She Was Loved By The Multitudes

BY : Johnny-Topside
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Chapter 1: Cursed Golden Flower

Authors foreword:

This fic is based off of Ermac's MK9 ending, if you're not familiar take the minute to Youtube it and you'll be caught up.

Normal was a relative term for him, but King Jerrod knew something was wrong the moment he woke that morning. He'd had the nightmare countless times, always the same, waking in a cold sweat and thrashing at imaginary enemies, but this one was different. It started as it always did. Jerrod sat with his wife on the sun drenched Nalat beach, his young daughter Kitana trying to catch the waves as they rolled in. Sindel's black hair framed her elegant face, shapely eyebrows over demure, hazel eyes , flawless skin and full lips. Kitana was only five, but it was already clear she was going to grow up to be a beauty like her mother. Jerrod wasn't quite an old man, but getting there at 28000 years. He was still hale but definitely past his prime. His gray beard and thinning hair were starting to turn white and it was hard to keep the extra weight off now.

He soaked up the sun for a minute, enjoying the monotonous rasp of the sea. You couldn't swim in the sea like then, not now, he'd think on waking. It was becoming safe to travel by boat again and maybe to fish if you had a strong stomach for what you caught, and it wasn't night of course. Careless fools still went missing off the coast all the time. All of this was forever changed, forever gone, but every single time, Jerrod always forgot until the end.

“I'm worried.” Sindel said. She wore a purple bikini that hugged her body, she certainly didn't look 20000 years old, but Jerrod usually kept these thoughts to himself. It was a bit embarrassing to tell her those things, but this time he found himself appreciating the way it lifted her proud breasts. “Shao Kahn's won nine tournaments. Nine! One more and...” She was watching Kitana splash in the waves without a care. Jerrod knew all too well, they had lost seven of the tournaments just during his reign. Peacetime just didn't breed the kind of warriors that could stand up to Kahn and his beasts that called themselves men.

“It'll be alright.” Jerrod would always say at this point in his infinite ignorance. “We only need to win once and the kingdom is safe again. The fighters we've picked this time are all hard men that have been training nonstop since the last tournament and they know what's at stake. We even have grandmaster Cha.” Sindel smiled that smile he never saw anymore and it would always tear at his heart when he woke, but it was still too early for that.

“If we win this time, let's try again.” His wife put her arm around him.

“Try what again?”

“Let's give Kitana a little brother or sister.” She smiled slyly and gave him a peck. He returned it on her cheek casually, completely taking for granted this vision beside him, and he frowned for the first time in the dream, as if it had only just occurred to him. Why hadn't he been more responsive to her? Distraction, he thought. Who wouldn't be distracted with Shao Kahn threatening their reality?

“We'll see my love.” His wife was still relatively young but she was getting past child bearing age, they'd had Kitana with much difficulty. It just seemed like there was never any time to try and he was getting past that age as well.

“Well if you don't want her can we have her?” A voice asked and suddenly Jerrod was pushed down into the sand by a heavy boot. This was where the dream always became a nightmare. Shao Kahn's goons would drag his wife and daughter away into the darkness while he could only watch, old and helpless. He heard the familiar nasty laughter and his wife's cries, and soon he would start begging them to leave her alone.

He was jerked to his feet from behind by powerful arms, only this time it wasn't some Takartan with a grin full of razors and bad breath, but a masked figure garbed in red and black with eyes that glowed green like swamp light. Jerrod struggled to break out of the grip, he shifted, trying to stomp on the foot, then threw his head back futilely until another figure strode up and drove it's fist into his gut. The air was knocked out of him and as he sank to the sand, he saw the figure looking down at him was the very same red garbed ninja with green eyes. Two identical men each pulled Sindel's arms this way and that as they laughed at her struggles. Another came back carrying Kitana under his arm like a toy even as she kicked and thrashed. The one behind him dragged Jerrod back up and secured him in a painful neck lock. It wasn't just that they were all dressed the same, they were all of them the exact same man.

“I'll bet Shao Kahn will be pleased with these pretty prizes we've caught.” Said the one holding Jerrod from behind. “He'll be well entertained.”

“Maybe we can find some entertainment before then.” Another of the ninjas laughed. The eyes and face were the same but the voice was much younger than the first.

“This one looks like she knows what she's doing.” Said another, but it was a woman's voice even though the figure was clearly a man. The creature held Sindel's chin in it's hand, roughly turning her face this way and that to admire the cheekbones.

“I like them a little younger!” Boomed the one carrying Kitana. Instead of a small child, he was now carrying his adult daughter under one arm. The young woman still kicked underneath the ninja's arms absurdly. Jerrod's face contorted and he realized something was really wrong. What was happening? Kitana wasn't even six yet! It had been Takartans before, not whatever these were. They were so familiar.

“So how about it?” The one with the female voice asked his wife. “Don't tell me you want to play with grandpa here when you could be having fun with us?” The other slid behind Sindel as easily as oil and grasped handfuls of her full breasts.

“Just feel these tits! Has your husband squeezed them like this recently?” The red thing began to fondle his wife in front of his eyes, but instead of crying or struggling Sindel leaned her head back against the man's shoulder and purred in pleasure.

“Don't stop, you know what I like.” The one beind her reached down and a gloved hand stole into Sindel's bikini bottom and began to move beneath the fabric. “Ah, yes, stroke me there!”

“No.” Whispered Jerrod. He couldn't believe his eyes and ears. His wife wouldn't say that!

“Make me Shao Kahn's whore.” Princess Kitana breathed and the ninja lifted her blue loin cloth and squeezed the tightly toned ass. The figure began to unbuckle it's pants and gripped Kitana's hips before looking at Jerrod. The mask concealed it's mouth, but he could tell it was grinning at him, the green eyes burned with a lunatic glee as it began to thrust.

“Stop this! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!” Jerrod screamed, and a gloved fist flew out of nowhere to punch him in the mouth. He spat blood and when he opened his eyes, his wife and daughter were moaning and writhing, covered in swarms of identical red men that sucked and fondled and thrust. The positioned themselves above and below the women, who gave themselves over to the sea of flesh willingly, enjoying it, their mouths saying unspeakably depraved things and begging for more as Jerrod thrashed about, helpless, his screams fading in his own ears over the din of thousands of voices.

