Gift of the Elder Blood

BY : Redfields
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Author’s note: Sorry, I haven’t read the books. From the games, it seems like Ciri spent time at both Kaer Morhen and the Skellige isles, but they never really specify when or in what order (isles, then training? Or the other way around?) So this story is from the point of view that she trained at Kaer Morhen until about 13, then went off to the Skellige Isles. Call it a ‘close enough’ alternate universe, where most of the stuff is the same.


Ciri had just moved to the Skellige Isles. She tried to take it with good grace, but she had grown to love Kaer Morhen, and it was tough leaving her old life to live a new one, even if it would make her safer.


Not all was terrible, though. The people were friendly, the An Craites welcomed her as one of their own, and Cerys was a playmate her own age, one who enjoyed beating boys at their own games just as much as she. Still, being a 13 year old uprooted from all she’d ever known was a bit tough. Cerys tried to help, and one evening they found themselves playing the common and childish game of trading secrets. Most were innocuous, and some weren’t even secrets. Or were, but Ciri was proud of them anyway.


“Child of the Elder blood! Lady of space and time? Come on, you’ve got to tell me a real secret, Ciri!” Cerys pried.


“I haven’t got any left. You know me completely, now.” But Ciri kept something hidden, even from her newfound friend, and Cerys could tell.


“If you don’t tell me, I’ll just pick and pry at it until I know what it is. But if you tell me now, I won’t tell anyone!” Cerys promised, but Ciri still looked doubtful. And scared. Cerys could tell this secret was terribly important.


“I swear I won’t tell anyone!” the redhead said fiercely, but then had a thought. “Wait a moment … right, come with me.” With that, she unlocked the door to the room the girls shared and crept down the hall.


The door to the Jarl’s room was open, and the room empty, but they didn’t enter. Instead, Cerys pointed to a sword on a rack that hung in the place of honor in the room.


“See that sword?” She asked. Ciri nodded. “That sword’s name is Fate. It belongs to my father, and his father before him, and his father before him. It’s been in my family for five generations, and is the greatest thing we own. Any of us would rather die than have it lost.” She paused, then took a deep breath “I swear on Fate, the sword of my family and my ancestors, that I shall tell no one your secret, unless you allow me.”


With that, they crept back to their room, the redhead carefully locking the door after they’d entered. Ciri’s head was swimming. Should she finally tell her friend, after going so long without telling anyone? Should she just keep this to herself? But Cerys had taken an enormous risk, swearing an oath she’d rather die than break, and it might be best to finally tell someone else.


She took a deep breath, and discovered she was trembling. Mentally, she counted down to herself, trying to find the courage. Finally, she just blurted it out “I have a penis.”


Cerys stared, then laughed. “Oh, you had me going. Swearing and oaths and everything! Go on, have your laugh.” But Ciri didn’t laugh, just hugged her knees to herself.


“I’m not joking! I wish I were. It’s … I’ll never be normal.”


At that, Cerys stopped laughing, and it dawned on her that Ciri was telling the truth. Her jaw opened with stunned incomprehension.


Her wits eventually came back to her. “There’s no way that’s true.”


Ciri, angry now, silently stood up and yanked down her pants. And yes, there was a penis. Dangling there like it would on a 13 year old boy, only now it was on her friend. Cerys’s wits fled again, while Ciri pulled up her pants. Her anger passed and shame set in. She sat back down on her bed, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them.


An ugly thought entered Cerys’s head. “Ciri … are you a boy?”


Anger flashed across the other’s face. “What? Of course not!”


“I mean, you have a prick …”


“Girls can have pricks.” But Ciri sounded unconvincing, even to herself. Her face fell.


“I mean, you have a prick, and you like to play with swords …”


“I’m not a boy!” Ciri practically shouted, reminding herself just in time that people in the hall might hear and lowering her voice.


Silence, then Cerys had another thought. Her eyes lit up, then looked thoughtful, then a little hesitant. “Well, do you like boys? I mean, because girls like boys” At this, she coughed and looked down. “And boys like girls. So if you’re a girl, you’ll like boys. And if you’re not …”


But Ciri just looked miserable, and Cerys realized she didn’t have proof her friend was a girl. Just the opposite, in fact. The redhead even shrank back a bit, the thought of sharing her room with a boy causing the gap between the beds to seem an insurmountable chasm.


