Djala Dat' K'Pong

BY : Charles_de_Mercania
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You may call me Dat.  I was born on 15 Resplendent Earth 723, according to the ownership papers.  My full name is actually Djala Dat’ K’Pong.  As you may have noted I’m short, even for a Djala–and we are a race noted for short stature.  I’m thin built, with green eyes and well developed spots.  By the standards of Djala I’m quite handsome–and at times this has been a curse.

My earliest memory is of being pulled from my mother’s arms and sold on the auction block of some city.  I believe I was five years old.  The man who purchased me apparently had no interest in me, as he gave me to Sesus Nagezzer as a gift, or a bribe.  Nagezzer named me “Liquor of Exotic Beauty” in the Realm’s Tongue.  But, I was always called “Liquor” by everyone in the Court of Roses.

The first five years of my life as Nagezzer’s slave were almost pleasant.  I was schooled in the arts of music and singing and I’m told I have a pleasant tenor voice.  I was also schooled in acrobatics, gymnastics, swimming and other sports–Nagezzer likes his slaves to be fit and healthy–as well as in the arts of letters and conversation–Nagezzer and his courtiers will occasionally converse with their slaves for sport.  During these five years I saw much of the debaucheries of Nagezzer’s, “The Slug’s,” Court.  I knew that eventually I would become involved with them in some capacity more than that of an entertaining player of the sanxian and singer, if I did not escape.

It was the 3rd of Descending Earth 733 that my music and singing were no longer sufficiently entertaining to Nagezzer.  During one of his parties he demanded a new kind of service from me.  The memory of the humiliation I felt is as bitter to this day as his seed was that night.  Later he took me to his bed and I learned more of what it was to be a slave to The Slug.  I thought I might die from what he had done to me, but The Slug had good physicians on his payroll.

The doctor who treated me the next day, Happy Tree of Life, taught me how to relax under my master’s attentions–so as to reduce, or eliminate, the injuries I suffered while pleasing The Slug.  For three season I was Nagezzer the Slug’s favorite slave.  Then he found another and I was given to his courtiers, guests, and business partners.  Some were gentle; most were not.  So I learned how to separate my mind from what my body was doing; to relax and endure while I writhed under my masters and mistresses.

By my 11th birthday anniversary I had made and discarded dozens of escape plans.  They all broke on one simple fact.  I was in the Throne of Roses on the Imperial Isle.  Unless I could get off the Imperial Isle there was literally no place to go that I would not be immediately recognized as an escaped slave and returned to The Slug.  My big opportunity to escape did not appear for 12 years.  It was a hard time.

Towards the end of 746 The Slug was planning one of his rare business trips away from the Throne of Roses.  He was heading to Yane in the South–towards the lands of my ancestors.  I started a campaign of flirtation with, and seduction of, The Slug to convince him to take me with him on his trip.  I was also as pleasing to his courtiers as I could be; so they would also request my presence on the trip.  The first day after Calibration of 747 The Slug took ship for Yane.  I was among the dozen slaves he took along for the pleasure of himself and his courtiers.  At last I had achieved my first step towards escape.

The entire time we were in Yane the guards were too numerous and too alert to make an escape attempt advisable.  I was not too worried by this since my plans had many different possibilities and some of the best involved escaping from the ship on the return trip.  The month after we boarded ship for the return trip would be my best chance at escape.  For that time the ship would sail along the coast of the Southern Threshold.  There would be only a half dozen guards on the ship and they would be relaxing their watches.  The sailors would care little one way or the other about a single missing slave.  Further, I had planned to make my escape look like a failed attempt which ended in my death by drowning.  The day we boarded the ship to return to the Imperial Isle  I again bent all my attention and skills to making sure that The Slug would take me to his stateroom in the Stern Castle of the ship for his evening’s entertainment.  It was actually several days later on the evening of the18th of Resplendent Water I was taken to my master’s cabin.  One last evening of his attention and I would be free.

The memory of that night is bitter-sweet.  Bitter for the new abasement The Slug had devised for me; and sweet for the small vengeance I had as my plan proceeded.  Though, it did not proceed as smoothly as I had hoped.  The Slug’s newest cruelty involve a new Djal he had purchased.  She was perhaps 15 years old.  She was also the only member of my race I had seen since being separated from my mother.  She was beautiful.

