Ciri's Misadventures

BY : nitchgut
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Ciri's Misadventures (MMF, ncon, bondage, drugs)  

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story.  

No editor, forgive my poor grammar.  


The rope went taut, shaking free frozen flakes of mist that had accumulated in the last few hours. A young man, no more than twenty looked up warily at the clouds. He could smell a storm brewing in the air and the clouds above were already beginning to darken. It wouldn't be long now before the winds and snow hit the small island.  

He grabbed the rope, the cold burning his hands as he pulled it from the salty, frost ridden ocean. With a grunt emanated deep from his barreled chest he pulled the cage out from the waters.  

“Damned bastards even took the bait,” The man said looking disappointingly at the empty cage before dropping it back in the shallow water. He looked back at the small hunting cabin that sat on a hill just a stone's throw from the beach, searching to see if any in his party had fared better during their hunting trip. 

Before he could give the cabin a second glance he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. He turned and watched with amazement as the air a few feet above the ocean water crackled with unseen energy.  

“What in the gods,” he said staring up at the sky in disbelief as the air seemed to twist in on itself, then a loud crack and a bright green blue flash made him turn his eyes away and when he looked back the disturbance in the air was gone instead a ashen haired girl hung in the air for the briefest of moments before falling like a rock into the cold ocean water.  


Ciri groaned as she opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was running, her shoulder injured, she was being chased, she had- the fire beside her crackled as a log split in two and caught her attention, wherever she had been she was there no longer. Now she was somewhere warm.  

Tentatively she opened her eyes and looked took in her surroundings. The fire was roaring, filling the small cabin with light and warmth. It smelt of seawater and dust, her eyes narrowed at a figure sitting on the end of the bed she was laying on.  

“Where am I?” she asked hoarsely.  

The figure turned to look at her his eyes widening, he leaned in closer to get a better look at her and the fire illuminated his features. He was young with reddish brown hair and a week old beard. “You’re awake,”  

Another sound came from across the cabin, another man standing in front of a table. His back was wide, and he had the stance of an older man, a man who had seen a few battles in his time. He gave her a glance over the table and grunted, “good.” 

They’re accents, the way they were dressed, the salt in the air, she was in Skellige.  

"We're on a island west of Undvik," the younger man paused for a moment, "I found you in the waters just outside this hunting cabin and your lucky I did, the waters are damned cold this time of year."  

"Thanks," Ciri muttered, she was regaining her senses slowly. She pushed herself up on her elbows. 

"Who are you girl?" The man who had his back turned grunted but didn't bother to turn  

Ciri stared at his back for a moment before speaking, "My name is Ciri,"  

"Erik," the man replied then nodded over to the other man, "That is Asger, and Bjorn is out looking for some herbs for you."  

Ciri's brow furrowed then she noticed her hastily put bandage over her shoulder and the fact that on one side her shirt had pulled down, she shrugged her shoulder slipping her blouse back up, it barely hurt, "No need," Ciri shook her head, "I just-"  

"Rest," Erik interrupted, "You need to rest and warm yourself, the cold can seep your strength like no other, besides," he turned to look at the only window in the cabin and the snow beating against it. "You wouldn't make it far dressed as you are," his eyes drifted down her body as he spoke, his face flushing slightly before turning away.  

It was true, her shirt was thin, her pants tightly sown leather that did little hide her form or protect her from her elements. The corset around her waist was to protect herself from small blades not a blizzard.  

"Where you from girl?" Asger asked finally turning to face her, he was a much older and larger man than Erik, a grey beard covered most his face, and a  scar ran over his large hooked nose. "Rare that anyone sails this far close to Undvik,"  

"Then why are you here," Ciri replied and gently let herself back down onto the bed,  

"No better hunting in all of Skellige," Erik answered.  

Asger continued to star at the young woman, "You didn't' answer the question. What business does a pretty continental girl like you doing in a place like this,"  

Before Ciri could answer the door banged then swung open. The cold outside air flooded the room, immediately sending a chill down Ciri's spine. A man, bundled in furs strode in before slamming the door shut. He dropped a bag then looked at the two men before looking at Ciri.  

"She's awake," he stated plainly.  

