. The two of us are leaving, but I’ll be the one going to Didenhil. The apothecary there has experience with everything up to plagues, she should be able to help. If not, well...Pa says there’s an old Fateweaver living around the lake, they might be able to help. You’ll be going to Gorhart, instead. It’s a bit of a longer trip, but you might end up having better luck than me. There’s an alchemist in Gorhart, a Gnome, has a shop and everything.”

Leah’s eyes suddenly widened at the idea, but she was quick to calm back down, at least outwardly. Eli swung a hand by the side of his head, batting away a troublesome fly. Looking closer at her, he continued. “The old man’s gonna give us both some gold, we’re gonna head to the pass through Odarath around noon, and wait for the usual merchant caravan to pass. You’re gonna get on, head to Gorhart with them, and I’ll make for Didenhil by foot. With any luck, we’ll be back by the same time, and we’ll both have good news. If Annabelle’s chest gets any worse, her lungs could give out on her.”

Leah glanced down to the ground as a crowd of the chickens grew close, clucking away as they eyed her and the bag of feed with interest. She stuck her free hand in, pulled out a grip of the stuff, and threw out bits for them, prompting them to scurry, cluck, and peck at the ground. Shaking her hand back and forth as she tossed the feed, she gave Eli a bit of a look, innocently asking “Doesn’t Alicia usually run the errands, with you? I don’t mind the chance to see the village, and obviously I wanna help Annabelle, but...”

Eli simply let his eyes fall half shut, turning to leave as he remarked “‘Cause Alicia’s foot isn’t better yet, and probably because father’s getting tired of seeing one of his boys prance around the farm like a sissy, steadily wearing more and more makeup with less and less clothing. Gotta grow up some time, and maybe this errand’ll finally turn you into a man.” Leah’s brow furrowed as she snapped. She was not in the mood to bite her tongue. Raising her voice a little, she asked “Is there anything about me that’s even remotely manly, Eli? Huh?” Eli started walking away, waving at her from over his shoulder.

No, and that’s exactly the problem.”

“Don’t you think there’s a reason for that?” Leah retorted, indignantly sticking her arm out by her side as she watched him go. He didn’t respond. She eventually sighed, dropping her arm to her side. Oh, what was the use? Her family probably wouldn’t ever accept that she was a little different. She knew she was different, she wasn’t ashamed of it. Why should she be? She had been aware of it for so long, it was as natural to her as it was unnatural, to them. It might’ve been her less than open-minded family distorting her viewpoint, but she was beginning to wonder if anyone would ever be able to accept her. She couldn’t have been the only person to ever feel like she felt...Could she?

Some time after sunset, the carriage was rolling into Gorhart, Leah in tow. Everything had gone as expected, with no trouble from any local beasts: the walk deeper into Odarath, the wait for the merchant caravan, and even the trip to the village. Eli was probably nearing Didenhil by that point, if not already inside the village. Meanwhile, Leah had to do her part. Her eyes were a little wide as she looked around, taking in the sights of the village. It was a quaint little place, with the buildings built in the traditional Almain style, their tall brick walls plastered over with white, dotted with narrow yellow windows and leading up to sloped, tiled rooftops.

Leah looked to the side, her smile growing all the while. On a slight hill near the rear of the village, not far from the road the caravan had taken, there was a humongous building whose face was almost nothing but windows, the area immediately surrounding the estate fenced off with tall, intimidating brick walls. What purpose could it have, she wondered? As the Almain merchants guided their caravan into the village square, Leah prepared to disembark, holding tight her little sack of supplies. Within, she had her gold, some light provisions to tide her over during the trip, and, most importantly of all, the clothes she had left the farm in, as well as her makeup.

When the carriage stopped in a little clearing by the town well, Leah hopped down from the carriage, landing with a thud on her feet. If her family thought this trip would turn her into more of a man, they were wrong. If anything, Leah would use the opportunity to be herself, even further. She smiled a little nervously, slowly looking left and right. The merchants weren’t paying any attention to her, too busy were they with unloading their cargo. Likewise, the few people walking the streets barely paid her more than a curious glance. Leah took that as a good sign. Nobody suspected a thing, nobody knew her from her family’s farm.

Her smile grew, and she let out an exhilarated breath. Finally, maybe she’d be treated the way she had always wanted to be treated: as a girl. She had added some light blue eyeshadow to go with her eyeliner and mascara, while some pink lipstick had been skilfully applied to her full, tempting lips. She knew she’d have to wash off her face before going home, sadly, but at least she could enjoy it while she was in the village. In exchange for her work clothes, she had slipped on a dark green dress she had found a year before, while doing her chores. The thing had, seemingly, been blown in by the wind, and it had quickly become Leah’s most prized possession, a secret she kept guarded from everyone.