She was also chained naked to the center post of the cabin.  I was thunder-struck and staring–so much so that I missed The Slug’s order to strip until he cuffed me across the back of my head and repeated himself.  I could not help wondering if The Slug intended to breed us together and such thoughts brought with them an obvious arousal–until the fear in her eyes registered on my senses.  But the Slug had other plans.  He addressed the girl, “Pay attention Little Flower, It is time you learned you duties.”

Then he gave me an order that I had expected, “Liquor, kneel and please me.”  I had not counted on having a beautiful Djal as a witness to the night’s depravities.  Fresh shame burned through me.  He and his courtiers had made me perform thus before for an audience–but never before had the audience been a beautiful woman of my own race.  Between my concentration on pleasing my odious master and my worry about this girl I had never met would think of me, for the first time in years I could not separate the actions of my body from my self.  It was important to keep my thoughts focused anyway, but my careful escape plan was foundering on an unexpected addition to the evening.  I quickly reached the decision that her presence would not alter the major points of the plan and poured all my concentration into pleasing the Slug.

Never before had I felt so soiled and degraded by the actions I took to simply survive my circumstances.  Worse was coming though I did not know it at the time.  As The Slug withdrew his shrinking member from my mouth, I saw the look of mingled pity and revulsion in Flower’s blue eyes.  For a few seconds I thought I might actually drown myself this evening instead of making my escape.  As always, after his first bout of sex in the evening, The Slug called for his wine.  I leapt to fetch his cup.  He sat on the edge of his bed, while he sipped his wine and gazed upon Flower.  I knelt at his feet and stared at the floor.  After a time he place his hand on top of my head and turned it till I looked upon Flower as well.

“Liquor, is she not beautiful?”

“Yes, master.” I had long ago learned to keep my answers brief.

“Do you desire her?” The Slug lisped.

“If it pleases you, master, yes”

He chuckled.  Then addressed Flower, “Girl, do you find my little Liquor appealing?”  I shall never forget the first words I heard her say, “No, he’s disgusting.  He may be male, but he’s certainly no man!”  The Slug roared his laughter.  Part of my soul died.  I fought back my tears and again considered the ease with which I could drown myself tonight.

When his laughter abated, The Slug wiped his tears of merriment from his eyes and said, “No matter, you will obey.”  He rose from the bed with a growl like a wakened animal.  In a single limping stride he back-handed Flower to the floor.  Then he grabbed her upper arms, lifted her feet from the floor and pinned her against the center post.  He tried to thrust his cruelly engorged member into Flower, but she was clamping her knees together and turning her hips–so he had no success.  Of course Nagezzer the Slug had a solution to this problem, “Liquor, come, hold this little bitch’s knees apart!”

“Master, please. . .” I started to beg.  I had hoped I would not have to take a part in what he was doing to Flower.  It was the essence of futility defined.  “Do it now!” He raged.  I rose from my place at the foot of the bed and moved behind the center post.  Then I gripped Flower’s knees and spread them apart.  A second later, “Ahhh, yess,” the Slug hissed into Flower’s scream. The Slug pumped his corpulent green hips a few times then pulled out.  Next was the sodomy.  The Slug was a creature of habit.  With a female it was always rape, sodomy, then oral rape for cleaning up and maximum humiliation.  True to form he pumped his hips a few times till he spilled his seed in her.  Flower hung limp in our grip.  She no longer fought.  What she was trying to protect was already lost.  The Slug withdrew from her and ordered me to hold her head.  He gripped her lower jaw with his thumb and fingers pressing her cheeks into her teeth to force her mouth open–I remembered being the one in his grip twelve years earlier–and forced his still half erect member into her mouth.  As a rapist, Nagezzer the Slug was as thorough as he was brutal.  He never did anything by half measures.  He held her jaw, with his filthy member in her mouth for 10 minutes.  Turning her head slightly to the left and then right, up then down–to ensure that every part of her mouth had felt his touch.  Finally, he withdrew his cleaned and flaccid member from her mouth.

I could let go of Flower now.  I did so, with slight rattle of her chains she slumped to the floor and curled into a small bundle of misery.  I remembered that too, but the plan was still on track and I went to get The Slug his wine again.  This was the cup in which he had his magical drug.  I added the normal dose from his stash–Then I added a half dozen more.

I took Nagezzer his drugged wine.  He was accustomed to the taste and would take no notice of the additional doses.  Again I knelt at his feet, at the foot of his bed.  He sipped his wine and gazed at Flower.  And again I stared at the floor.  Sip.  Sip.  Sip.  He was taking more time between sips than usual, “Liquor,” I startled–he was breaking his pattern again, “breed with her.”  Flower whimpered at these words.

