Untrue love

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Untrue Love

Chapter 1= Heat in Imil

In the high north, there is a town called Imil. Near that town is a lighthouse known as Mercury and its guardian called Mia lives at its base. A few years ago Garet and his slightly less good looking friends came to Imil hoping to stop Felix. Mia joined them for good which was a good thing because they really needed her since Ivan doesn’t really count as a character. After a lot of adventures and battles the quest was over. Now Mia is back at Imil and living with her boyfriend Garet. They fell in love while on the quest. Garet usual talks to all the kids of the village about all his brave battles. While Mia talks about all the romantic times she had with Garet and the nice areas of the world she saw to her girlfriends.

One day when Mia got home Garet was there already this was odd because he was usually out and at the bar watching the hockey game with his friends. He worked in the town port which was added on to the town after the lighthouses were all lite; no one knew that a lighthouse could show a bright light during the night. So now ships can reach Imil during the night and see the dangerous rocks nearby. Garet worked on carrying boxes, he had a good bod and was able to do this with ease. He liked to chill at the bar with all his buds afterwards.

“Your home early” Mia told him when she saw him.

“Yeah, the game was cancelled for no reason. So I just came home” Garet said

“Well, I’m happy your home” said Mia. She went over to him and sat on his lap and gave him a kiss “I love you”

“I love you too” Garet said. But he longed for some sex. He was still a virgin and Mia was too. A long time ago when they started dating (well, it was a few years like 2 or 3 so it is still a long time) they told each other that they would wait until they got married before they had sex. Garet was hoping that by this time that they would be married however he made so little money and would spent half at the bar. Then Mia also didn’t make that must, her job was guardian of the lighthouse, but guarding it from what? In the past it was because people didn’t want it to get lite, but its lights were on now and it helped the world and the town grow into a better state then it was before. The bottom line was that Mia meant a lot to Garet, but he could never make enough money to marry her and that means no sex for Garet.

“I know we talked about this already Mia, but I need to get it off of my chest” Garet said

“Don’t ruin this moment” said Mia “We don’t have much time like this”

“We will now. I’m going to cut back on beer” Garet said “and spent more time with you. I’ll go to the bar only half the week” (that means 3 days)

“That is what you do for fun Garet. I don’t mind if you go and hang out with your friends” said Mia

“No, I want to be with you forever. I want to save my money. I wanted to marry you, but it cost too much. If I start now, maybe in a year we can finally do this. I mean we’re almost married, we are living together” he said

“You want to marry me” said Mia, she never sounded so happy.

“Of course, because we are in love” Garet told her

“Then we will get married” said Mia

“Well, now that is settled, do you think we can maybe have sex?” said Garet

“OH!” Mia was shocked at what she just heard. She slapped Garet across the face. “Is sex the only reason you want to marry me for?” she asked

“Not at all” said Garet “I love you”

“I know you do, but you know how I feel about sex” she said

“We are like the only virgins in all of Imil” said Garet “can’t we at least do something”

“What do you mean?” she asked

“Don’t get mad at me Mia. We are living together, so we are almost married. Can’t we like almost have sex, like in your ass or up your throat” he said

“I don’t know if I can do that” she said

“Sure, you can”

“You just want to do it. But we have been together for a few years and we are almost married and we did say that we were going to save money so that we can get married for real, so I guess we can do what you said. But my vagina is off limits. You can only fuck my ass and my mouth” said Mia.

 Garet and Mia took all their clothes off and started to have sex, wait anal sex. His penis went nowhere near her vagina unless you count her ass as close. He went into her ass and was going good. He pounded her buns which all his might. This was like the first time for both of them; Garet didn’t understand about his sperm and self-control, so he felt funny and didn’t know why.

“Oh, Mia my dick feels weird” he told her.

“Pull it out of my ass, you’re about to cum” she said

“That is impossible” he said “Ahhhh” he shot out his first even load in her ass.

“You jerk, I told you to remove your cock” said Mia “I still love you, but now my ass is full of sperm”

“You can clean this rod off” he said

“I sure can” said Mia. She turned to face him, got on her knees and put his penis in her mouth. She started to suck that dick dry. Her mouth was wonderful; the feeling of her lips on his thick cock was too much for Garet to handle.

 “Take it out of your mouth Mia, Take it out. I don’t what you too, but I feel funny again” said Garet.

Upon hearing this Mia stopped her suction and took the dick out of her mouth, but a second too late. As she took it off, Garet came. Some of his cream landed on Mia’s tongue and the rest landed on her face. She swallows what was on her tongue then took his dick in her mouth for round 2. Garet looked down at his beautiful bride to be, she looked so cute with a penis in her mouth and cum on her face. Mia was a real keeper and Garet was a very lucky man to have her.

A/N: The sex scene wasn't too long in this chapter, but trust me the story will get better with the second chapter.

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