“Join us again Jerrod. Join us”

He woke with a start, and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, greatly disturbed by the dream. He had no real control over his dreams but how could such a vile vision come from his own mind all the same? He got out of bed to discover with disgust he also had a thick hard-on. Jerrod rubbed his face before going to the bureau mirror and stared at it as he did every morning.

It wasn't an old bearded face staring back at him now, but glowing green eyes set in a stranger's face. The familiar eyes from his dream stared out from the face of a younger man with moppish black hair. To Jerrod he didn't look like anyone in particular. It wasn't an ugly face perse, but something about it's contours just seemed wrong...unnatural. It was a daily ritual, staring himself down like this, convincing himself that he was King Jerrod and not Ermac anymore. It took awhile to steady himself, the nightmare had left a bad taste in his mouth, but eventually he began the daily litany of his crimes.

He only remembered being Ermac in half remembered snippets. Killing Shao Kahn's countless enemies and slaughtering rebels for the Emperor's pleasure. Ending the innocent and guilty alike in the tournament. One of his clearer memories was Sindel standing by Kahn's side, watching the matches with drugged detachment. Seeing them together, his gentle wife tainted by this evil and hearing that hateful laugh of his had filled the composite being with an inexplicable rage and the Emperor's creation had rebelled. The magic binding Ermac's will was strong but the rage grew stronger until a multitude of souls turned on the Emperor even as he ordered them to lay down and die.

Hazy, disjointed fragments of that long, hard fought battle came to him and he tried to piece them into a coherent whole. He had still been submerged within the consciousness of Ermac, the rage was the only thing Jerrod remembered contributing. Shao Kahn's strength was overwhelming and even though their body had the strength and fighting spirit of thousands of warriors souls, it was as nothing against the Emperors might. In the end, bleeding and battered, Ermac only won by ruthlessly exploiting a gap in his defense. In a moment of overconfidence Kahn dropped his guard and Ermac telekinetically created a bubble within the warlord that expanded until it burst from his massive chest in a crimson geyser, but even then he didn't fall. A punch with the strength of at least ten men shattered the skull mask to reveal Kahn's despicable face. It was brutish, eyebrow-less, lumpy and contused from the beating, and strangely naked without the mask that the realms had come to fear. Ermac's glowing eyes narrowed before a fist drove itself through that face, then again, and again, until brittle bones finally gave way to a wet pulp.

Ermac withdrew his gore drenched fist, feeling Kahn's curse lifting...and that's when the real battle began as the souls within him laid claim for control of the newly freed mind. It was on that dark psychic plane that Jerrod awoke, for the first time he remembered thinking for himself and not as “We”. He was a smoky green reflection, trapped in a giant vessel shaped like a man with countless others, all vying for control of Ermac's body. The gestalt entity composed of thousands, tens of thousands of the souls that had perished in Edenia's war with Shao Kahn. Soldiers, nobles, ascetics, martial artists and even bandits and murderers, if they had ever picked up a weapon or had some skill with their fists, they were part of Ermac. Even the king of Edenia.

They fought, soul to soul, mind to mind, those thousands, for what seemed like eternity until slowly the mobs thinned and he was the last man standing. It wasn't a battle of martial arts skill, but sheer will power. To recount each individual battle would have taken Jerrod the rest of the month. Jerrod held no illusions, he was only consciously in control now to recount the memory because of who he was. Some of the souls had rallied to him as their king , but far more who had served under him had fought him bitterly. The urge to live again was a powerful one and he didn't blame them for it. Still, that small edge, and his recent memory of his wife Sindel had been enough for him to push through.

Sindel. It had been a year since he embraced her and their grown daughter Kitana with tears in their eyes. It was a true miracle that they were reunited as a family, irrevocably changed but alive, but it hadn't been the fairy tale ending he'd hoped for. With a sigh Jerrod reached into the dresser and pulled out his other face, an ornate black face mask that obscured almost everything except for the green eyes. Inside he was Jerrod but not everyone in the kingdom believed that yet, so for now he'd continue to show them the face they knew. Ermac, the slayer of Shao Kahn.

He strode the halls, trying to clear his mind of the filthy dream. Servants bowed as he passed, to King Jerrod or Ermac, he didn't know. Queen Sindel and a few survivors from before the war had vouched for him, but it was enough that he had destroyed the Emperor for most. Between him and his wife their leadership had won over most of his subjects, but for the last year it had been enough to deal with Baraka, Mileena and their vicious Takartan hordes.


His daughter's voice dragged Jerrod back the moment and he saw Kitana waving from down the hall. He smiled, at least one person was always glad to see him. He hadn't been there to see her grow up but she had been overjoyed at his return and accepted him wholeheartedly as her father when others doubted. More than her mother he thought ruefully. She ran to him and gave him a hug and he returned it uncomfortably, he didn't approve of her fashion choices. She wore a turquoise halter that tied around her neck and left her sizable cleavage exposed and a long blue sash covered her modesty but left little to the imagination with her thighs. A silver hair band held her glossy black hair. In some ways she was more beautiful than even her mother, she had inherited the best features of her grandmother as well and he marveled again at how she had grown. She was more than 10000 years old now.

“How is my daughter this morning?”

“Better than fine. Giles said there was great news in the field and they are going to break it to you this morning.”

“About the Takartans?” She nodded and his smile broadened. “That's wonderful, I'll go see your mother.” Kitana's face clouded a bit, she knew about the difficulties her parents had been having, it was something of an open secret now.

“Be careful, she's not in a good mood. She's in the courtyard, she says she's training the royal guards but it looks more like she's just kicking their asses.”

“Kitana! A princess doesn't talk like that.”

“Sorry, those Earthrealmers. ” She gave him a light kiss on the cheek. “Things will get better, she just needs time. Try to be patient, what happened to us was tough on her. I'll see you later.” He watched her go for a moment, feeling that strange mixture of fatherhood, pride and fear.

You should be proud. She's grown up to be a strong, beautiful woman. A man could fall in love.

He furrowed his brow slightly at the thought. He had been thinking something like that, but the thought felt foreign somehow.

Or lust. The princess has coltish legs that go all the way up to that gorgeous ass of hers.

Jerrod frowned deeper. He hadn't just really thought that had he?

