A Lust For Poison, An Assassin's Tail

BY : Johnny-Topside
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Chapter 1: Bunking With Haelga



Such a wicked vicious woman,

Black magic voodoo queen

Les-bo nymphomaniac,

Ooh, she's got a girlfriend that is seventeen - W.A.S.P.



"Wait, where's your toll?"

"Toll?" Asked the ill dressed woman. She wore faded grey clothing that had been cut and mended in so many ways it scarely resembled the blue dress it must have been at one point. It looked like something a merchant's guard might wear, except for the ominous rust colored stains on it's folded sleeves. It's hem had been cut short and slit down the middle and stopped above her bare knees. Her clothes were filthy with road dust and the straight black hair that fell around her bandana and over one eye was greasy and unwashed. Her mouth curled in perpetual imitation of a smile, but the effect was more chilling than friendly.


"You have to pay a toll if you want to enter Riften."


"You're wasting your time Erick, this streetrat doesn't have two Septim to rub together, just look at her. Hey, if you can't pay the toll, get out of here. We have enough beggars in Riften." The guard was big and he had half a foot on her, but when he leaned in for emphasis he wished he hadn't. She looked and smelled like she had crawled out of some crack in Hell and as he got a better look at her under her hair it was clear she wasn't altogether there. Her narrow, sleepy eyes were glassy and unfocused and looked through rather than at him. "Hey, are you on something?"


"Not yet. Although I gotta say, talking with you isn't exactly stimulating me." It was hard to tell from her voice whether she was joking or it was the earnest sincerity of a hardcore skooma addict.


"Well maybe a beating'll stimulate you. Get lost!"


"Was that a come on? I'm tired, I got business in Riften, are you going to let me through or not?"


"You come up with that toll?"


"Maybe she can pay us some other way." The other guard mused and his partner just shook his head. Erick hadn't caught a whiff of her yet.


"Not even after a bath. I'd be afraid I'd pick something up from her." The guards loudly guffawed and the woman continued to smile serenely.


"I'd love to stand here and yap with you mutts but I'm here to see Maven Black-Briar. I was invited. If there's a toll I'm sure she'll be happy to pay it." She said in a pleasantly dazed monotone. The guards looked at eachother and then burst out laughing again.


"That's quality. They fished the last guy who tried to buy a drink on Maven's tab out of the lake and you think she'll pay your way?" The woman flipped her hair out of her eye and chuckled along with them. The deranged sound was low and rich and cruel like tinkling ice shards and continued after they'd both stopped. The guard put his hand on the hilt of his sword. "Alright, enough fun. This is your last warning little girl."


"Check with Maven. I'll wait. Unless you want to let me through right now."


"Get lost!" The guard took three heavy steps towards her and as he loomed over her the woman moved slick as oil and then she was against him with her hand stuck down his pants. He yelped, backing up as fast as his feet could take him but she kept up and then she had him back against the wall. She leaned in, a kiss away, examining his sweating neck, and he could see her eyes were shiny and gleeful. How had he thought they were glassy before? She wasn't just fully awake, she was tweaked. The other guard laughed.


"Well look at you, high and mighty, talking about how you wouldn't have any."


"Erick." The guard said evenly, watching her black pupils jig like a mad dog's. "This woman is holding a knife to my balls." She had the small razor between thumb and finger pressed against his flesh and gave him the grin of someone pulling legs off a fly. Her other arm was draped against his neck like a small python full of coiled muscle. Erick drew his sword and she pressed the edge a little closer and gave his friend's man parts a little nick. One slash and jerk and the guard would be missing his equipment, she'd done it before.


"You'd better calm right the hell down." She said to the other guard jovially. "You wouldn't want me getting nervous. Right?" She slid the blade down for emphasis and the guard winced. "Oh c'mon, I barely broke the skin. I just want to talk, we can do that right?" The guard nodded and she took a tiny bit of pressure off. "Good, now clean your ears out. I'm here at Maven's request, and if I don't show up because of some shit for brains guard, losing your balls will be the least of your worries. The name is Karin. So why don't you go check it?"


"Go check it Erick, hurry up!" He tried to shrink away from her but he was out of room and she gave him the blade again causing him to sharply pull in his breath, as well as the rest of himself.


"Yeah, you go do that. My friend and I are just going to wait patienty for you to come back, alone, because if anyone else comes with you, I'm going to feed the birds his cock." He was alone with the madwoman for about four agonizing minutes, but they seemed to drag on for eternity for the gate guard while Karin held him in that threatening embrace, her eyes twitching above the frozen smile. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and it felt like any moment the hand would follow those eyes and then he could forget about pissing standing up.


"So, how's your day been?" Her smile trembled at the edges like she had a joke she couldn't wait to tell. He didn't want to give her any excuses so he said nothing and a moment later Erick finally came back with Maven's right hand man. Maul eyed the scene distastefully and Karin flashed him her thin sabre slash smile.


"Well, he's not another guard I guess." Her blade traced a playful figure 8 against the guard's scrotum and he closed his eyes and wished for the day to be over.


"You're Karin from Markarth?" He sounded surprised and she saw his eyes flick to the guards briefly, wary of what she might say.