It had suffered a couple little tears in the hem, here and there, but she could sew. It had been dirty, but she could wash. It had nobody to wear it, but she had the heart and figure for it...Well, half the figure. Her rather lean chest did nothing to fill out the bosom of the dress. In fact, the space over her chest was a little baggy from how poorly it fit, but she more than made up for that with her lower half. Her extremely wide hips and tremendous rump positively strained against the fabric of the dress, filling it out to the point that she was more glad than embarrassed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Every little step had her ample cheeks rubbing against each other, and the fabric of the dress, to the point where she could tell, with absolute confidence, that any sort of underwear would’ve given her a rather uncomfortable wedgie of titanic proportions. Hell, if she bent over, she might’ve torn the damn fabric. Still, it was a beautiful piece, and it was so exciting to finally be able to wear it. The fact that she was wearing it in public, with strangers to boot, simply had her heart racing. It was a slim, form-fitting dress of silken fabric, with a low neckline to display some cleavage and a high hem to show off the wearer’s legs. Leah would’ve liked to have worn some heels with the dress, but alas, all she had were the work sandals from the farm. Hopefully, that wouldn’t give away her identity.

Almost shaking with adrenaline and raw excitement, she stepped away from the safety of the caravan, of a place she could hide and change her outfit. She waited to see if anyone would stare, if anyone would jeer like her siblings, if anyone would point and holler “Boy in girl’s clothes, boy in girl’s clothes!” Nobody did. Nobody paid her any mind. She blended right in...Either none of them could tell, or none of them cared. She almost teared up, but she managed to hold back the waterworks. It was already bad enough that she was beaming from ear to ear like a drunken fool. Good gods almighty, this was the greatest feeling ever!

Leah gave a little gasp when a guard suddenly walked into her field of view, his chainmail armour clinking as he passed by so closely she could almost reach out and touch him. Holding out an arm, she gently wiggled her hand at him, squeaking out “Um, s-sir! Sir guard?” The guard came to a smart stop, raising an eyebrow as he partially turned to the side, looking over at her. “What is it, traveller?” He flatly asked, lips set in a stern, flat line. Trying to get her smile under control, she softly asked “Um, ah, well...I’m l-looking for an alchemist. They’re supposed to be a Gnome, I think?”

The guard immediately stuck a thumb over his shoulder, pointing at the building directly across from them, past the town well and on the other side of the village square. Sounding just a little bored, the guard remarked “Right over there, miss. Golden Age Alchemy, ask for Nanne Hanri.” Leah grinned a little too enthusiastically, murmuring out her thanks. He may have thought her strange, but more importantly...Much more importantly...Her voice hadn’t given her away. He had even called her “miss”! She always knew she sounded more like a girl, she hadn’t even tried to use a different voice! How could her family be so pigheaded about who she really was?

Leah, in a bit of a giddy fog, made her way across the village square, walked up to the building the guard had pointed out, and pushed open the front door. Immediately, the heady, earthy scent of all manner of alchemical ingredients struck her nostrils, stabbing right up into her senses with their intensity. For a moment, she felt dizzy, but she managed to put one foot in front of the other and make her way in through the doorway. She took a quick look around, noting how well-kept the front room was. Spacious, the room had a big, rectangular rug set before the front door, spanning nearly from one end of the room to the other.

It was orange with a regal yellow design running across it, which was positively foreign, to Leah. Her mother would always say that orange was an ugly colour, and had never used it for a single thing. To see it used so prominently, and in such a large amount...This alchemist must’ve been brave with their fashion. To her right, Leah saw the entrance to a hallway, leading deeper into the building. Just across from her, on the other side of the room, was the alchemist’s selling area, it would seem.

Aside from a wooden desk against the wall that was covered with papers, a bookshelf stuffed to the breaking point with tomes could be seen, along with a messy pile of loose textbooks on the floor, stacked haphazardly just next to the bookshelf. More impressively, however, was the items scattered across the wide counter: tall jars filled with a clear fluid were set up in plain view, each holding some kind of bizarre creature Leah had never seen, before. So surreal were they, in fact, that if someone told Leah they weren’t actually real, she would’ve believed them immediately. One of them looked like a chubby little man with wings!

Just as Leah began approaching the counter, trying to get a better look at one particular preserved specimen with strange limbs poking out of it’s back, a diminutive figure stepped out from behind the counter, looking up at Leah with a friendly smile. Leah nearly jumped with fear when the Gnome said, in a peculiar accent, “Hello, and welcome to Golden Age Alchemy! Was there anything in particular you were looking for, or did you just want to browse my wares?” Leah looked down, letting out a relieved giggle. She was far from the tallest girl around, but Nanne was short enough that, if the two attempted to embrace, the Gnome’s face would be pressing into Leah’s belly...If not a little lower.