I have engaged in sex with dozens–no hundreds–of The Slug’s courtiers, slaves, clients, business partners, and once, for a very special orgy, a statue of the Empress and never failed to provide the desired show.  Why, now, when confronted with a girl of my own race, one whom I actually desired and felt that I could care for, could I not achieve an erection.

“I cannot master,” I managed to say.

“What is this? Defiance?

“No, master, I’m un-manned by her.”

The Slug slammed down the rest of his wine in a single gulp.  I silently cheered for–for about half a second, before he grasped me by the neck.  He lifted me with one hand and carried me over to Flower.  Turning her onto her back and spreading her thighs he forced me to kneel between them.

“You Djal have puny pricks, but yours is still attached and you will use it as I command you little beast,” He knelt stiffly behind me and reached around to stroke my member with his free hand.  He was becoming aroused again himself and I felt him pushing himself into me.  It was nothing new, I relaxed as much as possible.  With the stimulus The Slug was providing I now had an erection and he pushed me down onto and into Flower.  It was but a few minutes until I spilled my seed into her belly.  Perhaps five minutes later The Slug spilled his in me.  Then his huge weight was crushing Flower and I.  The drug had finally overcome his Dragon-Blooded constitution.  He had passed out.

Rolling the Slug’s bloated form off of us was difficult.  Flower was simply weeping now.  I knew we had only a half day till his supernatural constitution overcame the drug.  I needed to move fast, if my plan of escape were to succeed; but I could not bring myself to leave Flower behind to suffer the horrors I was escaping, “Where are the keys to your collar and cuffs?”

She looked blankly at me for a few seconds before looking to the head of the bed, “There, the guard put them there,” she pointed.

“Be quiet,” I said under the cover of the Slug’s snores, “if the guards outside the door suspect anything is amiss, they will enter and then haul us to the slave quarters.”

She looked at me with a vacant expression again and said, “What does it matter, now?”

“What matters is that I have been planning escape for 12 years.  I have no intentions of staying here, nor of leaving you to suffer through what I’ve had 20 years of.  So be quiet and do as I say and we’ll both escape from here.”

I got the keys and unlocked her chains, “Get the napkin and some of the water and clean him up.”

“I’d rather take his knife and gut him,” she replied without any feeling I could hear.

“No.  We can’t do that.  If we kill him his courtiers and business partners will spare nothing to catch and kill us in the most horrible way they can imagine.  Just clean him up while I get some things together, then we’ll roll him into his bed.  With a little luck he’ll assume his guards took us to the slave quarters and each shift of the guards will assume the same of the other shifts.  They might not miss us for half a day after he wakes that way.”

Flower got the pitcher and a napkin and started cleaning him off.  I got the water skins out of their hiding place in the wardrobe and started blowing them up.  Next was the Slug’s drug stash chest.  Flower was done with cleaning our various fluids off the Slug.  “Clean yourself up too.  We don’t want blood scent to give us away,” or draw sharks I thought to myself.  She started cleaning herself, while I took the Slug’s Hearthstone and its Amulet off his gross neck.  When she had finished cleaning herself, I used another napkin to clean myself.

With a lot of effort we rolled the huge green form of the Slug into his bed, “Now what?” Flower puffed with one final shove.

I tied the air filled water skins about her chest while I explained the rest of my plan, “We climb down the planking outside the stern windows . . .”

“I can’t swim!” Flower exclaimed with fear widening eyes, blue eyes within well-formed black markings–but there was no time to admire her beauty.

“I do.  Quite well.  We are paralleling the coast right now before striking North across the Inland Sea for the Imperial Isle.  The shore is no more than five miles away, more likely three.  The air in the skins will help keep us afloat and I will swim us ashore.”

She looked at me suspiciously, “So what are the chest and necklace for?  And does you plan include any clothes for us?”

“If we are wearing clothing when we go into the water they will weigh us down.  But there are clothes in the one bundle I put there, and I added a sheet that can be cut and stitched to make something for you when we get ashore.  The Amulet and chest are to convince the Slug and his people that we have drowned in our escape attempt.”  I braided a cut sheet into a rope and tied one end around the Stern Window’s latch the other I tied around the drug chest and started lowering it to the water.

“Hurry Flower, climb down the rope and hold onto the chest until I make it down.  It will give you more to float with until we have to sink it.”  Flower slid, more than climbed, down the rope, but she made it down without noise or splashing.  I grabbed two of The Slug’s less used knives and started down the sheet rope, when I was in the water I reached as high up the rope as I could and cut it so it wouldn’t trail in the water to make noise.