Shut up you scum. She's his daughter.

She's not MY daughter. See how it bounces as she walks? A cock would bounce off it just as easy.

Jerrod realized that his eyes were trained on his daughter's shapely bottom as it shifted with each step and shook his head hard. What was that? He had heard those perverted thoughts, but it had been someone elses voice in his head.

He was disturbed but he'd almost put it out of his mind by the time he reached the courtyard. Sindel was sparring with six of the royal guards at once and slapping them around like they were children. Most of them were on their backs and the one who was still up looked exhausted and was bleeding profusely from his mouth. Staggering, he threw a punch at Sindel who simply grabbed the fist with one hand and squeezed. The man screamed in pain and sank to his knees and Jerrod heard the telltale crunch as the bones in his hand strained not to break altogether.

“Queen Sindel!” He yelled and his wife looked up from her work, her savage grin faltering before she released the guard. He scrambled away, crab like, while clutching the hand.

“I was just finishing up husband. Aiden!” She called and the captain of the guards bowed low before her. “If these weaklings can't last two minutes against me what hope do they have of protecting the royal family?”

“I'm deeply sorry. The power of your Majesty is only matched by her glorious beauty, it's only expected that they would stand no chance.”

“Hmph, I don't need flattery, I need strong protectors.”

“I will discipline them and train them harder your Majesty. As always, your every word is my desire.” Aiden pounded his fist to his heart in salute and Sindel sniffed and waved him away daintily. As the captain passed, carrying one of the injured guards over his broad shoulder he gave only the briefest nod of his head to Jerrod while avoiding his eyes.

“My liege.”

“Captain.” Jerrod said shortly. He didn't like Aiden, or the way he talked to his wife. Not so much what he said as something in his voice, some oily thing beyond mere admiration that he hadn't noticed before.

He's a vapid pretty boy, the kind I ate for breakfast in the day, always thought they were hot shit until you got them into a bar fight.

Another strange voice. Bar fight? He'd never done such a thing and he didn't normally curse. Things were off today since that nightmare, sometimes it just didn't pay to get out of bed.

Sindel brushed a small bit of blood off her shoulder as he walked over, it wasn't hers of course. She hadn't even broke a sweat. He found himself looking at her differently this morning, like so many things, it was like he was seeing her for the first time since the spell had broken. She was still his wife but her resurrection had wrought changes in her as drastic as any Jerrod had experienced. Her long hair, once black as starless night was now almost entirely white except in the center, and the mild, hazel eyes were now pale like milk. The long hair spilled down her chest in a snowdrift across the bodice that exposed the hills of her ripe breasts and her firm abdomen. When they had first married she had been soft like silk, not strong with cords of taut muscle on her exposed arms and legs. She was still very beautiful but her face now had a hard anger chiseled into it which made her look older. The changes weren't all just physical either.

The Queen has had a hard life, you should be understanding.

You lucky dog. Her Majesty has some majestic tits. Those thighs, that fine, toned-

“Was there something you wanted or were you just going to stand there and admire me all day?” Sindel asked with her hands on her hips. The voices had distracted him but he had honestly been admiring her body. She dressed a little more conservatively than their daughter, but not much, it had become the style in the kingdom during Shao Kahn's reign and he was still getting used to women parading around in next to nothing. The thought of other eyes lingering on the Queen's exposed skin bothered him more today than it had before.

“Can't I admire beauty?” She smiled a very small, tight smile and fluffed her hair mockingly.

“I haven't heard you talk like that in a long time. You used to gush over me all the time when we were younger. Are you sick?” He frowned a little, he really was feeling off, was it so unusual for him to compliment her?

“I'm sorry about that. Maybe we could take some time later this week and...reacquaint ourselves. We haven't been spending enough time together.” She raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“You're only now noticing that?” He'd long had problems with her since their resurrection, and each day he'd kept putting them off. It was small wonder they could barely talk to eachother now. There was a brief time when he might have been able to bridge the gap between them, but...

I''ve been too wrapped in trying to undo the damage Shao Kahn did to this kingdom. There were rebellions to put down and so many enemies to deal with.” He explained, for what felt like the thousandth time. She folded her arms, unimpressed, and watched some butterflies flit amongst the flowers. Such things were finally starting to return now that Outworld's influence no longer dominated the Edenian environment. He moved towards her and put his hands on her bare shoulders and found her skin excited him. It had been weeks since he'd touched her, he hadn't even been aware of how much he still wanted her since that moment. She jerked a little in surprise, but she radiated cold.

“There's always enemies, and there's always some threat.” She replied. “That's why we've barely spent any time together outside of war rooms.” She said it without bitterness, like she was talking about bad weather. It was true, there hadn't been time to be romantic with her even though they hadn't seen eachother in centuries. They were different people, and there was their daughter, their kingdom, so many fires to put out, so much consolidation.

“I never wanted us to sacrifice our happiness, but that's what it means to rule Sindel.”

“You think I don't know that?” She pulled away from him and made a point of not looking at him. “It's been a year.”

“Yes, a long, dry year, but look at all we've done. The Shokan and the Centaurians have integrated. We're on friendly terms with the Seidans. The Chaos and Nether Realms have kept their distance. Once we've dealt with the Takartans there will finally be time for us, I promise.”

“When? When do you start acting like a husband again as well as a king?” That made him angry, couldn't she see he was trying now? Still, why had he waited so long?

“Just give me a chance damn it! There's news of the Takartans today, once Baraka is dealt with-”

“You always use words like 'once' and 'soon' and 'someday', did you know that?”

“I'm trying with you Sindel. I've been through alot and-” He tried to touch her shoulders again and she jerked away, her face was flushed and fierce.

“You think you're the only one? What about me and your daughter? You think a few pretty words now make up for you being so distant?”

“I thought you had gotten enough of those from the captain.” He regretted the words immediately after they left his mouth and he spread his hands. “Sindel, I'm sorry, I haven't been feeling myself.” His wife's white eyes flashed angrily and then all the emotion seemed to leave her face all at once, replaced with icy control.

“I thought you had been feeling yourself. No wonder you haven't touched me since Kitana was born.”

“I'm sorry.” Jerrod cursed at himself, it had just slipped out. What was wrong with him today?