Quietly, she mumbled “Oh, you startled me!” The Gnome briefly tilted her head to the side and gave a little shrug, her smile growing as she commented “Oh, ah, sorry about that, miss. I suppose I should’ve said something before I popped out.” Leah smiled from ear to ear. She had only ever seen a single other Gnome before, just one, and that first one had been a rather...Plain man. Either the women in the race were generally more fetching than the men, or this particular alchemist was an exemplary model of Gnomeish beauty. With fair skin, a cute face, black eyeliner around brown eyes, and bright blonde hair done up in a ponytail, she was precious enough to cuddle, although Leah didn’t come right out and say that for fear of offending the woman.

If there was one thing she had learned about other girls in her life, it was that they were damn easy to offend, and slow to forgive, on top of that. It was far from endearing, feeling like one had to walk on eggshells, but such was life. Her smile fading, Leah softly said “I come from a farm between Odarath and Glendara. A sister of mine has come down with some kind of sickness, and...We’re getting scared that it won’t break. Do you think you could come up with something, for her?” Nanne’s smile began to fade with professional concern. Putting her hands to her hips, she asked “I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure I could whip something up, for a price.”

Leah briefly held up her sack, mumbling out “Oh, right! I have gold, don’t worry. I wasn’t expecting charity.” Nanne gave a little nod, then stepped back behind her counter. She pulled herself up into a tall chair across from Leah, putting herself more or less on the farm girl’s level, and slid over a thick tome from behind the preserved specimens. She tossed it open, quickly flipping through pages as she asked “What are the symptoms?” Leah looked off into the distance, for a moment, as she thought. “Well, um...Her nose runs, she has a sore throat, and she’s been coughing for several days, now. It’s turned into a wet cough, now, and she’s even coughing in her sleep.”

Nanne briefly frowned, giving a quick “Hmm” in thought. Stopping at a page in her book, she asked “Has she come into contact with Boggarts, recently?” Leah quickly shook her head, mumbling out “No, uh-” “Has anyone else in your family fallen sick, yet?” Nanne interrupted. Leah shook her head, again. “Has she eaten any wild food lately, like berries or fruit from a tree? Has she come into contact with Brownies, lately?” Leah’s eyes shifted to Nanne, fixing on her face. At the mention of Brownies, her undivided attention was gained. Still, she held off on her question for the moment, instead answering with a quick “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think Annabelle has dealt with Brownies either, this all just seemed to happen, one day, and it’s only been getting worse.”

Nanne nodded in understanding. Before she could snip out another quick inquiry, however, Leah lightly leaned in. Her brow twitching downwards in curiosity, she murmured out “Um...Speaking of Brownies...How much do you know about Fae animals?” Nanne looked up from her book, raising her eyebrows. Leah quickly added “Crudoks, in particular. Do you know much about them?” Nanne gave a little shrug, briefly frowning and pouting out her bottom lip. Matter-of-factly, she commented “About as much as anyone else, I suppose. They’re wild Fae, so they’re more in tune with magic than ordinary beasts. If you wanted to know more, you could always ask Iluvia.”

“Iluvia?” Leah repeated, raising her eyebrows. Nanne gave a little nod, politely commenting “Yes, she’s a Summer Court Fae, so she’d know more, I’m sure. She’s been living in Gorhart for years, now. I’ve never met a Fae quite like her. She’s very approachable, in fact, if you ask me, she has a rather unusual fascination with mortals. You can usually find her at the inn, if you’re curious.” Leah’s eyes began to widen. She was already scrambling to pull out her gold coins while Nanne was still telling her how long it’d take to brew the potion. Was this her chance for answers? She couldn’t resist embracing the hope welling up in her breast. A Summer Court Fae, living right there in the village? Who would’ve ever thought?

A minute later, Leah was stepping into the warm, muggy air of the Gorhart Inn, looking around with wide, impressionable eyes. The inside of the building was quite a bit larger than she had expected. Tables and chairs were spread throughout the spacious interior, while long green and yellow banners hung from the high ceiling, emblazoned with a coat of arms. Over to the left, a large fireplace roared softly with life, while just next to it in a corner, a group of minstrels sat in a half-circle, quietly playing flutes, drums, and lutes. Over to her right, the bartender’s table could be seen, while just up ahead and above, a second floor could be seen, overlooking the main inn chamber.