A few strokes and I had swum to where Flower was hugging the chest.  It took only a minute to untie the rope from the chest and tie it about her, then make a loop to tow her with.  The air filled water skins were doing a fine job of keeping her afloat.  She was only a little bigger than my own 4' 8" and 90 pounds.  I handed her a knife and said, “Everyone needs a knife,” then I clamped the hilt of the other in my teeth and cracked open the chest enough to flood it a bit.  When it started to sink, I closed the lid and let it go.  I let the amulet go to sink to the bottom–in what I hoped was very deep water.  Then I started swimming parallel to the shore and straight away from the stern of the ship.  I also took this time to check for fins.  Many ships had sharks who follow along looking for free meals in the garbage tossed over the side, but so far we had not picked up any.  When the ship was just a point of light in the dark, I turned and started towards shore.  I took a moment to think about how the Slug and his people were going to react to our escape and smiled.  Obviously the smile distressed Flower, so I took a rest from swimming and back floated to explain.

“When the Slug wakes and realizes we have taken his drugs and Hearthstone he’ll order a search for us.  They’ll search back along the path they have sailed and look for our traces on the shore.  He will also get a geomancer to track the Hearthstone.  When that points to the bottom of the sea they will try to retrieve it.  The Hearthstone of the Throne of Roses is much more valuable than two escaped slaves–even ones as exotic as ourselves.  There will be a strong suspicion that we have drowned as the drug chest will be found on the bottom too.  They will not believe that I would sink it deliberately knowing the value of its contents.”

“The drugs were very valuable?”

“Oh, yes.  They were easily worth one and a half to two talents of jade.  But to continue my explanation?  Even small revenge is enough when one has had nothing for so long, Flower.  The Slug will spend much retrieving the Hearthstone, but loose much more, if it becomes known that he has lost it.  That alone is sweet to me, but the loss of his drugs will hurt him personally and badly.  That chest was his entire supply.  They’re all ruined with salt-water by now.  Yes, he will be hurting a great deal in one or two days.”  I smiled again.  Flower’s lips quirked a little too–I think.  Though I wasn’t finished with explanations quite yet.  I started treading water so I could see her face.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you Flower.  I had to do it to get us free.  Your see, The Slug is a creature of habits.  He always has a glass of wine after his first bout of sex in his evening entertainments.  Then he has his second bout of sex and has a glass of drugged wine to seek less strenuous entertainments.  He had to have his second bout and his second cup; so I could overdose him.  It was only supposed to be me with him tonight.  My plan was that I would have to suffer his attentions only once more then I would escape and leave him thinking that I had drowned during my attempted escape.  When The Slug added you to his evening’s entertainment I had to decide whether to alter the plan or not.  Altering the plan could have caused it to fail–so I held you for him so he would take his drugged cup.”

“And when he ordered you to breed with me?” He eyes glowed like to blue fires in deep black pits.

“I really couldn’t breed with you, Flower.  You are the only Djal I have seen in my life other than my mother.  I did desire you, Flower, and that is why I couldn’t perform as he wished.

“You did well enough once he started . . .”

I held my hands above the water like I could stop her words with them, “I know.  I know.  I don’t know why my body can react one way when my heart and mind do not desire it.  Maybe I’ve spent too much time as The Slug’s slave and I really could not long dis-obey him.  Maybe the fact that you are beautiful and I do desire you . . . I . . . I don’t know, Flower.”  The look she gave me in response killed what little hope I had that she could ever forgive me.

I started swimming for the shore again.  We stumbled onto the beach just as the sun was rising.

We ate half the provisions I had managed to cache and bring with us while we un-bundle the clothes and let them dry.  Flower wrapped and pinned the sheet in such a manner that it looked much like a dress I had seen some Imperial citizens wear.

“According to your plan where are we going?”

I cut a frond from a tree and started brushing our track away from the water line up, “To begin, as far from the sea as we can go as quickly as we can go.  When we are sure we are not being pursued . . . I had originally planned on trying to find the homeland of our people and join up with any free Djala who might still be there.  Do you have any clue where our ancestor’s lands were?”

“No, I’ve been a slave all my life too.  I never imagined the Peleps would sell me, let alone to . . .”

The rest of the day we walked in the silence of our own thoughts.