"That's me. I'm just here about exterminating a skeever for Maven." Maul seemed to relax and Karin turned and winked at her guard. "It's a big one. The skeever I mean."


"She's good. Sorry for the trouble, let's keep this between us alright?" It was less a question than an order and Karin nodded good-naturedly and slipped her hand out.


"Are we friends again?" She asked sweetly, batting her lashes.


"You'll get yours you crazy bitch." The guard muttered.


"I'm not crazy, I just don't give a fuck!" She chuckled and he watched the filthy creature follow Maul through the gate into Riften, wondering if he could drop her in a ditch somewhere without Maven finding out.





"I heard you dropped my name at the gate. That won't happen again. I want to keep our association to a minimum." It was the coldly condescending voice of a schoolmarm scolding a slow infant, and Karin found herself fantasising about playing with her blood in the first two minutes of meeting Maven Black-Briar.


She was an elegant older woman with dark brown hair with only a few odd silver strands, maybe late 40's but she could have been even older, she was very well maintained. Her cheekbones were sharp enough to hone a knife on and she had a small, mean little mouth that looked like she was sucking on a lemon. Her voice had that nauseatingly cultured, unflappable quality that made Karin want to give her some breathing holes where nature never intended. One of those infuriating, superior people that never lost their cool that she couldn't stand, but she needed the money.


"Well not to sound whiny but I tried being nice. Those bastards tried to shake me down and I couldn't afford it. I wouldn't have got through the gate and you'd have to get someone else."


"You do sound whiny. An assassin who has trouble with a few guards and shows up on my doorstep looking like she rolled around in horse dung? How is that my problem?" She wrinkled her nose and Karin merely continued to smile like she was listening to a favorite aunt. Inside, she was thinking about third nostrils. "I only had Maul let you through because it would be slightly less convenient for me to find someone else. If there's any ball cutting, I'll be the one ordering it. Are we clear?"


"Crystal." Karin's demented grin was mask like, unmoving.


"I told them to bring me a professional, but the Dark Brotherhood has been unforgivably slow to respond. The words 'too busy' shouldn't be in an assassin's vocabulary, don't you agree?"


"Absolutely." Maven was one of those bitches who liked the sound of her own voice once she'd deigned to speak to you, so Karin resigned herself to a long wait.


"Apparently I'm not discrete enough or know the handshake or whatever it is it takes to keep a hired killer from running off like a spooked little child. It's a business transaction, nothing complex about it. The only discussion should be method and price. So, I wasn't able to get a professional this time and they told me you were someone who killed for money. Not exactly the same thing I see now. They didn't tell me though that you were so..."


"Pretty?" Maven's lemon sucking mouth chewed on itself and Maul winced. Guess now she knew who had dropped her name to Maven, poor Maul.


"Crude. I'm having serious second thoughts." Karin produced a long, thin stiletto and walked it along her hand as if she was doing a coin trick. It made a twirling circuit from finger to finger, span in her palm, then passed fluidly to her other hand and did the same thing.


"Very entertaining, but I'm not auditioning street performers." Karin looked around the room.


"Do you like animals?" She flipped the stiletto in the air, caught it, then threw it at a stuffed elk head across the room. The blade impaled itself in one of the the mounted thing's staring eyes. Lucky. Usually she could only nail that kind of shot blind drunk. She'd lost a bet doing that once and had to go down on another woman, but she hadn't been trying hard that time. "It's real simple. If you want to make someone dead, pay me and I'll make them dead. That's all I do, I don't care if you don't want me over for tea." Maven seemed about ready to say something cutting, maybe cry about her poor put upon elk head, but then her face relaxed.


"I suppose you'll have to do. The job is for 5000 septim, and I need someone dealt with in Mistveil Keep."


"How soon you want it done?"


"It doesn't have to be immediately, but the sooner the better. I'd like it done by the end of the week."


"Right, so who's the corpse?""


"The Jarl." Karin blinked twice and laughed. "Is that a problem?"

"No, not a problem at all. I'm just laughing at the pay."


"I don't like your attitude. 5000 is what I'll pay an individual with your...reputation." Karin continued to smile but her doll's eyes glittered. She was curious if Maven really had the balls to elaborate. Would she mention the ear-less Mer corpses she left? Not that she was racist or anything, she just thought the ears were pretty. Or the fact that nobody dared send female bounty hunters after her anymore because of what she did to them? "Does Braun the Hammer ring a bell?" Karin sighed in disappointment.


"Oh that one. My employer didn't care about specifics, it wasn't my fault his family were light sleepers." She remembered that blood bath, once you started stabbing, it was just hard to stop sometimes, red heart juice on the floor so thick and slick she had to replace her shoes after. "I can be discrete, if that's what you want, but there's nobody nowhere who will do a job like this for less than 10000."


"You will, because you're a loser who doesn't look like she has a septim to her name, and because without my protection the guards would tear you apart." Karin's grin stretched even wider, and she felt her fingers tense as the older woman stared her down like she was a bug. Maul inched closer to his boss, sensing the tension between them. Finally, Karin sighed and blew a string of hair out of her face. 5000 was better than nothing, she needed the money, not another bounty on her head.