People were spread here and there, smiling jovially as they drank, clinking glasses together and laughing drunkenly at tales they told one another. Leah briefly looked around, but she couldn’t contain her excitement for long before she was making a beeline for the bartender, smiling like a loon the whole time. The bartender, a pretty Almain girl with black hair, was just then serving a patron a tall tankard of ale, foam slowly sliding over one edge as he took it. Before the woman could get a word off, Leah was already asking “Hi, um, I’ve heard tell there’s a Summer Fae around here? Her name was Iluvia, I think? Could you tell me where to find her?”

The bartender smiled sweetly, raised a hand, and gave a little point past Leah’s side. In a demure voice, the woman cooed “She’s just over there, stranger. You really can’t miss her.” Leah turned around, wide eyes darting around. She knew when she had seen Iluvia the instant she entered her vision; true to the bartender’s words, this woman stuck out like a sore thumb. She had just then finished descending the steps between the first and second floors of the inn, and was lingering by the fireplace as she watched the minstrels play their instruments. Heart beginning to race, Leah made her way over, trying not to stumble.

This was a Fae? When she had heard that Fae were utterly alien to mortals, she had always imagined that it had been metaphorical, that the difference was largely in mindset and philosophy. She was quite wrong. For starters, her garb was radically different. The woman was wearing a shoulderless dress made from what appeared to be some kind of green plant fiber, combined with a sort of silk-thin cloth she couldn’t recognize. The dress ended at her knees, showing off the plain wooden sandals she wore on her feet. If Leah thought the clothing was foreign, however, then Iluvia herself was positively otherworldly.

She was rather thin, in Leah’s eyes. She wasn’t necessarily emaciated, her face hadn’t fallen into pits at the very least, but she didn’t seem to naturally have much fleshy meat on her bones. She was a bit taller than Leah, standing around the usual mortal height. Her skin was gray like stone, while her hair was purest white, swept up to a tall, wispy point above her head. Rather bizarrely, her ears were almost rectangular in shape. Instead of the rounded shape of Almain and Gnomes, or the long, pointed tips of Alfar, Iluvia’s ears stuck upwards and backwards with two long ridges, one on the top of her ear and one below, stretching from her earlobe. With the skin spread between them, that gave them a peculiar shape Leah found worthy of a stare.

She couldn’t carry on for more than a couple seconds, however, before Iluvia suddenly turned to look at Leah, giving her a curious gaze of her own. When Leah saw the Fae’s face, she stopped dead in her tracks, openly staring. With gaunt cheeks, thin lips, a sharp chin, and swirling designs of gold on either side of her face, she was certainly intimidating. More than that, however, were her eyes. The whites of Iluvia’s eyes were, unnaturally, black, while her irises were gold in hue. Iluvia must’ve sensed Leah’s apprehensions, because she was giving the farm girl a friendly smile only a moment later, beckoning her over with a light wave of her hand. Leah swallowed some excess saliva to steady herself, then resumed her approach.

Once Leah was close enough, Iluvia spoke. Again, the farm girl was treated to an unusual accent, the Fae’s voice unnaturally reverberating as she said “Hello, there. My name’s Iluvia, but something tells me you already know that, don’t you? Do we have business, together? I couldn’t help but notice the way you were looking at me. Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel afraid.” Leah quietly cleared her throat. Looking into Iluvia’s eyes made her feel distinctly uncomfortable, but she tried her best not to show it. As confidently as she could, she asked “Well, excuse me, I hate to bother you, but...You’re a Fae, right? You wouldn’t happen to know much about Fae creatures, would you?”

Iluvia gave a nod. “I’m of the Summer Court, yes, and I like to think I know a bit about the creatures in these woods. I’ve dealt with them all throughout my Telling. Were you curious about any specific kind? Boggarts, maybe? The humans find them to be a bit of a pest, around here. After the things I’ve learned, it’s no wonder, anymore.” Leah briefly glanced downwards, then looked back up to Iluvia’s eyes. “I was curious about Crudoks, actually...You see, I, um...Mmf. You could say I crossed paths with one, when I was young. What do you know about them?”

Iluvia briefly raised her eyebrows. “When you were younger? Fate must have been smiling on you, Crudoks tend not to leave survivors. Well, if you plan on facing a Crudok or simply expect to cross paths with one, I’d bring potions or gear that can protect you from poison. Not only does a Crudok’s stinger pack a deadly venom, but it can spew it from afar with pinpoint accuracy, as well as eject insects laced with it from within their bodies. Naturally, these clouds will chase you down until they dissipate...A very, very dangerous creature.” Leah gave a nod, then asked a more pertinent question. Slowly, she mumbled “What about...Talking Crudoks?”

