Tales of the Europan War

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Well here it is, my long anticipated excuse to write another erotic fan fiction using the characters I've come to love in the beloved Valkyria Chronicles franchise. I remember getting this game back in High School and it was one of my first and favorite games to play on my brother's and I PS3 console and more imoprtantly a game we both enjoyed playing. Any reason was good enough to bond with my brother and we explored Valkyria Chronicles together.  

After writing my first fan fiction (which was forever ago) I wanted to write another more ambitious one and I pondered the idea for sometime before settling on what to write it about, it was quite some time ago that I decided that it would be on VC but I failed to ever motivate myself to do it. However with the recent release of the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered edition I decided that I would wait no more.

Before beginning I thought it would be best to say that this is my attempt at combining the Game, the manga, and the anime together to tell the tale of this beloved franchise and I would do so with very little research since I have multiple writing projects not related to this. Not very wise, I know. I also think it fair to mention that the characters I write about are the same of that in the VC universe, but with a more perverse attitude so that it can in fact be an erotic novel and I don't want to exhaust myself too much on trying to write or even compete with the romance that the VC universe has to offer. Other than that, a few original characters will be included to fill some gaps, but they won't be playing too big of roles.

Although I will be trying to combine the three mediums of this story as told above, I will mostly follow the game unless the Manga or Anime does a better job at describing a relationship between two characters or describes a part of the story better than the game.

So in this attmept I simply write to fulfill my unsatisfied carnal desires that revolve around the people who loved, lived, and died during the Second Europan War and fought to protect their homeland, their way of life, and all that was precious to them. Without futher ado I present "Gallia, To Arms!"


EC March 15, 1935 - 0936 Hours, Town of Bruhl

'After three days of skirmishing near the fortress of Ghirlandaio between military leaders Berthold Gregor of the East Europan Imperial Alliance and Alexei Collins of Gallia the fortress was taken along with the life of General Alexei Collins.  There has been rumors that the Empire has begun to advance into Gallia but Gallian Army officials have denied such rumors as thousand of refugees make their way toward the capital.  Castle Randgriz has issued a mandatory evacuation of all border towns and cities in preparation of a war with the Empire but neither the East Europan Imperial Alliance nor the Principality of Gallia have issued formal declarations of war even with the Empire annexing Gallia land. In other-"

"Turn that shit off!" At the southern gate of Bruhl the last of evacuees carried whatever belongings they could hold and store in shared trucks and were heading to the capitol, Rangriz.

"Yes sir!" A young girl of nineteen on duty by the name of Alicia Melchiott ran to the radio and pulled the plug.

It was a beautiful morning in Bruhl if not for all the commotion of its denizens and the Bruhl guard checking papers and ID in order to ensure that all of the town citizens have been safely evauated from the site. There was still no sign of the Gallian army either as the the threat of Imperial invasion loomed large.  

"Next!" The flow of refugees continued as guard members stamped their papers and waved for the next couple, family, or truck to pull up and start heading out.  

"Thanks, Alicia. Last thing we need is to be hearing that load of media crap in a time like this." The guardsman was Alicia's direct superior and the leader of the Bruhl Townwatch. He was normally a pretty laid back guy but there was no doubt that the evacuation was leaving him a little stressed.  

"No problem, boss. I'm here to help after all!"

"Thanks again, Alicia." Alicia found it odd that he ended the conversation there. He would usually go to her to release any built up stress that came with being a Townwatchmen and it was leaving Alicia a little frustrated thinking that he may have found a new high school girl to release his 'stress' in. She knew his wife couldn't do anything she did.

"Hmph-" she walked briskly back to her station and watched in boredom as the long line of refugees continued to flow past her and her fellow guardsmen. She began to wonder who else in the town guard could possiblly fulfill his high school girl fetish better than her.

It was at that moment when the shining of blonde hair passed her peripheral and saw her classmate and fellow watchman, Susie Evans, running towards the checkout station and to none other than the Townwatch's head honcho. Now she was upset.  

'Just what are they talking about!?' She couldn't help but think that it was indeed Susie Evans that was stealing her upperhand in this outfit. And why not? Susie was the heiress of the the Evans family and with a lot of money at her disposal. Alicia began wondering if Susie was more sneaky than she had previously thought. Maybe Susie was trying to win over the town with her money and win over the law with her own "shy-girl" sex appeal. It wouldn't be hard for someone like her to own the town if she wanted to.