“I'll wait with baited breath in the throne room.”

When the envoy breathlessly entered the throne room, his face aglow with what promised to be news of victory. Jerrod sat on his throne, glad for once to be wearing the mask that concealed his troubled expression. His daughter Kitana sat on his left, and on his right his wife, but the couple sat rigidly, like strangers. The envoy bowed, but when he spoke he addressed the Queen, which was fine by Jerrod. The whole day had become trying beyond belief.

Stop wallowing in self pity and be a man.

It was a woman's voice but he found himself agreeing with it and his hand reached for his wife's. She moved it before their fingers could touch, as if she was just shifting position but Jerrod knew better.

“General Jade won the last battle decisively, it was a complete rout!” The envoy boomed and the court erupted in cheers and applause. The man beamed, he had a fine strage presence and he was relishing his moment in the spotlight as the cheering went on and on.

“Quiet!” Sindel thundered, her voice cutting like a knife through the ruckus. “I would hear more.” She said more gently, extending her hand to the envoy.

“Baraka was killed and his foul bride Mileena fled the field, she is even now being hunted down. We expect to capture her by nightfall. The bulk of the hordes remain in the west, but they are leaderless and have fallen to infighting.”

“What of General Jade?”

“She returns to give full report, she left half the army to pursue Mileena and ensure the hordes make no further moves.

“Very well then. Any other news?”

“There is, but I would speak with your Majesty privately.”

Jerrod sniffed the night air, the scent of the flowers in the court yard and the chirping crickets calming him. It was a star lit sky, so bright it was almost blue. The rest of the day had been busy and he hadn't had time to reflect on all the strangeness, but he felt better now. Communications were found in the command tent between Mileena and the Edenian traitor Tanya, she'd been operating in their backyard all along. She was gearing up to launch some sort of attack once Baraka marched on the capital. He hadn't, so chances were Tanya was long gone but if she wasn't...Jerrod smiled broadly. No, he wasn't that lucky, but there was a slim chance she hadn't moved on yet and the letters gave them an area to search. A force would scour for her tomorrow. His thoughts turned back to his wife.

You've got to admit, you have been kind of an asshole.

It was the same female voice from the throne room, she had an unsympathetic, humorless edge to her thoughts. He didn't care for the vulgarity but she spoke with authority. The thoughts had been mostly quiet as he concentrated on the day's work, but he was still disturbed. He had defeated the other souls for control of this body but they were still inside and as much a part of him as his fingers or his toes, and it seemed they were restless. Maybe the woman was nothing more than a strand of hair on his head for all he knew. Only Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung had truly understood how Jerrod's composite body worked and they were both dead. Quan Chi might know but he was too dangerous not to kill on sight.

The flowers were fragrant and he plucked a handful of purples from the ground, arranging them in a bouquet. It was childish, but when had he last done something like this for his wife? His beautiful kingdom had become a cruel, savage place and his loving wife a cold, brutal shell of a woman and Jerrod was left to pick up the pieces. They'd had trouble since almost the beginning, chalking it up to the shock of their resurrections and how different they both were now so Jerrod had given his wife her space. Maybe too much. That space had grown wider and wider until they could barely talk to eachother now and even slept in separate bedrooms. They hadn't even gone to bed together since he'd returned he thought with some amazement. The thought of his wife's sculpted body naked filled him with desire and he felt himself stir beneath his belt. Jerrod hadn't even thought of sex till that morning, all the stress of ruling and fighting with Sindel had killed what little drive he'd had and he began to look at the nightmare with something like gratitude. He hadn't realized how distant he'd really been until now, it was like he had been sleep walking but now he was awake. The kingdom would survive if he wasn't there to guide it every second of every day, and Sindel was as strong a ruler as he'd ever been. The voice was right, he had been, as the Earthrealmers say, an asshole. Sindel deserved more of his attention and he would start making it up to her now.

It was late, and his wife would either be taking her nightly shower or already in bed. Both prospects appealed to Jerrod, he would give her the flowers and let her know how he really felt. That ice around her heart would melt and things would be like they were before Shao Kahn again. The thought of her dark cherry lips excited him in a way he hadn't felt since they'd first met and he wondered again how he could have gone so long without trying harder with her.

You were trying to give her space, but a woman needs a man to make the first move old timer, take it from me.

He scowled and walked more quickly down the hall, he wished the voices would shut up and let him concentrate. He was about to knock on the door when he heard something on the other side. It was very faint but sounded like his wife was talking. He debated and put his ear to the door. He heard Sindel laugh and say something, then a man spoke indistinctly. There was silence a few moments, and then he heard his wife groan deeply as if she was in pain. The man asked her something and she answered breathlessly. Jerrod's hand crept to the doorknob, expecting it to be locked, but instead it turned in his hand. He closed it behind him as quietly as possible. The voices were a little clearer now, he could hear them coming from the bedroom. He crept slowly towards the sound, afraid of what he would see. Jerrod edged to the door, just enough so he could peer in from around the corner and keep his distance.

His wife was on her hands and knees, the bedspread bunched up between her hands as Aiden held a leg up and fucked her from behind. Her harsh voice had risen in pitch as she trilled with each loud slap of his thighs against her. Jerrod was so shocked he could do nothing but watch as Sindel closed her eyes and bit her lip. Aiden increased his pace and now Jerrod could also hear the faint slosh of the man's rod driving into his wife's wetness. Her breasts swayed with each thrust, her two tone hair fell about in a flurry, and Jerrod found himself perversely aroused as he watched them. Her new, fit body was magnificent, he hadn't really seen his wife naked since coming back he realized, the shock finally peeling back to reveal anger and shame. The bouquet of flowers whispered against the stonework as it fell from his nerveless fingers and he clutched his head as a mob of voices screamed conflicting demands at him.

Go in there and smack her and beat that little shit to an inch of his life!

No, you had to expect this! You haven't touched her in years, is it any wonder this happened?

The vow between a husband and a wife is a sacred thing, nothing should break it.

Look at the Queen go, fucking like a triphammer!

Kill them, kill them both!

You should go in and join them, you know you want to. Just strip off your clothes and walk right in. Your wife's mouth looks lonely.

He huddled on the floor, and over the voices he could hear his wife and Aiden panting obscenely.

