Needin' Some Lovin'

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Needin' Some Lovin'

One evening, after a recent job, Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Katt were in a ship hangar at a starship port on Corneria that contained their Arwings, and Katt's Catspaw. Katt had graciously offered to join them on this job since Peppy had retired.

Fox was sitting on the landing gear of his Arwing, looking at a holographic photo of him and Krystal. He was still depressed about Krystal breaking up with him and joining with Star Wolf.

He had forced Krystal off of Star Fox team because he didn't want her to get killed. He had already lost so many loved ones in his life, he didn't want to loose the woman he loved the most. But he hadn't taken Krystal's feelings into account, and she had resented him so much for his decision that she broke up with him. And then, as if to just hurt him as much as she possibly could, she ran off and joined Star Wolf and started dating that Panther Caroso guy.

Fox was interrupted from his thoughts when suddenly Katt walked into the hangar, stomping her feet as she made her way towards her ship. She appeared to be upset about something.

Fox looked at her. "Are you okay?" he asked, although he could already guess what was wrong.

She looked over at him. "FALCO IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER!" she shouted angrily.

Called it, Fox thought to himself, guessing Falco must have once again rudely snubbed her off.

Katt continued. "I AM SO SICK OF WAITING FOR HIM TO COME AROUND WHILE I AM PRACTICALLY THROWING MYSELF AT HIM! I'M SICK OF HIM STRINGING ME ALONG! I'VE HAD IT! I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THAT ASSHOLE!" Katt took a couple deep breaths to calm herself down. Fox thought he could see tears welling up in her eyes that she was desperately trying to fight back.

Fox nodded. "Yeah. Falco's my friend, but he can be a real stubborn jerk at times. You deserve better then that, Katt."

Katt gave him a small, then she saw Fox was looking at a picture of himself and Krystal. "Really?" she groaned, seeing he was still moping over the blue vixen.

"It's all my fault," Fox sighed sadly. "I should have respected her more. Now I've lost the one good thing that's happened to me in a long time."

"You have to stop beating yourself up over this, Fox," said Katt. She was concerned for him. She had noticed that his depression was even starting to hinder his focus on a job. "At least you did what you did because you cared about her. You messed up. It happens to all of us. Besides, Krystal didn't just leave you; she turned her back on all of us. She can go straight to hell for all I care."

Suddenly, Slippy walked into the hangar. "Oh, hey guys!" he said in his high-pitched voice. "I'm going to go spend some time with my fiancée Amanda. Boy, it sure is great to be in a relationship."

He climbed into his Arwing and then took off, sailing out of the hangar doors.

"You know, sometimes I really want to punch him," Fox said as he watched Slippy's Arwing fly away into the night sky. As much as Slippy was his friend, he could be very annoying at times.

Katt chuckled, and then thought for a moment, and then she realized a way she and her friend could get their minds off of their troubles.

"Come on, Fox," Katt said, reaching down and grabbing Fox's wrist and pulling him up to his feet, much to his surprise. "We both need to get our minds off of things and have some fun. I know this great club in the city. Lets go there, have some drinks, meet some people, dance. Maybe before this night is over you'll have found a nice girl to take your mind off Krytstal."

Fox was hesitant to go, but Katt didn't seem to be giving him much of a choice. So he reluctantly agreed.


They arrived at the club Katt had told him about. They had to turn in their weapons at the door when they entered the club.

It was packed inside. The dance floor was a mass of writhing, grinding bodies, illuminated by multi colored flashing lights and decorative holograms of swirling shapes and flying mythical creatures. The music was loud, but not so loud that Fox and Katt couldn't hear each other if they were right next to each other. In addition to fog machines creating a blanket of white mist across the dance floor, the scent of artificial pheromones filled the air with sensations of lust and danger.

"What do you think?" Katt asked him enthusiastically, nudging him with her elbow.

"It's... something," said Fox, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the wild environment he was staring at. He was no stranger to bars, having hung out at plenty during his life, but those were relatively quiet and calm environments compared to this. He felt out of place here.

Katt laughed at his response and obvious discomfort. "Come on!" she said, gesturing for him to follow her. "Lets go gets some drinks! I'm sure that will loosen you up!"

Fox followed Katt up to the bar where she got herself and Fox each a drink. Two Saurian Sunrises, so called because the layers of liquids in the glasses resembled the fiery colors of a sunset on the planet Sauria.

"Relax and have some fun, Fox," she said as she handed him his drink. "There are a lot of available girls here looking for a good time. Maybe you'll get lucky tonight. And maybe I will too," she added with a wink to him.

Katt walked off onto the dance floor, leaving Fox at the bar by himself. He sat down at a bar stool and sipped his drink. He knew Katt was trying to be a good friend, but clubs weren't really his thing. But he decided Katt was right, and he began looking around the place at the many attractive girls that were there.