“You’re a boy.” She reluctantly concluded.


“I am not” Ciri responded weakly, but her eyes had tears in them. She wiped them away with the back of her hand. She knew she was a girl, didn’t she? Even she wasn’t sure now, and her new friend probably wouldn’t be her friend anymore. She was crushed. This had been a huge mistake.


Then, “Wait, I’m a girl! I have breasts!” She was tremendously relieved, but Cerys still looked doubtful.




“Yup.” With that, she lifted her shirt, pulling it up to reveal small, but definitely budding breasts.


Cerys was still skeptical. “I dunno. If a girl can have a penis, a boy can have breasts.”


Ciri, so sure of herself just a few seconds ago, deflated. She let her shirt drop back down, and slumped back onto her bed. She thought about that a bit.


“No wait. That means if a boy can have breasts, a girl can have a penis too.” She said, her confidence returning.


Cerys peered at her, still unconvinced. Ciri described her train of thought. “So, I’m either a girl or a boy, right? One or the other.” Cerys nodded, so Ciri continued. “If I’m a boy, I’ve got breasts. If I’m a girl, I’ve got a penis.” Again, Cerys nodded as Ciri went on. “So either I’m a girl with a penis or a boy with breasts.”


“Okay, but why can’t you be a boy with breasts, then?”


“I’m a girl, okay? So I play with swords and like girls, but my breasts mean I’m a girl.”


Cerys thought about it, then nodded slowly. “Right. Your breasts mean that weird things can happen to a boy, and weird things can happen to a girl. You’re just the girl that weird things happened to.”


“Wow, you can say that again” Ciri agreed fervently. She grinned, her mood brightening immensely. Her friend knew her secret, agreed that it was weird, and that was that. She was still her friend.


Then Cerys hit her with a weird question. “Why do you like girls?”


Ciri paused to think, but couldn’t come up with anything good. “I dunno, I just do. I mean, boys are fun for playing around with and swordwork, and beating them at running or fighting is always so much fun. And some of them are kind of handsome, I suppose. But it’s just … I understand girls, I suppose. And we’re all very pretty to look at.” She looked shyly at Cerys, then quickly away.


“Can I tell you a secret?” Cerys asked quietly.


“You’d better. I’ve just told you everything.” Ciri answered.


Cerys paused, and couldn’t seem to look the other girl in the eye. She dipped her chin and muttered “I like girls too” into her chest.


Ciri looked a bit cross. “That’s not a secret! Or at least, I do to, so it doesn’t count.”


“It’s my secret to tell, and it’s the biggest one I have. It’s not my fault you have the same one.”


“Oh … well, I suppose … But I’ve told you two.”


“Yes, but I swore I wouldn’t tell. So you needn’t worry.”


“I don’t .. I mean. I trust you, Cerys.” Ciri said with a smile, which turned mischievous. “But if you like girls, and you like swords, perhaps you’re the boy here.”


Cerys grinned. “Nope. I can pull down my trousers and prove it.” And she did just that, showing off a lightly haired vulva to her new friend. She started to cover up again, but Ciri said “Don’t” almost plaintively, so Cerys left her trousers around her ankles.


“I … like the way it looks.” Ciri answered shyly to Cerys’ unspoken question.


Surprised, and unexpectedly pleased, Cerys blushed and smiled at Ciri, then quickly looked away. “Maybe you should show off yours too.”


As she had done before, Ciri grabbed her waistband and pulled down, then stepped out of her pants completely. Cerys noticed that her penis was now longer, stiff, and pointing up. “It’s changed.” She pointed out.


“It’s erect; I think that’s what it’s called. It’s ready for sex.” Ciri said, then giggled.


Cerys was fascinated. “Can I … can I touch it?” she asked, tentatively.


“Sure.” Ciri responded, and Cerys quickly crossed the gap, sitting beside her new friend. Slowly she reached out, gently poking Ciri’s dick with a finger. It jumped.


“Sorry.” Ciri quickly said. “I didn’t … go ahead and touch it again. I’ll try and relax more.”


Again, Cerys reached out with a finger, touching Ciri’s member, then running a finger up and down it. “I don’t really know what to do with it.”