“I love these beautiful tits!” Aiden said smugly as he grabbed a handful. “ Do you want me to suck them again till they're raw? ” His wife's coo of satisfaction made Jerrod shiver in anger as his body struggled, to do what he didn't know. Her voice sounded so similar to his nightmare he almost lost control.

“No! Don't talk so dirty to me!” She said, but her voice was a purr.

“But you love it. Tell me what else you love.”

“Oh god, I love your huge cock! Slap your big balls against my pussy!” The smacking sounds increased and Jerrod opened his eyes, from this angle he could see Aiden driving hard into the queen. As he watched Sindel's fingers caressed the swinging sack before sliding up the shaft and reaching her clit which she rubbed furiously.

“Do you like that?”

“It's the best thing I've ever had!” She cried and he pumped his hips hard into her before stopping and leaving it inside her. Her moan peaked and she bucked against him before he pulled her to him for one last deep thrust up to the hilt, then withdrew, groaning loudly as he climaxed and sprayed a white stream on his wife's back. Her satisfied croon and her legs shifting against one another filled Jerrod with a toxic mix of despair and desire.

“Do me like you did before.” Aiden grunted and laid back in the bed, offering her his hard cock. He was rubbing the thick member against the queen's cheeks and across her lips and her smile showed she enjoying the treatment.

“Let me clean you up little boy.” She began to lick the glistening seed off his manhood, worshiping the guard captain with her mouth. The man closed his eyes and exhaled as Sindel's cheeks hollowed and the sucking, popping sounds reached Jerrod's ear . She had never done that with him he thought, never.

Did you ever ask her to?

We're royalty, it wouldn't be dignified he thought back.

How's being a cuckold for dignified?

“The way you flick your tongue Highness, this must be a royal blowjob.”

“Mmm, I'm going to suck all the cheek out of you after your cum runs dry.” His wife replied with a voice like a hungry lioness before swishing her tongue all around the man's shaft and Jerrod felt his own cock straining his pants. She had never talked like that! The slurping grew louder as her head bounced feverishly and Aiden gasped like he was dying as Sindel kept her word. Her throat moved as she swallowed him and the guard captain's face was either pain or the pinnacle of pleasure. Finally, mercifully, they finished and Aiden got up and began to dress as Sindel stretched out languidly in bed.

A thousand conflicting emotions battled for dominance in Jerrod, he had less than a minute to do something. He came within a breath of simply standing there and waiting for Aiden to come around the corner and meet his waiting fist, but Jerrod still couldn't reconncile the betrayal and his own arousal. Confusion washed over him, paralyzing him, so in the end he quickly snuck out as Aiden finished buttoning his shirt.

He didn't sleep that night, the voices kept him up, not that it mattered. He drank himself almost into a stupor, but no matter how his eyes ached and his head throbbed, he couldn't drift off even for a moment. He was too busy imagining all the different ways he could have reacted other than sneaking out like a coward. One moment he was beating the captain into a bloody mess, the next, delivering some impossibly grand declaration of love to his wife that would melt her callous expression to one of shocked guilt. Whatever he would have done, it would have been impulsive and foolish he tried to tell himself, and he could deal with it when he had time to think. Thoughts didn't come though, only baffled, seething jealousy. Had his Sindel sucked that bastard's cock until he filled her mouth ? Had she rutted for him like a bitch in heat and begged him like a whore? The Queen of Edenia, his loyal wife for thousands of years!

Maybe that's the problem. Thousands of years and you never put it to her hard?

We made love countless times he thought and the voice jeered.

That's why you're a dupe. “Made love.” You probably never even ate her out!

Jerrod didn't reply, aloud or mentally. He didn't need thousands of leering perverts peering into his thoughts. He had done that thing to his wife a few times, but it had been more like kissing her...kissing there. He shook his head, embarrassed, and wished he could be alone in his own head again, in his old run down body with his old wife and daughter that he knew, and not these strange, dangerous women he had now for his family.

Morning finally crept in and Jerrod went down to the courtyard. In the early light and crisp air he felt a little better even if his body was only moving now under protest. No, he was in no condition to think about it now, he needed rest first and then he would confront Sindel. The voices jabbered and gibed and lilted, and though all he could feel was bald anger, on some level, they were right. He had allowed Sindel to get away from him and he had to take at least some blame. No damn it, if she had wanted that she could have come to him!

Could she? Were you available?

“Enough.” He said aloud to the empty courtyard. “There's things that need doing.”

“So begging your pardon your Majesty, you didn't need to leave the palace for a scouting party. We could handle this.”

Jerrod let his attention turn from the river to the soldier riding by his side. They galloped along the bank in tight formation, most of Outworld was ugly, dead, and dangerous, but this area had recovered and was green again. The river fed down to the valley, carving out caves that went on for miles. The soldier wasn't very bright looking, probably picked more for his sword arm than his brains, but Jerrod didn't say what he really thought.

“Tanya is a dangerous fighter, easily a match for any of you, and we have no idea how many conspirators she has with her. You might find my strength useful here, we can't be too careful.”

“Oh.” The soldier adjusted his canteen and urged his horse on. That was one reason Jerrod had come, but mainly he needed to get out of the palace. From the moment he'd seen his wife that morning he'd struggled not to say something he'd regret. She'd met his announcement of leading the scouts with the same confusion as the soldier.

“Elder Gods why? It's beneath you.” She'd said with cold scorn and he'd had to strangle a quip about who was positioned beneath who the previous night.

“This is it.” Jerrod dismounted and stroked his steeds neck as he got the lay of the land. There were quite a few caves, who knew how far they went. He double checked the map, but there was nothing on it to indicate Tanya's whereabouts. He only had forty men.

“I want you in teams of two, search every cave in the area by nightfall. Mark the caves that are clear with chalk. If you see anything suspicious, use the bells and we'll meet back at this spot.” Jerrod fingered the small bell at his belt, they were magically linked, if one rang they would all ring. It was tempting to double the pace and let them search separately but he wouldn't put anything past Tanya. If one was ambushed that would be all the heads up she would need to clear out.