Iluvia raised an eyebrow, repeating “Talking Crudoks?” Leah nodded hastily. “How smart is the average Crudok? The one I ran into as a child spoke to me, and said...That’d it’d find me, later on. That was years ago. I haven’t seen it since, but...” Iluvia briefly gave a light frown. She started off slow, but her voice quickly regained confidence. “...Are you sure you weren’t mistaken? Some Crudok can appear clever, but they aren’t, strictly speaking, intelligent. They certainly can’t speak...Or, at the very least, I’ve never heard of one doing so. It would be doubly unusual for a wild Fae to know how to speak the human tongue.”

Iluvia put her hands to her hips, giving a light shrug as she said “On top of that, Crudoks may treat mortals like prey, yes, but stalking one particular human for years?...You aren’t playing a jest on me, are you?” Leah’s eyes lightly widened as she gave a quick shake with her head. “N-No, I swear! The village I was born in was completely wiped out by a Crudok, I can still remember the purple glow from it’s eyes-” “Purple glow? Not yellow?” Iluvia slowly asked, narrowing an eye. Leah closed her mouth, giving a solemn little nod. Had the colour been important, all this time?

Iluvia suddenly seemed interested. Crossing her arms over her chest, she looked off to the side and commented, seemingly to herself, “Purple glow...What could that mean?...” Out of the blue, Leah thought she could feel someone directly behind her, leaning in close towards the back of her neck. She didn’t have time to react or pull away. A split-second later, a woman was whispering into her ear, quite obviously resisting the urge to chuckle.

I know you’re a boy.

Leah’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates. Her lips pursed with surprise. She didn’t know whether to feel outraged or humiliated. Either way, her face was swiftly burning to a deep, thorough red. Someone had figured her out? How? The woman continued, and this time, she couldn’t resist breathing a little chortle into the trap’s ear.

Nice ass, buddy.

A hand swept across her protruding bottom, sliding across her voluminous cheeks for a quick grope. That got a response out of Leah. Her bouncy, slappable tush may have been something of a point of pride for her, but that didn’t mean she’d pass it around for everyone to knead like dough. Unworldly like she was, butterflies were already fluttering around in her stomach, but getting her giant, plump bubble butt fondled in public by a stranger wasn’t something she necessarily desired. The woman may as well have asked Leah how much she’d cost, for a night.

All at once, the laughter of the inn felt like it was pointed squarely at her. She spun around, sticking her arms behind herself, protectively shielding her gargantuan backside with both hands. The offender was already heading up the nearby staircase to the second floor, although her slow, lazy pace showed she was in no particular rush to escape from the accosted trap. When Leah saw the woman, her jaw slowly started to ease open. Even from behind, Leah could tell that she was absolutely gorgeous. Judging by her caramel-toned skin, she was a Varani, and quite clearly a tall one, at that. Leah reckoned that if the two of them stood side-by-side, she’d be a full head shorter than the other woman.

The woman’s thick black hair hung down behind her to her shoulder blades in a waterfall of soft, shining locks. She was wearing a black corset over a sleeveless, strapless white shirt, the top edge of the shirt lined with lacy ruffles, lining clear around her chest. On either wrist, she wore a couple different bracelets, the loops of silver and gold glittering with rows of encrusted gemstones. To go with the corset, she wore a matching black skirt, the frilly, pleated garment hardly reaching down a third of her thighs, just barely shielding the healthy curve of her plump backside. Her waist was so narrow that her figure was positively waspish, the twin hills of her big bosom visible from Leah’s position through the gaps under her arms, her drool-worthy rump shaking and wiggling with every hard step up the staircase.

Her long, sensual legs were sheathed up to her thick thighs in thin black stockings, kept elevated by clearly visible garter belt clips and straps. Finally, her ensemble was completed by a pair of tough black boots, stretching to just below her knees and laced up tight. As she neared the top of the staircase, the woman raised a hand, smoothing some of her hair behind her right ear, showing off a small golden hoop earring in the process. In the same motion, she peeked over her shoulder, looking back at Leah through the corner of her eye. Leah couldn’t catch more than a distant glimpse of the woman’s face, but she looked stunning. This was her harasser?

She’d be lying if she said the woman’s smile wasn’t inviting, despite the alarming fact that she seemed to know Leah’s secret. She watched the Varani until she was out of sight, the woman’s hand daintily grasping the top of the staircase guardrail as she stepped around it and disappeared. Leah’s throat visibly tensed as she swallowed. Turning partway around, she looked over at Iluvia, voice momentarily cracking as she squeaked out “I’ll b-be in the village for another hour, at least. If you can think of anything else about Crudoks, will you let me know?”