"You find it?" Asger asked. Bjorn nodded "Good,"  

The small cabin suddenly felt a lot smaller to Ciri and she began to sit up, only to stop as Erik leaned over and placed a hand on her uninjured shoulder, "You need to rest," he whispered. Ciri glared back at him and rolled her shoulder so his hand slipped off then sat and looked at the new man who had just entered.  

"So," Asger asked again, "Why you here,"  

Ciri's eyes narrowed, "I appreciate you pulling me from the waters but it's no concern of yours,"  

Asger stared at her for a moment sizing her up. "No merchant ships sale  here, so you ain't a merchant or a pirate, you ain't no fishermen, you ain't dressed for hunting and there's no whore houses to spread your legs at for a hundred miles, and then of course you have this," he reached behind him and pulled her sword from off the table. "Have never seen a blade quiet like this,"  

"It was a gift," Ciri went to stand only to be grabbed again by Erik.  

"Don't," he warned and Ciri pulled away but this time Erik pushed back pulling her back down, she twisted in his grip,  

"Get off," she warned before Erik grabbed her injured shoulder. "Fuck," she cried out as sparks of pain jolted through her side. She was shoved down onto the bed, and in an instant the two other men moved towards her grabbing her flailing limbs and holding her down.  

"It didn't need to be like this girl," Asger said in a low voice as he grabbed onto one flailing arm. 

She could see her sword resting up against the butchers table, with a simple thought she escape the grasp of the three men, with just a thought she could vanish from them only to reappear behind them sword in hand.  

But then they would know. It would be like setting a bonfire ablaze in the darkness for the wild hunt to see. If she used her gift they would know where she was and would descend upon this place and she was much too weak to escape from them, much to tired to run in his cold. There were things in life worse than three men. She would have to fight them off the old fashion way.  

She twisted her leg free, and kicked hard at one of the men sending him tumbling onto his ass. With enough space she shifted her hips and rolled to her side.  

"Get the damned herbs," Asger yelled and before Ciri could react a hand was forced into face. It was full a bitter flakey substance, she couldn’t' stop from breathing it in which made her gag then cough and as soon as her mouth opened it was shoved passed her lips.  

It tasted of bitter earth and as soon as it touched her tongue it began to dissolve into a slimy paste. At first it numbed her lips, then her tongue, and finally her throat, until she was unable to stop from swallowing it.  

"Good," Asger said softly as the men slowly let her go, her limbs felt weak, boneless. "Rest now," he said again as her head spun, "Rest,"  


Ciri’s eyes fluttered then shot open wide in surprise as she tried to stay awake, tried to stay lucid.  

The three men were no longer holding her, instead they let her lay there breathing shallow breathes, salvia drooled from the corner of her mouth and down the side of her chin as she stared up at the ceiling seemingly transfixed on the shadows dancing across the ceiling.  

“What,” Ciri swallowed hard, “What did you give me,” she asked bringing her fingers to touch her numb lips.  

“Freya’s gift,” Erik told her 

“Your lucky Bjorn here studied to be a druid or this might have gone much differently,” Asger said before throwing another log onto the fire.  

“It will keep you warm, numb, and-“ Bjorn stopped “more agreeable,” 

She felt hands on her shoulders, slipping down her shirt, then her they lightly touched her breasts cupping them gently and pulling them free of her bra. She gasped as a rough calloused finger rubbed up against her exposed nipple.  

Ciri's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she tried to pull away. She was so tired, so warm.  

“I know..." She paused a soft moan escaped her lips as the hands squeezed her flesh, she tried to focus and pull the hands off her body but her own limbs felt so weak, "I know Crach an Craite... he’ll have your head for this,” she warned breathlessly.  

“Do you now, and who are we? Skellige is a mighty large place with a thousand islands. Whos head would he take.” Asger replied shaking his head, his hands traced her torso down her flat toned stomach. "No one will lose their heads," he said as he hands began to undo the laces on her pants. "with Freyas will by the time we are finished with you you'll be begging us for more."  

Ciri gasped as the room spun faster, she felt her trousers loosen, and the large man's large hands slip between her legs, a single rough finger slid across her slit then found the bundle of nerves and teasingly traced a trail around it. She closed her eyes, her hips moved ever so slightly upwards into his hand increasing the contact. She groaned and clenched her jaw unwilling to believe her body was betraying her so easily.  