After another drink, Fox eventually got to chatting with a cute blue jay avian girl who he had noticed was eyeing him a few stools down from him. He had to admit, he was enjoying flirting with a pretty girl again, and for once, his mind wasn't on Krystal. He was even half considering inviting Sapphire, that was the avian's name, back to his apartment for a 'good time', although he knew that might be the alcohol and pheromones getting to him.

Then he noticed, over on the other side of the dance floor, four guys were surrounding Katt against a wall. Katt appeared to be uncomfortable around them and looked like she just wanted to get away, but they didn't seem to be taking the hint. She kept trying to get away from them, but they kept blocking her exit and trying to touch her body in various places. He knew Katt normally would be able to handle herself in this kind of situation, but she was outnumbered here, and she didn't have her sidearm with her. Fox didn't like anyone messing with his friends.

"Excuse me for a moment," he said to Saphire as he got off his bar stool and began walking across the dance floor, dodging the wildly dancing people as he made his way over to Katt.

"Excuse me," he said as he tapped on the shoulder of one of the guys surrounding her. The guy, a rhinoceros, turned back to look over his shoulder at him, as did his buddies, a warthog, a tiger, and a crocodile.

Fox looked at Katt. "Are these guys bugging you, Katt?"

"Extremely," said Katt, keeping up a tough appearance, but he could tell she was glad to see him at her aid.

Fox looked back at the four creeps. "You guys heard the lady. Leave her alone."

The four thugs turned to face him, looking irritated that they had been interrupted.

"I think you better mind your own business, punk," said the rhino threateningly.

"You really don't know who you're talking to, tiny," said Fox, not backing down.

The rhinoceros growled and threw a punch. Fox ducked and avoided the punch. Katt took the opportunity and kicked the guy in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. They were oblivious to the screams of panicked customers around them running away from the fight scene as Fox upper cut the croc in the jaw as he was making a move on him, while the tiger and the warthog had turned back to look at Katt. The warthog tried to make a grab for Katt while the tiger turned back to Fox, drawing a knife from his boot that he apparently had hidden there.

The tiger slashed at Fox, cutting him in the chest. Fox yelped in surprise and pain, but he still leaped backwards out of the way of the tiger's next strike at him.

Suddenly the knife was kicked out of the tiger's hand by Katt. Fox saw his opening at the tiger's surprise and punched the tiger in the face, knocking him backwards. Fox then noticed the warthog lying unconscious on the floor, Katt having apparently taken care of him.

The croc and the rhino were getting to their feet. Katt and Fox got ready to engage them when suddenly the music in the club stopped and a loud shout was heard.


Fox and Katt turned to see three Bouncers, a hippo, a badger, and a golden eagle, standing behind them pointing laser pistols at them.

"I want all six of you out of this club!" shouted the eagle. He pointed at Katt and Fox. "You two first!"

Not wanting to get shot, and not willing to argue back, Fox and Katt left the club, collecting their side arms as they walked out the door into the cool night air. Fox remembered the girl he had been flirting with, and realized with disappointment that he hadn't even gotten her number. Oh well, he thought to himself.

"I'm sorry, Fox," said Katt as they walked down the streets of Corneria City together. "Looks like I didn't chose a very good place to go."

"Hey, you couldn't have known that would happen," said Fox.

Katt then noticed the blood staining Fox's shirt and the tear in his shirt. "Fox, you're bleeding!" she said with concern.

Fox looked at his wound. "Don't worry about it. I've had worse."

She smiled. "Still, let me take you back to my apartment and fix you up. My place is closer, and I have a med kit there. It's the least I can do."

Fox agreed and they headed to Katt's apartment.


"Nice place you have here," said Fox politly when they walked inside. It was an average apartment, much like Fox's. It had a kitchen area, a living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

"It suits my needs," said Katt simply.

Katt directed him to the bathroom. There Fox took off his shirt while Katt grabbed her med kit and began to clean Fox's wound.

As she tended his wound, Katt couldn't help but keep glancing at Fox's well-built shirtless body. She knew she was blushing under her fur. She had always known Fox was handsome, but she had never seen Fox as anything more then a friend before since her eyes had always been on Falco. But tonight, things were different. Falco and Krystal were both out of the picture. She was open for business, and Fox was fair game. Maybe it was the couple drinks she had had, and the residual effects of the artificial pheromones from the club, but she was seeing Fox in a whole new light.

"Thanks," said Fox once Katt finished fixing up his wound, pulling his shirt back on.

"No problem," said Katt. "Like I said, it's the least I can do."

He walked out of the bathroom, her following behind as he headed towards the door of her apartment.

"Sorry this night didn't go better," Katt said.