"Well if you're going to sweet talk me like that Maven I guess 5000 is just fine after all."


"Good." Maven said icily. "The Jarl is Laila Law-Giver, a useful idiot up till now, but now I need her out of the way. It's well known that she hates skooma dealers, the story will be she angered the wrong ones."


"You have any skooma?" Karin asked hopefully and Maven's eyes narrowed. "You know, so I can make it look authentic? I could dose her with some skooma, paint the walls with her blood, send a message, something like that."


"No." She dropped the word like a hammer. "You leave that side of it to me, all I want from you is the Jarl's dead body. The cleaner the better. Any mistakes and I will feed you to the wolves. Now if that's all..." Unbelievably, Maven turned and started walking away and Karin cleared her throat. "What is it now?"


"My money." Maven raised an eyebrow and looked at Maul who only looked embarrassed, but not by Karin this time she thought.


"You get your money after you kill the Jarl. What don't you understand about that?" She said it slowly like she was talking to a small child.


"Half up front, it's tradition, it's set in stone." Karin said, imitating Maven's high handed tone. Maven's eye twitched and for the first time she looked pissed. Maul stepped between them quickly.


"Let's just take a breath here." He eyed the two of them, like a man stepping between two snakes.


"The gall of this gutter trash." Maven breathed. "The Guilds never ask for an advance, they know I always pay my dues and they're professional enough to not darken my doorstop like some kind of diseased beggar." She pointed a finger at Karin's chest who had the overwhelming urge to break it off for her. "


"Yeah, well I'm not in the Guilds. I thought you had money and you had done this sort of thing before." Maven's face twitched again, and she turned her withering look on her right hand man.


"Maven, she's right. It is traditional. She's new." Maven's look could have melted steel but Maul maintained his stoic expression. Karin might not have been professional, but there was a basic etiquette to hiring a killer, and this wasn't it.


"Alright. 1000 septim up front, 4000 to finish the job."


"2500. It's tradition."


"You're not the only assassin who can do this job. I AM Riften, and I'll set the traditions around here."


"Well Mrs Riften, don't haggle with me like I'm the gardener, it's really insulting ya know that? Nobody'll do this job for what you're asking except maybe some skooma heads who will get pinched right at the gate, think how much money you'll save doing things that way. Also, I know who you mean to hit now."


"You filthy little tramp." She marveled. "I should have you killed for even thinking of blackmailing me!"


"Which would cost even more money. It's not blackmail, think of it as insurance. Maybe you think you can squeeze me because I'm desperate for money, and I already took the job for 5 instead of 10. But I need clean clothes so I don't stand out when I case the hall, I need new blades, I need money for bribes, I need money to eat. My gears had it." Karin looked at Maul who had his hand inconspicuously at his belt but seemed to be the reasonable one. "Help me out here Maul."


"It's your call Maven. She gets the job done, and it would be more trouble than it's worth to get rid of her. How about 1000, and 500 for expenses up front." He furrowed his brow at Maven's glare. "I'll keep track of it and make sure she doesn't spend it on ale. Would you agree to that Karin?"


"Sure." Actually she thought the deal was awful bordering on insulting, but the alternative was she whack them both at this point just to blow off all the steam from the bullshit they'd put her through.


"Maven?" His boss was silent for a few seconds and then her face resumed it's cold haughtiness


"Not a septim more till the job is done, and it will be done to my satisfaction. I'm so tired of this, Maul, you take care of it." When they were outside the hall again, Maul immediately turned and grabbed Karin roughly by her arm, and in returned she smiled absently up into the big, bearded bastard's face.


"I don't have any words for how stupid that was to talk to Maven that way. Don't do that to me again or I'll kill you myself."


"Hey, I don't know what you heard, but I don't kill people out of the goodness of my heart. No advance? What were you thinking?"


"I didn't know she'd do that." He muttered apologetically. "She may be dead wrong but it's not like I can take your side. Come on downstairs and we'll write up a letter of credit." She followed his lumbering shoulders to the dining room where he left her for only a minute, twice the time she needed to palm some of the better silverware and trinkets in the room. When he came back with his letter, Karin's grin was broader than ever. Just a little bit of supplementary pay.


"Come on Maul, let's go spend that money, it's already burning a hole in my pocket."






Karin walked out of the salon with her black hair washed and her face cleaned, a dull purple lipstick and eye shadow of the same color on making her look much more feminine. She looked almost pretty except for the ever present grin, or at least presentable. She'd only bought the one blue dress to replace her old rags, she'd already butchered the sleeves and the hem to move easier and turned the remnants into a new bandana. Maul looked her up and down and then wrote down the items on his list with that ever present glower.


"So there's a woman under all that shit, who knew. Why'd you buy a dress if you're going to cut it up like that? Why not get some armor?"


"Armor's for morons who let themselves get hit."


"And you of all people needed makeup? Really?"


"It was 10 septim."


"And you think you need...nevermind. You do need it." He wrote it down. "You've run through 100 already. When you run out, everything else comes out of your pocket. Come on, what next?"