Alicia watched as a usually spastic Susie started whispering something into the Captain's ear in a urgent manner.  Perhaps it was about time for her to do the same into a random mans ear and get laid again after all this time.

"Damn Imperials..." She muttered to herself thinking that the war had officially ended her love affairs in and out of school. Although she was confident that if she appeared as desparate as Susie did now she could get any man to take care of this itch, but her pride would likely stop her from doing so. Wouldn't it?

"Melchiott!" The captain of the townwatch had screamed loud and without a doubt killed Susie's ears as he did so.

This snapped Alicia out of her delusions as the captain calling her by her last name usually meant official business, and Alicia was always ready for a fight.

She ran towards the captain looking serious but not forced enough to panic any of the townspeople still evacuating.

"Yes, sir?"

"Miss Evans spotted a suspicious individual believed to be a spy alonside Bruhl River where it intersects with East Brook Creek. You know the place? By the bridge?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Good. Take a few of the Townwatch with you, and if he is a spy - handle the problem."

"Leave it to me!" Alicia departed glad that her thoughts were likely incorrect and grabbed Susie's hand to lead her to the nearest car to make the journey quick and get there before the spy leaves.

"Ashton, Hans; you're with me!" She called two loyal watchmen from her squad and forced a distressed Susie into the shotgun seat.

"Yes, ma'am!"  

"W-Wait! Alicia, I don't-" Alicia started the car after Ashton and Hans got aboard and floored the gas. Evading the evacuees as best she could while making haste.

"What was the spy doing when you left him, Susie?"

"He-He was writing in a...notebook...by the riverside."

"Shit." Alicia knew that he was probably looking for ways to help the Imperial army at breaking Bruhl's already meager defenses.

"Hold on guys! I'm taking her off-road!" With a loud crash and a few gasps from the refugees the car sped into the meadow and made haste to the enemy spy.


March 15, 1935 - 1017 Hours, Outskirts of Bruhl

The vehicle was parked in an area of brush that Alicia had found close to the last known location of the enemy spy. Everyone grabbed their rifles and crouched below the brush to maintain their concealed location. by the looks of things Alicia was sure that the spy was the young man she could see sitting on the riverside doing just what Susie said he was; scribbling in a notebook.

"Is that him?" Alicia kept her voice to a whisper even though the spy was some distance away.

"...y-yes. I saw him when he first arrived and pulled out his notebook. Some of the evacuees using this route started giving him some weird looks has they passed, and I remembered that Imperials had accents."

"Some do Susie, but I'm sure a spy would try to hide it."

"What do we do, ma'am?" Ashton and Hans seemed on edge, it was their first encounter with an Imperial. It was the entire squad's first encouter.

"Simple. He's obviously careless if he's been here this long without changing position, and he appears unarmed. We approach him, weapons aimed." To assert her strategy to the group she primed her rifle with an audible cocking of the action.

Susie flinched in fear from the sound of Alicia's rifle and a second time when Hans and Ashton did the same. She was glad that she was behind of everybody because she had peed a little from her fright.  She got up with the rest of the squad despite urine leaking down her legs from her skirt and soaking into her stockings.

"Wait." Susie was still whispering as the squad approached the spy, "Shouldn't we ask if he's actually a spy first?"

"Don't be silly, Susie. He'd obviously deny it, we need to restrain him and question him like any suspect, we can't afford for slip ups, a war is about to start!"

After leaving the brush the squad's pace quickened as they crossed the road just before the river until they were about five feet from the spy and stopped. Only Alicia closed the distance just a little more before raising her voice.

"Freeze! Put your hands up in the air...slowly." The spy turned around and Alicia blushed. She thought to herself that if all Imperials looked as handsome as him she would have a very difficult time shooting once the formal declaration of war came around. She did her best to shake the thought from her head and focus on the present. She tried to convince herself that it was just her pent up sexual frustrations building up again.

"Haven't seen you around here before. What's your name?"

"Uh, um. My name is Welkin, and you are?" Welkin hadn't seen her before either. In fact he was quite perplexed by her beauty and got up slowly to try and sneak a glance up her skirt. It wasn't a hard task seeing how he had a good angle from the start and grinned to himself upon noticing the lack of underwear. He then noticed a very familiar figure behind this troop of Bruhl Townwatchmen. What was her name again?