They split up and spread out in every direction to begin their tedious work. Some of the caves weren't even man sized but they still had to be checked, and there were a lot of them. Many fed into a maze like underground network of caves, making the area difficult to search. Many of them went nowhere, others connecting to one another, and nothing to differentiate them. The voices nagged at Jerrod with sound advice and twisted urgings but he was largely able to drown them out and concentrate on the search. Hours later it was wearing on him on top of the sleep deprivation. He knew the chances had been slim of catching any sign of Tanya but he'd still hoped for something, anything. They had started mid morning and already it was dragging into late afternoon and the bell hadn't rung even once. He emerged from the latest fruitless cave and pounded the tree outside it in frustration. He stopped for a moment and stared at the tree like he was really seeing it for the first time. Carved into it were small circular symbols, not much bigger than his thumb. He blinked twice, and like an epiphany he realized he could read them. They were thieves marks he thought, then wondered how he knew that.

Picked it up smuggling weapons for centuries right under your fool nose Jerrod.

He ignored the smug voice for now. It was the symbol for “empty”. He went to the next cave and after some searching was able to turn up the same symbols. He didn't bother checking inside but continued on, the next caves were the same, though the symbols weren't always in the same place, they were always carved nearby. Jerrod's fingers traced the symbols at the latest cave. “West entrance.” His hand slid down to the bell, but stopped short. Nothing in there could be any real threat to him and he wouldn't alert the men yet till he was sure of what he found.

He entered the cool cave and walked for a few minutes until it narrowed and he passed around a bend. The last light faded and he saw with some excitement there were torch sconces on the walls. He took one and lit it with a piece of flint and walked for another half mile until the path split into a web of narrow passages in every direction, each one marked. Empty. Food store. Empty. North exit. His torch stopped at the most promising. “Armory.”

He hurried down the passage as quickly as he could and still be sure of his footing. It was very deep, it took almost half an hour before he heard voices in the distance. They echoed back to him, distorted and ghostlike in the cavern but he couldn't make out the words. As he got closer he could hear the sound of labor, and hastily he doused the torch and crept the rest of the way in the darkness. He could hear the sound of wood on stone and grunting. Cautiously Jerrod poked his head from behind a rock to see four men loading barrels into a cart. Their horse was as bedraggled as the men and would occasionally snort impatiently as they did their work. It was almost full and there weren't more than a dozen more barrels to load, there wasn't time to go back.

Reaching down Jerrod rang the small bell at his belt as softly as he could and the horse reared back and neighed loudly. One of them men cursed at the horse and the others continued with their work but one of them froze and his hand went down to his dagger.

“Shut up all of you!” The man hissed as he grabbed a torch and peered into the darkness. He gestured silently at the others who set their barrels down and began to bunch up. So much for that Jerrod thought and stepped out from behind the rock. The torch light fell on him and Jerrod was gratified to see their faces become masks of fear so exaggerated they were comical.

“Unfucking believable!” Breathed one and he held his sword in front of him as if he could hide behind it. “What are the fucking odds?”

“Hold steady.” Grit the one with the torch and at that the one nearest the cart tried to bolt. Jerrod's concentration flickered and the next second the man fell face first into the stone floor as telekinetic force seized his ankles.

“Don't be foolish.” Jerrod said and took a step towards the group. The one he had pegged for the leader held his ground but the other two backed away. “I beat Shao Kahn with my bare hands, what chance do you think you have? Surrender and I'll show you quarter.”

“Are you kidding?” The leader laughed. “This is our lucky day! The king of Outworld shows his stupid face here alone just to get whacked. Come on guys, Ermac just made our job alot easier.”

“What makes you think I'm alone? Also, it's King Jerrod to all of you. This is your last chance, you don't have a prayer against me. Give up.”

“Maybe we should-” The man was silenced by a quick pop from the leaders fist and then he grabbed a handful of his subordinate's tunic.

“Think you moron! You think we won't hang for what we've got in that wagon? Go tell Tanya to get the hell out of here!” The scruffy underling nodded and got about eight steps before Jerrod felled him with a telekinetic trip wire. He began to get shakily to his feet before Jerrod came down on the back of his neck with invisible force like a hammer blow.

“Two down. This is me restraining myself by the way.”

“Go fuck yerself!” The leader spat and lunged at him with the torch. The flaring yellow heat blinded him momentarily and Jerrod jumped back even as he felt the tip of the dagger tear a thin line through his sleeve. He felt the fire dip below his arm and raised it in time to avoid being lit up like a candle even as he felt a light breeze brush against his face. The other thug had flanked him and his sword had just missed his nose. Ducking down low Jerrod put his weight on his hand and launched himself up into the air feet first. The sound of the sword clattering to the ground and the nose crunching beneath his heel filled him with a demented joy as he spun from the foot he was on and swept the legs out from underneath the leader. He followed with a quick elbow and the sound of the man's head cracking against the stone was unmistakable as the torch flew from his hand.

“Fuck no!” The thug with the broken nose screamed and curled into a ball as the torch rolled towards the pile of barrels and something in his voice caused Jerrod to react. His mind seized the torch and threw it against the cave wall where it went out. The thug was blubbering as Jerrod picked him up by the scruff of his neck and the glowing eyes leaned in.

“What's in those barrels? Tell me or I light one off with you strapped to it!”

“Explosives! Explosives!”

“What were you going to do with them?”

“I don't...I don't know.” There was a rivulet of snot running from his nose as Jerrod raised his knuckles right underneath. “We were going to blow something up! Tanya didn't tell us what!”

“Where is she?”

“Oh god, she'll kill me if-”

“I'll give you protection. Where?”

“Down this corridor. You, uh, you swear?”

“I swear, now let's go.” He shoved the man roughly forward and after a moment he led the way in a kind of sobbing half shuffle. They made three or four turns until they stopped at a cross way. There was a heavy wooden door and the man produced a key and gingerly opened the door.

Tanya stood before a table packing a large travel bag. Her sinuous back was to them and she moved like someone trying to leave in a hurry. As Jerrod watched she stuffed what looked like tins of food and various scrolls into the bag. She paused, seemed to think for a moment and then with a lightning movement her wrist flicked towards him. Jerrod felt rather than saw the missile as it flew at him faster than he could think.  He ducked to the side just as the slim dagger buried itself in the unfortunate peon behind him. The man's eyes bulged in mortal surprise and he pitched forward dead.