Iluvia nodded, but quickly said “Certainly, although I can’t imagine how or why a Crudok’s eyes would emit a purple glow...A foreign magical influence, perhaps? If what you say is true and you weren’t simply mistaken, then this may be of worth noting to Hallam the White. He may be able to shed truth on your mystery Crudok.” The name she recited held no meaning to Leah, and so it slowed her little as she made her way up the staircase. She caught a quick glimpse of the Varani, entering a room at the far end of the floor, past a couple circular dinner tables surrounded by chatting patrons.

She made her way over, heart already racing. Out of nervousness, she bit on her bottom lip, hoping sweat didn’t break out on her face. She nearly froze up just outside the door, but after welling up a little courage, she crossed the threshold and stepped inside. It was a decently sized room, a little bigger than Leah would’ve imagined an inn room to be. A few bookshelves were lining the wall to her right, while tall windows stood in a long row across the far wall. A bed was situated in the far corner, to her left, while a desk was positioned just to the left, near the foot of the bed. A large bear pelt covered the center of the floor, each of the four limbs pointed towards the room’s corners.

The Varani woman had been expecting her to follow, evidently. She was sitting over the edge of the desk with one leg crossed over the other, the desk’s chair already pulled out to the side, well out of her way. She grinned when Leah stepped in, showing off her pearly teeth. When Leah spotted her, her eyes uncontrollably dropped to the woman’s incredible bust in an open, unapologetic stare, her jaw dropping open in shock. She knew her gaze was embarrassingly obvious, but she just couldn’t help herself, not when the woman’s globes were practically the size of her damn head.

To make matters worse, the neckline of the woman’s shirt plunged all the way down to her corset, showing off so much of her cleavage that one deep breath too many could’ve exposed an areola. The sight was so damn tempting, so mouth-wateringly scandalous, that she just wanted to run over, push her face in, and nuzzle those mounds until she was so deep that she could use them for earmuffs. The other woman might’ve taken a little offense at that, but she could dream, couldn’t she? The Varani gave a little chuckle at Leah’s staring, prompting the shamefaced farm girl to finally tear her eyes away. Lips, crimson with cosmetics, briefly puckered up before settling into a little smile.

“Like what you see, boy? Hmf. Not gonna lie, so do I. Shut the door, would you?”

Leah’s nostrils flared at being called a boy, once again. She immediately did as the Varani bade, telling herself that she wasn’t following the strange woman’s orders, she was simply keeping anyone from overhearing their conversation. As long as she told herself that it was in her own best interest, she could keep herself from sizzling to a deeper blush. As soon as she had shut the door behind herself, she was turning back towards the Varani, indignantly mumbling out “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Varani grinned and chuckled as Leah continued, undeterred. “I’m not a boy, obviously, I’m a girl. The only reason I followed you up here was because...Because I’m curious how you could’ve possibly ever made a mistake, like that. I’m offended.” The Varani tittered out a little “Of course you are. You can quit the act, boy. I can spot people like you from a mile away.” Leah took a few quick steps towards the other woman, trying to say something, stammering and stumbling over her words in impotent annoyance. The Varani simply raised her eyebrows, grin persisting as she waited. Eventually, the trap finally collected herself.

Leah let out a heavy sigh. She looked deep into the other woman’s eyes, trying her best to read her. Her face slowly turned dejected as she mumbled out “...How did you figure me out? I mean, honestly, how?” Leah brought her hands up by her shoulders, then swung her arms down past her body, gesturing towards herself wildly. In a bit of a whine, she exclaimed “I don’t look like a boy, at all! I don’t even feel like a boy! I have long hair, I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing a dress, I sound like a girl, and I know I have a giant butt, so how in Mitharu’s name could you figure me out so easily? Were you just guessing? Don’t tell me I gave myself away!”

The Varani gave a light laugh, raising a hand to her mouth in the process. “Settle down, boy. I’m not trying to discourage you, you’re...You’re very convincing. Truly. You could use some boobs to go with that fat ass, I mean, you’re hardly filling out that dress, but I guess your gigantic ass more than makes up for it.” Her eyes briefly widening, the Varani briefly threw up her hands for emphasis, crooking her fingers and groping at some invisible rump, in front of her. “Most women would be jealous of your ass. Gods know I am. I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone with such a giant booty, let alone a boy. I would kill and die to see the way you jiggle and shake, when you dance. How long have you been this way?”