Ciri laughed. “I don’t either. Um, I guess just try different things and I’ll tell you if it hurts.”


So Cerys started rubbing it all over. She noticed that there was some skin she could rub back and forth. Grasping the entire thing in her hand like the hilt of a sword, she could rub more of the skin back and forth. Ciri gasped; Cerys immediately let go.


“No, keep going. That was good.” So Cerys went back to rubbing it in her hand. A perverse thought crossed her mind, something she heard only harlots do, and bent over to kiss the very tip.


“Cerys!” Ciri squeeked. She couldn’t believe her friend would do something like that, but Cerys was undeterred. She bent over to kiss the tip again, then left her mouth on it. She parted her lips and took Ciri’s member into her mouth.


The ashen-haired girl was speechless. How could her friend be so .. unlady-like? Yet it felt undeniable good. Great in fact. Better by the second, better the deeper it went. Even when Cerys took her mouth off of it, she kept rubbing it with her hand. And it still felt great. Then she put her mouth back on it, and it felt better and better and better …


She got as far as “Cerys, I’m about to …” before she came. Her balls had something like pins and needles, and it felt like she peed. Not a stream, but like in spurts. Her hips jerked of their own accord, and her butt practically jumped up off the bed.


Cerys immediately pulled away when the first spurt hit the back of her throat. The semen painted her face white as she coughed, enjoying the taste of Ciri’s cum but not the sudden appearance of it. She closed her eyes to avoid taking anything in them, and liked the feeling of the spreading wetness on her face. It made her feel like … well, one of the women everyone talked down about. A harlot, a trollop, a strumpet. It made her feel like a whore, and she loved being that naughty when she wasn’t supposed to.


Eventually the jets came to a halt, and Ciri regained her composure. “What … was that? She wondered aloud in amazement.


“That was an … ejaculation?” Cerys answered. “You had your first orgasm. I think. Men’s penises do that when they’re … finished.”


Ciri’s eyes narrowed. “How do you know that?”


Cerys shrugged. “Women here are more open about that sort of thing. “ Then she grinned. “Especially if they don’t know I’m listening.”


Ciri’s put on a face of mock indignation “You naughty girl.” Cerys just kept grinning and nodded. Then Ciri got lost in thought. “Can women orgasm? What happens when they do?”


“I don’t know what happens, but I know that they can. At least, I hope they can. The women said they can, but men aren’t really good at making it happen. Women have to help a bit, I think?” Cerys wasn’t too clear on the details, but knew it involved sex. Maybe women were supposed to play with their breasts, too?


“Should … should we try it?” Ciri asked shyly. She noticed her penis had gone limp after Cerys had sucked it, but was now stiff again. She was ready for sex again.


Cerys’s eyes widened and she grinned. “Yes!” She lay down on her back on the bed. Ciri, following the redhead’s instructions, climbed atop her. She looked into the eyes of her friend; her lover. Unable to stop herself, she kissed Cerys. The Skellige girl was taken by surprise, but kissed back passionately soon enough. Ciri took a hold of her tool to aim it at Cerys’s loins, but Cerys broke the kiss.


“Wait! We can’t … you could get me pregnant!” Ciri’s eyes open wide in alarm, and she quickly backed off of Cerys.


“Oh … oh. It’s a good thing you thought of that before we started.”


“Yeah. That would’ve been trouble.” Both of them were disappointed, but after a moment, Cerys’s face lit up. “Wait, you can still put it in my arse.”


“I … what? You can … do that?”


“Yes! I mean, only harlots do that, but …” Cerys answered.


Ciri’s eyes drifted in thought. “Are harlots the only ones who have fun during sex?”


Cerys giggled “I suppose, the way the women go on about them. Well, I suppose men have fun as well.”


Ciri shrugged, then wondered. “Do we do anything different? Other than going in a different hole?”


Cerys paused, then shook her head. “I don’t think so. Wait, I think your prick has to be wet to go in easier.”


“Wet?” Ciri looked around for a bucket.


“Yes. I’ll help with that.” Cerys once again took Ciri’s member in her mouth, going further than she had before, taking as many inches as she could. She tried to coat it in as much saliva as she could.