"The one holding the gun. We're the Bruhl Town Watch. I'm Alicia. Alicia Melchiott. I've been wondering what you've been writing in that little book you got there. There are spies in the area."

"Oh, this? This book is nothing really. You see I've been sketching some fish...and you know..." he paused midsentence upon seeing her smile.

"Oh, I know. And you know there's an evacuation going on, right? A war is coming. Alright then Mr Artist, we'll talk about fish sketching after we search you. Restrain him!" At this point Welkin knew that this misunderstanding was here to stay.

"Ugh... Thanks, fish."

"Susie, go bring the car around, we'll search him here." Welkin's eyes perked up upon hearing the name Susie, so they had met before. Susie brought the car around in a clumsy fashion from the brush that it had been concealing in initially and parked it to the side of the road where Welkin and the squad was.

Ashton tossed the notebook into the back of the car and began pulling off Welkin's jacket and immediately afterwards Hans pulled of this shirt and the both of them began looking through the pockets of his clothing.

"Take off your pants!" Alicia wanted so bad to say that knowing it would end with a pleasurable experience, but exposing an Imperial Spy may be just as good.


"I won't say it again." Alicia aimed her rifle at his head to show she was serious and Welkin complied right away without argument. Susie turned around hastily to face the road as Welkin began unbuckling his belt and Alicia grinned as he stepped out of his pants.

"What's that?" Alicia motioned toward a bulge that under his boxers and Welkin just tried to ignore the qustion while struggling to look anywhere besides Alicia's eyes. Not being patient enough for him to answer and thinking it was a concealed firearm of some sort Alicia got on her knees and pulled down that last remaining bit of cloth on Welkin's body.

From under the elastic band of Welkin's undergarments emerged an impressive cock that just swayed in the open. Upon realizing what it was, Alicia looked up from her kneeling position and saw Welkin's form in its full glory from the perspective of his large flaccid cock and felt a reaction from her body work its way up from her nether regions.  Getting up quickly Alicia tried to make it look like she accidently scrapped the tip of her rifle on his member to see if it was real.  

"My mistake, I thought you were armed. So far it looks like your little artist story is coming together." Welkin didn't pull his underwear back on in fear that it may get him in more trouble, so instead just took a deep breath as the wind hit his bare body. He just figured himself lucky that no one was really around and reminded himself that this was natures true intention for his appearance; nude. He was going on a rant within his own mind about how his naked form was no different than some species of bugs doing a mating call of sorts.

Alicia grabbed his pants on the floor and pulled out a wallet from the back right pocket and proceeded to opening it. Susie who was adamantly looking away thought it safe to turn around now and turned completely red from the sight before her at least until her eyes dropped to Welkin's exposed penis when she and Alicia uttered the same name.

"Welkin... Gunther."

"You're the Welkin Gunther that went to Randgriz three years ago after my sweet sixteen?" Susie was no longer red from the situation before her, instead she was trying to confirm she wasn't mistaking the person in front of her as someone else.

"I thought you might recognize me at some point."

"You know him, Susie?"

"Yes, we met the night of my Sixteenth birthday party at my home."

"Weren't you the first one to suspect him as a spy?" Susie turned red again from the embarasment of forgetting the person who claimed her virginity.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Welkin just chuckled. Before he could say anything to calm her down he heard his name again from the distance.

"Welks! Is that you?" The squad of Townwatchmen looked to the calling voice and saw a darcsen running up to them.

"Hey, Isara."

"What have you gotten yourself into now Welkin?" Realizing their mistake none of the memebers of the squad stopped Isara as she went to embrace her brother, who was still without his clothing. It was clear to Alicia that Hans and Ashton were becoming uncormfortable with a nude male infront of them embracing a young girl so she cleared her thoughts and got Isara's attention.

"Don't you live at the Gunther house? You know you're supposed to be evacuating, right?" Isara stopped embracing Welkin to face Alicia while Welkin began puttin his clothing back on.

"Yes. My brother was supposed to return from the Capital to help me evacuate but that may be a little difficult; unless you plan on releasing him that is."

"Of course. It seems my 'subordinate' has made a mistake." This time Susie went to hug Welkin before he was able to put his shirt on.

"I'm sorry, Welkin! I didn't recognize you after all these years." Susie's eyes watered into Welkin's chest as he smiled.

"It's alright, it has been three years after all."