It still annoyed her to be referred to as a boy, but the unexpected compliments the Varani was laying on her was knocking down her defences. She managed to hide the fact that she was flattered, but instead simply came across embarrassed. Face as red as ever, she quietly answered “Um...Forever.” Looking down at herself, she added “I’ve always been this way, this is how I grew up. Last time I was even a tiny bit “boyish” was years ago, when I was just a little, little kid. I don’t even know what it means to be a boy, really. This is just who I am, I think. I’m comfortable, like this.”

The Varani grinned, again. Was it just Leah’s imagination, or was the woman beginning to breathe a little harder? Lightly swinging her crossed leg back and forth, she commented “A boy born with enough ass to smother a Jottun naturally grows up feminine? Hmf...I’m glad you embraced it, it would’ve been a colossal waste if you didn’t. It would’ve been a tragedy. I would’ve done the same thing, myself. This way, that wide ass’ll get the attention it deserves, and it...It deserves a lot. I imagine you like men, too?” Leah shifted her weight to one foot, cocked out a hip, and held her waist.

Brow slowly sinking, her tone was twinged with annoyance as she snapped back “As a matter of fact, I do. What’s wrong with that? It’s just how I feel, I can’t change it. If you’re just going to laugh at me, then...I have better things to do than stand around and take this, I already get enough grief from most of my family.” The Varani woman chuckled, raising her eyebrows high. Giving a half-shake with her head, she glanced downwards, then met Leah’s eyes again as she lightheartedly commented “I’m not making fun of you, boy, not at all!” Leah cringed and gave a whine. There was that word, again.

Hastily taking a few steps closer to the woman, the annoyance drained from her face as she weakly whimpered out “Would you just stop calling me that? C’mon, what am I doing wrong? Everything was perfect, up until now! I felt so good about myself, everyone was treating me like a girl! Can you help me be more convincing? How did you figure me out? And don’t tell me you can just pick out people like me in a crowd, I’ve never even heard of someone else like me.” The Varani woman chuckled. She had been waiting for the trap to say something, like that.

Uncrossing her legs, she playfully said “I figured you out so easily, boy, because I used to be you.” Leah narrowed her eyes, puckering her lips with confusion. With a chortle, the woman spread her knees. Leah looked down just as something rather unexpected stuck up from the Varani’s lap, lightly lifting up the edge of her skirt in the process. Leah’s eyes went wide. She sucked in a gasp, raising her hands to her mouth as she took a step back. The long, thick prick, uncircumcised and softly twitching, was sticking out through the leg hole of some tight, black lace panties, the front of the underwear visibly bulging with the rest of the woman’s cargo.

The healthy mound below her shaft proved the Varani was packing a sizeable pair of orbs to go with her turgid manhood, building up an equally big load for the first person to cross their path. This cock was ready to pop some puckers and paint some walls. The Varani grinned hungrily at the way Leah stared, trying not to chuckle. “I was in the exact same position as you, a few years back. I know what I’m talking about, honey buns. It’s nice to hear you’re so serious about this kind of thing, because I could help you out...But, we can talk more about that, later. Fun before favours, pleasure before business.”

Leah gave a wordless mumble, eyes still glued on the woman’s cock. A thin trickle of drool started to run down her bottom lip, collecting at her chin. The front of her dress started to feel a little more snug than it used to. Her knees knocking, her breath catching in her throat, her blush flushed to her chest as she heated up even further. There it was, a cock. Not just any cock, either, but someone else’s! After waiting for so long, the day had finally come! Before her very eyes, it started leaking pre-cum, a clear bead of lust collecting over the two-thirds shielded tip. Leah’s eyes glazed. It gave a throb, beckoning her closer, calling her to go over, drop to her knees, and worship.

The Varani stood up from the edge of the desk, grinning playfully. “Well, good to see my cock-radar is still going strong. It’s been a while since the last time I met someone like us, I’m glad I haven’t gotten rusty. You know, if nothing else had done it, that would’ve given you away.” Leah closed her mouth, wide eyes darting up to the Varani’s as she wiped off her chin with the back of a hand. The Varani raised a hand, flicked out a finger, and stuck it straight up. Pushing her lips out melodramatically, she added a teasing “Boing!” Leah’s head immediately dropped, the trap eyeing the front of her dress.

In silent embarrassment, she observed the rather obvious tent over the front of her dress, positioned squarely over her crotch. Thanks to her jumbo bubble butt taking up far more than it’s fair share of room under the dress, the material over her front was particularly taut, causing the bulge to be so well-defined that the eye of her tip were almost visible. Face going beet-red with humiliation, the farm girl whipped her hands over, covering up the damning inches jutting from her otherwise flat front. The Varani continued her lighthearted teasing, cooing out “I hope you don’t plan on running scared, now, because that thing would give you away to a blind man.”