She jerked back and away, the sudden movement made her head spin, she tried to shake herself out whatever haze they had put her under only to find her vision fading, "No, no," she moaned as she felt her hold on consciousness slip. "Hmm," she moaned as she felt a thick finger enter her as she passed out.  


Half conscious Ciri let out a soft moan as she felt hands cup her breasts, pulling her shirt and bra off. She felt them undo her belt, and the metal clang as it hit the floor. The leather corset she wore around her waist went next. Her hips were lifted as they peeled off her pants leaving her naked and bare. She could feel their hands run up and down her body and the warmth of the fire melting off whatever dampness was left from her dip in the cold Skellige ocean.  

Her eyes fluttered open and she watched with baited breathe as one of the men, she couldn't make who out disrobed, another caught her attention beside her as he bent down and kissed her neck, then her collar bone. Then finally his lips closed over her nipple as he sucked on the bud of flesh.  

Too warm, she could still taste the root in her mouth, and the bitter aftertaste numbed her senses.  

He left her nipple and kissed down her stomach, taking time to lick her navel before going lower still.  

"Don't," she muttered unsure if she had even made a sound, that she could even make a sound until she felt his breath over her sex. His tongue darted out and traced over her clit and she gasped. She knew she had made a sound then because all three of the men chuckled.  

"Boil the rest of the it," Bjron said and she watched as one of the men threw a wad of whatever they had shoved into her mouth into a pot over the fire.  


Ciri eyes rolled back as s he sucked in a breathe of hair, Asgers hands were both firmly cupping her breasts as his tongue worked wonders between her legs. As much as she tried to fight it her body was already quickly warming to his touch.  

"Shh little girl," Asger spoke as he pulled away from her flesh. He grabbed the large mug Bjorn was holding out for him and took a large gulp of the hastily brewed tea then looked down at where Ciri lay. Her eyes wide and shocked staring up at him. He tipped the cup pouring the liquid down over her chest before he bent down and began licking it up, with one hand he groped her right breast roughly as he devoured the other with his mouth rolled her nipple between his tongue before nipping at it making her cry out.  

He shoved himself between her legs forcing Ciri to spread for him. His cock bobbed between their bodies rubbing against her legs and stomach. Every time it touched her thigh it sent a shiver up her spine.  

He was going  fuck her, defile her, take her against her own will and there was nothing she could do. All her training, all her gifts and she couldn't stop it. All three of them were going to use her like a common whore. And The worst part was that she couldn't wait for it to happen.  

Asger pressed himself against her, the head of his cock running clumsy down her slit. He reached down between their bodies and grasped himself tightly. He rubbed himself against her teasing her and watching the clash of emotions that crossed her face.  

Cici pinched her eyes closed and hissed out a warm breathe through clenched teeth, he was going to fuck her. She needed to stop this but she could barely stop herself from thrusting her hips up until his meaty cock forced itself inside her.  

Steadying his shaft as he pushed himself against Ciri's slick sex.  

"Gods," Ciri moaned her eyes going wide she reached up and pushed on Asgers shoulders but he was too strong, she pulled back and with a clenched fist hit him across the jaw as hard as she could. It was enough to twist his head sideways but he turned back and grinned at her.  

"You like it rough do ya?" He leaned into her and the first inch of his thick cock forced penetrated her body.  

Ciri hissed out a sharp breath and closed her eyes.  

"that's it girl," Again he pushed forward slipping deeper inside her. "Tell me how much you like it." Another thrust forward and Ciri cried out. Her legs spreading and her highs lifting before squeezing tightly around Asger's waist.  

Asger pulled back, then thrust himself fully into her. Ciri screamed in both pleasure and pain, arched off the bed twisted her head and cried out again. He pulled out slowly, Ciri's soaking wet cunt gripped him tightly, her hips slowly rolling into his increasing the sensation between them. He pushed back in throwing his body into hers, crushing his hips against hers. He wasted no time, and began to roughly fuck her. Again and again he pounded into her with strong powerful movements. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled Ciri's ears, again and again he moved fucking her harder and harder.  