Three Years Ago - 2341 Hours, Evans' Family Estate

There was only so much formalities that Susie could take in one night and not very soon after her dad's friends started drinking and forgetting why they had attended a party at her house she slipped away from the crowd and worked her way towards her room. The corridors where dark and the occasional servant bowed in respect as Susie navigated her way across the expansive estate she called home. In the distance she heard laughter and music echo the halls for the ballroom at what was supposed to be a birthday party for her, unfortunately her lack of public education for private education left her with very little friends and her dad would often invite rich dignitaries and entrepreneurs that he new from all across Gallia. Not something a girl her age really looked forward to each year.

Upon reaching the doorway to her room she sighed and walked in. It was dark save for a little night light that glowed on the farside of what was grand compared to most middle-class rooms. Rather than flip the switch for the main light she made her way by memory to her bed and without taking off her dress just flopped on her bed to get some rest.

To her suprise though she was not the only one on the bed as she landed just beside someone. Unknowing of this person's intent she began to inhale to let out a scream but was stopped when the other individual jumped on top of her and shut her mouth with one of their hands.

"Shhh-" The voice was that of a very young man and he was whispering, "You'll scare them."

He motioned to the endtable at the farside of the be and pointed out a couple of beetles that were on it. Susie was unsure of what was going on but at the very least the stranger in her bed didn't mean any harm.

She pulled his hand off, "What?"

"They're reproducing. It's such a rare opportunity to see it up close and in the comfort of ones own home. I admit not even I was expecting to come across something so luscious during my visit." He didn't quite maintain his whisper as before but instead emitted and excited air in his voice.

"What are they doing?" It was at this point that Susie's eyes had adapted to the dimmer light of her room and saw the face of the young man that was on top of her. Her cheeks flushed at the sight of such a handsome man and the tension originally in her body after he restrained her relaxed into a puddle of affection.

"They're having sex." The blantant description knocked Susie out of her mesmerized state as she shot her eyes back to the beetles that perfomed their base act of reproduction in her very room.

"Sex?" Susie watched the beetles but could tell little more than just seeing one beetle mounted atop another.

"Yes. It really is quite the sight, and what's even more astonishing is the amount of time that's passed. This could be a whole new discovery." Susie shifted her legs to get more comfortable while watching this peculiarly interesting event when her nylon clad leg felt the young man's bare leg and she realized he had his slacks pulled down. She turned slightly to see his undergarments pulled down too.

"Sorry. I wasn't expecting anyone to walk in so... you know. I souldn't help myself." It didn't click in Susie right away but she eventually realized that he had been masturbating in bed to what he considered a pornographic act taking place on her endtable.

Susie giggled.

"You're weird."

"Heheh. Yeah, I get that a lot."

"I'm Susie Evans."

"Welkin. Welkin Gunther."

The feeling of a half naked man laying on top of her and the conversation about sex just moments before their brief introductions was more than enough to get a teenage Susie going. Especially after discovering that the bulge pressing against her ass wasn't some misshapen belt buckle.

"Tell me more about these beetles." Just as Welkin began going off on the sexual habits of beetles Susie started to get to work on getting 'him' off.

With a harmonious motion she began twerking her ass against his stiff member that she could hardly believe the size of as she tried to squeeze it through the confines of her dresses skirt. Her heartbeat started getting really fast and loud, so loud she wondered if Welkin could hear it from her chest. Her breathing escalated with each pass of her ass across his large phallus.

It wasn't too long before Welkin realized that Susie wasn't listening to his well thought out lecture and found that his new student was more of a hands-on learner. he reached just below Susie's dress with his right hand and pressed it against the young girl's nylon covered thigh and slowly worked his way up.

"You see Susie," He began his new teaching approach just as his met the top of her nylon stocking into the realms of her garter belt, "The Gallian Tortoise Beetle isn't much into foreplay." He used his left hand to grasp her neck while his right began to instinctly pull down her panties to her knees and she lifted her ass up into the air the reveal her soaking teenage pussy to her mate.

"In fact; the male takes his mate by force-" With that last word he shoved his cock in one trust up the nubile girl's cunt and through her hymen as she let out a gasp from the shock of being taken so quickly by Welkin.

"And the male continues to do so unitl the female completely submits to his raw power and impressive ability only then confirming that that he is the mate she wants." Welkin pounded her inner body until the pain of her hymen getting ripped by his throbbing cock subsided and gave way to the pleasure of his incredible size trying to penetrate the entrance of her womb. Until she submitted.