"Need some new knives, you can never have enough knives. Then the alchemists and I guess we're done." Maul's grimace deepened considerably at that.


"What do you need at the alchemists?" He asked, and Karin heard an undercurrent of unease in his gravelly voice.


"Just alchemical ingredients, nothing unusual about that is there?"


"No, no, I just wanted to make sure these are just expenses like I told Maven. Don't want you cooking skooma or something. Do you really need to go there?"


"Yes Maul, I really, really need to go there. I always use potions. You ever heard of the Jovin brothers? I killed all five of them flying on joy juice." She puffed out her chest proudly.


"All five? What's in this potion of yours?"


"Ah, nothing that would interest you much. C'mon, let's go." Riften was like a city built on top of another city, down the stone stairs was the canal that flowed through town. Outside of the sign Elgrim's Elixirs blended in with the other homes set in the stonework on the lower level. It was bigger than it looked from the outside as Karin stepped in and heard the steady clack of a pestle and mortar in the back and smelled bitter herbs. She drummed her fingers at the empty counter and checked out the ingredients, calculating what was worth stealing as she waited. Strangely, Maul had seemed to debate whether to go in with her or not, he didn't seem like the skittish type but it was obvious something about this place made him hesitant.


"Hey? Anybody alive here?"


"Just one minute!" A young woman said, and then she came out from behind the large partition in back carrying a small rabbit. It's nose wiggled as the woman stroked it's fur and then placed it carefully in a metal box. "Come on Arna, don't bite." She cooed, then poured a few drops of liquid in and closed the box lid before walking back to the counter.


"Hello, what can I do for you?"


"Hi. Uh, my name is Karin." She offered, her mind momentarily going blank. What had she come in for? The woman was the most alluring creature Karin had ever set eyes on. It was hard to say what it was exactly, she was a little younger than her, with dark brown hair braided at the sides and smooth skin that glowed with health, but it was her lips and eyes that captured her attention. Under perfect arched eyebrows, pure hazel eyes with the thickest, darkest lashes and those pink, succulent lips, my god. They looked they could suck the orihalcum right off a-


"Oh, I'm Ingun, pleased to meet you. Now, what can I do for you?" There was a violent crashing from behind her and the metal box shook heavily on the table, actually bounced, from inside came hideous screeching and then the movement and sound stopped abruptly. "26 seconds." The woman nodded to herself as if making a mental note.


"So what's, uh...what's going on back there?"


"Just an experiment." Ingun smiled pleasantly, coming back to Earth. "So, we seem to keep going in circles, what was it you needed again?"


"Here." Karin passed her the hand written list.


"Let's see, Jazbay berries, Blistwort, Creeper clusters, Glow Dust, Histcarp..." Karin watched the tantalizing mouth form each word with a fascination that bordered on obsession. It was almost like a peep show, it was just a crime that Ingun was wearing thick, fine clothes, fur lined against the chill that hid almost every inch of her body. The face was gorgeous and she was dying to know if the body matched. She let her eyes rover over what curves she could see, she was leaning over the counter on her elbow to get a better view, practically in her personal space when Ingun looked back up from the list. Karin backed off just a bit before smiling too widely. Most people would have shrunk away, but Ingun only gave her the calm, disconnected little smile of her own.


"We're out of Deathbell unfortunately, and, hmmm. Emperor Parasol Moss. I've never heard of that one." The way Ingun talked was a little disconcerting, like she was there but she wasn't there, but Karin decided it was cute in it's way.


"I can live without the Deathbell, but I gotta have the moss.


"I'll have to talk to master Elgrim." She went back behind the counter and Karin watched her ass sway appreciably as she went on her way. This had been the best part of a shitty day so far. She heard them talking in the back and shook her head to clear the foolish leer she'd formed on her face. Ingun came back with an old, withered codger who squinted at Karin without any real interest. "He'll help you. Well, back to my research."


"Hope it goes well." Karin called, flashing Ingun another smile, who gave her a little nod back, seemingly already off in her own world again.


"Well?" The old man asked harshly. "My apprentice tells me you're looking for Emperor Parasol Moss. How much?"


"Maybe half a pound?"


"700 septim." Karin's grin slid off her face like rain off a pane of glass, but the old man just stood there impassively. The credit would cover the ingredients she was buying now, but she'd have to pay for the skooma she'd need on her own septim, she'd also need a place to stay and something to eat.


"That's outrageous!" The old man blinked a few times, furrowing his brow like a monkey.


"It's not cheap, is it. Not alot of demand for it. Has to come all the way from Morrowwind. If you don't like it, can't help you, you'll have to go somewhere else.


"I need it in a hurry. Do you have any here?" He squinted at her again, now a little suspiciously.


"I can order some..." He said carefully and Karin struggled not to jerk him across his counter. No, no, she'd figure out a way to find the moss somewhere, or get more money anyway, he was the only alchemist in town.


"I guess that's ok for now. Just give me everything else on the list." She shoved Maul's letter of credit at him.


"Friend of Maven's eh. Well I suppose I can do her another favor, as if taking on Ingun wasn't enough." Karin's leer reemerged, and she winked at the old man.