"It's alright. I appreciate you trying to help me. And I did have a good time while it lasted. We should do this again some time," said Fox with a chuckle.

He turned to leave, but Katt suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him before he could take a step. "Wait, Fox!"

Fox turned around to face her in confusion. "What?"

"I want to try something," she said, an odd look in her eyes. Then, suddenly, she leaned forward, grabbing his face with her hands, and pressed her mouth against his. Fox's eyes opened wide in shock as she kissed him.

After a few seconds, she pulled away, allowing Fox to recover from the shock.

"Wha..." Fox stuttered as he gaped at the feline. "What was that?!"

Katt was smirking at him. "Fox, you're single, I'm single, and we're both in desperate need of some lovin', so why not from each other? Besides..." she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, "you are really cute."

She leaned forward and kissed him again. Fox's once again initial surprise soon passed as lust began to overtake him, and he slowly began kissing her back, wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her too him, causing her to purr in approval. He didn't know if it was the couple drinks he had had, and the residual effects of the artificial pheromones from the club, but he quickly became as horny as Katt was. He didn't think, he just acted. It had been so long since he had held a female like this. Katt was right. He did need this.

He could hardly believe he was making out with Katt, his longtime friend. Not that he was opposed to the idea. Katt was a very attractive woman. Heck, she was down right hot!

A few minutes later, Fox and Katt hurried into Katt's bedroom, their tongues burrowed in each other's mouths as they kissed each other lustfully. They closed the door behind them and started pulling off each other's clothes.

They continued to wildly make out as Katt pulled Fox's shirt off him, and then he pulled her top off her. Katt felt her bra being unclipped behind her by Fox, and then pulled off her, exposing her firm breasts. Fox's mouth then moved down and began to suck and lick and nibble one of her erect nipples while his hand massaged the other one, causing Katt to moan in pleasure.

Fox was so aroused. His erection ached as it pressed against the inside of his pants, begging to be set free, but he wanted to give Katt as much pleasure as he could first. But Katt seemed to have other ideas as she suddenly pushed him back onto her bed. She found her way on top of Fox and began rubbing her nose down his stomach, licking his fur. Fox let out small whimpers as she made her way down towards his crotch. Katt saw the bulge in his pants and cupped it in one of her hands, massaging and rubbing it through the fabric. She then quickly unfastened his jeans and pulled them and his boxers off him in one swift motion, allowing his erection to spring forward. Katt gazed in delight at the sight of her new toy. Fox was big. Not freakishly big, but defiantly above average. Fox looked up to see her smile wickedly before she brought her head down and then slowly licked his shaft, starting from the hilt and gliding her tongue up to the tip, causing him to shutter with delight. Katt licked around the tip a few times before she took his entire member into her mouth. Fox moaned heatedly as she rocked her head back and forth over his shaft, sucking hungrily at it. He sat up a bit and put his hands on the back of her head, holding her down onto his meat while bucking his hips a bit into her motion. Katt didn't mind. In fact, she loved it. She liked that Fox was a bit rough.

"Oh, gawd! ... Katt... suck me good! ...ah..." Fox moaned. Katt happily obliged and sucked Fox as hard as she possibly could. She could feel her panties becoming quite moist between her legs.

One of her hands moved beneath his shaft and began to gently squeeze his furry balls, rolling them and rubbing them in her palm, causing him to moan louder. Fox tried his hardest to hold back, but before long, the hot constrictions of Katt's mouth pushed him over the edge.

"Katt... gonna cum!" Fox warned. A second later he pulled her head forward as he came in her mouth. Katt nearly gagged from the large amount of semen he produced. She swallowed as much of it as she could while the rest leaked out of her mouth onto his shaft and scrotum. Fox released Katt's head as his cumming ceased and she pulled away from his twitching manhood, breathing deeply from the slight lack of oxygen. What Fox had just done was rough and hard, completely unlike him, but she liked it.

"Mmmm... tasty... Fox," Katt said, in between breaths.

"Thank you," breathed Fox. "Now it's my turn."

Fox suddenly grabbed her by the waist, spun her around, and laid her down on the bed with him over her. He unfastened her pants and pulled them down off her legs. He saw her panties were moist with her juices. She cooed in approval as he wrapped his fingers around the sides of her panties and began to slowly slide them off of her waist, down her legs, and off her feet, tossing them away onto the floor. Both of them were now completely naked. Fox gazed down at her nude form for a few seconds while she looked up at him with a smile on her face. She was a vision of loveliness to his eyes.

Fox leaned down and began kissing her neck. He moved his kisses downward, taking a few extra seconds on her sensitive nipples, until he reached her inner thigh. Katt spread her legs apart to give him better access.

Katt gasped as Fox slipped two fingers into her moist opening and began assaulting her soft folds. She moaned in pleasure as her juices leaked all over his hand.