Ciri whimpered and struggled weakly against him, her breasts crushed against his wide chest, her hips rolling against his pushing his cock even deeper inside her body. This wasn't supposed to happen, not like this. She couldn't stop herself from moaning as his body rubbed against her own. She wasn't in control, she was his, she couldn't stop this.  

His much larger body completely covered hers, his head pressed against the side of her own his harsh loud grunting and his warm bitter breath in her ear. His hips moved like a rabbits in and out driving his hard shaft in and out of her aching cunt.  

"Ohgods," Ciri moaned her eyes darting around the room as if she was trying to find a way out. The heat in her belly was intensifying with every stroke. Faster and faster he moved, relentlessly pounding into her much smaller body. His hand wrapped around her throat pinning her body to the bed. 

"Unngh. Uhhh," Ciri eyes went wide in shock and she cried out as sparks shot up her spine. Her stomach clenched tightly and her thighs squeezed Asger as hard as she could. She couldn't breathe, couldn’t blink, couldn't think as an intense wave of pleasure shot through her. 

"Gods fuck" Ciri cried out then let out a desperate sob as her body rocked with pleasure. Disgust and despair washed over as she realized how strongly she cumming. How amazing it felt and how wrong it was.  

"Mmhhh," she moaned and finally Asger slowed his pace until he was slowly grinding into her.  

He pulled back then slipped his cock free of her aching cunt, her own juices dripped from her, and small trembles still coursed up and down her sweat soaked skin. Ciri closed her eyes and sucked in lung fulls of air as she tried to recenter herself and regain control of her inflamed body.  

"Get the rope,"  

Rope? Ciri thought before she opened her eyes then sat up when she realized no one was holding her down, Asger immediately grabbed onto her shoulders and pushed her back down. She grunted as she landed hard against the bed. The wood frame creaked under the stress.  

She twisted and twirled, feeling stronger than she had in hours "Hurry up," Asger grunted before he finally managed to force her onto her stomach and sat on her lower back pinning her to the bed. "and get more tea,"  


She heard one of the men say then she felt the course fibers of rope wrap around one free arm as it was being pulled behind her back.  

"I'll kill you for this," she warned but the only response was a laugh before she knew it both arms were secured tightly behind her and Asger sat up and rolled her onto her back.  

She lay there glaring at the 3 men who now all stood towering over her, their small clothes removed, their cocks hanging proudly between their legs.  

Bjorn had a mug in his hand and he took a sip, before kneeling down before her and forcing Ciri up to sit. He brought the mug to her lips but she twisted away.  

"Drink," he wanted, "It's better than the alternative,"  

"You don't want another scar on that pretty face do you?" Asger warned when she refused to drink.  

Ciri looked at the leader and opened her mouth. The root was less bitter when boiled into a tea, almost sweet and earthy. The mug tipped and more of the warm oily liquid poured into her mouth spilling out from her sides of her mouth. She swallowed gulping it down for what felt like an eternity before the mug was empty.  

It left her dizzy, her vision slightly blurred and lightheaded. She blinked back the cobwebs in her brain, and watched as the fire danced fuzzily in front her eyes. There were hands soft on her shoulders guiding her back down onto the bed then turning her face to the side.  

She felt the bed shift as someone moved by her waist, she turned her head only to be stopped 

"Open," one of the men said and she looked up at him with half hooded eyes her lips parted slightly. She looked down at the hard cock in front of her face before he pressed it against her lips. Rubbing precum across her lips then cheek as he traced the head of his cock across her face until his balls rubbed against her lips. He pulled back, dragging his shaft across her mouth, until the tip pressed against her upper lip. "Open your mouth," he said again.  

She did as she was told opening her mouth as she felt one of the men spreading her legs.  

Her tongue moved over the cock intruding into her swirling around his head earning a groan from the man and a tightening of his grip of her hair.  

Maybe it was the tea, or just him, but he tasted like sweet berries, delicious and warm. She sucked, rolling her tongue against his glands and moved her head so more of him slid into her mouth.  

The men said something she didn’t catch couldn't make out through the haze. Then she felt the familiar feeling of a cock pressing against her opening. Her legs opened and he slipped inside her filling her with a warmth she had never had expected to miss so much.  

They moved together thrusting into her aching cunt as she moaned needfully around the cock in her mouth. Her eyes closed she didn't think of anything just basked in the feeling of them inside her.  