Tanya hesitated when she saw who he was and Jerrod took the moment to size her up. He had never seen her up close but everyone knew the stories of the woman who's name had become synonymous with betrayal. Tanya's lips and nails were painted black, and across her white eyes was a stripe of ebon war paint like a domino mask. It blended seamlessly with her dark skin and the raven hair that fell and curled about her in great frothy waves to make her look even more sinister, like she was peering out from shadow. Her yellow corset squeezed her torso tightly, only her impressive breasts had room to breath, the bronze orbs heaving from underneath the criss-crossing straps. Her surprise became a smirk and she pulled a pair of hand sickles from behind her back as if performing a magic trick. In response Jerrod leveled the sword he had taken from the thug.

“How did you find me?” She asked calmly.

“That doesn't matter. Where did you get the explosives?”

“Oh, those. A stupid Earthrealmer with a red eye sold them to me. Magically enhanced too. Enough boom in that little wagon to blow up the whole palace.”

“So that was the plan?” She twirled a sickle with an infuriatingly easy smile.

“Nothing succeeds like simplicity. Turn the royal family into a smoking crater and watch Mileena take the throne. Too bad she's so impulsive or they'd be cutting the heads off your worthless family as we speak. Oh well. It's not like I can't blow you up later.”

“There won't be a later Tanya. You're done. I just want to know why? If you devoted half the energy you've spent betraying this kingdom defending it we would have had peace long ago. Why do you always throw in with any enemy of Edenia that comes along?”

“Because you're weak!” She hissed, and leapt off her heels like a wild cat at him. Her sickles flashed like claws and any semblance of the languid seductress was gone as she clashed against his sword. In her blind rage she left an opening and like a fool Jerrod struck out. All at once Tanya changed and the smirk was back. He pulled back just in time and the sickle merely laid his shoulder open. The lips quirked as she moved with shrewd fluidity. He struck out with the sword and this time she let the force angle the tip of her blade to his wrist but instead he stepped back out of danger and used the momentum to disarm her. The sickle flew from Tanya's grip before clattering against the wall. In an instant she was moving towards it but he already had his sword pointed at her throat. He had better reach and he was stronger than her, it was hopeless.

“Do you surrender now?” Her eyes burned at him with childish hate, and she put her hands up in surrender. Jerrod allowed himself to relax before the angry mouth turned into a sneer and Tanya back flipped away, kicking at his sword in the process. It flew from his hand to join Tanya's weapon and he tracked it's flight for a split second before remembering where he was. Her foot slammed into his head and he grabbed the long, toned leg to prevent its retreat when his hand slipped down to her bare thigh. It was smooth, silky, and his fingertips moved on their own in a practiced caress. Tanya gasped and Jerrod was so shocked at himself he abruptly let the leg go.

He shook his head and threw a punch, aiming to knock her out. She dodged easily, her fists and feet flew at him from odd angles, it was all he could do to not get struck. The higher she kicked the more distracted he became. A voice thought of how wide those legs could spread apart for him, her pussy must be incredibly, focus! Finally Tanya misjudged the distance between them and he managed to grab her arm and twist it behind her.

“Let me go damn you!” She tried to stomp on his boot but he adjusted his footing and held her fast. Her ass was pushing against his groin as she struggled and the movement of her banging against him caused his cock to stiffen uncomfortably.

“This isn't how a Mortal Kombat champion fights.”

“Fuck her. Make her moan.”

Startled, he let Tanya go suddenly and clutched his head. It didn't hurt but there was a roar of strange voices in his head that doubled and trebled as they all tried to pull him in every direction.

“What the hell was that?” Tanya asked and then her eyes dropped to his pants and her surprise became a grin. “Oh I see.” Jerrod slowly looked down to see he had a massive erection, it was impossible to hide. It felt like his cock wanted to split his pants, mortified he tried to cover it with his hands as Tanya took a small step forward.

“Stay where you are.” He commanded and she took another step and ran her hands through her hair, shaking it over her shoulders.

“Am I really so beautiful?” She asked knowingly in an echo of his wife. “I wouldn't hurt someone packing something like that before I'd had a chance to try it. It's very impressive.”

“Don't touch me.” He retreated a step, she had already suckered him twice.

“Oh I would do more than touch it. I'm very flexible, and you know a woman like me would do anything to get what I want. Anything.” She slipped a finger tip in between her lush lips, and her pink tongue slipped suggestively around it.

“Stay away!” He yelled, shaking like a leaf as he struggled. His body wanted to move on it's own, and what it wanted was to grab Tanya by her arms and ravish her..

“You don't want me to get close? You didn't say that with much conviction.” Tanya had narrowed the gap and now she was within striking distance. She took another step, then another, until they stood chest to chest and her eyes rose seductively. He could no longer even hear his own thoughts now, there was only physical desire. “The Ermac I knew wouldn't have hesitated to kill me. I guess it really is you inside isn't it Jerrod?” Tanya's sizable breasts were pressing against him, and his eyes flicked to the crevice between them for just a moment before returning to her face. Even that moment could have been fatal and Tanya's sly smile widened. She leaned forward and rubbed up against him deliberately, moving her chest up and down his, never leaving his eyes.

“I'd heard all about the righteous and just King Jerrod from my father. The straightest arrow that ever flew from the knot of this armpit of a kingdom. Righteous, uptight...” Her hand slipped into his waistband, her fingertips tracing lines on his skin. “Stiff. Oh! Has her Majesty not been letting you out to play? She must not be taking care of your needs down here if you're already so hard.” Her fingers moved down before encircling his shaft and sliding along it and Jerrod felt his remaining will drain as pleasure replaced it. “Just as I thought. Let me take care of you.” She undid the bustier with the other hand and her chestnut mounds tumbled out with a soft jiggle. Tanya cupped one and kissed a coffee colored nipple before tonguing around the ring of her areola where he could see as she stroked his length.