"Oh, Fox, it feels soooo good," she moaned as she arched her back from the feelings that Fox was giving her. "Don't stop!"

Fox grinned, happy that he was making this lovely feline feel so good. He rubbed her faster and slipped a third finger inside of her, and before long, a fourth.

Katt could feel her climax rapidly approaching. Suddenly, Fox slipped his fingers out of her. Confused and disappointed, she was about to yell at him for stopping, when Fox suddenly spread her legs further apart with his hands and stuck his nose in between her legs and started licking at her folds. Katt gasped as he pressed his tongue into her depths. She clutched the back of his head with her hands as she writhed in blissful pleasure on the bed.

"Fox! Ooooh gawd..." she practically screamed in ecstasy. Fox continued to lick harder and faster against her sensitive walls, feeling her rippling around his tongue and tasting her sweet juices.

Katt moaned uncontrollably as her moist treasure was stimulated so wonderfully. It didn't take long for her to reach her inevitable climax. As Fox continued his ministrations, Katt cried out in pleasure and bucked her hips as she came in his face.

Katt released Fox's head and he pulled back, breathing deeply and licking her juices off of his face and fingers, while she settled back into a lying position, also taking deep breaths.

"Fox... gawd, I needed this!" she breathed.

"I aim... to please," said Fox as he licked his lips.

Katt giggled and then spread her legs apart invitingly. "Now come and get me," she said seductively.

Fox was already fully erect again. He wasted no time crawling up over her body and leaning down to kiss her. Their lips met, each of them tasting themselves from the other's mouth. Katt shuddered in anticipation as she felt the tip of Fox's member touch her moist folds. Fox glided his tip up and down her puffy lips, teasing her, and himself, for a few seconds, and then shoved his way into her, causing Katt to cry out in pleasure. They moaned in unison as he filled her perfectly, his member stretching her insides to just the right point.

Fox pulled out some and then pushed in deeper on the next thrust, feeling her walls grip and give around him. Katt clutched at his back and wrapped her legs around his waist as he started thrusting harder and faster into her. Katt moaned as she felt her cunt expand even further to accommodate Fox's mass. She lifted her hips up to meet his thrusts. Their bodies rocked in unison. Katt's moans soon turned into screams of pleasure, her juices dripping out onto his meat.

"Harder, Fox!" she shouted. "Faster!"

Fox moaned as he felt her fluids running down his shaft as he hammered her roughly, relishing in the feeling of her tight walls constricting around his rock hard member.

"Katt... you're so tight," Fox moaned.

"Shut up and fuck meeeeee!" Katt shouted in ecstasy.

Katt's body shook, her breasts jiggling with each thrust as Fox pounded in and out of her. She her could feel her release coming. She wanted it! She wanted it so badly!

Fox's rhythm was breaking, his thrusts getting more wild and heated. She guessed he was getting close as well.

"I'm... ah... gonna cum," Fox managed to gasp out in warning.

"Cum in me!" moaned Katt as she bucked against him, spurring him on. "Don't you dare pull out! Fill me up!" She knew she was safe since she was on the pill.

Fox apparently obeyed as he showed no signs of slowing down or stopping. He slammed his hips against hers with primal need, like an animal in rut. They both moaned and whimpered and panted loudly as they were both brought closer and closer towards the brink.

Katt screamed his name and dug her claws into his back as she finally came, her walls clenching tightly around Fox's member, sending tremors of intense pleasure coursing through her body. The tightness and warmth of her insides was too much for Fox and sent him over the edge as well. Katt felt Fox begin to pulse inside her, signaling the start of his own climax. Fox thrust into Katt one last time as he came, shooting his thick seed out into her womb, the pair locked in the blissful shared orgasm as their juices mixed.

The two exhausted lovers collapsed in each other's arms, panting in the afterglow. They lay there in each other's arms, enjoying the feeling of being so intimately close to someone.

"Wow!" said Katt in a breath. "You were amazing!"

"So were you," said Fox with a grin.

Fox pulled his now limp member out of her and lay down on the damp sheets next to his feline lover and the two cuddled up against each other, sweetly kissing each other.

Something then crossed Fox's mind. "So... what happens now?" Fox asked her, not sure exactly what their relationship now was.

Katt smiled, understanding what he meant, and simply rested her head against his chest. "Lets not worry about that now," she cooed softly. "Lets just see where this goes."

Fox was content for the moment to do just that. The vulpine and the feline just lay there naked in each other's arms until they drifted off to sleep, happy that they were together, even if they didn't know where it would go. But both of them secretly hoped they had just found their new love.


A/N: My first Star Fox story. I wrote it because I like this pairing, and I'm sad I don't see more of it. So what do you think?

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