She wanted to reach out and touch them but her hands couldn't escape their bindings. All she could do was lay there, legs spread wide her mouth filled with cock and moan as she was roughly fucked over and over again.  

They brew more tea, taking small sips for themselves while forcing her to gulp down mug fills before filling her mouth with their meat once again.  

In a daze she suckled on the man in her mouth moaning as she felt throb, then heard him groan before spilled himself inside her filling her warm wet mouth with his seed before he pulled out and splashed it across her cheek. She gasped, and swallowed what had landed on her tongue before looking up at the man between her legs. This thick cock sliding in and out of body. Through the haze of the tea she was amazed at the sight of him entering her body, sliding freely in and out of her, her own juices covering his shaft removing any doubt of how much she was enjoying this. She smiled and gasped and laid back her hands clenching the ropes that bound her and let herself let go and wallow in the feeling of him inside her.  

"Lift her up,"  

She heard someone speak then felt hands on her arms propping her up until she was straddling someone. She stared at him, Bjorn she thought, then she looked down where their bodies were still joined.  

"Ohhh," she lifted her hips and then slipped back down. This was new, the first time they had let her move on her own, different. She rolled her hips again and pressed her head against his chest. She felt weak but she could get used to this, she moved her hips again, lifting her body off his cock only to let herself slid back down. The motion send shivers of pleasure up her spine and made her entire body tingle. She really could get used to this.  

Before she could find her rhythm him she felt hands wrap around her waist, then move down her body to her ass, spreading her cheeks.  

A moment of clarity washed over her as she felt him press against her, "Wait," she whispered.  

The first inch of cock forced itself into her ass and stung. She cried out and Bjorn wrapped his hands around her body holding her tight. She pulled on the ropes binding her hands as Asger pushed further into her.  

"Oh fuck," Ciri cried out.  

"Relax," Asger whispered into her ear, "I've been told you continental whores love it in your ass."  

"Unnghh," Ciri moaned as he moved again. Her body pulled away but was pulled back down by Asger which slammed herself down onto Bjorns cock.  

She gasped in pleasure, then again in pain as Asger thrusted again. His hands wrapped around, grabbing both breast squeezing them to the point of pain as he ravished her behind, he pushed in as far as he could go, then eased out before roughly pushing back in.  

Tears formed in Ciri's eyes as he body rocked up and down on both cocks.  

"Give her more tea,"  

If is on demand the mug appeared in front of her lips and she drank hungrily from it before it was torn away, she felt the warmth of it being splashed against her ass, over his cock then she felt the numbness of the root inside her.  

He moved again, then again and with each stroke it hurt less. With each stroke it felt better.  

They moved together, alternating their thrusts as Ciri bend over her legs wide as she was fucked in both holes. They shifted, Bjorn falling down onto the bed, Ciri laying on top of him and Asger fucking her hard from behind. Their bodies slapped together and she cried out with every movement. The pain was gone, nothing but pleasure left.  

"Suck it," she heard the command then felt her hair being pulled forcing her head off Bjorn's chest. She gasped and before she realized what was going on a cock was shoved into her mouth.  

All three moved and the sensation of having three men inside was too much, too overwhelming. Ciri came again with a muffled moan, her body shaking, her pussy and ass clenching tightly around the two men as she whimpered around the cock in her mouth. The three men paid no mind to her pleasure, never letting up or stopping they continued to slam themselves into her, to use her body as nothing more than a plaything.  

"Ummmmmmhh," Ciri moaned again as her orgasm washed over her, then gagged as her head was held tightly and the cock inside it was shoved down her throat. A spasm rocked her body as she came again, she coughed, moaned than gagged as her face was treated as roughly as her ass.  

It never stopped, until finally something inside her broke and the tiny part of her that still wanted to resist died. Her eyes fluttered shut as she resigned herself to her fate and let the men do as they pleased.  

Hours past, and the three men moved around her like a well oiled machine, each of them getting turns. Each of them getting a taste of all her body had to offer. She had swallowed so much of them she felt ill, and could feel them mixed with sweat on every inch of her flash. Her bindings and come loose but she hadn't the will to fight or run, instead she took all they could give as she came over and over again.  