"Oh come on. A hot little thing like that? Who wouldn't 'take her on'? C'mon, just between you and me, how is she in the sack?"


"Young lady, I think you should leave." Elgrim was flushing so hard he was turning purple, guess she hit a sore spot.


"Letter." Karin said sweetly, tapping the paper.


"I want you to know I don't like you and I wouldn't do business with you if I could help it. And you can forget about that Emperor moss." He wheezed now and then as he went about grudgingly filling the order, jamming each ingredient into the sack forcefully as if he was force feeding it to Karin. "She's an attractive young lady, but she's my apprentice, and I've never had any interest except in nurturing her talent!" He grumbled, finishing up. She wanted to throttle the old goat but instead she gave Elgrim another broad grin.


"Thanks. I'll be back for that moss later ok?"


"Damned urchins. I'm nurturing her talent!" Karin heard him mutter on her way out. When she was out the door Maul took a quick look in the sack and then took the letter back.


"That's it then, Maven won't pay anything else till the job's done."


"So why so nervous Maul? Shy around that gorgeous piece in there?" Maul had been watching the door like he was waiting for someone else to come out, and his eyes snapped back to Karin.


"Who do you mean?"


"The old fart, who do you think, the girl in there, the hot minx." His expression clouded over, if he'd looked surly before this was something else. "Hey, no need to be embarassed. So she works for Maven?"

"She's Maven's daughter." He said darkly and Karin's grin slipped again. What an idiot she was! The eyebrows were different but now she could see it, they even wore their hair kinda the same. Still, was it any wonder she'd missed her daughter's resemblance? They were different as night and day, Maven wound up tight enough to snap with that icy control and Ingun seemed warm if impersonal. Still, she thought, maybe Ingun wouldn't be so impersonal once they got better acquainted...and getting to know her boss's daughter might have other "benefits".


"Stay away from her." Maul said and Karin pulled back the dirty expression that had been emerging on her face. "You'll bring an unending rain of shit down on your head from me if you even think of hurting Ingun or using her against Maven. That's not going to be a problem though, because you're going to do your job and leave."


"That's right, that's all I'm here for. I'm real sorry for speaking out of turn Maul. I didn't know she was yours."


"It's-it's not like that!" He sputtered, then pointed a finger at her. "You've been warned, I'll be keeping an eye on you. Get it done."


"Hey, where I can stay for the night?"


"Bee and Barb, or Haelga's Bunkhouse. Or sleep in the street for all I care."


She watched the broad back go, he looked back twice distrustfully, but Karin just stood with her small, secretive smile until he was out of sight. She looked back at Elgrims, she wanted nothing more than to go back in and start working on Ingun, but she had to find a place to stay for the night. She'd planned to just kill Lady Fuckaduck for that bitch Maven and get out of this shit hole and go back west, but now maybe there was a reason to stick around a little longer she thought, licking her lips.



Maven stiffing her had really complicated things. Money wasn't tight yet, but the skooma was going to eat up most of the money and in the meantime who knew what else would go wrong. So she tried the bunkhouse, which looked to be low rent. Various scruffy types that looked about her income level sat around a table eating their dinner, some of them obviously drunk or high. Yeah, she thought she'd fit in here just fine. The woman behind the counter was tall, about 30, with pale blue eyes and blonde hair that spilled over the shoulders of her blue dress and apron. She was leaning over the counter, talking and laughing with a man, and it was clear from their body language they were flirting. She was no Ingun, but she wasn't bad looking at all Karin thought, full lips, nicely built body, bigger tits than hers probably. The woman caught Ingun looking and her nice smile abruptly became a scowl that was a close second to anything Maven's could do. She exchanged a wary glance with the man who tipped his hat and left in a hurry.


"What do you want here?" She asked as unfriendly as possible, putting emphasis on the "you".


"New in town, looking for a room tonight."


"Well try the Bee and Barb, we're full up here." Karin looked around, it seemed like there was plenty of room.


"Maybe I could speak to the owner?"


"I'm Haelga, this is my bunkhouse, I decide who can stay. This place is for the working man, not for whatever stray comes scratching at the door."


"Look, I can pay-"


"Then go to the Bee and Barb!" She said shrilly and turned to yell at the harried looking maid. "Svana! Clean those windows too!"


"I already did!"


"No, use water and soap, don't just wipe them!


"But I cleaned them just yesterday and-"


"Don't back talk! I'd send you back to Honorhall if I could!"


"Yes aunt Haelga..." The woman sighed like it was the end of the world before shuffling off. Karin waited with mounting impatience, but Haelga ignored her, scribbling in her accounts book.


"So, the thing is, I can pay, but not much, and I was hoping-"


"Are you still here?" Riften was really full of assholes for such a small place Karin thought, usually she had to talk at least a few minutes before people starting giving her that tone.




"Well now you see my problem, so stop bothering me. Bee and Barb is right up the street." As Karin leaned in she got a good look at the woman's bust, but when her eyes flicked up, she was smiling widely again at her scowl.


"Well thanks so much aunt Haelga."


"Bitch." The maid Svana came back with a heavy bucket of water and began to wring out a rag and Karin sidled over to her as inconspicuously as possible.