“Oh. Wet.” Ciri shouldn’t have doubted her friend. She really was getting it soaked. After several seconds, Cerys deemed it wet enough. She took it out of her mouth and assumed what she thought was the proper position, lying facedown on the bed.


Ciri climbed atop her again, hand on her dripping cock, and aimed it at Cerys’s small butthole. She gently pushed in.


“Slow slow slow slow slow slow slow.” Cerys reminded her in a nervous voice, so Ciri went as slow as she could. Cerys reach under herself to stem the strange feelings from her pussy, but ended up brushing her clit, sending jolts through her body.


Ciri immediately stopped. “What’s wrong? What happened?”


“Nothing, I just … I think I found my clit. Keep going; this is going to feel good.” Cerys answered, so Ciri kept pushing in. Soon, her small cock was buried entirely in Cerys’s skinny rear. The last inch or so had been a little slower, because it wasn’t as wet as the rest. Cerys hadn’t been able to get that much in her mouth. But the redhead didn’t complain. Ciri’s thighs met the Cerys’s cheeks, and she bent down to gently kiss her friend’s neck.


“Okay, now what?” She whispered.


“Pull out and push back in” Cerys replied. Ciri pondered how, besides pushing up her entire body. She tried it with just her hips, and then with some leg muscles. That seemed to work, pulling out and pushing back in again. It left her upper body in place, budding breasts with hard nipples pressed against Cerys’s back.


They felt good, rubbing against her friend’s back, and Ciri wondered if Cerys felt the same way. She reached under the redhead’s body, wedging her hands underneath the other’s breasts to play with them, getting a grunt in return. Since Cerys didn’t tell her to stop, Ciri kept going.


Her hips seemed to move by themselves, without her having to think about them. She built up a steady rhythm, her tool sliding easily in and out of Cerys’s every-loosening ass. The sounds of their loins meeting got louder and louder as Ciri’s thighs smacked Cerys’s skinny buttcheeks over and over again.


Cerys worked her clit furiously. Her other hand had dipped lower, slipping two fingers into her pussy, enjoying the dual penetration as Ciri plundered her ass. She had heard that it would hurt, but it hadn’t (that much). It just felt good. Really good. That, and the two hands clamped onto her breasts, and her own two … well, she supposed she would soon get an answer to Ciri’s question of if women could orgasm or not.


A feeling built up in her. Like she had to pee, but more. More pleasurable, so much so she didn’t care if she wet the bed, just that it would get here. Her hands worked faster, and she whispered “more” to Ciri.


“I can’t. Or I’ll ejaculate again.” Cerys hadn’t realized Ciri was so close, but she didn’t care.


“Do it! In … my … ass.” She was having a hard time concentrating on words, or thinking in general, as the pleasure was starting to overwhelm her. Ciri rapidly pumped into her three more times, the last one a titanic effort, using Cerys’s breasts as leverage to pull herself in hard, slamming into her friend’s ass hard and unloading deep in her rectum.


The very first jet of semen set Cerys off. She had just enough presence of mind to bury her head in the pillow before screaming “YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!” Muffled, it still echoed around the room, chasing the tremendous slap that had sounded when Ciri had hilted in her.


Even if Ciri had been worried about Cerys screaming, there wouldn’t be much she could do about it. Her second orgasm was just too strong, far more than the first. Cerys’s warm ass had done its job too well, and Ciri’s muscles seized as she geysered cum into Cerys’s bottom.


The girl underneath was doing even better, twitching and spasming as her first orgasm tore through her. She did, indeed, wet the bed, her pussy soaking her hands before leaking all over the sheets. She still didn’t care, her mind an explosion of pleasure.


When her mind finally returned to her, she realized she was lying in a rather wet spot, a shrinking cock still in her ass, and a fading glow filling her body.


“Wow! That was … incredible!” She gasped.


Ciri murmured “Indeed” before kissing her neck and rolling off of her. On her back, she gazed at Cerys, lying on her stomach and looking back at her. Such a beautiful face. Such a welcoming girl.


“Thank you, Cerys.” She smiled at her new friend.


Cerys smiled back. Then reached back to pat her own ass. “So, when can we go again?”


It was the start of a beautiful, orgasmic friendship.

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