A week of walking and hiding with no signs of pursuit convinced us that we had made good our escape.  The relationship between Flower and I remained highly tense and strained–but what else could I expect.  I had helped another man rape and abuse her and then raped her myself; albeit with some coercion from The Slug.  Rescuing her from a continued life of slavery, abuse and degradation might seem a good enough apology–but it didn’t feel like it to me; nor, apparently to her–if her cutting looks and piercing comments were anything to judge by.

Four month’s walking had brought us to the settlement of Sweet Drips—Named for the small spring which provided just enough water to the oasis for twenty people to live in it.  The settlement consisted mostly of slaves who had escaped and run till they fetched up in this small oasis far from anyone who would care whether we lived or died.  Flower’s belly had acquired a definite roundness and walking long distances was wearing on her.  She had not mentioned a wish for Maiden Tea (which we wouldn’t have recognize if we had been walking through fields of the stuff) for nearly a week.  Quietly I hoped the child would be mine.  Not only because I hated The Slug so much I didn’t want him to have children, but because bearing a half‑Djal child could kill Flower.  I couldn’t help feeling affection for her though she loathed me.  We decided to stay at Sweet Drips at least until the child was born or aborted.  Five months later, on 10 Ascending Fire, Flower delivered a healthy girl Djal.  Flower chose the name Flower of Violence for our daughter–I had no room to argue for a different name.  The other residents of Sweet Drips started looking at me rather more oddly than they had before Violence was born.  For her part, Flower informed me that if I so much as touched her daughter (her words) she would complete The Slug’s threat and un-man me.  For my part in things to this point, I felt a strong obligation to see that Flower and Violence were protected and cared for.  It was obvious to me that I could not remain with them.  Flower could not forgive me anymore than I could; nor could she forget any more than I could.

It took a year to find a solution to our problem.  Violence grew well and turned out to have her mother’s eyes, though her markings more closely resembled mine.  Not that it mattered, as I could never act as her father, with her mother present.  The solution to our problem was another Djala, Ki’ of the T’Ka Clan.  He was a bit older than I and made his living as an acrobat and performer with a traveling troop of other performers.  When I explained our situation to him (I left out a few of the more awkward elements) He prevailed upon his troop to accept us as additional performers.  I traveled with them for a year Learning all I could from Ki’ of our people.  Among other things I learned my people’s native tongue (though Ki’ says my accent is truly horrible).

A week before my planned departure (Flower and Ki’ had grown quite close and now shared a tent and little Violence now had a father), Ki’ performed a Djalla naming ceremony for me.  He gave me the name Djal Dat’ K’Pong–translated into the Imperial tongue it would be Once-Broken Man.  He settled on the K’Pong clan name from my over all spot patterning; telling me that I was a perfect example of the K’Pong Clan.  What Djal names Flower and Violence were given in their naming ceremonies I never learned.

For years I wondered the Deserts of the South alone searching for the origins of the Djalla and any free remnants of our people–but I never found either.  The last day of Calibration 763 I was holed up in a cave in the desert south of Nexus when I was struck down by a vision of the Unconquered Sun.  The Sun Spoke to me; telling me that a piece of his power now lived in me.  He told me to do great and worthy deeds and gave me a vision of a mountain with a bowl in its peak.   I felt I should find that mountain.  That quest took me a bit more than three years, but I finally found it about a month’s walk East and South of Kirigast.  It is a place of power which I could sense once I stood within it.

Within the Manse I found the remains of a big person wearing a tattered priest robe and a White Jade amulet carved in a sunburst pattern.  The corpse was so old and dry that it was nothing more than leather stretched over bones.  I used my ability to call the Sun’s holy fire to incinerate the corpse.  I attuned to the manse and claimed its Hearthstone.  I place it into the amulet of the ancient priest, then stayed a while to practice and learn more of my new mystic abilities.

A little less than a year later, when I had spent an evening in the manse, I awoke to find a three foot long cobra coiled on my chest.  I could feel its presence as more than just a weight on my chest.  It was there because it wanted–no needed–something of me.  While staring into its deadly gaze I suddenly realized that I was seeing myself through its eyes and that the serpent desperately wanted companionship.  In the same instant I realized my own need for companionship–so it was done.  I named her Ki’U (Sand King) in honor of my first teacher in the lore of my people–I didn’t learn till later that he was actually a she.  Apparently cobras have little regard for such distinctions until mating time is upon them.

This evening I witnessed the Golden lights of other Solar Exalts on the mountain to the West of my own.  It has been awhile since I walked in Creation, or spoke with people.  I believe I will investigate.

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