"Hey there."


"Hey." The niece might not have been bad under other circumstances and Karin had low standards but she thought she'd have to take a pass. Svana looked how she felt, with bags under her eyes that seemed to take up half her face, red eyes and such a dejected look of defeat on her face she looked ready to keel over any second.


"So it sounded like your aunt was maybe going to let me stay, but with her attitude I'm kinda rethinking the whole thing."


"Oh, I'm sorry. Please don't mind my aunt, she's that way with everybody."


"Not guys I see." Karin said, looking around. Haelga had her nose buried in her book, seemingly having already forgotten her, and as Karin watched she walked up the stairs.


"Yes, well, between us my aunt is disgusting, the way she throws herself at anything with a pair of balls. She even gives out these Dibellan marks to her conquests."


"Oh really? Well I've talked to her all of a couple minutes and it seems to me she needs to be taken down a few pegs."


"Exactly! The way she acts all the time and in the meantime she's rutting around in backrooms" Svana's dreary face momentarily lit up. "Hey, you know, if you got me some of those marks she gives out, I could confront her with them, I'd love to watch her squirm!"


"Sounds like a plan, mind if I look around a little?" Karin slyly followed Svana's nervous glance up the stairs, but her aunt was still busy doing whatever she was doing.


"Just be quick." Svana turned and made a show of having her back to Karin as she scrubbed the windows and nobody downstairs seemed to be paying attention so she took that as her cue.


Haelga's bedroom was small and unkempt, on the nightstand was a golden statue of Dibella with it's breasts bared. Karin rubbed her thumb over the two bumps appreciatively, thinking of pocketing it but it was too big to be carried inconspicuously, so instead she began to help herself to whatever small knick knacks could be found. She went through Haelga drawers busily, humming under her breath. The top drawers yielded eight septim, a silver ring and two decent dresses which Karin promptly folded up into her bag. The bottom drawer was very interesting and Karin caught herself making the rookie mistake of examining it instead of just grabbing everything. Leather straps, some racy novels, a pair of scandalously lacy underwear, and a pair of pins that Karin eventually divined were nipple clamps. At least, she hoped they were for nipples. The honey and the shackles on the bed were making alot more sense now. The straps and the underwear went into her bag, and then she pulled out the dildo. She wasn't even sure what it was at first, turning it this way and that, thinking maybe it was some kind of fancy paperweight. It was a horker tusk, ivory and polished to incredible smoothness. The curve and round knobs on each end left little doubt what it was intended for. She ran her hand down it's shaft, curious, testing the thickness.


"What are you doing going through my things?" She looked up to see Haelga standing in the door, her face flushed with anger. Karin turned and let her see what was in her hand and Haelga's mouth became an O of horror. Was that the shape her mouth made when she used her party favors?


"Why you dirty slut, I didn't figure you for the type. Can you explain this to me?"


"I don't-I don't know what that is! Probably something of my niece's! Where did you get it?"


"Oh dear, your dresser. This piece here is especially disgusting, I love it. Is it for you or the guys? Hey, you might want to close the door." Haelga checked behind her guiltily and then quickly closed the door and bolted it. When she spoke her voice was low.


"I could have you arrested you ratty little bitch! I want you out of here now!"


"You could, but then I'd have to tell anybody who will listen about the stuff in your dresser. Maybe do it in limerick." Haelga cringed and Karin's grin widened. Someone as dishonest about her perversions as Haelga was wouldn't say shit if she had a mouthful.


"I don't want you here for one more second. Just leave, I don't want any trouble."


"How do you use it?" Karin asked, stroking the ivory member's head. "Do you suck on it a little first before you put it in?"


"You're sick! Just-just give it back."


"Here you go." She held the shaft out and as soon as Haelga's fingers began to curl around it Karin's other hand wrapped around her wrist quick as a striking cobra. She jerked and the blonde pitched forward, off balance, into Karin's parted, waiting lips. Haelga had just enough time for a small yelp before Karin's tongue was between them. She kissed her forcefully, using her weight and slid her other hand around Haelga's waist. Her lips were still closed, but the tip of her tongue was making headway. Panicked, she tried to break away but Karin had her in a vice-like grip, and while Haelga wasted time trying to escape Karin slipped her hand down across the soft backside to the opening between the bunkhouse owner's legs. She pressed against the cloth, questing fingertips searching for the crevice. Haega wasn't going anywhere now and when she realized that she'd stop fighting her. Ah, there! Karin's two fingers found the spot and began a soft and steady rhythm, stroking and pressing her button in circles with her fingertip and Haelga gasped loudly against her mouth and then trembled.


Now she tried to jerk her head away, maybe to scream for help but Karin grabbed Haelga's cheeks together in her hand and forced her to look right at her. Her mouth was self assured and the smug eyes roved her neck and cleavage before rising to meet the startled eyes. Something in them held her gaze and Karin kissed her again with total confidence. This time Haelga's struggles were weak, her mouth didn't fight so much as submit and she felt the smallest flicker of her tongue in response. She moved her hand down and under the bunkhouse owner's neckline and felt one of her big tits. She wanted to squeeze, but she had a ways to go on this one so instead she slipped her hand around and underneath, massaging the soft globe. Haelga broke the kiss, leaving a delicate string of saliva between their wet lips and backed away into the wall, she was flushed and she had the look of animal, an animal that was getting ready to bolt...or lose control.