"Yes! Oh god, Welkin! I'm yours! I submit!" She tried to tell him intelligibly but was unsure if she did under her breathy gasps with each and every single one of his thrusts.

Welkin wasn't at his peak yet as he did everything he could to not cum right then into the tight untouched pussy of the Evans' family heiress.

"After the female submits the fun part starts," Welkin pulled out and flipped Susie over and used both hands to grasp her firm ass and work his way down her stockings as he put her legs over his shoulders and aimed for his next angle of attack. Again he slammed his entirety into the juicy confines of Susie's tight cunt. He used his left hand to play with her clit and started tearing her dress with his right to reveal her breasts. He leaned over to suck on her exposed breasts causing her legs closer to her body and allowing deeper penetration of his cock.  

"N-no, not t-there!" Though Susie pleaded with Welking she was unsure where 'There' was as two sensitive parts of her body were being man-handeled by Welkins soft hands. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his lips harder against her breaths and realized even her own actions contradicted her words as she hoped to feel more pleasure.  Welking pulled his head out of Susie's grasp and pressed his forehead against hers as he started thrusting at the speed of a wild rabbit into her lube saturated vagina.

"You're my mate, you submit to me!" The words escaped Welkin in a tone as breathy as the one Susie had been speaking since the start of their lesson and Susie nodded as he continued to maintain his speed and his head against hers.

"Yes-" was Susie's response, "Yes! Yes yes, yes-" Welkin pressed his lips against hers to shut her up and when they both climaxed the screamed into each others mouth's as wave after wave of Welkin's thick cum filled her awaiting womb and Susie wet the bed from her own extreme climax before collapsing under Welkin.

"Falling asleep in class?" Welkin joked to himself as he slowly exited the unconcious girl's pussy.

A half hour later the couple repeated their experience a few times before the night was over and Susie woke up in a bed by herself. The maidservant that usually helped her get ready in the morning was not fooled by Susie's failed attempts for excuses about why the bed was wet and why her dress was stained, but the maidservant knew not to cross that line and took it at face value.

The next day Susie convinced her dad to let her finish her education in the public sector as a way to improve business skills and joined the Bruhl guard with her new friend Alicia shortly thereafter. She volunteered for the beat that passed the old Gunther place but never saw Welkin. Upon askiing her father she learned that he went to a university in Randgriz and wouldn't be returning for the time being. Years later she would never forget the night of her sixteenth birthday even if she did forget the man she was with that night and accidently reported him as a spy. This is a blunder she would never forgive herself for.


March 15, 1935 - 1028 Hours, Outskirts of Bruhl

"I'm so sorry! I'll never forgive myself for this!" Susie was apologizing for the hundreth time after Welkin had completely put on his clothes and the bundle of Town watchmen and the Gunther siblings talked. Around this time a truck load of evacuees from Bruhl was passing by the group beginning their long road to the capital before hostilities broke out completely.

"Susie, it's fine." Welkin was doing his best to let her know he didn't care all that much, it was an occurance that happened to him often; misfortune while focused on his studies. What Welkin didn't know however was that Susie had been waiting his return for quite some time so that they could have another encounter like three years ago, but this time she was ready to do more. After the events that led to Welkin's arrest she was convinced that he wasn't even interested in her anymore.  Ashton and Hans walked around the Gallian jeep to smoke a cigarette while the young ones sorted out their prolonged introductions and gossip.  

"I'm sorry," This time Alicia was apologizing, "but I was just doing my job you know.

"I understand, I get so into my sketching sometime I forget where I am or that somebody might be watching.'

"Hmm, that's right. Welks here has always had an interest for all kinds of wildlife that's why he's studying it at the university."

Alicia grabbed his journal from the back of the jeep.

"Here you go, I looked at it a little while you were dressing, and I have to say you're really good." Alicia wasn't sure if she was talking about his drawings or his body though.

"Thanks. I'll try and refrain from sketching here on out."

As the truckload of evacuees was making their journey down Bruhl road a few imperials belonging to a scouting party were already in position to ambush. They had been following the truch for some time to get ready and as it was passing the Small Bridge seemed like the perfect opportunity. Their orders were simple; scout and fire on anything threatening. The leader of the scouting team dictated that anything that moves is threatening and sought it fit to attack this group of refugees heading to the capital.