She was nearly unconscious when their pace began to slow, when they finally left her alone, too spent to user her any further, she drifted in and out of sleep feeling her skin become tacky with sweat and seed. Her breathing slowed after countless climax until she lost herself to dreams.  


She wasn't sure how long she had been out, how much time had passed since she had first woken up in the cabin, but she felt stronger now than she had in a long while. Opening her eyes she took in the cabin. The fire was little more than hot embers and the blizzard outside had seemed to past. The mug from which they had forced her drink from was tipped over empty on the floor beside Asger, who was unconscious, beside him slumped in a chair was Bjorn. Erik lay just to her left on the bed, his eyes were half open looking at her.  

She matched his gaze for a moment, before looking over towards the table where her sword lay, then down at where her clothes had been tossed haphazardly around the room before looking back at him.  

He was beginning to tense, she could see it in his face and muscles so she moved slowly, not going for her weapon or even her clothes instead she crawled slightly over him her head moving up his legs until she reached his groan.  

With one hand she gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft and bent down her lips kissing the tip of his cock before she licked her way down his shaft.  

Erik let out a soft groan and Ciri felt his body relax under her. Her lips slid down his manhood until she reached his balls. She licked him, sucking him into her mouth as she began stroking him faster. She looked at him, half her face covered by the shaft of his cock watching as his eyes closed in pleasure.  

Satisfied she licked her way back up his dick, taking time to bathe the underside of his member with her tongue before reaching the top. She spit down on him before swallowing him whole. She let him push into the back of her throat as deep as she dared without forcing herself to gag.  

She felt his hand wrap tightly into her tousled hair guiding her up and down. She squeezed him with her cheeks, and massaged him with her tongue her head bobbing ever so quickly over him moaning softly against him as she moved.  

Ciri could feel him throb, then heard him let out another groan as he moved his hips against her and she couldn't help but feel the familiar warmth between her own legs. She ignored it instead she pulled up until just the head of his cock rested between her swollen lips. She looked up at him and she began stroking him harder and faster, her tongue swirling around the tip of his cock.  

"Ungh," he groaned and Ciri felt his warm seed explode into her, hitting the top of her mouth before splashing against her tongue, it was salty, bitter and warm. She sealed her lisp around him once against swirling her tongue and his cum against his glands until he spurted out another load. Her hand moved up and down while her mouth stayed sealed over him, milking his cock until he had nothing left before catching his gaze once again. Her green eyes met his brown and she stared at him for a moment, his cock firmed between both her lips. She pulled away slightly still keeping eye contact before she swallowed his load and down at his manhood.  

She looked away, rested her head against his thigh and watched as his cock fell limp. His hand still in her hair caressed her head petting her. She stayed there unmoving until Erik's breathing finally steadied in his sleep.  

Gently, with all the grace she could muster she sat up then slipped off the bed. She picked up her clothes first, then one of the men's shirts and used it has rag to clean herself off. Then dressed silently beside where her sword lay. Watching with one eye the three sleeping men.  

She made no effort to silence her movements when she tossed her sword over back. The sound was enough to wake Bjorn. Who looked around the room for a moment before zeroing in on her. Fully dressed and armed.  

Bjorn kicked his foot out, jabbing his toes into Asgers ribs waking him.  

"What?" He groaned angrily before turning over and looking up at Ciri then her sword. His eyes narrowed "If you think-"  

"You deserve this," she said plainly before, to the shock of the two men, the air around her seemed to bend unnaturally, then with a hollow crack she vanished leaving both men dumbfounded.  

Ciri reappeared not far on a hilltop overlooking the cabin, she knelt down and watched as Asger peaked his head out of the doorway and looked around confused then slammed the door shut. She could hear yelling, arguing as the men tried to figure out what had just happened. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and waited. 

It wasn't long before the air temperature dropped causing a chill to run down Ciri's spine. She sat up and made she couldn't be seen. An eerie fog enveloped cabin and she watched as they came. Covered in unworldly armor and armed to the teeth. Everything they touched iced over with frost, the cabin walls themselves creaked and moaned as the moisture inside froze as they approached.  

Ciri watched as they kicked the cabins door in leaving it little more than splinters. But turned away as she heard the screams of the three men inside. She waited until silence had once again fallen upon the island before she closed her eyes and vanished.  

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