"How dare you touch me you whore! Who do you think I-no don't come any closer!" Karin leaned against the wall with her hands above Haelga's shoulders, her face looming inches away from hers. "No, please don't do this."


"Do what?"


"If you want money from me you're wasting time." Her voice was unsteady, and she turned her head away and closed her eyes and Karin blew on her ear, causing her to shudder.


"You think I can't tell from this shit pile of yours?" She gestured at Haelga's room before leaning in till their foreheads were touching. "I've had a really long day, what I want is some release."


"Some relea-no! Leave me alone!"


"You thought I was kidding before? I'm going to make you forget your own name." She kissed Haelga's neck, licking down it's length before giving her a soft bite and Haelga sobbed.


"No, I can't. I don't want you! We shouldn't be doing this!"


"What an awful act, do men buy this? You worship Dibella huh? Well maybe Dibella thinks it's time you try something new." She was thrashing, trying to escape the kiss, so Karin used her free hand to trace down the stomach and slipped it between the blonde's legs.


"I'm not that kind of, uh, ha, girl!"


"No, I've got your number. You're the village horse, everybodys had a ride!" Now Haelga opened her eyes and glared at her, her face was flush with anger as well, Karin thought it was sexy and doubled the pace with her fingers. Once she got under her clothes, Haelga was finished.


"Those are my private affairs!"


"I'm not judging, I'm a bit of a pervert myself. Your private affairs are your private affairs, this can stay between us too." She lifted the woman's dress, her slim fingers navigating Haelga's skimpy panties before making their way to the soft folds of her pussy and Haelga gasped. "If you're nice to me. Your lips down here seem ready for my kiss." Karin caressed the labia, rubbing her fingertips skillfully between the crease before penetrating Haelga up to her second knuckle. She wiggled the finger around, exploring and enjoying the familiar sensation of the moist walls.


"I'm not...into...women!" Haelga gasped and Karin increased her pace and began to corkscrew her finger faster into Haelga's pussy. "Oh! S-stop!"


"Look at all your toys. You've tried everything else, you're going to pass me up?" She roughly tore the dress off Haelga's chest and grinned at her shock, but her eyes were already closing again, her body starting to move itself to Karin's fingering. She slipped in her ring finger as well and began to alternate and Haelga shuddered and leaned against her as Karin fondled the big tan breasts, playing with them in her hands and watching the flesh ripple. "You've got alot in the way of toys." Karin breathed, before taking the erect pink nipple between her teeth and sucking on it until it became a point. "I just want to play too." Undoing her clothes, Karin pressed her own breasts against Haelga's, letting them mold together, before tracing circles on the other woman's nipples with the hard tips of her own and tweaking them together with her fingers. Haelga's eyes were closed, and she was making small animal like sounds.


"I only sleep with men!" She cried, but the fight had gone out of her, and to prove it Karin gave her another deep kiss, and this time the tongue met and slithered over hers, intertwining.


"I'll be all the man you need."


"You don't have a cock!"


"Who needs one when I've got my tongue, my hands, my tits, and...this!" She held the horker tusk up to Haelga's eyes who turned even redder and her eyes slid to the side in embarrassment. Someone with as much experience as her and Karin was going to be the teacher? She licked her lips in anticipation even as Haelga sank down further onto her squirming fingers.




"Aunt Haelga? Are you in there?" There was a knock at the door but Karin paid it no mind. Her head was between Haelga's long legs, her tongue lapping and snaking inside her hot loins.


"Ah! Don't stop! My god your tongue is so soft and long!" She crooned, running her hands through Karin's jet black hair and whispering words of encouragement as she devoured the other woman.


"Aunt Haelga? Are you alright?" The knock again and Karin rolled her eyes before nibbling on the pink bud above the hood of Haelga's entrance, enjoying her resulting shudder. She was blonde all over.


"Y-yes! Yes!"" She cried out and Karin took the opportunity to squeeze the shapely summits of her breasts. Haelga arched her back, grinding her thighs down into Karin's face and she heard footsteps walking away.


"Well, let me know if you need anything..."


She smirked then gave Haelga a quick, fluttering lick, causing the woman to moan and her hips pivoted, thrusting into the air with each upward lick trying to catch as much of Karin's tongue on her clit as she could. Her sweet juices flowed over Karin's lips and chin, her hands squeezing and scratching at her shoulders and in response Karin pulled the hips up to her mouth and swirled her tongue deep down as far as she could get it, enjoying the taste and the smell of the other woman. She pulled away to wipe the quim from her mouth and catch her breath as Haelga panted, she could almost see the steam rising from her ripe body.


"Do something to me, do anything!" She whispered, and in response Karin straddled Haelga's face with her legs, giving the blonde a closeup view of her slit.


"I've been doing all the work. Make me cum and I'll give you something special." Haelga's eyes rose, taking in the toned, pale body, the smaller breasts, the dark, crazy pupils and the confident mouth leering down at her. She looked momentarily unsure of herself, then curious, before giving Karin's crevice a tentative lick and Karin moaned a little for her benefit.