“You want these tits don't you? You want these lips all over you, is that what you'd like?” She asked coyly and suddenly Jerrod gripped the corset and tore it from her body. It was completely involuntary, like someone else was moving his body. She was wearing flimsy black panties and Tanya gasped as he tugged at them, pulling them against her pussy until they rode tightly between her slit. “Oh fuck!” She cried as his fingers moved on their own, slipping underneath what was left of her outfit and finding the smooth folds of her labia. Two of his fingers slid along each with experienced ease Jerrod had never known before rubbing her moistening crevice and tickling the nub above it. It was like Jerrod was watching outside himself as his body was controlled like a puppet in a bad dream he couldn't wake up from. He roughly turned her over, and squeezed her tight buns, enjoying their shape before sticking a finger deep into the pussy underneath. She cried out, her dusky body shuddering.

“You traitorous slut!” Jerrod heard a voice that was not his own and his finger advanced further inside as his thumb slid furtively up, tracing a line along her slit. Tanya pushed against his hand, wiggling her ass as the tip of his thumb found her anus and began to outline a ring around it, gradually pushing inward until he was inside up to the first knuckle.

“Oh!” Tanya squirmed and the tight muscles contracted against his thumb as Jerrod penetrated both openings. Abruptly Jerrod withdrew the hand and Tanya collapsed on the stone, her body shivering. A stranger moved his hands, impatiently unzipping his pants and pulling out the hard member, which pointed expectantly at Tanya. He'd never been so engorged before and her eyes were excited. Jerrod found his puzzlement at her wantonness echoed by several other voices in his head, but this was overcome by desire like an inferno that spread and caught fire in his entire being.

“You're not as much of a goodie good as I thought. I guess you're going to be some real fun for me after all. I prefer Mileena, but I could do with a hard cock right now.” She leaned back against the stone and spread her legs invitingly, her clothes were so much tatters and the mysterious terrain of her body laid bare and begging him to conquer it. The peaks of her breasts with their brown tips rose above the flat valley of her stomach, waiting to be sucked. Below that her dark thighs drew his eye to the folds of her delta. Tanya saw this and curled her legs before spreading herself wide before his leer. In a rush he was upon her and he took her more roughly than he'd ever done with Sindel. The wet entry was so intense Jerrod couldn't help but feel the pleasure even through all his turmoil. Tanya's distressed moan quickly turned into pleasure and she wrapped her hands behind his neck and pushed herself onto his rod with each thrust. Someone inside Jerrod's head had the presence of mind to grab her wrists and force her back against the floor but her smile only widened. It felt like rape even though the black lips pursed and met his, and the wet walls slid along his member on their own. Jerod watched outside of himself as he squeezed and kneaded her tits, revolted and aroused as he could feel the sensation of her soft flesh in his palms.

“That's it, take it all, I'm going to fill you completely up.” Another voice said as it used Tanya's body for it's pleasure. Jerrod felt like they were taking turns with her, more than a few of the voices were female and they delighted in using her roughly, their torrid thoughts making the act even more depraved.

“Is this what they call a group fuck?” She asked playfully and Jerrod's body pumped faster even as it pulled off his mask so he could suckle the salty sweet nipples. Tanya cry was calculated to be sensuous, and somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind he remembered his wife's moan and her lurid urgings the night before and grasped Tanya's hips, thrusting even harder. This time there was no excuse, it was Jerrod ramming into Tanya, one of the worst terrorists the kingdom had ever seen with a need he hadn't known was there in thousands of years. The slaps of their flesh meeting and Tanya's moan echoed throughout the cave and her cries rose in pitch and her hands struggled to move.

Breathing hard and almost aware now of what he was doing he entered Tanya the way the guard captain had entered his wife and began to fuck the gloomy woman on all fours. His needs and that of the voices had overlapped, they were indistinguishable, and the pleasure increased as his consciousness came to the forefront. She stopped bucking her body as her cries and his strokes increased in speed, it was all she could do to take his girth. Her head sank to the floor but her ass remained in the air, quivering and he smacked it hard with his bare hand.

“Oh god! My pussy's going to burst!” Tanya crooned. He pulled the slinky shoulders back and penetrated her even deeper and her cry was long and guttural. His body trembled for release and he would have came inside her but Tanya jerked away at the last second. His cock shook for a moment, disappointed at being denied Tanya's warmth before a stream of white spurt across her face and black hair. She ran her finger along the rivulet as it dripped down her cheek before putting the tip in her mouth and sucking where he could see and then pushed him down with her other hand. His cock was still throbbing and she inserted it inside herself still wet and began to ride him. Jerrod was beyond reason as Tanya's hot insides slid around his cock, her tits shaking as she sank down onto him again and again. Their fluids mingled as his hands moved up the hips to those heavenly orbs and then he was blinded by a silvery, crushing pain striking him right between the eyes. It was only instinct that saved him, his hand covered his neck even as Tanya's fingers tried to rip out his throat. Faster than he could have imagined she was off him, her weight vanished from his thighs like mist blowing away and he struggled to his feet, lashing out blindly with his mind. He heard the table crack down the middle under his mental assault and the rapid pad of bare feet.

His vision cleared in time to see Tanya running out the door completely nude. Her breasts bounced and the bare ass swayed and the voices admired this intensely before he got ahold of himself and ran after her. The cave spread outward in a dozen directions and Jerrod couldn't hear or see her so he ran down the nearest passage for nearly ten minutes before finally stopping. There was no sign at all that she had come down this way. The degree to which he'd dishonored himself hit Jerrod like a physical blow and he collapsed against the wall, naked and out of breath. How could he ever face anyone after this? What had happened to him? There were no answers, maybe out of some sense of shame the voices had finally gone quiet, but this did nothing to console him. Deep down Jerrod knew they'd be back. If they could make him do something like that with Tanya, then nobody was safe.

Authors notes: So I'm not happy with this chapter's tone, all the good stuff happens in Chapter 2 but I needed setup. It wound up being like the opening exposition dump in a bad Italian flick, there wasn't room for characterization, but if you'll bear with me, next chapter I'll flesh things out. At least I got to to use Tanya, she's fun because she's probably the biggest bitch in the MK universe. Poor Jerrod, I really had to jack him up this chapter.

Next chapter: Jerrod and Sindel confront each other about their infidelities. A new enemy attacks and Aiden gets “cut” from the team. Jerrod struggles with the urges of the souls inside him and an MK lady will be on hand to help him out with that. Will it be Jade, Sheeva, Mileena? Reptile? Nah, not Reptile, but he might show up, and we'll get to see a little more blood.

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