The imperial scount leader fired the first shots to signal the others into beginning the attack. Two of them came from across Bruhl river to lay down some suppressing while their third man was laying in wait on the other side to toss a grenade inside the truck.

The first bullet traveled across Bruhl river and into the head of the driver after penetrating the trucks windshield. The truck grinded to a halt from the weight of the drivers foot and the two imperials from across the river began shooting at the civilians walking beside the vehicle while the third man hauled his grenade into the back of the truck killing the families inside instantly.  A little girl walking near the front of the truck was taken by horror and confusion as the sound of guns and an explosion erupted around her and was too scared to move when the second imperial across the river got a clear shot and a bullet tore through her chest. Blood hit the hood of the truck and the girl fell to her death. A couple that had also been walking outside the truck tried to run from the incoming fire but didn't get far when the scout team's leader shot both down before they could get too far. Meanwhile a squad of Town watchmen and their new friends were very close to the action.

"Gunfire!" Alicia was the first one to duck behind the jeep out of instinct, "Everybody, keep you heads down!" From her exclamation and the continuous sound of bullets hitting metal and flesh the rest of the party complied immediately.

"Aaaghhh!!" Susie got down to the floor and pressed her hands against her ears at the sound of conflict not too far from her as Welkin guided Isara just below him to make sure she was safe. Hans and Ashton were in the worst position, being on the wrong side of the jeep to get any real cover form the now incoming gunfire after the civilians were shot up their first instinct was to shoot back. Their immediate danger was the imperial on their side of the river just up Bruhl road since he was the closest.

Ashton and Hans shot their guns at the nearest imperial, but their shots were in vain. The Imperial had more training and was clearly a better shot that the two Townwatchmen, he was even more calm in combat, and was able to get a shot at Hans before finding some cover. The bullet hit hans in the neck and the pain from the bullets entry made him drop his rifle and grab his throat as he fell to the ground. Blood spilled profusely from his neck as he applied all the pressure he could to stop his own bleeding. He was practically choking himself to stop the rapid current of blood from draining from his neck.

"Dammit!" Ashton hit the dirt and kicked the rifle Hans had dropped under the jeep and into the vicinity of Alicia's cover position. Alicia grabbed it and tried to assess the situation clearly. Hans was dying and Ashton was in dire need of help. Susie was screaming and crying her eyes out, and it wasn't likely she could get Isara to help with her older brother already being protective of her.

"Welkin!" She held the gun out to him, "Can you handle a gun!? It looks like it's just a small scouting party! If we're careful we can take them out!"

"Yeah! I was able to make through training anyway!"

"We need to stop them! Before it's too late!"

"I'm with you!" Welkin grabbed the rifle from Alicia's hands and Alicia grabbed her own which was still laying against the side of the jeep. Luckily the jeep was stopping the bullets of the nearest imperial and the other two were still a ways to go.

"Suppressive fire!!!" Welking and Alicia popped their heads over the jeep with their guns aimed shot a halestorm of bullets at the lone imperial soldier while Ashton ran up to the imperial's cover and shot him point blank. Alicia and Welking reloaded, grabbed ammunition for Ashton and booked it to Ashton's cover.

"Hans!!!" Susie got up and tried to run to her fallen comrade but Isara got up pulled her back down just as a couple of shot came from across the river and flew just where Susie's head had been.

"No! Susie! Listen to me! They're still fighting we can't go-" Susie threw a couple of light punches against Isara's chest to try and go to her fallen comrade, but willingly gave in and cried into Isara's chest. Susie was never built for war and she never in her life dreamed she would be caught up in one. Even in the days approaching this she had hoped it would never get close to her after it came her turn to evacuate from Bruhl.

"He's gone.... isn't he?" Isara tightened her embrace more trying to comfort Susie from the chaos taking place around her. Hans was no longer moving or trying to stop his bleeding, just the sound of an occasional gargle came from him as he tried to clear his windpipe of the metal tasting fluid finding its way into his lungs.

Meanwhile Alicia and Welkin advanced across the small bridge while Ashton tried his best to keep the remaining imperials at bay and unable to fire.

"I see two of them!"

"That's two too many! Stay sharp!" Welking nodded in affirmation and was motivated by her confidence in battle.