"How do you like the taste of my pussy baby?"


"It's...it's not bad." Haelga's tongue slipped between her folds and began to swirl around and Karin relaxed and left herself open as the mouth delved inside her. This is what she needed she thought, letting the bunkhouse owner bathe her inner walls with her tongue. She knew what she was doing too, she'd just never done it on a woman. Without prompting, Haelga grabbed her ass and squeezed, pulling her to her mouth.


"Oh yessss...just like that. Tease me." The warm tongue slurped, caressed, retreated, flit inside her like a hummingbird and Karin twitched in respond, encouraging Haelga to use her best technique as she reached down and violated her in turn with her fingers. She felt the first orgasm come and she rubbed herself against Haelga's lips, letting her taste her nectar. Haelga spasmed then relaxed, breathing in Karin's scent.


"You did really good, time to give you that treat I promised. Get on your hands and knees." Haelga did, looking back at Karin's grin with trepidation.


"What are you going to do now?" In response Karin showed her the dildo. It was fairly hefty, so Karin first spanked one of the round asscheeks with it, enjoying the thundercrack snap of it against Haelga's flesh before doing the other one. Her moan was thick with disappointment and frustration as Karin caressed her pussy with the smooth shaft.


"Yes! More!"


"How much do you want it?" She slipped just the head in and then withdrew and Haelga gave a lustful half sob.


"I want it all, I want you to give it to me hard." Karin gave her a quarter of the member and felt Haelga give way as the hard ivory toy filled her opening. "More!" She pushed the dildo further in, fascinated with seeing Haelga squeezed and conform to it, her leer growing wider. Now she pumped it fast as Haelga slammed her ass against her hand, trying to fit more of the shaft inside herself. Karin varied the speed, sliding it in slowly, withdrawing, then teasing Haelga with quick jackhammering thrusts and the woman groaned like she was dying.


"Say, that kinda looks like fun." She didn't normally mess with toys but this was a good one and Haelga was responding nicely to it. Getting on her hands and knees, Karin gingerly eased the head of the dildo into herself, drawing in her breath at the cold, foreign sensation. Slowly, slowly...just then Haelga bucked, and Karin felt it drill deep inside, making her wince.


"Ah! Careful!" She hissed, and Haelga's expression was dreamy, her lips curling seductively.


"Not used to having something inside you wench?." She began to gyrate, and Karin grit her teeth, struggling to stay up as the horker tusk filled her, stimulated her, plunging deep inside. The discomfort mixed with extreme pleasure each time their bodies docked with eachother. She began to get used to the sensation, and bucked her hips in response even as her knees went weak, Haelga's thick ass slapping against her tight one, each time they met the toy kissed her womb. They twisted together, getting one another in a leg lock of sorts and as the ivory shaft between grew slick Karin caressed her clit, feeling her eyes roll back in her head each time their slits rubbed against eachother. As the bunkhouse owner pumped her hard, visions of Ingun Black-Briar's face brought Karin to a hot and heavy climax and both women cried out before collapsing in eachother's arms.


Karin gave Haelga five minutes, long enough for the second thoughts to begin to creep in before jumping her again, she still had alot of steam to blow off. Throughout the night, Karin tasted Haelga until she felt her tongue began to chaffe, inserted the toy into every opening she had repeatedly. They collapsed in the late hours of the night, wet, panting, both sweating, and soon enough the blonde was snoring, nestled against Karin's smaller chest. It was hot, tiring, and very satisfying work, but at least she'd found a place to stay for the night, Karin thought, but her head was already going foggy. Ingun Black-Briar, what shall we do with you, she wondered, before exhaustion claimed her.





Authors notes:

Ok, I cheated and put my warning at the end here since the first three chapters are going to be kind of tame, figured I'd draw you in a bit. This fic will get a bit darker than what I normally write eventually. There's at least 2 rapey parts and at least once someone gets black widowed, ie, killed right after sex. Also, quite a bit of swearing. But if you're reading this, you're a big boy, if you can handle a Clockwork Orange or any number of 70's exploitation or Rob Zombie movies, it's like those things meet Skyrim. No torture porn, etc.


If you've ever read my stuff, you know I write 10000+ word monsters, since this story has alot of natural stops I'm trying for mini-chapters, ie, writing like a normal human being. Quicker chapters, less plot, a little more sex, it'll probably run 5-7 chapters depending on how I break it up. The others will probably be a bit shorter than this. If your tastes run to other circles, that's fine, Skyrim is a big damn game with many fine looking women, but I always thought Ingun was in the top 5, she's got those features I like and that whole autistic poisoner vibe I dig.


So did Maven seem off this chapter? There's a reason! All this boreass intro stuff will add up later, trust me.




Next chapter:


Some backstory on Karin, she bails on a quest 5 minutes in and finds her employer Maven learning how to make sandwiches with two Thalmor. Ingun finds a big damn frostbite spider in the sink and guess who's on hand with a sharp, pointy newspaper? And moss, sweet, delicious, velvety moss!





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