In a meek warble, Leah whimpered “Oh, gods! I didn’t think it’d be so obvious!” The other woman just chuckled and grinned. As she spoke, she pulled her clothing into a slightly more comfortable fit. Slipping her rock-hard baton back into her panties, she pulled down the front of her underwear, securing it beneath her undercarriage. As she lifted the front of her skirt up to rest over her shaft, she gave Leah a smoldering gaze, lips curving into a seductive smile. “You know, it’s funny, but I just realized we haven’t actually been introduced...My name’s Kellier, but you can just call me Kelly. We’ll be familiar enough in just a minute, after all...”

Leah slowly uncovered her bulge, glazed eyes going up to Kelly’s own. What did she mean by that?...Gods, were they...Did she want to go all the way? Her backdoor tightened up on instinct. They had just barely met! Leah had always imagined that losing her virginity, especially her tender anal virginity, would’ve taken place in a somewhat more...Intimate environment. Kelly brought a hand over to her king-sized pipe cleaner, giving the long shaft a couple gentle strokes with the tips of her fingers. With a content sigh, Kelly said “Yeah, I can tell you’re ready to make a memory...I only have one more question, and then we can stop yakking. Your cock or mine?”

Leah let out a confused whine, looking at Kelly with dim, animal-like confusion. “W-Whuh?” She barely managed to mewl. Kelly grinned, tilting her head to the side. “Your cock or mine, sweetheart? I’m not a selfish lover, I can go both ways. If you don’t feel strongly either way, we can keep it mutual. You wanna just...Take care of each other? You know what I mean. I scratch your back, you scratch mine? We can keep it fun, keep it mutual. Nothing better after a hard fuck than getting fucked back just as hard, right?” Leah tried not to give away that she had, quite literally, zero experience in bed.

With a somewhat jittery chuckle, she squeaked out “Uh, y-yeah, hah hah. I know what you mean. Um...Let’s, um...Let’s start with you. If that’s alright, I mean...” Kelly grinned. She waved her manhood up and down a couple times, then let go and beckoned Leah over with a wag of her finger. “Go for it, honey buns.” Leah nibbled on her upper lip. She put one foot in front of the other, coming closer to her first seducer. This was it. She was actually going to have sex. She had always been confident it’d happen one day, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that it’d be with someone just like her. This Varani was beautiful, did Leah really meet her standards?

As she came up to Kelly, her eyes went to the woman’s bosom, accentuated by her corset. When her eyes fell to the woman’s crotch, she was already close enough to reach out and touch her. Kelly reached out and, with an unexpectedly tender half-smile, touched Leah’s shoulders. She stroked down her arms, stopping just short of her elbows before going back up, sliding overtop of her shoulders. “You know, you still haven’t told me your name. You do have one, right?” “Of course!” Leah blurted out, still staring dumbfounded at the timber pointing at her stomach. Kelly simply raised her eyebrows, smile growing as she waited.

It took a couple seconds, but eventually, Leah realized her flub. Grinning sheepishly, she looked up to Kelly’s eyes, letting out an embarrassed chuckle. “Oh, um, s-sorry. I’m Leah. Uh, Leah Bruin, I mean.” Kelly started to grin, again. Sliding her hands up to the sides of Leah’s neck, she cooed out “Well, Leah Bruin, you seem a little tense. Do I make you nervous?...Mm, I know what’ll calm you down. C’mere, sweetheart...” A shiver ran down Leah’s spine. Kelly, looking deep into the inexperienced trap’s eyes, slipped one hand to the back of her neck, the other going up to hold her by the cheek. She leaned in, and Leah closed her eyes.


(Author's Note - Hey guys, first chapter to a new story^_^. I’ve enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur quite a bit, and I was pretty inspired to start up a second story with a trap protagonist, so this is what came out of that. I know not everyone enjoys traps or transgendered content, so I’m partially testing the waters with this first “pilot” chapter, setting up the plot and a couple characters along with the first passion scene. If you like the story so far and want to see more, I’d love to hear from you, it’d be really encouraging!

I love following suggestions, anyway, and I take as many requests as I can work in, so if there’s some idea you have, feel free to let me know! Want to see some guys or genetic girls? Want to see more traps, t-girls? Want to see Leah drink a breast-growth potion and grow a big pair of boobs before being spit-roasted by her brother and Kelly? Whatever it is, drop a comment, and I’ll see if I can work it in. There’s no better time than now, at the very beginning, when the story can still go anywhere and do anything:o! I really hope you guys like what you see so far, and if there’s a second chapter, I hope to see you in it^_^.)




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