The two took advantage of sandbag placements that were put there by the townguard for the Gallian Army to defend Bruhl, unfortunately it seemed that the Gallian Army wouldn't be using them if the Imperials were already here. Alicia tried to get a shot in at what seemed to be the leader of the scouting party, but as soon as her twintails peaked an inch over the cover a swarm of bullets came her way. Seeng her predicament as an opening Welkin got over the cover to aim and was too quick for the imperial. Welkin's bullet tore through the armor and flesh of the imperial. The metal of the imperial's helmet was bent into his skull and a mixture of blood and bone flew out from the other end knoching the imperial's lifeless body back into the ground.

The last imperial scout began to run around the back of Turner's windmill and Alicia went over the top of the sandbags to give chase. She sprinted all the way up Turner's hill and aimed her rifle towards the back of the windmill. As soon as the imperial ran out from the otherside of the structure Alicia emptied her clip; her aim was true each time she pulled the trigger. The first shot hit the imperial's knee and he began to tumble forward. Before he hit the ground the second shot hit his shoulder. The third stuck his skull and the fourth through his chest. Even though there was no doubt in Alicia's mind that the imperial was already dead, the last bullet went into his gut for good measure.

Alicia dropped her rifle to her side and watched in the distance as a dark pool began to excrete out from the imperial she just killed.

The utter silence was deafening and Susie took it as a cue to check on Hans. She ripped herslef from Isara's arms and went to patch up her friend. She grabbed some badages and ragnaid, but there was no bleeding to stop. She sat beside him and looked into his lifeless eyes. Some of the blood that had pooled up soaked into her stockings and actually warmed her legs giving her a strong shiver up her spine from the realization that her comrade was dead. She began to cry once more.

"Miss Melchiott! There seems to be no furhter sign of the enemy." Ashton ran up torwards Welking and Alicia yelling at first but realized he was doing so as the ringing from the gunfire gradually left his ears.

"Good. Now... go keep watch and stay alert."

"Yes ma'am. What... what will we do with the bodies?"

"We'll bury them."

Working together the group of Gallian youth made quick work of digging three holes to place the fallen imperials in while Ashton and Susie made for Bruhl in the jeep with the body of ther fallen comradein the back.

"We'll be back for you very soon, it'd be good if you start making your back now though and I'll meet you then."  Ashton being the oldest of the group so far was very level headed and did his responsibility to take care of the younger ones as best he could, even if one of those younger members was his squad leader. THe jeep drove off and Welking and Isara were about to begin making their way back to Bruhl when they realized Alicia wasn't moving. Welkin thought to ask her if she was okay, but she spoke before him.

"So it's begun." Her eyes stared off into the distnace of the departing jeeps direction, "I'll do whatever it takes to protect the people of this town. I'll do it... even going to war. I'll do it."

Isara and Welkin watched as Alicia released something from the palm of her hand and it flew into the wind upwards to Turner's mill.

"What're those?"

"Seeds," Welkin as usual was happy to educate, "from the lion's paw. It blooms white. Small, simple and strong."

"I want to be able to remember, once the war is over..." Alicia was fighting her tears trying to say what she wanted and turned to face the siblings, "That it wasn't just people killing people. That even in war, there was also new life."

The three looked at each other with a glimmer in their eyes, all of them hoping the very same, that this war would not change who they are or what they wished to become. That even in the face of darkness new life will bring light to a promising future for all mankind. Gallia would come to arms; small, simple and strong, to protect that hope.

'On the 15th day of the third month of the year 1935, the Empire began its assault in earnest. A formal declaration of war was upon Gallia. Though it was only a small front in a massive continental assault, what followed would prove that a small nation could best a military giant. These events would tell a tragedy hidden in the mists of time. A story of courage and of trust, of persecution and hate... and of love blooming even in the flames of war. What follows is a recod of this conflict, and of those who fought, lived and died."

-Irene Koller, 'On the Gallian Front'

(Epic music)


And there she is, the first chapter of many to come. Of course the bad guys would have to kill innocents and stuff. Let me know what you think and if whether or not Alicia'a actions in chasing down the last imperial may have been a little too aggressive for her. I think not. She is a brave woman after all and after seeing what they did it would make some sense, right?

I also gave Susie and Welkin a history with each other, this is the result of them knowing each other (kind of) in the anime. So I decided that having some more characters that hailed from Bruhl to be around during the opening sequences of the game. Other than that I followed the game quite closely for this first chapter. In future chapters this may not always be the case.

I'll have more coming soon, unless I publish the first three chapters together like I had planned. We'll see.


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